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The documents reveal the Mursi approval to sell two airports in Cairo

The documents reveal the Mursi approval to sell two airports in Cairo

The newspaper published the Egyptian "veto" on the secret documents leaked from the office of Prime Minister of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabr Al-Thani, the documents addressed to the Minister of Economy and Finance of Qatar Yousef Hussein Kamal on September 17, 2012, show the minutes of the agreement between Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood to form two teams Qatar, the first projects for East Port Said, and the second for the projects, "Qatari Diar" for real estate investment.

The tell-tale signs in the document that Qatar had agreed with isolated Morsi to establish a power station in East Port Said especially of supplying electricity to an industrial area of integrated belong to Qatar in the region, like a piece intermediate of the heart of Egypt, represents a piece of land of country within Egypt, and the surprise shown by the documents that Qatar had planned to stay Village "logistical" integrated in Egypt!

Documents obtained by a "veto" reading "a secret and very urgent", and stresses - in the minutes of the agreement - that the establishment of country projects and carve out territory Egyptian side of the country was at the direction of the President of the Muslim Brotherhood isolated Mohamed Morsi, and Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, to achieve interest of both parties, and in response to the directives of Prime Minister Hisham Qandil, former Muslim Brotherhood, and Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani.

The document stressed that the Muslim Brotherhood agreed to hire a private lounge at Cairo airport for the airline, and granted private jets to fly the Qatari Emiri permits to cross the airspace of Egypt, within one hour of submission of the application, and met with the country side

Documents: the involvement of Hamas terrorist acts in Egypt

Documents: the involvement of Hamas terrorist acts in Egypt

Trading activists on the social networking site "Facebook", documents prove the involvement of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam, the military wing of the movement "Hamas, carry out terrorist acts in Egypt in solidarity with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The match document history with the announcement Brotherhood leaders for the implementation of threats of terrorist operations in various parts of Egypt.

According to the document, which we got to the Izz al-Din al-Qassam invites supporters in Sinai to carry out these attacks, in response to what they called the practice "Askar Camp David" and the establishment of the Egyptian army to demolish tunnels and hunt down armed groups in Sinai.

A report on the highlights of the deployment of the Wikileaks documents and the repercussions and reactions by

A report on the highlights of the deployment of the Wikileaks documents and the repercussions and reactions by

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Detection site "Wikileaks" quarter of a million cable diplomatic secret U.S. published in five newspapers a major global is the "New York Times" U.S. and "Le Monde" French, "The Guardian," the British and "El Pais" Spanish and "Der Spiegel" German, and dealt with the secrets of communications U.S. diplomacy in phase stretching between 1966 and last February, 2009. relate to the Wikileaks b 251 thousand and 287 document sent by U.S. diplomats to Washington and 8 thousand memorandum sent to the U.S. government embassies. Among the documents that have been published 0.6 percent or 15 thousand and 652 diplomatic cable classified "secrets" (defensive), including 4 thousand and 330 prevents the document leaked to outsiders. And about 40% of the documents classified (secret) with the majority of the documents does not bear any feature to prevent publication.

With the exception of the document, which dates back to 1966, the majority of diplomatic documents were sent between 2004 and the end of February 2010, the date on which the stop source for the WikiLeaks documents provided to the site for unknown reasons. The newspaper "Le Soir" Belgium, that about 800 U.S. diplomatic cable exposed site "Wikileaks" related to NATO, which is based in Belgium, including 111 + rated secrets + (defensive) and 520 classified documents.

The new documents did not include important information and secrets, like what happened with the publication of the previous two installments hoc in Afghanistan and Iraq, revealed the "New York Times" that they agreed with the Obama administration not to publish documents that could put people at risk or threaten national security. And shed Wikileaks "light on several issues, especially the situation in Iraq, and the intervention in the affairs of neighboring countries, in addition to Arab fears of Iran's nuclear program and the disclosure of an American bombing sites belonging to" Al Qaeda "in Yemen.

The United States is facing embarrassment internationally significant after the publication of the website "Wikileaks" return to the U.S. State Department and dealing with foreign relations and impressions of the U.S. on several issues and documents are sensitive, including comments U.S. diplomats to officials around the world, as well as the disclosure of U.S. plans to spy on UN officials, especially after the U.S. President, Barack Obama, announced his intention to work in collaboration with the International Organization that burned after his predecessor, George W. Bush, a lot of bridges with the United Nations over the Iraq war in 2003, and the lack of cooperation with the international organization.

While officials have denounced such as Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army Admiral Malone, and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, publish documents, and threatened to «U.S. national security», U.S. diplomats were working behind the scenes to address the repercussions of the publication of these cables.
How these leaked documents:

• According to the magazine "Der Spiegel" that the German diplomatic correspondence which began WikiLeaks published Sunday sourced communication system used by the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Alomrakiican. Der Spiegel explained that some of the diplomatic cables originating system "Cyprnt" (Secret Internet Protocol Router Network), which owns about 2.5 million employees in the public sector, U.S. access to him, through computers based in official circles are changing the mechanics of access to it all 150 days ago. The magazine added that the documents classified (highly secret) do not reflect the network "Cyprnt" but that it is possible to reach about 850 thousand dollars. The German magazine showed great care about these leaked documents because they do not know, "conditions that enable the informant WikiLeaks copied from" not whether the documents represent the entire diplomatic correspondence issued or whether it is limited to "documents selected according to the criteria we do not know." Furthermore, the absence of documents classified (highly secret) can be interpreted either to the fact that WikiLeaks informant was unable to reach it or he did not want to cut the road in front of the possibility of exposure of his identity, for example.

• Other information believed to be an expert on intelligence known for defending homosexuals in the U.S. military, the young soldier Bradley Manning, behind the leaked documents "Wikileaks", especially since he was arrested last May after the publication of "Wikileaks" videotape includes the fault of the army U.S. in Iraq. Some of those close to Bradley, he and his capacity for intelligence analyst, was briefed on the amount of data across the network, "Cyprnt" protected, a special system for sharing information between the best of the various branches of the U.S. government.

• Member, Committee for the fight against "mafia" in the Italian Parliament, Senator, "Lauro Raffaele", charged that what he called the enemies of Western democracy from the mafia and terrorism were behind the leaks "and Akalkis," adding that the leaks designed to weaken and blow up the fabric of political and institutional framework of Western democracy. He pointed out that the Italian political mafia networks that are different and all kinds of illicit trafficking, money laundering and drugs, now want to take the road most profitable in emerging economies to be used in the calculations of the criminals.

First, most of the published documents for the States
1 - Palestinian Authority and Hamas:
• "Israel" tried to coordinate Operation Cast Lead with Egypt and the Palestinian Authority: Documents released by WikiLeaks that the Israeli war minister, Ehud Barak, in a meeting with a number of members of the Senate and the U.S. Congress in May 2009 revealed that "Israel" tried to coordinate the war of aggression on the Gaza Strip 2008-2009 with Egypt and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. "Based on the cable by U.S. deputy ambassador in" Israel "in that period, the Barak" has said that the Palestinian Authority is weak and lacks self-confidence, pointing out that Barak had said that the government Hebrew consulted with Egypt and Fatah Operation Cast Lead, and I asked if they were willing to assume control of the Gaza Strip after defeating Israel Hamas. "She Rabqah that Barak had refused the offer, and that was the main reason behind the failure of the" Israel "crush Hamas rejected in light of the parties concerned to cooperate with the post-Hamas.

• spying on "Hamas" and the Palestinian Authority: The documents reveal that Hillary Clinton and U.S. Secretary of State ordered to collect information on the leaders of the movement "Hamas" and the Palestinian Authority, and Hezbollah in Lebanon, and to gather information about the relationship between the United Nations Agency for Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) and the Movement " Hamas ". The required information includes passwords necessary to make connections with them, and provided guidance to request information about the methods of the persons concerned to work and decision-making, as well as the numbers of their credit cards, and other personal information.

- In a telegram addressed to the American embassies in Egypt, Israel, Amman, Damascus, Riyadh and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requesting information about them "lines actual travel and vehicles used by the leaders of the" Hamas "and the Palestinian Authority," but does not specify the target of it. It also directed the Ministry of Foreign applications to embassies in the Middle East to do what can be considered a "counter-espionage" against each of the two intelligence and the Palestinian Military Intelligence. This includes demand from U.S. diplomats to gather information about the capabilities of these devices in the areas of encryption code and solving tapping and dealing with complex computers.

- It was the demand of the U.S. embassies in Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Syria to collect personal information and other communications related to the senior officials of the Palestinian Authority and the movement "Hamas" as well as for the two young leaders, including the possibility of the existence of relations between them and terrorist organizations.

• head of the Mossad, Meir Dagan expressed his pessimism over the ongoing negotiations with the Palestinians, and said: "After a decade in a desperate attempt to reach a solution with the Palestinians, I'm sure that there will be no progress in this regard." He believed that the Israeli military activities in the West Bank against Hamas, which is preventing the movement's control over the West, and that without that Fatah would fall within one month of time. He pointed out that since 1994 the United States invested six billion dollars in the Palestinian Authority, and the result was only added a few people from the authority to the list of 500 richest people in the world!

• focus on internal reform in the "open": Turning the documents to the Olmert government, which stated that "Livni" I do not think it can be a lasting solution with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, was quoted as saying that you should focus on internal reform in the "open , "to ensure the victory of Hamas in the next elections.

• Authority will accept any agreement: Netanyahu stressed during a meeting with parliamentarians in the U.S. in May 2009 when he was subjected to intense pressure by Obama to freeze settlement activity, the Palestinian Authority will accept any agreement ratified by the United States even before the temporary settlement freeze in the West Bank.

• Mahmoud Abbas politically weak: A number of political and military leaders that the negotiator Mahmoud Abbas has good intentions, but he was politically weak. During the meetings in November 2009, issued a senior official in the Ministry of the Zionist war, Amos Gilad, a negative judgment about the chances of continuing Mahmoud Abbas politically after 2011, pointing out that the government, "Israeli" absolutely do not have any confidence in the Palestinian negotiating team.

• approval of Zionism on the exchange of land: and arrived at the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv and close to the prime minister of the Zionist Benjamin Netanyahu on February 26 in 2009 include approval as well as Foreign Minister Lieberman on the exchange of territory in the event of a peace agreement with the Palestinians, while ensuring that the firing of rockets from West Bank and Gaza Strip. The Netanyahu through this document that possibility more realistic is to reach a peace agreement with the Palestinian side, ruling out the possibility of reaching a peace at this stage with Syria, has been attributed by the fact that the Palestinian National Authority is seeking to move away from the Iranian axis in the region and has a willingness to reach peace, on the contrary Syria, which is seeking closer ties with Iran and at the same time would not abide by the promises Stqtaha in return for withdrawal from the Golan Heights.

• Zionist plan to support the Palestinian economy: Netanyahu has offered a compromise plan on the economic American officials, requiring support the economy of the Palestinian Authority and work to fight what he called the "Islamists".
2 - the Zionist entity:

• swap between Israel and Russia: revealed a U.S. diplomat that in the first of December 2009 explained Amos Gilad, in front of actress deputy U.S. defense secretary, Ellen Tauscher, that "Moscow asked delivered Israeli planes modern drone in return for scrapping sale of S-300 missiles to Tehran." .

• arming "Israel": the U.S. administration has agreed to provide "Israel" bombs penetrating the defenses of the model GBU-28, which is supposed to be used in the attack against Iranian nuclear facilities, however, the parties agreed not to publish is to provide the "Israel" of these bombs. On November 18, 2009 to hold high-level security meeting in Tel Aviv between the two sides focused on maintaining the qualitative edge of the Israeli Defense Forces against all the Arab armies. The documents reveal the minutes of this meeting and how that "Israel" tried to prevent the arms deal between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia for months. The documents reveal that "Israel" asked not to allow America to Saudi Arabia put fighters received by the nearby bases of "Israel" in order to prevent any sudden attack Saudi.

• Zionist army ran the 2006 war are stupid: Netanyahu harshly criticized the performance of the Israeli army against Hezbollah during the Second Lebanon War in 2006, and considered that Israel towed forces towards the nozzles weapons of Hezbollah, adding that the government of his predecessor, Ehud Olmert, was lacking the ability to maneuver the military, and that Jund if Olmert reserve forces controlled the area and spent on Hezbollah in southern Lebanon and then pulled out, the day was a hero. The documents showed another estimate Netanyahu in 2009, Iran's possession of the ability to produce a nuclear bomb.

• American concern of the growing organized crime in "Israel": unveiled a telegram sent by the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv to the State Department in Washington and the Federal Police (FBI) indicate concern the U.S. ambassador in "Israel" from the escalation of organized crime in the Jewish state is growing impact and influence in America, pointing out that the so-called "soldiers in the criminal gangs" carrying European passports, allowing them to enter the United States without obtaining a visa. She explained the document about 6 families of the "Israeli" has control of the traditional in the world of organized crime, notably: the families Obergal and Abutpol and Albroon, of the assets of Eastern, and Rosenstein, of European descent, pointing out that the conflict between them and the police raids against them, allowed for new families in the world of crime, such as : Molnr and Shirazi and Cohen and Doumrana to extend its influence in the world of crime, Baadhafah for several Arab families grappling with each other in the context of the world of organized crime.

• Irish government hindered the shipment of weapons and materiel to U.S. to Israel: according to documents leaked to the Irish government has worked to reduce the transfer of weapons and materiel to U.S. to Israel and Iraq through Shannon Airport in the wake of public anger in the period following the Second Lebanon War in 2006. Reveal a telegram sent In 2007, the U.S. ambassador to Ireland at the time, James Kenny, the deputy head of the U.S. diplomatic mission warned Irish officials that the United States will begin using other European airports, and could cost the Irish economy, such a move tens of millions of dollars.
3 - Gulf states:

• dialogue diagonal U.S. about Hamas, Iran and Syria revealed a secret document dated February 23, 2010, for a meeting between the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the U.S. Congress, Senator John Kerry, the Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, who expressed his opinion on the issues of peace on the Syrian The Palestinian, in addition to the Iranian issue.

