Monday, September 22, 2014

The grim future the far left has planned for us

The grim future the far left has planned for us

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Five days before the election in 2008, Barack Obama, in a brief moment of honesty, warned us what we had coming if he got elected when he said, “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Obama was not exaggerating when he spoke those words on October 30, 2008 in Columbia, Missouri. Barack Obama and the far left had every intention of turning America into a country very much the opposite of what it was founded to be. As Dinesh D'Souza illustrated in his movies 2016: Obama's America and America: Image the World Without Her, Obama and the hard left despite and disagree with every principle America was founded on and aimed to change to something entirely different.
The far left has desired this for decades but in the past had lacked the power or influence to make their dream of destroying America as we know it, a reality. Until recently. It was not just the election of Barack Obama in 2008 but the fruit of decades of organizing and their long marches through the institutions of American society that brought the left to the point they are at now. Former Idaho state legislator, Curtis Bowers, showed us in his documentary Agenda: Grinding America Down, how the left has come to its current position of power and influence over our country.
The far left has been clear how much they hate America, blame it for all the problems of the world and accuse our country of being guilty of numerous injustices, but as much as Obama himself lied about ObamaCare allowing you to keep your doctor and your plan, the left rarely tells us what kind of future their agenda will bring us. If they did fully disclose where their agenda is taking us, no one in their right mind would vote for Democrat candidates again.
We can see some clear indications of what the left's economic agenda does by looking at the city of Detroit, which has been destroyed after more than 70 years of being run by far left “progressive” politicians who have run most of the city's citizens and business out of the city. Detroit, once a prosperous city of nearly two million, is now a decaying and declining city of about 700,000. There are entire sections of Detroit that have decayed so much that they look like they've been carpet bombed with B-52 bombers.
Some of the most telling evidence of the effects of the current Obama Depression assault on the economy can be seen in the growing abundance of empty and abandoned commercial retail space, including many huge abandoned shopping malls, that are accumulating across the fruited plain of our great country. Shopping malls were important in many communities and citizens spent lots of time shopping and being entertained in them and they were commercially important as well, and now so many of them across the country have closed and been abandoned. Far left policies that make it so much more expensive to hire employees, maintain warehouses and stores, and run commercial businesses have destroyed many of them and have added millions to the unemployment roles, most of whom after so many months on unemployment benefits no longer count as “unemployed” because they've gone years without finding jobs, which hardly exists in our declining economy, and have given up looking for jobs. We have more than 92 million Americans among our long term unemployed. Many are citizens that used to work in all those closed shopping malls and companies that have gone out of business.
Barack Obama, called the “food stamps president” by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, has allowed more citizens, close to 48 million, to receive food stamps aka SNAP benefits, the most that has ever participated in that program, while more citizens are receiving unemployment and disability benefits than ever before. This just isn't an effort to buy votes with tax dollars, but something more. Obama and the far left are implementing the Cloward-Piven strategy with our national welfare policies, which is the idea that if the system is overwhelmed by tens or hundreds of millions of citizens participating in these programs, it will cause the collapse of the system and set up conditions for revolutionary change.
Through the activities of ACORN, the basic idea of the Cloward-Piven strategy was applied to our voter registration and electoral system as well. The invasion of tens of millions of illegal immigrants, especially with the flooding of our Southern border with hundreds of thousands of illegal alien children this year is an effort to not just implement amnesty illegal, but to flood our immigration system with millions of immigrants and collapse that as well in order to bring about revolutionary change.
The video “If I Wanted America to Fail” by Free Market America, that has nearly three million views on YouTube, illustrates all the ways the far left has politically hijacked the environmental movement and turned it into a means to destroy our free market economy. Curtis Bowers, in Agenda: Grinding America Down, said that is exactly what the far left said they would do at the conference he attended in 1992. By 2008, Bowers was amazed to realize just how far the left had come in accomplishing that goal.
The War on the American family, from the far left, that Bowers showed was on the agenda of that conference in 1992, has come so far that the liberal Democrat governor of California, Jerry Brown, has signed legislation redefining marriage so the words “husband” and “wife” are no longer used to reference to the two individuals involved in a marriage. If we can no longer be called husbands and wives after getting married, because it will offend homosexuals, this proves what many of us warned about, that the crusade for same-sex marriage (the left has invented the Orwellian term “marriage equality” to mask their war on marriage) is clearly all about destroying marriage as an institution in our society and not about gay marriage or any notion of equality.