- Prince said that Hamas will accept the 1967 borders, but will not say so in public so as not to lose the support of the Palestinian People, stressing that Qatar is able to help move Hamas, because it does not interfere in its internal affairs, but this does not mean they share their ideology. He said that in view of the Prince of victories of Hamas and Hezbollah visible across the Arab world that led to oust Israel from the Gaza Strip and southern Lebanon, but Israel deserves praise as a peace-seeking. Prince and concluded that the region is still far from peace.

- Hamad said that "Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was committed to« significant change », but the assassination of Hariri contract issue, adding that Bashar is still young and can grow up, and he wants peace and the arrival of the U.S. ambassador to Damascus would help in that. Said Prince Senator the U.S. The best way lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is to start from the Syrian track through intermediaries Turks, explaining that the time is now appropriate to communicate with Damascus, and that the latter swiveled toward Iran does not love her, but because they go to those who will not Aahjrōha, adding that the Syrian government could help extremists Arabs to make tough choices. Kerry said that Syria continues to facilitate the arming of Hezbollah, and turn a blind eye on the development of missiles in Lebanon, and this does not reflect the pursuit of peace, pointing out that Netanyahu needs to work for a settlement, and the development of the Golan Heights in the equation for peace.

- And Iran, Hamad has asked Americans to continue attempts to open a dialogue with the Iranian leadership, a ring saying, through his experience over 30 years with the Iranians, «they will give you 100 words. Trust only one of the 100. "

• According to the diplomatic cables dating back to 2007 that Mossad chief Meir Dagan over to the Americans that he "must transfer of U.S. bases from Qatar," pointing out that the American presence is the one who "gives Qatar confidence," calling for the closure of the base, "Al Udeid U.S." in diameter. Dagan said that Qatar is trying to dance at all the concerts with Syria, Iran and Hamas in an attempt to get security and self-confidence. "Spoke Dagan sarcastically channel" Al Jazeera ", saying it" may be the cause of the next war in the Middle East, "adding that the prince stands directly broadcasts in front of "Al Jazeera" of incitement and others. Dagan pointed out that "some Arab leaders are willing to take harsh steps to close the channel and carrying Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani personally responsible for its provocations."

• revealed another document for Qatar to host the senior officials of the U.S. Central Command, also addressed to allow Qatar to America using the rule of "many" Qatar Airways unconditionally to launch attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan. The document revealed that the United States take advantage of its partnership with Qatar in the use of the base, "many" air without burdening America any burdens material for this partnership, in addition to bearing diameter ratio of 60% of any modifications or upgrades are made ​​to those air base that America has a rate at least a only 40%.

• The document revealed about the unwillingness of Qatar in a war with Iran, despite the fact that the U.S. government will not hesitate, according to the document in the exploitation of all the facilities granted by Qatar in the mobilization of military action against Iran through its partnership in the rule of "many" flights. Expects leaks that Qatar would not allow the U.S. government to exploit its territory to launch a military attack against Iran only after taking all the security guarantees from the U.S. government to ensure the preservation of the right of Qatar in exploiting natural gas field joint venture with Iran.

• Qatar has offered to stop the channel "Al Jazeera" If Egypt helped in the settlement of the Palestinian issue: the Telegraph says that the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim, view on Egypt to stop the island for a year if Egypt made ​​a lasting settlement for the Palestinians. And saw the newspaper "The Guardian" in the words of Qatar's prime minister with the Egyptian president, according to the documents themselves proof that Qatar uses Al-Jazeera as a bargaining chip in foreign policy by adapting its coverage to suit foreign leaders, and presentations to stop broadcasting in return for major concessions. In contrast to that, the paper draws Earlier Hamad bin Khalifa refused a request to the U.S. using his influence to contain some coverage of the island, which is considered "anti" to the United States.

• Qatar is a real problem: The president of the Israeli intelligence service "Mossad," Meir Dagan said Qatar raises "a real problem", describing the prince as a person "anger everyone."
United Arab Emirates:
Revealed information about the nature of the special relationship that brought together Israel and the UAE in general, and the relationships that were collected between "Tzipi Livni," Secretary of State previously Zionism and Emirati counterpart Sheikh "Abdullah bin Zayed." This was reflected by the message sent by the political advisor at the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, "Marc Sears" on March 16, 2009, included the substance of the meeting, which gathered with the Head of Department in the Middle East and the Israeli Foreign Ministry, "Jacob Hadas."

• The total number of telegrams sent from the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in America 3765, published by the site, where these cables are clearly focused on the Iranian threat, and the amount to incitement to U.S. military action against Tehran to curb its nuclear ambitions.

• supplied cables that "in an explicit conversation about Iran," the director of military intelligence, Gen. Abdul Rahman Hadhood Kuwait and the commander of coalition forces in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus, in which he said:

- Mark Hadhood that "Kuwait is aware that Iran is supporting Shia in the Gulf and extremists in Yemen, prompting Bpetrallos to the demand of the Kuwaiti official" to assist in determining whether Iran, in particular, supports the Houthis in Yemen. "

- Petraeus stressed that "the U.S. military is very capable, and fully prepared to face any eventuality in the event of escalating unrest or led to a situation is not possible to predict consequences in Iran." He said Petraeus that "the U.S. Army provides assistance to the Gulf States to support its ballistic missile and defense systems, air, as well as in the use of early warning systems in the event of rocket attacks Iran."

- urged Petraeus Kuwait on the example of the example of the UAE, and cohesion with its air defense, and which is linked to "missiles Pak 3 published by Kuwait. " He also urged Petraeus Kuwait to send its own troops for training in "the center of Jordan's King Abdullah II Special Operations."

- told Petraeus Hadhood that the U.S. government is determined to renew the agreement on defense cooperation with Kuwait, which has been signed for the first time in 1991, and was renewed in 2001 , is expected to renew it again in 2011.

• In another document, about a meeting between Interior Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Khalid and U.S. Ambassador Deborah Jones, attributed the document to the immortal saying that "Iran is determined to export its revolution to the outside and he can not be deterred from achieving its nuclear ambitions, but force (...), and even the Palestinians now aspire to be because the stories of Iranian Shiites deceived them that Shiites are the most willing to fight to the sacrifice. " Quotes and other documents from the Director of the Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Nasser Al-Mohammad as saying: "A year ago or two years was a lot of Kuwaitis are hoping that blow silent and focused will eradicate the basis of the reactor (nuclear), leaving the region more comfortable".

• Among the documents correspondent telegram in February 2010 " reveal that Kuwait also were concerned about the possibility of nuclear-armed Iran, and that they (Kuwait) prefer a military option, led by the United States., but the Kuwaitis saw that perhaps the United States had missed an opportunity ".

• According to a telegram American that the Kuwaiti Minister of Interior Sheikh Jaber Al-Khaled Al-Sabah said U.S. diplomat for four Kuwaiti prisoners in Guantanamo, "let them die." He said the Kuwaiti minister, according to the text of the telegram: "If they are corrupt, they are corrupt," saying "It's better to get rid of them.'ve Aatqltohm in Afghanistan Vaaidohm there to the war zone."
Saudi Arabia:
• revealed one of the documents that Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz asked John Brennan, White House adviser for combating terrorism during a meeting between them in March of last year, control of all detainees who were released from Guantanamo by implanting a chip small their legs to monitor their movements. Lord Brennan, the Saudi monarch said, "Such a proposal would face legal difficulties in the United States," but he pointed out that trace the movements of the former detainees in Guantanamo a very important issue, and promised to review the proposal with the concerned officials after returning to the United States.

• claim to strike Iran: Student monarch United States more than once that you led a military operation against Iran to destroy its nuclear program to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons, describing Iran Balafy that must be decapitated.

• Saudi Arabia the main source of global finance groups "terrorist" Sunni: expressed America for regretted that donors special in Saudi Arabia remain a "primary source of global finance terrorist groups Sunni," and documents revealed that other countries in the region, especially Qatar and Kuwait are failing to combat the financing of this Almjmuaata adding that "donors (private) in Saudi Arabia remain a primary source in World finance groups "Sunni terrorist" such as "Al-Qaeda" and the movements of the Afghan Taliban and Pakistani. According to Saudi sources, said that such groups, including the "Hamas" is likely to collect millions of dollars annually, especially Bmnaspti Hajj and Ramadan. " The diplomats said the Americans that "the leaders of the Taliban when they go to Saudi Arabia to participate in discussions about reconciliation, they also collect money." She described Qatar as "the worst in the region" at the level of cooperation with Washington to counter the financing of extremist groups.

• Saudi Arabia the biggest threat to Iraq from Iran: Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates at a meeting crumpled on the tenth of December 2009 that "all of Iraq's neighbors interfere in our affairs, albeit in different ways ... the Gulf countries and Saudi Arabia with money, Iran with money and political influence, and the Syrians by all means ... Ptdechlhm Turks are polite, but they continue to try to influence the Turkmen and Sunnis in Mosul. " The Telegraph reported that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki called on the U.S. authorities in his visit to Washington in July 2009 to stop the Saudis' involvement in his country, arguing that Riyadh's efforts to mobilize more than a year of sectarian tension in the country worsened and provides a pretext for Iran to interfere in Iraqi politics. He revealed al-Maliki that Iran "had intended to use long-range missiles to bomb" Camp Ashraf, north of Baghdad where he lives 3,500 supporters of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, including "Mujahedeen", the organization's main opposition to the Iranian regime.

• Saudi princes live concerts boasting drink, drugs and sex revealed Telegram The Saudi princes live concerts boasting drink, drugs and music "rock and roll" and sex, from behind piety Official royal family Arabia, and officials of the U.S. consulate in Jeddah and described the concert was held under the ground on the occasion of "Halloween" last year by a Saudi princes, it broke all taboos followed in Saudi Arabia and was brimming with alcohol and prostitutes, and behind the doors of a villa under heavy guard. She said the Telegraph that the party "Halloween", "set up by the Prince of a wealthy family Thunayyan and contributed to the financing of a U.S. company for energy drinks, and was attended by more than 150 Saudis and Saudi Arabia in their twenties and thirties and guests including a number of prostitutes who are attending such concerts." The use of cocaine and hashish is common in these social circles, but did not see it on this occasion of secret concerts, booming in Saudi Arabia thanks to the protection enjoyed by members of the ruling royal family. The cable said that young Saudis told the U.S. diplomat that the concerts are a new trend in Saudi Arabia, and the activities of the weekend confined to the acquaintance between small groups meet in homes of the rich in Jeddah, which contains some of the bars and discotheques in Oaqbitha.

relationship "Israel" in the Gulf States: secret diplomatic cable indicated that there is a secret intensive diplomatic relations between "Israel" and the Gulf states, adding that "Israel" and is described by its enemies in the traditional Arab Gulf States conducted intensive diplomatic relations, and exchanged intelligence information seriously, especially on Iran. She explained the Telegraph that most of those diplomatic actions between "Tel Aviv" and capitals in the Persian Gulf has for policy coordination and exchange of intelligence information on the threat posed by Tehran in the region, in spite of public appearances external suggest hostile exchanges between "Israel" and the Gulf states. Revealed the telegram from the meetings secret diplomatic at a high level between "Israel" and all of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

4 - regional countries influence: Jordan:

• Jordan warned Washington of a plan to target the convoy of the embassy in Beirut revealed a telegram dated November 3 April 2008 that the source of Jordan's General Intelligence Department, warned the State Department of the elements of the "Al Qaeda" in the Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp of plotting to attack the convoy of the U.S. Embassy in Beirut. She added that the planning process may have already collected an unspecified quantity of explosives, and a white Mercedes of the year 1983, will be blowing up the car with explosives in the Shatila camp.

• U.S. Embassy in Amman to learn all what is happening in Jordan announced that former U.S. Ambassador to Jordan, Edward Ghoneim, that the leaks were embarrassing and dangerous to America and many governments, and the U.S. State Department asked him to sit down with journalists in Jordan to talk about the crisis of "Wikileaks" and bilateral relations between Jordan and the United States confirmed that the embassy know everything that goes on in Jordan, and it is more embassies Abraca (4700 ) cable to the U.S. State Department, saying that the leaks may lead to changes in the methods of preparation and writing telegrams in the future to ward off exposing people to harm if disclosed.

• an identity crisis in Jordan on Palestinian origin revealed a telegram sent by the acting U.S. embassy in the Jordanian capital on 23/7/2009 that the riots and slogans hostile to the Palestinians led to the cancellation of a football match between the two Faysali units, are the two teams represent Jordanians of East Bank by the Palestinian communities of the other side, where the unrest began when the masses Faysali launching slogans against the Jordanian of Palestinian origin, including Queen Rania. The Telegraph that there is a consensus Jordanian that the relationship between fans of the two teams reflects the big gap between the people of the East West Bank from the Jordanians, and the Jordanians of Palestinian origin, and that there are attempts to hide the gap in order to maintain political stability in the kingdom, and that the officials of Jordan even refuse to comment on this case through communications conducted by the Embassy with them.

• The head of the Mossad, Dagan said Egypt and Jordan Tsttie combat the phenomenon of global jihad, but for Saudi Arabia, Syria and Lebanon will not Tsttie to play this role, but for the Palestinians, they are not interested in them and will not have an impact on West Bank and Gaza except for a few of their elements ".