For decades, Democrats have lied and used the Social Security and Medicare scare when they get desperate in campaigns against Republicans. This is when they scare senior citizens into thinking Republicans are going to take away their Social Security and Medicare benefits, when no such thing has ever been on the Republican agenda. But it's a scare tactic, often a desperate one, to get votes for Democrat candidates. But cruelly and ironically, the real threat to our senior citizens comes from the far left agenda that the Democrats would implement if they had the ability to do it. Former liberal Democrat Colorado Governor Richard Lamm summed up the basis of this policy when he said some older citizens have “a duty to die and get out of the that our kids can build a reasonable life.” It's no coincidence also that the far left has supported legalizing physician-assisted suicide, and when we saw this concept put into actual practice by rogue Michigan physician, Dr. Jack Kevorkian, we saw how quickly the lines can blur and how physician-assisted suicide become physician-decided euthanasia.
The logical conclusion of this notion that senior citizens have a duty to die, and the shortages of everything that lead to rationing (including rationing of human life itself) can be clearly seen in the horrific vision of our future presented in the movie Soylent Green. While the movie itself is fiction, the vision presented in it is most definitely where progressive far left policies will lead us in the future if we stop the left.
While Democrat candidates who represent the views and agenda of the far left continue to campaign on this Big Lie they call “the Republican War on Women,” which is the claim they start making in 2012 that Republicans would deny women access to birth control pills, they ignore an actual war on women that is taking place. What they ignore, and in some instances condone and enable, is the abuse and third class (not to mention stone age) treatment of women in Muslim countries, and Muslim communities (including here in the United States) that forces women to wear “Burqas” that almost completely cover them up including most of their faces, and routinely torture and abuse and kill women for violations of Shariah Law. The far left does nothing to speak up against or oppose Shariah Law being implemented here in the United States, which are first seeks to impose these stone age values on Muslims living in our country, but later Muslims will seek to impose it on us as well. That's why I've suggested, for those women who continue to vote for candidates that are friendly to Shariah Law, they might as well get their Burqas and be ready to wear them.
The far left has waged a war on kids, and childhood as well, and this can be seen in the many absurd stories of young students in elementary schools suspended or detained for bring toy guns to school, or even a pop tart so it's shaped like a gun, or even pointing a finger like it was a gun, because the students violated “zero tolerance” policies against “weapons” in school. Even a harmless water pistol or NERF gun that shoots soft foam sponge-like bullets is a banned “weapon” that can get a student suspended. All of this, and effort to get as many kids labeled as having ADHD (which is a bogus diagnosis) and put on dangerous and addictive drugs to treat the alleged illness. Zero tolerance policies, as shown in the movie The War on Kids, criminalize childhood and turn children into criminals for doing things that children do and are expected to do. Kids can't live as kids anymore, and essentially childhood itself becomes illegal and not allowed. Then after the kids grow with minds damaged by the ADHD drugs, and years of drinking water poisoned with toxic fluoride, they are in great position to be compliant sheeple supporting the Soylent Green agenda of the far left without questioning what the elites tell them to do and how they must live their lives.
That is our future if the left keeps winning. Our economy is destroyed and produces only a fraction of what it used to produce, and as a result everything is exponentially more expensive. The shortages lead to rationing and the rationing leads to government control of everything, which is exactly what the left wants. Even life itself is rationed, and older citizens who the left believes impose a burden and higher medical costs, are involuntarily euthanized for the utilitarian good of the younger population. We will have done all of this destroying of the economy and freedom, and accepting of a much lower quality of life, for the benefit of saving the planet, which was never threatened to begin with. The left just used the cause of saving the planet to achieve its agenda of destroying the economy and freedom as we know it now. This is our grim future if the left is allowed to finish implementing it, unless we wake up to reality and start voting against Democrats in every election, until they are either eradicated from politics, or stop supporting this extremist agenda.
I want one thing to be clear about this to the readers. This extreme agenda is not supported by most who call themselves or register as Democrats, or even many who consider themselves liberals or progressives. But this is the agenda of the far left cult of political extremists who have taken over, and own, and run the national Democrat Party. And everyone who votes for their candidates nationally, and elects the likes of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid are voting in candidates who support, rubber stamp and enact this extreme agenda on our country. There is only one way to stop this vision, and this agenda, from being our future: vote against Democrats and the far left for every public office that is voted for on the ballot in each election. That is the only way, if we keep electing Democrats, the far left agenda and it's vision for our future will be our future.
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