• informed the head of the Mossad, Meir Dagan, advisor of U.S. President for National Security Francis Burgos Townsend in July of 2007 that Syria expects an Israeli attack against it and raised the level of readiness, claiming that although it is not planned to carry out a raid like this, However, it is expected that Syria's response to any small incident to escalate rapidly. Dagan himself and pointed out that the strategic alliance between Syria, Iran and Hezbollah will not change and that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad believes that this policy is correct and successful. He added that there is a belief that it is possible to see the separation between Syria and Iran, and that this is the key to weaken Hezbollah. Abizaid said he was "only through the implementation of UN resolutions on Lebanon and increasing efforts to dismantle Hezbollah, the international community will be able to remove the glue that connects between Iran and Syria." He continued Dagan that "the application of these decisions will increase the pressure on Assad, who is feared to be tried for the assassination of the Prime Minister of Lebanon, Rafik Hariri, more than anything else, and so that this threat may frighten Syrians enough and cause them to move away from Iran and are turning to a partner normal more like the League of Arab States ".

• Description Assad, in a document issued by the U.S. Embassy in Damascus for a meeting gathering the Syrian president and a delegation from the U.S. Congress in Damascus on December 30, 2009, Iran as "the most important country in the region," said the West could improves the prospect of peace through the recognition of Iran's right to enrich uranium under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

• document said Assad discussed with the U.S. delegation to the issue of the Comprehensive Peace reiterated Syria's desire strong to resume indirect talks with Israel through Turkey, as a way to determine the conditions are invoked in direct negotiations. Assad said that he could resolve Syria's relations with Hamas, Hezbollah and other groups is acceptable after reaching a comprehensive regional peace. He said Assad that Turkish mediation in indirect peace talks with Israel in 2008 was a professional, as it "within eight months, was able to achieve what failed to achieve years of direct negotiations with Israel in the nineties. Added Assad that Hamas and Iran must Tkona party in peace, not in the principles of organizational for peace talks.

• Assad told politicians Americans that Syrian intelligence has saved "the lives of Americans," but that Damascus would not be renewed security cooperation before it gets better political relations with Washington.

• saw Assad during the meeting that he should America and Syria should work In the months following the improvement of bilateral relations even "beyond the parties absence of mutual trust that could hinder America's credibility as a sponsor honest." the document said Syria and the United States expressed an interest shared in a stable Iraq is not dominated by Iran.

• In another cable sent to Washington from the embassy American in Damascus, following a meeting between Assad Senator American Benjamin Cardin on February 18, 2009, Syrian President said, "We are not convinced that Iran is developing nuclear weapons," he said, adding that Iran can not use nuclear weapons as a deterrent, because no one believes that Iran will use actually against Israel .

• dealing with the fact that there are Hamas: documents reveal the opinion of Bashar al-Assad about the "Hamas" during a meeting with a delegation of the Senate, where he was reported that the Organization of the Islamic undesirable, and said that "Hamas" originated from the Muslim Brotherhood movement, which fought Syria in the eighties, adding "If you want to be active and effective, to establish relations with all parties. Hamas is the Muslim Brotherhood, but we have to deal with the fact of their presence. "

• on disarming Hezbollah: Subtract Assad that it is not the group's Shiite state specific interests in Israel except for securing the Lebanese border and prevent threats to the integrity of Lebanon, Kkheroqat Israeli daily of Lebanese airspace.

came another telegram The United States fail in their struggle to prevent Syria supplying Hezbollah in Lebanon with weapons, where the party managed to build a powerful arsenal since the war in July 2006. said the Telegraph that after a week of a promise made ​​by the Syrian president to a senior official in the U.S. State Department has pledged to stop sending weapons to Hezbollah But the reports reached by the United States indicated that the al-Assad has increased the process of sending weapons, including advanced to the party.

• Olmert said during a meeting of confidentiality with the U.S. ambassador to Israel, and former foreign minister Tzipi Livni in the beginning of 2007, he does not trust at all the possibility of the conclusion of the Syrians to make peace with Israel, especially in light of the strategic alliance between Damascus and Tehran, a coalition that will not allow the Syrian peace with Israel in any way. most of all this is that Olmert saw that all the statements that come out every now and then from Syria and calls for peace non-serious, especially as the Americans were told that the Syrians are not interested at all to establish diplomatic relations and an exchange of embassies with Israel in the future, which made ​​Olmert emphasizes the need to hit the Syrian-Iranian alliance. Revealed this document specifically that the Egyptians agreed a move to weaken Iran to lift its alliance with Syria in any way, noting at the same time to force the Egyptians and the use of the Israelis in their various problems and security challenges they face.

• America asking Syria to control the border with Iraq, the risk of "Al Qaeda": revealed a telegram that about a meeting held in February 18, 2010 in Damascus, including officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Syrian and Alyroshm Faisal Miqdad, the U.S. coordinator for counter-terrorism, Daniel Benjamin, attended by sudden head of the Syrian General Intelligence, Maj. Gen. Ali Mamlouk, at the direction of al-Assad in the wake of the meeting was positive compiled between William Burns, the day before the meeting, noting that the brigade owned Aahoudr usually meetings with foreign delegations and does not show up at meetings with friendly countries such as France and Britain. She added that owned showed positive cooperation and pointed out that the security of the Syrian-Iraqi border region can Syria cooperation with the United States and described the danger of terrorist organizations operating in the region Basahih, and underscored the interconnectedness of progress on political issues in the course of U.S. relations - Syrian security cooperation and intelligence potential. He owned three points are important for the mechanism of cooperation:

1 - must be able to Syria to carry out a leadership role in any regional moves.
2 - policy is an integral part in the fight against terrorism, then it should work the umbrella of political relations US-Syrian bilateral facilitate cooperation against terrorism.
3 - to convince the Syrians that will benefit them as a result of this agreement should be progress on issues such as economic sanctions against Syria, including aircraft parts and aircraft to President Bashar al-Assad. "The lion's willing to cooperate, but we must take the lead in this cooperation".

• Syria will not engage Iran in a war against "Israel" revealed document quoted recently a senior diplomat in Damascus, the U.S. Embassy, ​​that Syria is Iran informed the inability Subscribe to war with Iran "Israel", because Syria is weak, will not be able to attack the "Israel" in the case of the recent strike Iranian nuclear project. He added that this trend came just days after the reported information about allow Syria to provide the "Party of God" Scud missiles can hit all regions of the "Israel".

• Syria supplied Hezbollah with 10 Scud missiles - DVD and the party currently owns 50 thousand missiles covers the range of most Israel: An official source at the Pentagon that Syria supplied Hezbollah with 10 missiles "Scud D" with a range of 700 kilometers, including the transfer of the two missiles into Lebanese territory and 8 rockets stored at the base of Syria. She pointed out that Hezbollah currently owns no less than 50 thousand rockets and missiles, including Iranian-made rockets 40-50 model "Light -110" affects a range of Tel Aviv and most Israeli territory. According to the document written by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Syria mislead the United States. Setting aside Syrian denials visit with William Burns to Damascus at that time, was quoted missiles "Scud D" for Hezbollah. In another document called Clinton from the second official at the U.S. Embassy in Damascus to convey a warning message to the Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Miqdad, that the United States consider to Syrian support for Hezbollah as a strategic decision wrong would be detrimental to the national interests of Syria in the long term .

• Israel has targeted military installations for "Party of God" in Syria: According to a telegram to an existing d'Affaires in Syria that "Israel" had targeted military installations for "Party of God" in Syria, "noting Alai A, those sites are located within populated areas .

• Syrians boast Beraathm in negotiations with the Americans: in relation to Syria, which Maliki accused the Iraqis openly harboring senior members of the Baath Party and allowing foreign fighters to infiltrate Iraq, Chkaha Iraqis to American officials as well. During his meeting with U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Jeffrey Feltman, said Maliki, who He lived in Syria in 16 years under the rule of Saddam Hussein, the Syrian officials to deal with the most difficult of it with the Iranians, the Syrians were told that they are proud in front of him during his time in exile, they are adept at negotiating with the Americans.
• Iran transferred to the party rockets in ambulances: According to one of the cables, which date back to 2008 and originating from Dubai, which is based on the Iranian source "that Iran used ambulances for the Iranian Red Crescent to send weapons and elements of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to Hezbollah in Lebanon during the 2006 war between Israel and the Party. " The source added that elements of the Iranian Red Crescent, saw in Iran. "Missiles carrying on planes heading to Lebanon, along with the equipment," stressing that the supervision of the Hospital of the Iranian Red Crescent in Lebanon transfer to Hezbollah at the request of the Secretary General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah. I contacted the agency, "Agence France Presse," the administrator of the Hezbollah refused to comment on this information.

• revealed one of the documents for a new dispute between the American and British governments and reveal him for the first time that the spy planes, an American U-2 sorties espionage over Lebanon in a process dubbed "Clear rice , "where those that reveal how the American planes were launched from the base of Akrotiri Cyprus and of the British Royal Corps of gathering intelligence information pass them to the Lebanese authorities" to assist them in the pursuit of Hezbollah militants. " She explained that the use of the air base at dawn correspondence charged between British officials and the U.S. Embassy in London, and government ministers, workers demanded the Americans audited full of those secret operation amid heightened concern among the British public about the CIA forcible transfer of detainees to countries tortured them, and the fear of suspicion complicity in torture.

drew close to the patience of the Americans ran out when he sent them to John Hillman, an official at the British Foreign Office letter in which he says, "until the report of the U.S. State Department itself has to offer in detail cases of torture and arbitrary arrests carried out by the Lebanese army," and urging the United States to ensure the safety of the detainees in Lebanon "if there is any risk that they may be arrested using intelligence gathered by a survey of rice." Because of this point wired U.S. Embassy to Washington, saying that he can not let human rights of obstructing counter-terrorism operations, although the demands of the British is not bureaucratic, but also unrealistic, suggesting that contacts at the higher levels to silence the British ".

• Telegraph only from the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, published was prepared by U.S. Ambassador to the former Michelle Sison after the meeting in the June 30, 2009 between the head of the caretaker government and then Fouad Siniora, former commander of U.S. Central Command, Gen. David Petraeus, who agreed to the content of the telegram, where Siniora said Syria's "geopolitical significance," but advised the United States be careful not to give any bonuses to Syria without taking Syria steps first. most importantly, we must not allow the United States to Syria or other countries in the region using Lebanon as a platform or a battlefield. Engaging with Syria must not come at the expense of Lebanon. " The Telegraph that Siniora "encouraged the United States to push Syria to respect the sovereignty of other countries (ie Lebanon) as a means of re-Syria to the Arab fold, rather than continue Astafaffha with Iran".

• The most critical documents about the situation in Lebanon was from the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv . Interestingly, in a follow-up of these cables was a shift in Israeli attitudes with the developments of the Lebanese crisis since 2005. Informed the director of the Mossad, Meir Dagan, U.S. officials on 17 March 2005 that the demonstrations "Party of God" in Beirut, "did not deter the Lebanese people from the press for the withdrawal of Syrian full." He advised Dagan that "the United States remains fixed in its request for a full withdrawal. Attributed the desire of the Lebanese people to live up to the American Task Force in Iraq".

• In another meeting with the Deputy Secretary of State William Burns on August 31, 2007, warned Dagan that efforts to strengthen the Siniora government will affect Syria and Iraq, saying that "the United States and Israel on the brink of achieving something in Lebanon, so they can not afford to give up their guard. what is necessary is to find the correct way to support Prime Minister Siniora." Siniora described as "a brave man", pointing out that Syria and Iran "are working hard against him." Dagan felt that Siniora "dealing well with the situation but the odds against him." The only Burns saying that the United States "tried to give Siniora more support possible, and it will continue to consult closely with Israel on Lebanon".

• talked Another cable from the U.S. Embassy in Cairo to meet with Petraeus and Director of the General Intelligence Omar Suleiman on July 14, 2009, as predicted Suleiman that the loss of the "Party of God" in the last parliamentary elections would make the party "remains subdued for some time to rebuild support for the local and the face of the image that Hezbollah third-party tool. focusing Iran on local issues, it's a good time to make changes in Lebanon and reduce the influence of Iran. Egypt will support Saad Hariri's government and the Lebanese army ".

• In a document dated July 30, 2009, issued by the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, about a meeting between Assistant Secretary of State for political-military affairs Andrew Shapiro and officials in the Israeli government in 22 and July 23 to emphasize the importance of military relations between the America and Israel, according to the document that Shapiro pointed out that "the results of the Lebanese elections represented a turning point and refused to Hezbollah and its Iranian patron," stressing that "the need to build a Lebanese institutions, including the army, have now become more important than ever." The Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Pinhas Buchris that "elections in Lebanon were positive," but he considered that Hezbollah's influence is still strong. Shapiro asked whether the election results come back in part to the reaction of the Christians against the "Party of God". Analysts stated that the result is at the center dating back to several factors, including the influence of Saudi money and the instability of the opposition camp. They agreed to express Shapiro that Mr. Nasrallah may be politeness after the election, but "Hezbollah continues its attempts to destabilize the March 14 coalition".

• parts of a document relating to a meeting between Bellemare and U.S. Ambassador previous Beirut Michele Sison: On 12 September 2008, met with U.S. Ambassador In Beirut Michele Sison Chairman of the International Commission of Inquiry Daniel Bellemare in his office in Almontaverdi. The Ambassador asked whether the inquiry would look into the issue of Saleh Aridi, Druze politician who was assassinated by an explosive device near Beirut on September 10. Bellemare explained that the investigation committee can not consider the case that the Lebanese government did not make a request to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, noting that the investigation committee is interested in learning more about the attack on the al-Aridi, in particular, that the details are similar to other issues, check it out. Bellemare also said that during the meeting on August 14 in The Hague, a team working together for the security agencies of the U.S. government, requested U.S. assistance in the field of eavesdropping. He believes that the attempt to eavesdrop through the security forces or the Lebanese army intelligence will be as «publish names in newspapers». He explained that the legal experts at the United Nations are currently considering the possibility for the Commission of Inquiry on the statutory authority conferred by tapping. But apart from the legal aspects, Bellemare informed about the need for technical capabilities in the area of eavesdropping.

• assistance from the U.S. government: Bellemare across all of disgruntlement that the U.S. government has not responded to the requests of the adequacy of the assistance provided by. He pointed out that he had discussed it with the U.S. State Department. He said Bellemare 3 U.S. requests for assistance to investigate: 1 - providing intelligence information was the Commission of Inquiry has requested formally, or inform him that he can not provide. 2 - loaned criminal analysts. The Committee on the investigation need to «investigators could interrogate View» for questioning nearly 200 people are currently in prison, and could be important information to have. 3 - Use of U.S. pressure to urge the British government to provide more of the international commission of inquiry, especially in relation to intelligence information.

• support the U.S. government in regards to the budget of the Court: Request answers concerning 26 fee for suspects potential given by the Commission of Inquiry of the U.S. government. Finally, request access to defectors from Hezbollah, residents in the United States, or at least informed categorically negative response to his request; answers as the U.S. government were not conclusive enough.

• The interviews on the issue in Syria, Bellemare repeated what he said earlier: it is not going to provide him with Syria unless the U.S. government or other sources, the names of officials should be met by, in addition to other information. Although Syria has rejected his request to interview, then they will receive the indication of the lack of Syrian cooperation. Just demand will give signals to other Syrians on the point of the investigation, which could lead to further cooperation «that managed to reach the right person» ... has stressed Bellemare on the need to respond to the request on Syria, because the mandate of the International Commission of Inquiry issued under Chapter VII ends At the end of this year. And secondly, because of the importance of conducting interviews before the disappearance of persons intended to be interviewed or death by other means ...

• Canadian Security Intelligence narrowed to Hezbollah: According to some documents, uncovered by Canadian media, that the Canadian Security Intelligence narrowed to Hezbollah agents in the country.

• Hariri request Americans in 2006, ready to strike Iran: Documents released by the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, and the embassies of Washington to Israel and some Arab countries, that Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri, has informed U.S. officials visited Lebanon in 2006, that the occupation of Iraq was not necessary, "and Iran is necessary" , adding that Hariri told the Americans that they "must be ready to strike Iran if diplomacy fails to stop its nuclear program".

• support the Siniora government: The documents reveal that in the January 28, 2007, met with Deputy Secretary of State then, William Burns, Vice President of the UAE Mohammed Bin Rashid, who pointed out that the government of Fouad Siniora need to various types of financial and political support. In a telegram in July 2009, about a meeting between Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, with Alexander Vershbow, assistant secretary of defense for international security, thanked the U.S. delegation financing Emirates process to provide the Lebanese army with tanks from Jordan worth 56 million dollars, saying that this "helps installed on the positive results of the parliamentary elections, which helped reduce the influence of Hezbollah (and thus Iran) in Lebanon. " Having promised bin Zayed given to what can be provided by the UAE, asked Vershbow if the request is a sample of Doha, replied the latter that he did it and repeat the request in his visit, which he intended to visit; On that visit, according to a cable from the U.S. Embassy in Doha, the U.S. delegation asked the chief of staff, Qatar General Hamad Al-Attiyah for funding to provide Lebanon with tanks in Jordan, the Al-Attiyah replied that he knows the demand, but the country has not yet decided.

• adds telegram sent from the U.S. Embassy in Abu Dhabi, that bin Zayed, in the context of speaking about it granulated has a transition of power from one generation to another, he said that Saad Hariri is a good guy, a scared now (supposedly from Syria), it is necessary not to lose.

• In Talk bin Zayed with the U.S. delegation to the speech of the Secretary General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah in July 18, 2009 , saw the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi that the speech reflects the weakness of Hezbollah resulting from the weakness of Iran's presidential election result. He said bin Zayed: "Nasrallah will suffer from a lack of funding, at least in the next six months".

• create the doctrine of new combat Lebanese army: In a meeting between U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for political-military affairs Andre Shapiro and a number of Israeli officials, high-level, such as Director General of the Ministry of Defence then Pinhas Buchris and head of the political and security then Amos Gilad, called on the Israelis to exchange information more with the Americans, pointing to the need to impose sanctions on the Iranian Revolutionary Guard because of its role in Lebanon, and the creation of the doctrine of new combat the Lebanese Army.

• America is keen to gather information on "UNIFIL" and work in Lebanon revealed some of the documents that the United Nations were not immune to spyware American, and this spy specialty seems to know the mechanisms of action of peacekeepers, particularly in Lebanon, where documents show the keenness of the U.S. intelligence community to collect information about "points of views and positions "of the Member States in the UN Security Council, and the Secretariat, and the main countries concerned, of the troops," UNIFIL "operating in southern Lebanon and peace-keeping operations in Lebanon generally. And demanded a telegram dated at the end of July 2009, and classified as secret instructions from Michael Owens, foreign and intelligence community to collect information about members of the Member States in the Council, without exception, and this even includes Russia, Japan, France and Italy, as well as a mission to Lebanon and Vietnam, and information on organizations and political blocs major such as the African Union, the European Union and the International Criminal Court. Required under what was described as a "political question" is "to know the views of the members of the United Nations and their plans and intentions" in relation to "the capacity of the UN to organize military operations complex new processes civilian police and its leadership and its implementation."

and requests information about the views of the Secretariat or member on reform initiatives of peace operations, and information on the appointment of envoys of the Secretary-General's special peace operations and policy, and the prospects and objectives of the structures of command and rules of engagement and the climate threat to peacekeeping operations proposed, including "transportation, telecommunications and infrastructure, and is unique to the maps." Also, the types and the number and capabilities of troops, equipment and materials that States express a willingness to provide them.

• Adlman in June 2008: military relations good with Lebanon: quoted a cable from the U.S. Mission to NATO, on June 18, 2008, from the Assistant Secretary of Defense for policy, Eric Edelman, his testimony after a tour of Lebanon, Afghanistan and Pakistan, that "the United States the development of bilateral relationship military - good military with Lebanon".

• Ashkenazi claims that Hezbollah's role in an operation targeting the convoy of the Zionist ambassador in Jordan claimed that the Chief of Staff of the Zionist, Gabi Ashkenazi , in front of the United Nations envoy for Lebanon, Michael Williams, the "Party of God" had a role in the operation that targeted a convoy Ambassador "Israeli" in Jordan, as part of the response to the assassination of Imad Mughniyeh, pointing out that the entity has warned American bodies and many international response Zionist violent on each of the "Party of God" against the objectives of the "Israeli" abroad. He added that "Israel" had foiled two attempts to carry out two operations for Hezbollah in a third country. For his part, warned Williams that in the event of a rocket attack from Lebanon into Israel, the latter will respond strongly, and that international forces would not be able to stop the escalation.

• Lebanese Minister of Defense "bitter" advised Israel on the invasion of Lebanon and uproot Hezbollah: published a telegram advice from Lebanese Defense Minister Elias Murr on how to defeat Hezbollah and the invasion of Lebanon, where Murr said before the events of the seventh of May 2008 for the Americans that if they want to "Israel" to wage a new war on Lebanon will be a war against Hezbollah, not Lebanon. The document said that Murr told Americans that maybe the "Israel" to avoid the bombardment of areas under resolution 1701, infrastructure and Christian areas, and focus instead on areas densely populated Shiite, stressing that Christians were supporting "Israel" in the 2006 war until the bombing began on bridges. According to the documents, also the former Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sheikh Subhi parasite was ready to join the camp of the anti-Hezbollah in Lebanon, but the condition so that the fall of the Lebanese judiciary's accusations that the parasite itself.

• Hezbollah is believed that Syria was responsible for the assassination of Mughniyeh: the exchange of senior members of the military intelligence Syrian General Intelligence Althmfima them about the security breach that led to the assassination of Mughniyeh, and the transfer of the Saudi ambassador to Lebanon at the time, Abdul Aziz Khoja, to U.S. diplomats in Beirut that "Hezbollah" believes that the Syrians were responsible for the assassination of Mughniyeh. Khoja pointed to the lack of presence of any Syrian official formal funeral singer, pointing out that the Iranian foreign minister has assured the "Party of God" and prevented him from carrying out an operation against Syria. Khoja added that Syria and "Israel" reached a deal allowed the assassination of Mughniyeh.

• rustic confirmed the involvement of Syria and Iran crimes since 2004:

- the transfer of Director General of the Internal Security Forces, Ashraf Rifi, in 2006 the U.S. ambassador Jeffrey Feltman to p. M. Ghamlush implicated in the crimes of the assassination of journalist Samir Kassir and former Secretary General of the Lebanese Communist Party George Hawi, and that the attempt to assassinate Colonel Samir Shehadeh, in September 2006 came after the success of the Information Branch in identifying suspects of crimes assassination. He added rustic that Ghamlush moved to Syria after the implementation of the crimes and live under the protection of the Syrian regime, pointing out that there is a correlation between the number of crimes of political violence that have occurred since 2004, and during 2005. Confirmed rustic that the involvement of Syria and Iran is real, noting that "the Hezbollah "was aware of some of the crimes before they.

- revealed a document dated July 6, 2007, that the Minister of Justice, former Lebanese, Charles Rizk, seeks to prolong the arrest of the four officers, because their release would have an impact shock on March 14 forces, and Rizk asked Ambassador Feltman to inform the UN confidentially the names of four judges who prefer the Lebanese government that is being selected for the International Tribunal.
• positions sporadic Siniora:

- Siniora seeks to support the International Tribunal of Homeland Security: expressed Fouad Siniora during a meeting with Assistant U.S. Secretary of Defense Eric Edelman, on the third anniversary of the assassination of Hariri, expressed concern about the need to translate the U.S. support in earnest on the ground, pointing to the need to support continuously to the internal security forces and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. The Siniora that he would pursue personally the subject of the Saudi contributions to the Special Court, pointing out that he had asked the head of Saudi intelligence, Prince Muqrin bin Abdul Aziz, to help him follow up the commitments of both Kuwait and the UAE.

- Opinion Siniora in dealing Syrian: saw Siniora that consulting the many side that took place with Syria have failed to reach the results are valuable, and considered that the Syrians shrewd to seize opportunities, and that if they saw any opportunity to negotiate delivered the situation to the degree they can with them to seize the deal that suits them.

- Shebaa Farms to justify the existence of the "Party of God": Request Siniora from the U.S. government that seeks to issue a decision in regard to the issue of the Shebaa Farms, saying: "Do not make us agree with Syria to reach a solution to this matter, and they love having a wound is bleeding on the border, noting that Syria used the farms as a pretext to justify the existence of the" Party of God ". He has promised to Ambassador Edelman meet with Israeli officials who are respected in the general work of the Siniora government, to remove them from difficult circumstances.

camps - Palestinian source problems: Siniora said that the camps are still a source of problems, despite the fact that the Lebanese armed forces imposed some control over the camps, but they still Kdwylat. He added that Lebanon needs a new model of the camps, and called for international donors to cooperate in rebuilding the Nahr al-Bared, saying: "You have to show people some progress, and give them hope for the future, we paid scary to control this camp. Should make it a model."

- One of the documents revealed that the parliamentary majority leader Saad Hariri and his advisor Ghattas Khoury accused the Syrian intelligence chief Assef Shawkat and Syrian businessman Rami Makhlouf, with the help of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to transfer funds from Syria to Dubai. It also quoted UN investigator Daniel Bellemare saying that Syrian authorities dealt with the investigators of the International Committee as if they were schoolchildren through repeatedly handed over more than forty thousand pages in Arabic and then prove to investigators that they do not contain what they want.

- revealed a telegram dated 11/3/2008 included the minutes of a meeting between the defense minister, Elias Murr, and existing business of America, Michele Sison, the military attache at the embassy and the head of the Office of Defense Cooperation, that the bitter tried to implicate the editor of "Life", Ghassan Charbel, that he told his visitors: "Ghassan Charbel recently returned from a Damascus, has told me that Assad told him that he did not receive signals that Israel will launch a strike or a war, despite the fact that Hezbollah thinks otherwise. adds bitter quoting Charbel "that Assad believes that the Arab summit held in Damascus, and he was able to complete its work program in Lebanon . Specifically, the lion will push more to get the formula government in accordance with the distribution (10.10.10) waiting for the end of the era of George W. Bush administration, and he does not see get something in Lebanon this year. "The document noted that Murr said that Syria has recalled about 250 thousand immigrants work in agriculture in Lebanon, they are at the same time reserve soldiers in the Syrian army.
• U.S. role in Iraq: report pointed out that the role of the United States began to fall in Baghdad, with the telegram Other talked about the efforts of the Iraqi government and the Iraqis to address the role of the Iranian malignant and prevent the intervention of Iran's Revolutionary Guards in Iraqi affairs.

• relations Jordanian-Iraqi revealed document about a meeting between the U.S. ambassador in the capital of Jordan and former Foreign Minister Marwan Muasher in Amman on 18/2/2004 transfer in which the latter interview, Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari expressed desire by the Iraqi government to cooperate closely and strengthen relations with Jordan, with blame to Ahmad Chalabi to be able to derail the deals were negotiated by the Arab Bank in Jordan and the Export and Finance Bank with Iraqi banks and that he would discuss this issue in his upcoming trip to Washington with officials in the U.S. administration, regardless of the position of Ahmad Chalabi.

• business cooperation Iraqis - Zionist revealed a new document that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the U.S. senator half a year ago that "Israel" and Iraq have pretty business relationships important unknown to the general public, according to the report, Netanyahu refused to elaborate on this issue, but trade was conducted through Jordan and up to the port of Haifa. It is clear from the document that Netanyahu's offer to establish points of other commercial on-line Israel - Jordan - Iraq, to be, for example, in the West Bank, especially as he said it was "able to create thousands of jobs" in this place, also stressed that these points will not be a substitute for political compromises, but he waved to the policies (economic peace), said that these points will contribute to the economic recovery would push the peace process forward, according to him, as happened in Northern Ireland.

• the positions of the Egyptian leadership of Iran, Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine: documents revealed some correspondence about the contacts and dialogues were held between the Egyptian leadership, headed by President Hosni Mubarak and his son Gamal and intelligence chief General Omar Suleiman and some officials and diplomats Americans during the past two years. And dealing with these cables opinions Egyptian on dealing with a number of issues, most notably:

- in the Palestinian file said Gamal Mubarak, "We are racing against time", calling for closer cooperation between the United States and Egypt and the international community to improve the daily living conditions of the Palestinians and to reach a framework for a final agreement set the limits on top priority. The Egyptian intelligence chief, Omar Suleiman, has told U.S. Gen. David Petraeus to the head of Egypt's three goals in dealing with the Palestinians, which is to maintain calm in the Gaza Strip, and to undermine Hamas, and build popular support for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. He explained that weaken Hamas is by stopping the smuggling of weapons and money to them, what will lead to make it more flexible than ever before.

- On the issue of the Lebanese and Syrian said Gamal Mubarak, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad "to understand the world better than his father," but he expressed his fears the openness of political or economic might lead to loss of control. As Omar Suleiman said a week before the signing of the Doha agreement between Lebanese factions, Syria is seeking to reach an agreement with "Israel" and the United States on the return of the Golan Heights and the abolition of the Special Court for the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, compared to reduce its interference in Lebanese affairs.

- in the file Iran: Mubarak warned Washington against Iran and accused of "lying permanent in order to serve the larger goal," he said, adding that "Egypt might be forced to start a weaponized nuclear program if Iran succeeds in its nuclear program, which was seen as cause for him and all the horror of the event." Quoted one of the cables to the Egyptian president was quoted as saying in one of the cables that he told former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami advised that his successor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad not to provoke the Americans. As for his son, Jamal, said that Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan are the countries with "gravity" that can deter Iran and stop its nuclear program, however, called for a move at the Israeli-Palestinian disposal, which may be taken by Iran as a pretext. The Director General of the Egyptian intelligence, Omar Suleiman, said that his country has warned Iran of interfering in the internal affairs of Egypt, and the consequences of supporting the Islamic movements in the region, such as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the Palestinian Hamas movement. He pointed out that Egypt had received a positive response from the Iranian intelligence chief, who promised him after the intervention in the affairs of Egypt. Detection Sulaiman said that his country will continue to recruit agents inside Iran.

- in the Iraqi file: Egyptian President advised former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney not to invade Iraq and resorting to the coup of Etienne dictator just called Americans to forget about democracy in Iraq. Mubarak and display host and train Iraqi forces, but the Iraqis did not respond to this offer and advised the Saudi acceptance Maliki of Iraq.
• In a document written by Margaret Scobey, U.S. Ambassador to Cairo, in February 2009, addressed to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, ahead of her first official trip to Cairo as a ministerial, summarizing Ambassador important points in the nature of US-Egyptian relations, and reveal the vision of President Hosni Mubarak for many issues in the region:

- began Ambassador introduction to Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit, who described the person gentle and intelligent and has a penchant for arthroscopy "rhetoric" and ready to defend it by all means all the failures of Egypt in order to uphold Egyptian sovereignty.

- and get rid of the former ambassador to that "despite the fact that the Egyptians will react well in the case to show respect and appreciation for them, Egypt is often an ally stubborn and rebellious. "

- and based on that background advises Scooby Clinton that "thanks Abul Gheit to continue his leadership role in the region, and urges him to continue their efforts to reach an agreement for a cease-fire In the Gaza Strip, and its role in trying to reunite the Palestinian factions and achieve reconciliation between them. "

- did not forget Ambassador advises Clinton claim that the Egyptians do a more active role to ensure that the re-arming of Hamas arms smuggling through tunnels across the Gaza Strip. And stresses that despite the lack of enthusiasm shown by the Egyptians sometimes some of the results of the talks the Israeli-Palestinian, the work to reach a final peace agreement between the two parties remains a strategic goal as president of the Egyptians.

- then reveal Scooby perhaps the most important part in its assessment when it came to the position of President of the Egyptian firm and president of a number of the region's issues and affairs, including Hamas, Iran and Syria. For Hamas, and the custody of the U.S. ambassador, sees Mubarak that Hamas represents a threat like the Muslim Brotherhood, which is believed to be the biggest threat to internal political him. She Ambassador "Egypt believes that Hamas is strong and armed represent a threat to national security, citing the incident of the bombing of the Palestinians to the wall of the border between Sinai and the Gaza Strip in June 2007 and the influx of more than half a million Palestinians to Egypt.

- and contrary to what some have tried promoted on the nature of the role of the Egyptians and their position on Israel's blockade Scooby Gaza confirms that "Egypt will not take any action that could be interpreted as complicity with Israel's blockade of Gaza.

- Scooby and up to the most serious in its mission, and we mean Iran and the nature of the Egyptian vision and its role in the region. Scooby and the movement that Mubarak told Senator George Mitchell during a meeting in Cairo reunion "that he (Mubarak) does not oppose our discussions with the Iranians, as long as you will not believe a word of what we say Iranians." Scooby says: "Mubarak has a deep hatred for the Islamic Republic of Iran, and always refers to the Iranians that they are liars and seeking to destabilize Egypt and the region, and that the Syrians and the two countries Emtemlqon to Iran, and they are deceiving themselves."
• Peace with Israel is not stable enough:

- In a meeting took place in July 2009 between the leadership of the Ministry of War and the leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Zionism and between Andrew Shapiro, Assistant Secretary of State for the threads of political, military, protested Israel that the Egyptian army under the command of Defense Minister Tantawi, exercising and if Israel is the sole enemy. "There are also worrying signs in the Egyptian street in that women Talpsn are more conservative, and peace with Israel is not stable enough, which artificially."

- in an interview last contract with Shapiro expressed Amos Gilad, the concern of Israel that Egypt continues to prepare for future military possible with Israel, that it is not visiting Israel any large Egyptian officer. Gilad added that Israel was disappointed by its Arab neighbors, led by Egypt.

- According to another cable, attacked the national security adviser Uzi Arad in Israel and the Egyptian Foreign Ministry and Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit and accused them of severe harm to relations with Israel. According to Arad, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry "is a problem hinder relations with Egypt," especially for a nuclear Israel. "I said to the Egyptians honestly that this touches endeavors against Iran," said Arad, said an example was the refusal of Egypt to make contact with Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman.

• According to the leak, the person who was sent to Egypt several times, "Amos Gilad," by order of the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense , said in the past that the Egyptian president heads to last more than one offer to the future. He stressed, "Gilad", who is chairman of the council of political security in the Ministry of Defense, in front of U.S. diplomats that the president "Mubarak" do not trust the Minister of State, "Ahmed Aboul Gheit," has been uttering the remarks during a joint meeting with Assistant U.S. Secretary of Defense, which dealt with Egypt's proposal vacate the Middle East of nuclear weapons in order to draw the attention of the world from Iran to Israel. He stressed, "Gilead," during the meeting that Egypt understands the seriousness of Iran on the entire region, and recognized that a nuclear Iran is a red line for the compelling, but it scares you the most is the era of Egypt after the "Mubarak". In Egypt and did not refrain from launching Tfohat negative against the leaders in Israel, and on top of "Netanyahu", and described it as "Gentle Man, but it does not fulfill his promises."
• attempts to destabilize and overthrow the government of Turkey's Justice and Development Party: Turkey's share of documents «Wikileaks» was «fat» so this time. They illuminate the many aspects of the developments in Turkey in recent years. According to one of the documents to Israel's attempts to destabilize and overthrow the government of Turkey's Justice and Development Party. Has revealed one of the documents from the correspondence own Bembagesat head of Mossad, Meir Dagan, with Deputy U.S. Secretary of State William Burns on August 17, 2007, which included a question posed by Dagan on Burns Speaking about the escalation of the Islamic movement in Turkey, asked him: How long waits for Army He is the guarantor of secularism in Turkey, and standing idly about this situation? In another document, is a report of the U.S. Embassy in Ankara to Washington that Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Argin Segun said the U.S. ambassador «If you want to down now tanks into the street."

Among the documents leaked cable from former U.S. ambassador to Turkey, James Jeffrey, (which represents Washington in Baghdad now), a U.S. State Department that the Turkish army was ready to intervene in power in Turkey. Jeffrey said in the cable that "there was a fire behind the smoke, it is clear that the army intends to intervene if it deems it necessary in the political issues, and can be based on the Constitution in 1982, which gives the military a major role in overseeing the government's commitment to democratic principles (the founder of the Turkish state, Mustafa Kemal) Ataturk ".

• tendencies Islamic government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan: The documents revealed that diplomats Americans are skeptical about the possibility of relying on Turkey as a partner, and portray the Turkish leadership on It is divided and infiltrated by "Islamists." said the documents, private correspondence or reliable from the U.S. Embassy in Ankara, described tendencies Islamic government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, noting that the Turkish leadership visualized by U.S. diplomats as divided, as depicted advisers Erdogan and Minister Foreign Affairs Ahmet Davutoglu, that they have little understanding of the policies that go beyond the borders of Turkey. It pointed out that the Americans are concerned regarding the visions Ihsanoglu "neo-Ottoman" alleged. And the transfer of American diplomats from high-level government adviser, that Ihsanoglu will use the influence of «Islamic» Erdogan. They said Erdogan appointed "Islamists" in banks centers have an impact. She added that the head of government correspondence surrounded himself with "iron ring of advisers and sycophants presents himself as a defender of Anatolia." The diplomats that they support the theory of the Israeli ambassador in Ankara Gabby Levy, who considered that the statements made ​​by the Turkish government's violent against Israel stems above all "in terms of emotional, because it is an Islamic".

• Turkey an alternative to Iran and Saudi Arabia: In Meeting Minutes stamp b «secret» between U.S. official Philip Gordon and Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, held in November 17, 2009, two men eating a broad range of issues, with a focus on the Iranian nuclear program. Gordon wanted from Ankara to send a letter to Iran from the severe consequences of failing to comply with the sanctions. Davutoglu replied that such a letter had addressed essentially Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his previous visit to Tehran. Davutoglu said that Turkey's foreign policy in the region is based on a sense of justice and vision, and it is an alternative to Iran, Saudi Arabia and it is «limit Iranian influence in the region». He added that Turkey alone can speak with the Iranians openly and criticism because they give to the public positive messages.

• documents that confirm the presence of U.S. nuclear weapons in Turkey confirmed telegram dated November 2009 and there are about 90 bomb a U.S. nuclear air model "b -61" at the base of "Aengjirelik" Air southern Turkey, and emphasizes the documents "Wikileaks" about the presence of 200 bomb "b -61" in Turkey, noting that the bombs of this model is stronger than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945 several times.
• Details Plan Mossad secret coup in Tehran revealed some of the documents for the planning of the Mossad to overthrow the ruling regime currently in Iran and the coup it, a coup that proposed by the leader of the Mossad current Meir Dagan and approved by the former military intelligence chief Major General Amos Yadlin, and senior political leaders and security in the country . She noted these documents that the first thought of the idea of supporting a political coup in Iran and Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who said that the ignition internal revolution is easy, and there are a lot of conditions for igniting now, especially that the majority of the Iranian people are suffering badly from economic crises and difficulties in life as a result of government support for the nuclear program, in addition to spending the majority of the revolutions of the country in support of a lot of groups and parties allied with Iran in the Middle East such as Hezbollah or armed groups active in Iraq.

reveal this document also Dagan stressed that both Egypt and Jordan and some Arab countries angry Iran because of its criticism of the relationships that bound together by Israel or the United States, which prompted these countries to support the Israeli approach to support any revolutionary movement and ignite a coup in Iran in any way. The documents showed that the crystal Dagan complete plan to overthrow President Ahmadinejad and all the officials in the ruling political system is now in Tehran, but a lot of information related to the internal situation of the Iranian lacked. This document revealed that Dagan told the Americans that the plan of the coup on the government in Iran is ready, and will depend on a number of key elements in Iranian society such as students in particular, and cooperation with other groups in society, whether workers or professors of different groups. Despite the efforts of large carried out by Dagan in this area, the document indicates that it acknowledged that any attempt to overthrow the government in Iran has not and will not succeed without the consent and support of the United States and the leaders of the CIA all.

• "Israel" is able to strike Iran without U.S. help: document revealed published site "Wikileaks" that U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates told his French counterpart Herve Morin that Israel is able to launch a military attack on Iran without U.S. help, is that the success of such an operation will not be guaranteed. The Gates in front of Moran believed that "any military strike conventional Iran, will not only lead to delay its plans for a period ranging between one and three years, but it will unite the Iranian people forever in the face of the attacker".

• "Israel" is confident of the success of the Iran nuclear: in a telegram sent by the American Embassy in Tel Aviv to Washington came from other Israeli officials said it would be harder to target Iranian facilities with the passage of time. And inferred from the documents that the U.S. intelligence questioned in Israeli estimates as it is considered more pessimistic than those of America. And exposure telegram American conversation on the first of December 2009 between Amos Gilad, director of political and military affairs in the Israeli Ministry of Defense and Ellen Tauscher, Assistant Secretary of State. Wrote in charge of U.S. diplomacy that "Gilad said he is confident that Iran has decided to build a nuclear weapon, but Iran is" designed "that allow them the option of making such a weapon." Gilad added that diplomacy which is based on negotiating "a good idea, but it is very clear that it will not succeed." From the standpoint of the Mossad, Iran will not only using the negotiations to gain time. By doing so, you will enjoy Iran between 2010 and 2011, the technological capacity to build a nuclear weapon ".

• In an attempt to calm the anger of the Israeli, met Robert Wexler influential member of the U.S. Congress on May 13, 2009 Israeli military intelligence chief Amos Yadlin. and reported close other U.S. that "Wexler said The U.S. president can more easily convince the American public to support military action (against Iran) if negotiation efforts failed after trying to do. Lord Yadlin he does not recommend the United States to open a third front, but they should realize that Israel sees things another way, it can not exclude the military option ".

• reported telegram American dated in November 2009 that the Russian position on the Iranian issue is still "a mystery" for to the Israelis, and that nearly a year ago of sizes Kremlin for delivery Iran anti-aircraft missiles S--300.

• Iran obtained advanced missiles from North Korea: U.S. intelligence is convinced that Iran acquired from North Korea on missile-edge, designed on the base Russian model, an upgraded version of the missile, "R -27" Russian, could be a range of up to western Europe., and can this super missile development known as "BMW -25", to carry a nuclear warhead, "a range up to more than three thousand km.

• five Iranians entering Iraq linked Guard and intelligence: The Washington checks in Iranian diplomats wishing to enter Iraq by giving them the necessary visas, and with the help of "the Iraqi Foreign Ministry that since 2008, providing the embassy the names of Iranian diplomats visa applicants for the purpose of reviewing them," He stressed the audit that five visa applicants have potential relationships Revolutionary Guards and the Ministry of Intelligence.

• Washington has worked to prevent the arrival of supplies of Iranian weapons and Syria to Islamic groups in the region worked Washington in a covert way to prevent the arrival of supplies of Iranian weapons and Syria to Islamic groups in the Middle East, and pressed Arab governments to carry not to cooperate with arms smuggling to Hamas or "Party of God" is used in many cases the information secret intelligence provided by "Israel".
• According to the document sent from the U.S. Embassy in Riyadh in May 2009, said Assistant Minister of Interior and his son Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, during a meeting with U.S. envoy Richard Holbrooke, "We have a problem called Yemen", and stated in the document that the prince described Yemen a failed state and « high-risk ». The document said that "the Saudis want (President Ali Abdullah) Saleh be a strong leader ... but his vision of Yemen has shrunk to Sana'a, which is losing control of the rest of the country." The Saudis also felt that the absence of advisers in favor of the former, became trusting to his son and other young officials, do not have a good relationship with the tribes, which controls the country. According to another document, that Saleh said the commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East then, Gen. David Petraeus, for the U.S. bombing of the sites alleged to "Al-Qaeda" in Yemen: "We'll continue saying the bombs are ours do not you".

• Yemen weapons depot Hamas: America is Yemen The main point for the transfer of weapons earmarked for Hamas and the Horn of Africa and that "a large quantity of weapons to Hamas, the movement across the Red Sea to Yemen and Sudan passes in a 24-hour trip." She said the Telegraph that "these shipments usually transported on board a small wooden boats that hide among Zorac another of the same model in ports or operating in dense tropical plants." She Telegraph that "the movement of weapons in boats across the Red Sea and delivered to the Sudan, and after emptying these shipments believe they convey in the car north through Sudan." The weapons that are entered into the Gaza Strip are rockets, grenades, pistols, anti-air. Asked America from Yemen to allow them to monitor the beaches helicopters or drones to prevent these processes. She Telegraph boom black market for weapons in Yemen, although this Arab country impoverished also uses a hub for arms transfers to East Africa, especially to groups close to the "base" such as the Islamic Youth Movement in Somalia.

• Yemeni government deployed unit to combat "terrorism" funded and trained by America and Britain against Houthis: According to a telegram that the Yemeni government deployed unit to combat "terrorism" funded and trained by America and Britain against the Houthis.

• Saleh gave Americans "open door" to fight "al-Qaeda" have shown a telegram close cooperation between the Yemeni regime led by President Ali Abdullah Saleh and the U.S. administration in the regard to the "war on al-Qaeda", as show in favor of the Americans, "an open door" to fight the organization, and offer free access to secret U.S. troops to his country to launch attacks against al Qaeda targets. According to the Telegraph that Americans re-buy thousands of antibiotics Portable Air from Yemen, after he collected Saleh's forces, at prices far in excess of market prices.

• revealed telegram "secret" date back to the fourth of August 2009 that the U.S. was suspected in 2009 that Yemen concealed by the presence of a stock of missiles, portable anti-aircraft has, can turn into a dangerous weapon if it takes place in the hands of the bad.
5 - African countries:
a request from U.S. diplomats African countries About DNA "de NA" The fingerprints of the concerned officials. Not only instructed to spy on U.S. diplomats, but was directed to the majority of American security agencies. It seems that the request for information about communications systems was aimed at regular boot to spy them through eavesdropping and recording, as well as robbery on the information maintained in computers.
• According to the text of one of the cables that Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi upset too, during his visit to New York in September 2009 to prevent him from pitching his tent in New York, and prevent him from visiting the site "Ground Zero" where there have been attacks atheist th of September, during his participation in the work of the General Assembly UN. As an expression of dissatisfaction with the rejection of Gaddafi fulfilling the promise was cut to send a quantity of uranium owned by Libya to Russia.

• The WikiLeaks about Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi: "It depends what looks like a manic on a solid core of small people of trust" and can not travel without a nurse Ukrainian full chest, as he is afraid of the upper floors and that it "will inevitably remain in the first round of any facility." She added that "'can not climb more than 35 feet" and hates to fly over bodies of water and can not afford to fly the plane by more than eight hours of continuous also feel scared to fly over the sea or the rise-storey high building.

• rule in Libya inheritance between Saif al-Islam and Mutassim Gaddafi:

• The documents, classified "secret" and issued by the U.S. Embassy in Libya, in February 11, 2010, that the President of the destruction program "Scud -" the Libyan, Gen. Ahmad Azzawi, said during a meeting with the U.S. ambassador to Tripoli, Gene Cretz that the U.S. government is responsible mostly for delay implementation of the commitments relating to the destruction of the missiles. Lam and the U.S. government to block Libya's efforts to find technological control system with missiles. The official said the Libyan ambassador to the U.S., during the meeting, "we should get the alternative, I will not allow the survival of 12 thousand troops Libby deprived without a weapon." He pointed out that "Russia is the only friend of Libya".

• According to a document dated February 10, 2010, that one of the advisers of Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam, told the U.S. Embassy that Seif al-Islam believes that Libya has the opportunity hot in order to complete the reconciliation between the Palestinian parties, due to the "neutrality", and for this purpose, the approach to an official of the political bureau of Hamas, Khaled Meshaal, personally about intervention (in this regard). Chancellor Libyan, confirmed that Tripoli went another way to work on unifying the Palestinians, with the participation of one of the sons of Colonel Gaddafi, and "officers are free" Libyans, while Saif al-Islam has worked in the past to discuss the settlement between the Israelis and the Palestinians to release the Israeli soldier detained in Gaza Gilad Shalit .

• in a document dating back to November 30, 2009, says that Saif al-Islam Gaddafi told the U.S. ambassador in 27/11 that Libya halted last shipment stored from highly enriched uranium, which was scheduled to be delivered to Russia, because they are "merely" slow pace of commitment Duo (with the U.S.). He stressed that his father did not want to go back to "square one" and would like to develop positive relations with the new U.S. administration. He said the U.S. ambassador, in one of the documents, that the relationship with Libya has seen progress (at the same time) the failures of many serious, since the last visit by Saif al-Islam to the United States. But in any case, the document refers to the United States and Libya were found productive way forward for the establishment of a bilateral dialogue on human rights.

• in relation to the role of Saif al-Islam in the government, according to a document dated 19/11/2009, that the Libyan leader's son in the eye the recent period, "general coordinator", and issued signals associated with this appointment on a plan of succession that are being talked about in accordance with the previous rumor about the existence of competition between the referee and his brother Saif National Security Advisor, Mutassim Gaddafi. The document revealed that Mutassim continued commitment to file the U.S. and continued his efforts to coordinate a date between his father and President Barack Obama, noting that the development of the relationship with the United States is continuing to serve as a card in a game of power. Communications also confirmed that the sword may be the "face of reform," due to his popularity and his autobiography, which is currently favored to succeed his father, may be the face of the political system. But (the second son of Gaddafi) Mutassim, can not be counted out of the game inheritance, which is propped conservatives in the system, and has the ability to manage national security. The brother Khamis, a commander of the elite brigade of the armed forces, it can be considered a face-military security of the system.

• and the lives of the Libyan leader, speaking document issued in 18/11/2009, quoting one of his advisers, that Gaddafi live according to traditions and personal relationships, in a modest neighborhoods of Tripoli, but the patient "paranoid." However, she said that he lives modestly and does not show that he has a bank account. U.S. document also indicates that one of the members of the team assistants Gaddafi, Saudi Arabia called the American Mabrouka al-Sharif. According to the words of Chancellor of Libya, the Mabrouka is "the left hand of Gaddafi, while Nuri cuneiform is the right hand".

• Gaddafi was ready to leave the amount of enriched uranium in containers in Libya revealed a telegram that Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, was preparing to leave highly enriched uranium without protection following a dispute with the United Nations, adding that about 2.5 kg of highly enriched uranium placed in seven containers intended for transportation and not for storage, and left in November 2009 at a nuclear facility for the protection of Libyan one armed guard. For its part, the New York Times revealed that the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli asked for "the withdrawal of enriched uranium from the containers within three months", warning that "the rise in temperature may lead to cracking of the container, which can cause a leak of radioactive nuclear material" to the air. He called Ross and U.S. diplomats then Libyan officials to allow a Russian plane transport of containers. He agreed Gaddafi after the rejection of the first was the transfer of containers plane Russian special site "Tajura" Libyan nuclear on 21 December 2009. Incident occurred after declining Libyan leader suddenly the decision to get rid of all nuclear materials allocated for military purposes, the impact of the United Nations refused to allow him to erect a tent in front of the UN headquarters in New York.

• revealed one of the documents information on the Mauritanian army, and groups close to al-Qaeda, as well as Islamic groups, including the group "advocacy and communication", which is considered more groups present in Mauritania, which included accurate information about the plans of military and defense policies adopted by the Mauritanian army, About a site that the U.S. Embassy in Nouakchott supplied by Washington. The documents shed light on the published security issues, economic and social in some African countries, including Mauritania, Mali and Niger. He Observers surprise of interest the U.S. Embassy group "advocacy and communication".

• a plan to assassinate the President of Mauritania, with the help of America "Israel" revealed a telegram that some opponents of Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, who planned to assassinate him and get rid of it and asked for this goal to help "Israel" and America . It also revealed that "Senator Mauritanian County Ombaud southeast of the country and a member of the National Front for the Defence of Democracy anti-coup, Joseph Silas, request access to weapons and equipment for the logistics of" Israel. "Explained American charge d'affaires in his letter that Silas traveled to a number of countries Europe to rally support for the overthrow of Bold Abdul Aziz, and told him he doing with millions of contacts in order to implement a revolution in Mauritania on the basis of race.
• Morocco tempted to cut off the relationship with Tehran against the Saudi oil:

- summarized documents "Wikileaks" Morocco with 29 correspondence between the U.S. Embassy in Rabat and the State Department, from 2005 until the end of 2009, overshadowed by reports of cooperation the two countries and neighboring countries in the the fight against terrorism, in addition to the relationship with Iran and the Shiite minority. And document a correspondence dated February 6, 2006, inciting the American ambassador in Rabat, Moroccan officials on Iran, talking about the start of an arms race in the region because of Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon would have a direct negative impact on the Moroccan security, pointing to "the existence of concern Americans is linked to the absence of transparency of the research programs of nuclear neighbors Morocco and his enemies, including Algeria, "before adding in the event of the success of Iran, it is within ten years will have the countries of the Middle East a nuclear bomb, and be followed by Algeria.

- an additional document written in the sixth month of April 2009, highlighted the role of Saudi in pushing King Mohammed VI to cut Rabat relationship with Iran, and the launch of a campaign against his countrymen from the Shiite sect followers.

- According to information exposed Egyptian diplomat of the U.S. Embassy in Rabat, there was continued almost daily between Riyadh and the king's palace. He expressed his belief of his country's embassy that Saudi Arabia urged King Mohamed VI personally, not his government, to follow a strategy to counter Iran's influence, as opposed to Saudi Arabia will be organized to continue the flow of oil derivatives to Morocco, and probably makes up the difference in the balance of foreign direct investment, after he pulled the Gulf of major projects in Morocco against the backdrop of the global financial crisis. According to the diplomat, the Egyptian, the Shiite minority in Morocco was a "heavy small paid Morocco, against the strategy will have substantial benefits."

- in the meetings held on 7 and 8 February 2009, was notable U.S. demand for officials Moroccans in order to put pressure on Syria to take additional steps to reduce the transmission of foreign fighters through its territory to Iraq. The official revealed the Foreign Intelligence Moroccan (Mansouri) concerns regional transformation of the Maghreb to the goal of "Al Qaeda", in the event of failure in Iraq.

- touched a document issued in April 2009 to the role of Moroccan re-communication between the United States and the profile officials in Mauritania after the coup, which witnessed country.

- In the Israeli-Moroccan relations, revealing a document dated in the ninth of June 2009, for the post of the Israeli delegation at the meetings held in Rabat on the occasion of the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism, represented an opportunity to revive the communication between the two parties. She talked about deliberately by a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Morocco take charge of the Israeli delegation for lunch, and presented himself to the ambassadors Russian and French, to appear before them over the welcome Morocco summons Israeli.

• quoted documents «Wikileaks» for former U.S. ambassador to Morocco, saying in diplomatic cables leaked to Some aides Moroccan King showed «greedy shameful» in their attempts to increase their wealth. The U.S. diplomat said that the contractor had told him last year that the royal palace used state mechanisms to engage in commercial activities and getting kickbacks. The contractor said that even though the corrupt practices were already during the reign of King Hassan II, father of the current Mohammed VI, it became «at the level of institutions» after he took over the Mohammed VI came to power in 1999. Documents show and insiders that corruption particularly affects sector Housing.
• Tunisian regime like the Mafia: revealed a telegram dated in June 2008 that the family environment of the Tunisian president, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, like the Mafia, and cited the Telegraph a group of examples of the corruption of the president's family among them, that Ben Ali's wife got from the state on the land free grant for the construction of a private school, and then re-sell them.

• Tunisian regime does not accept advice and criticism: Brega and revealed that another of President Ben Ali in the advancing age, and has no known successor, and that the rigid regime. That extremism still poses a threat to the system and does not accept the government in this regard any criticism or advice, both came from the inside or the outside, and not doing the government, but by seeking to censor more stringent, and often rely on the police to confront what is threatened.

• difficult to work for a diplomat in Tunisia confirmed the U.S. embassy in Tunis, that the work is getting harder, because the restrictions imposed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs force them to get written permission before any contact with any government official, Balladhafah that each request for a meeting should be accompanied by a diplomatic note.

• America seeking political reform in Tunisia: The Telegraph added that America must ask European countries to intensify their efforts to persuade the Tunisian government to speed up political reforms, noting that Germany and Britain Taadan this idea, but the key states such as France and Italy Taatrdan in exerting pressure on Tunisia, according to the observations of America.

According to a cable from the U.S. Embassy in Djibouti, dating back to February 2009, that the company "Blackwater" private security, involved in massacres against civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, has obtained a permit from the government of Djibouti to conduct naval operations on board the ship armed "to protect commercial shipping from pirates off the Somali coast. Djiboutian Navy and the protection of arms and ammunition for "Black Water," while the company does not intend to arrest any of the pirates, but they will use "lethal force" against them. "
• pressure on Khartoum to prevent the arming of Hamas during the Israeli war on Gaza showed telegrams and the U.S. State Department that the United States has warned Sudan in January 2009 to allow for the extradition "of Iranian arms that were expected to be passed to Hamas in the Gaza Strip" in time which was "Israel," which attacks the sector.

• Egypt tried to postpone the referendum for southern Sudan have shown a diplomatic cable leaked to Egypt lobbied last year to postpone the referendum on independence for southern Sudan between four and six years, because it fears that the new state could fail and that the division could hurt Egypt's share of Nile water. She explained that the telegram warnings from Cairo to vote in the interest of the South secede in 2011 could have serious consequences, including destabilizing the Horn of Africa and the flow of migrants to Egypt and damaging the revenues of the Suez Canal.
6 - countries and various international destinations
United States:

• rejected an Israeli request for the report of U.S. arms sales planned for the Middle East, before submitting it to Congress because the report contains a calendar series of intelligence.

• saw U.S. diplomats in the cables of confidential U.S. State Department that the Canadian television year, "CBC" broadcast "negative stereotypes and prejudiced" about Americans, as expressed concern about the growing hostility to the Americans in their northern neighbor, as reflected in this network. The note carries the title "Images of the limits of American Canadian broadcast at peak hours, paint a bleak picture for the United States." He wrote the diplomats that the two programs talked about clients Americans Mqatin and conspiracy for "CIA" to divert water from the lakes of Canada to the southwestern United States arid or refused to write off the name of the Canadian Listed by mistake on the list of people banned from air travel.

• sensitive information to U.S. national security: detecting Telegraph for a list of hundreds of sites and infrastructure strategy around the world that America wants to protect them from "terrorist" attacks, including oil installations and ports in the Gulf and the Panama Canal and mine "cobalt" in the Congo and other mines in South Africa and Latin America, as well as pharmaceutical companies producing vaccines in Denmark, Italy and Germany or even Australia, and is considered the U.S. State Department that the loss of these sites "will harm the great damage" to national security for America. She described the Telegraph maneuvers diplomatic American behind the scenes to help in blocking the appointment of a world-Iranian in the position of a key in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

• British complicity with Washington, its easy to use cluster bombs banned: Documents released about the complicity of British and U.S. officials in the process of deceiving the British Parliament in relation to the Treaty The proposed ban on cluster bombs, as the foreign minister during the rule of the British Labour Party, David Miliband, agreeing to find a port to get around the ban cluster bombs treaty allowing Americans to keep the munitions on British territory. The documents indicate that the cluster bombs are stored on U.S. ships off the coast of the air base of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. This work is confined to the air base in the U.S. military missions in the Middle East, at Diego Garcia.
• French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who seems to be his actions and his Ozaaja hosts Saudis in his first visit to the kingdom, as to avoid eating the local food, and promoted a sense of superiority of French companies.

• Started the U.S. Embassy in Paris in 2006 before announcing he was convinced he would run for the presidential elections that « Sarkozy is the most personal of political support for the U.S. role in the world ». She said French President «title Sarkozy the American, and his support for America's honest and stems from the heart», unexpected end of the strained relationship that was set up by Washington with outgoing President Jacques Chirac. In the cables, U.S. ambassador wrote in 2006 that Sarkozy might send French troops to Iraq. He added that "Sarkozy declared that France and the international community to help the United States resolve the situation in Iraq. Perhaps by replacing the American army with an international force".

• According to a diplomatic cable that the French authorities informed the 2009 counterpart U.S. that the best way to free foreign nationals detained in Iran is the "volume up" about their fate. According to the Telegraph, quoting French diplomats "Raise your voice", "repeated relentlessly" in the media, the words "basic human rights" and "innocence" and "immediate liberation." And they added, "Silence will not solve anything," because the Iranians "are masters in exercise time-wasting" and the arrest of foreigners "tactic Iranian familiar: hostage-taking with the aim of political blackmail".

• revealed telegrams that Americans watching the French suburbs with a population density of strong immigrant and show concerns that raises discrimination against Muslims recurrent crises and makes France "weak state" and "ally less effective".

• Close reported U.S. diplomatic French President Nicolas Sarkozy described the year 2008, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov as a "liar", as part of arduous negotiations with Moscow Like its dispute with Georgia.
• Putin "is accused of collecting deals illegal" when he held the presidency of the country: sources say different it hidden outside Russia, without being clear "over the involvement of Putin, personally, in the Russian mafia and their activities".

• depends Kremlin in Russia " criminals rewards quotas political based on favoritism, "while a senior Russian officials to collect bribes as a" system of taxation personal.

• detect Prosecutor Spaniard Jose Gonzalez, who has sought for a decade investigating the activities of Russian gangsters in Spain, to Russia, "the state is corrupt based on authoritarian regime Voyeur, centered on the leadership of Vladimir Putin, and meet the officials and organizers of organized crime to build a "state of the Mafia hidden".

• owns Gonzalez, said U.S. officials in Madrid, is evidence that "intelligence officials orchestrated the transfers of arms shipments to Kurdish groups to destabilize Turkey's stability, "and that they" were behind the issue of Arctic ship that was suspected of transporting rockets to Iran, "without explaining the Prosecutor Spanish more. As Gonzales said that "Belarus and Chechnya", are "states mafia," expected to "become Ukraine as well".

• also showed the leaked documents from the U.S. ambassador in Kiev, William Taylor, "the close connection between the Russian mafia and gas supplies to Ukraine and the countries of the European Union ", citing Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Fartash" assertion that Russian gangster Mugelevich someone is standing behind (projects in the field of energy) in the Ukraine. " Revealed that Russia supplied the separatists in the provinces of South Ossetia and Abkhazia with Grad rockets in a bid to undermine Georgia.

- quoted a cable leaked in 2007 for the Saudi ambassador to the United States Adel al-Jubeir said: "We Saudis are not observers in Pakistan, but participants," while according to a cable from the U.S. Embassy in Riyadh to the State Department on February 11, 2010, that « King (Saudi) Abdullah firmly believes that the (Pakistani President) Asif Ali Zardari is the first obstacle in front of the government's ability to move to end terrorist safe havens there ». It quoted the king as saying, "When the head is rotten, it will affect the whole body." The cable quoted the king as saying the president's advisor U.S. Gen. James Jones, the U.S. assistance for the development will enhance the confidence of the army (Pakistan), who distanced himself from politics, according to King «Contrary to the wishes of the U.S., instead of doing what he had to do."

- quoted U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson In October 2009, the head of Pakistani intelligence (ISI) General Ahmed Shuja Pasha, told her that he wanted Washington to know that "he traveled to Oman and Iran to follow up on reports he received in Washington about a terrorist attack on India», adding that «continue directly with the Israelis on possible threats against Israeli targets in India. "

- In a telegram describing a meeting between U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson in Pakistan, army chief General Ashfaq Kayani in 2009, according to American diplomacy that Kayani hinted that he "may have to persuade President Zardari to resign If the deterioration of the situation, "he said, adding," This will not be a coup sense of the word, but it will keep the government led by Raza Gilani, what can avoid an election that could come Nawaz Sharif to power, "as expressed Zardari to Patterson in 2009 expressed concern about the possibility of his assassination, and said he "recommended his son Blawal naming his sister Faryal Talpur Chairperson." He spoke of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, in a telegram about that Zardari told him that Kayani and the ISI "will get rid of me."

- wrote Patterson «The source of our main concern is not the armed Islamic stealing a nuclear weapon as a whole, but the possibility that someone working in the facilities the Pakistani government smuggling gradually enough nuclear material for a nuclear weapon ». In 2008, the year he assumed power Gilani, warned in a cable from the ambassador that «Pakistan produces nuclear weapons at a faster rate than any other country in the world». The cables contained on British serious concerns in that regard as well. It also quoted the cables for the Russians as saying that "there are 120 to 130 000 people are employed in the programs of Pakistan's nuclear and missile .. and can not guarantee that they are all sincere and can be trusted."

- In October 2009 showed a telegram that he was allowing a small team of U.S. Special Forces deploy alongside Pakistani soldiers in the tribal region on the border with Afghanistan, which Washington considers a haven for al Qaeda and the Taliban. The cable is the second time that allows them to do so. They also showed the telegram ministers senior Pakistani government expressed privately expressed support for the attacks by U.S. aircraft drones on the tribal region, despite popular opposition wide for it.

- asked President Asif Ali Zardari and UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, to let his family stay in UAE in the event of his death or his death. His wife Benazir Bhutto has set up there for eight years before her assassination in 2007.
• U.S. diplomatic cables describing Afghanistan as a country rife with graft to reach the highest levels of power, with tens of millions of Atat flowing out of the country, and a network to facilitate the transfer of funds bribes to corrupt Afghan officials and drug traffickers and insurgents. And reflect the cables especially worried about Afghan President Hamid Karzai himself, describing him as "a person dreamer and weak does not have any knowledge of the foundations of building a country," but he considers himself a "national hero was able to save the country from division".

• Iran financed political and religious leaders, Afghan: Documents released Iran has allocated salaries for a number of deputy ministers in the Afghan government and other officials, including one or two in the presidential palace, and noted that the Afghans are trained inside Iran to fight with the Taliban, and gets thousands of clerics Afghans on the salaries of Tehran and is coordinating this whole project an official in the office of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei ".

• former Vice President Afghan income to Dubai and possession of 52 million dollars in cash revealed a telegram that Ahmad Zia Massoud former Vice President Hamid Karzai was arrested and interrogated, while income to Dubai in possession of 52 million dollars in cash in October 2009, but left him without asking him to clarify the source of funds. added Telegraph "that companies tanker are usually transfer money on airlines (Pamir), owned by the Bank of Kabul and Afghan personalities window like Mahmoud Karzai, a brother of Afghan President, Mohammed Fahim, One of the warlords. "
Misc international:
• request information about Argentine President asked U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to get detailed information about the mental and physical health of Argentine President Cristina Kirchner and her late husband, former President Nestor Kirchner, came to be among the questions posed by the U.S. State Department, how dealing Cristina Fernandez (Kirchner) with Aspetha and concern, and how the impact of stress on the decisions taken, and whether they are taking any medications. Washington has also sought to obtain information on Nestor Kirchner, as directed questions about the intestinal illness, and the alleged injury bouts of anger. However described another document allegations about mental health serious for the couple as speculation, also described the diplomat, who sent a telegram couple they Nidan not kissing advice from the outside until they afflicted paranoia with respect to power.

• spying on the United Nations and the African countries: The documents reveal that Hillary Clinton U.S. diplomats ordered to gather information on the secretary-general of the UN and his top aides and delegates of the permanent members of the UN Security Council. It also sought also to gather information on the plans and United Nations agencies on investigations were be conducted on issues including an embarrassment to the United States in Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo.

• showed eight directives issued from 2008 "list of priorities intended to guide government agencies participating in the United Nations about how to direct their resources and develop plans to collect the required information ".

• previous British government, prevented the achievement reached in the war on Iraq as a result of the protection of American interests.

• According to the U.S. Embassy in Brazil last year that the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales infected malignant tumor in his nose. It was suggested that former Brazilian President Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva to travel Morales to receive treatment at a hospital in Sao Paulo, but the latter refused.

• According to diplomatic cables U.S. The United States expressed concern about the links increasingly to Iran with Venezuela, Brazil and Bolivia wondering about the possibility it could lead to increased production Uranium in Latin America. According to the U.S. Embassy in Caracas, the presence of 57 Iranian technically "worked in the mines and bodies linked to geology." In Bolivia occur Zionist Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman for Size "exaggerated" the diplomatic mission of Iran in La Paz, what might signal to the attention of Tehran "reserves of uranium," Bolivian, according to the cable.

• According to a document issued on 7 September 2009 that the President of Moldova, Vladimir Voronin tried bribe rival Marian Lupu with 10 million dollars to join him in power, and after the loss of the Communists in the legislative elections. The deal includes survival Voronin in the presidency in return for Lobo the presidency of the parliament, which was rejected.

• rained Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov dancers in wedding raucous son deputy on August 21, 2006 in Dagestan, banknotes of $ 100 bills, and gave the couple piece of gold weighing 5 kilos . And called the U.S. ambassador in Moscow William Burns as a "dancing clumsily, and Golden Gun hanging on his jeans".

• A telegram to the State Department that the intelligence of the Cuban offer advice directly to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in what a U.S. diplomat "axis of harm." According to the report, "the Cuban intelligence officers walk directly to Chavez and often Azodonh information do not pass on the first Venezuelan intelligence for authenticity".

• accused U.S. diplomats in Beijing, senior Chinese officials of involvement in the cyber attacks that targeted the site, "Google." According to one of these notes that "people enjoy the status of a task confirms that the Chinese government coordinated the operations hack recent systems Google".

• revealed a document belonging to the State Department for a conversation dated in May 2009, that the diplomatic Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew believes that "Beijing find that owns North Korea's nuclear weapons less bad for China, the collapse of North Korea. "
A description of some of the heads of state:
- French President Nicolas Sarkozy: a man "cranky and overbearing," according to the U.S. Embassy, ​​which refers to the style walrus which deals by the French president and his aides.

- Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi described by an American diplomat high as "irresponsible and Mgtr The actor himself is a European leader of a moderate. " And described another telegram as "weak both politically and psychologically," asserting that Sohrath metropolitan until last night do not let him time to rest.

- German Chancellor Angela Merkel: According to a telegram that they "fear risk and rarely show capacity approved," while describing the foreign minister, Guido Westerwelle, homosexual advertiser, as "someone very vital," but he lacks experience in the field of diplomatic.

- Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is "Robin Friend Batman, who, in turn, Putin" as described in the American Embassy in Moscow, referring to the extras young hero animation to tell the Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is the de facto ruler of Russia.

- Putin and Karzai described Putin in some correspondence b ¯ "alpha dog" and Afghan President Hamid Karzai as a "megalomaniac", and compares Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a correspondence Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

Second: the reactions
reactions Zionism:

• said Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said that the leaked cables reveal the concerns of Arab scattered widely on the Iranian nuclear program and justify priorities relating to the peace process. Netanyahu said in a speech to newspaper editors "for the first time in modern history," there is an agreement can not be considered inconsequential in Europe and in the region "in Israel and the countries of the region that the main threat stems from Iran, its expansion plans and actions Altzlhah." Netanyahu said I hope it will possess the Arab leaders "the courage to say publicly what they think secretly". He explained that the "Wikileaks" endangered reservation needed for policy making accurate pointing out that "the secret part of diplomacy, and the detection part of the media, and the impact of what he did and insiders now is that it will increase your exercise for your work difficult and will be our practice to our work more difficult".

• said the Zionist war minister, Ehud Barak said that "Israel" will not be affected by the leak of the documents in the Wikileaks site, adding, "There is no difference between what was published and what is heard in the inner councils of the country." Barak has expressed satisfaction with the process revealed in the documents that the leaders of the Arab countries supported an attack on Iran in order to stop its nuclear program. "The documents exposed the positions of the Arab world against Iran, which shows an opinion more balanced in fact".

• declared Zionist President Shimon Peres said "the documents published by the website" WikiLeaks "reveal what some were known for some time and is aware of the Arabs that they have promised to last only It is Iran.

• regarded former head of the National Security Council, the Zionist reserve general Giora Eiland that the Wikileaks useful to Israel, stating, "There is nothing embarrassing in these leaks. Nothing affects our security, and in some way may be the opposite ".

• said a senior Israeli official said his government feel relieved after it was feared embarrassment seriously by the content of the documents, saying the information "shows that Israel does not adopt the language of Double says in private what you say publicly "about the need to move to face the threat of a nuclear Iran." He added: "We have found that all of the Middle East intimidated by the prospect of a nuclear Iran. And Arab states pushing the United States to military action in a way stronger than Israel is doing".

• stressed responsible military censorship in the Zionist army, Colonel especially Vaknin Gil, that dissemination of local media and International confidential documents uncovered by the website "WikiLeaks", is "absolutely unprecedented up somewhat chaotic transcended any journalistic standards acceptable", describing these documents as "erosion of public information of strategic value".

• wrote one commentator Hebrew newspapers that "Israel did not avoid damage to the publication of documents only, but did not scratch even, and perhaps benefited, "adding that" Wikileaks "has not succeeded in penetrating into the channels sensitive to U.S. relations - Israel, did not reveal anything about what took place between the heads of governments of Israel and former U.S. President George W. Bush in the last decade," What confirms that Israeli officials do not divulge secrets dangerous to staff from the back rows ".

• A member of the Israeli Knesset, from the block party "Kadima", Yoel Hasson, said the documents reveal the mask real face of Netanyahu, who claimed constantly that he is acting out of partisan considerations in the Times War.
The reactions of the U.S.:
• first unread U.S. official was speaking on behalf of the U.S. State Department, PJ Crowley, who chose the site "Twitter" mail as a means to respond, he said: "Contrary to the claims in some reports (WikiLeaks), our diplomats are diplomats, and not informants, "adding:" Diplomats collect information that identifies our policies and our actions, diplomats of all countries are doing the same thing. " Crowley added: "High-level officials about the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (U.S.) call upon States and Ihdhirunha about the publication of the documents," adding that: "The Secretary of State, Clinton spoke with the leaders of Germany and Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Britain, France and Afghanistan".

• said U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that The U.S. government regrets the publication of confidential diplomatic cables and it will tighten security measures to prevent a repeat of what happened from leaking for about 250 000 U.S. diplomatic cable. Clinton described the incident as a "challenge", but Her "Our partnerships would stand in front of this challenge".

• described the administration's release of documents as the process of "recklessness" and worked over the weekend to address the vast diplomatic repercussions. The director of the Office of Management Budget American, Jacob Lowe, "The publishing irresponsible latter has led to significant damage to our national security," adding: "Any failure by departments to protect confidential information is unacceptable and will not tolerate".

• said U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder: "We have opened a criminal investigation and we are not in a position now allows us to disclose the results of any investigation is under way, but in cooperation with the Pentagon." Holder added: "It's not about the power of review, but a criminal investigation bears whereby each person has violated U.S. law, responsibility for his actions." He explained that if U.S. law did not provide for this type of prosecution, "we will make sure to settle this matter".

• Former U.S. president George W. Bush that the process of infusion cause damage to many, and should prosecute those who stand behind them. He was disappointed when I learned that some people do not respect the agreement they signed with the government to not to reveal some secrets.

• said U.S. Embassy spokesman, Aaron Snipe, "The State Department does not comment on materials, and including documents classified secret, may have been leaked" , adding that "any disclosure of the unauthorized classified information confidential by Wikileaks endangers persons mentioned, and obligations between the countries." He concluded Snape said: "Due to its potential impact, we condemn the unauthorized disclosure of the information, and we are going to take whatever is necessary to prevent any breach in the future".

• said Robert Gibbs, spokesman for President Barack Obama that the latter is "delighted" to publish WikiLeaks cables U.S. diplomatic.

• called Deputy Republican U.S. State Department to consider WikiLeaks "foreign terrorist organization" and demanded with Republican and Democratic members of Congress to prosecute its founder, Australian Julian Assange.

• The White House called the work of WikiLeaks as an "act reckless and dangerous".

• ambassador said former U.S. In Germany John Kornblum that confidential documents shaken confidence in the new German relations - American. Kornblum and pointed out that "diplomacy must be managed on the basis of trust, and when they are destabilizing the confidence which is the case now have to start from scratch again." Kornblum said that the consequence will face the toughest American diplomacy now is that the Allies will have to think twice in the future before informing the Americans with information.
Reactions of Arab States:
• A spokesman for the Saudi Foreign Ministry, Osama Nukaly, that the documents that talked about the king's call on Washington to attack Iran to stop its nuclear program "does not mean the kingdom".

• Minister of State UAE for foreign affairs, Anwar Gargash, considered that the leaks which included the positions of the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince appeared in favor of hitting Iran, and represent the viewpoint of an American and that some of the contents out of context natural refusing to comment on them.

• Acting Saudi embassy in Tehran refuted documents which indicated that Saudi Arabia has asked the United States to attack Iran, «stressing that the documents are not unfounded, and that Saudi Arabia refutes this news altogether, and this is not the first time put the so issues in the media.

• criticized the Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, the publication of documents and said that the process of "publishing does not help at all," he said, adding, "Tiger a critical period in Iraq, and we are trying to form a government that is long overdue, we hope that it will not poison the atmosphere between Iraqi politicians ".

• A government source said Jordanian What is contained in the documents about Jordan and his position on Iran reflects analyzes of U.S. officials and their readings, pointing out that Jordan's position hard, The King, who confirmed it more than once, is the refusal of any military action against Iran. The source added that the policy of Jordan constant does not change in the considered Palestinian-Israeli conflict based on the conflict in the region, and resolved on the basis of two-state solution that guarantees the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on Palestinian national soil, and in a regional context ensures CPA, is the entrance to resolve all issues tense in the region , and the requirement to achieve peace and stability.
Turkish reactions:
• denied Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the allegations contained in the correspondence published in the American diplomats site "Wikileaks". Erdogan has pledged to resign if the allegations prove true, according to which Erdogan has eight accounts in Swiss banks. He called Erdogan U.S. authorities accountability of its diplomats from these slanders against Turkey.

• considered the Turkish foreign minister, Davutoglu, that the leaking of documents is a bad thing, and will American officials themselves appreciated the situation, but also will not happen publishing documents a change in the basic principles of Turkish foreign policy will not be a reason any change in our view of the relations between Turkey and the U.S., and will not affect the foreign policy strategy that we follow with other nations. Turkey does not lead its foreign policy according to the analyzes and comments by the diplomats of other countries.

• Turkish President Abdullah Gul that the documents would lead to a crisis of confidence in relations between Ankara and Washington, but stressed that these documents can not in any way affect the stability in Turkey. He said that «everything you read and followed about what was published on the site is nothing more than mere impressions and personal opinions of some American diplomats.

• denied Turkish Finance Minister, Mohammed Şimşek, the reported allegations in the documents for Turkey, saying it «incorrect and lies».

• across the Turkish Minister of Defense, and serious Gunnel, expressed concern about the additions made ​​in the documents of the tongue. He said «The assessments were made ​​by and linked to domestic politics in his meeting with the ambassadors are contained in the records. It is worth mentioning that the description Davutoglu as «very dangerous» came in one of the documents on the tongue and serious Gunnel.

• The head of the Institute of strategic thinking Turkish, Yassin Oguetai, if the published information in the documents about Turkey was not a surprise, but it was consistent with the picture that We believe they are basically in the mind of American diplomacy, but can be a publication of the documents major disappointment to manage the publication of documents and information gathering in America.

• A member of the Turkish intelligence and former expert in foreign affairs, Maher Qaanaq, because without permission and knowledge of the U.S. government can not be a to publish these documents.
Reactions to various international:
• only Spokesman for the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, saying that "the United Nations by nature a transparent organization that makes a lot of information about its activities available to the public." And keen United Nations not to denounce the content of the telegram, but the commissioner of America to the United Nations, Susan Rice, has worked to reduce the severity of the repercussions of this news in the United Nations Headquarters.

• expressed Coordinator relations of cooperation across the Atlantic to the German government, Hans-Ulrich Klose, his conviction that the disclosure of the documents Diplomacy will not have a detrimental effect on US-German relations, adding that Germany plans to deal with the incident calmly and will not be affected by external relations between the two countries in this matter.

• The Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Mikhail Fradkov, confirmed that his agency will examine the classified documents published by the U.S. site "Wikileaks".

• quick Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's criticism of Clinton's comments and expressed in a speech broadcast on state television about the "solidarity with the President of Argentina." Chavez said "We must examine a mental powers of Mrs. Clinton ... She feels superior to Obama ... it's a white feel superior of the Black President." Chavez called Clinton to resign also praised Chavez bravely site "Wikileaks".

• Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, that the publication of these documents what would have happened without the cooperation of Western intelligence in particular the U.S., "and added that" the concentration of (Secretary of State Hillary) of all of these documents to those related to nuclear activities of Iran raises doubts about the authenticity.

• A spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Ramin Manmnbarast, that show concern neighboring Arab countries of Iran's intentions, fall under a "conspiracy suspicious" by America , calling on the countries in the region to not fall into the trap ratification of the documents, saying that the goal of "sow discord" in the Muslim world.

• announced a spokeswoman for NATO, Oana Ongsco, that the publication of documents, which include thousands of its relationship to NATO, is the work of illegal and irresponsible and dangerous. She said the policy is only we make any comment regarding confidential information, and strongly condemn the leaking of confidential documents.

• criticized French President Nicolas Sarkozy leaking reports of American diplomacy, saying that "the slightest irresponsibility".

• said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hong Lei, I do not want seeing that any disturbance in relations between China and the U.S. is linked to these leaks. He added, in the hope that Washington is correct address for this file. Besides that it has added Beijing site «Wikileaks» on the list of sites that prevent access to in China.

• The head of the Foreign Intelligence Service Mikhail Fradkov, "there are issues that many have been detected from the Wikileaks, this material for analysis," asserting that he ordered his agents to study materials The leaked and provide summaries of the Russian leadership.

Third, the repercussions of the publication of documents
• a religious conflict between Sunnis and Shiites: newspaper 'Die Welt' reports that the German WikiLeaks not only raises embarrassment or resentment to diplomatic officials only, but it could ignite the Middle East, and raises a religious conflict between Sunnis and Shiites. The newspaper pointed out that in Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Yemen, there is ongoing conflict between Sunnis and Shiites, both popular and governmental and varied grades, but these reports will create a kind of hostility and mistrust between the two groups for the contents of the reports explicitly pitting and hostile with each other, which could threaten State of peaceful solutions and future raises a big gap between the feuding. It warned of the responses of the Libyan leader or his revenge is not expected, especially after skirmishes earlier witnessed by Europe regarding the files named Swiss and Italian.

• separate database telex: Foreign Ministry said the American separation of its database for the telex network U.S. government secret, in a move to reduce to a great extent the number of government employees who have access to sensitive diplomatic messages. With the passage of U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates that the leaks were be "awkward", he saw that their impact remained "limited" to U.S. foreign policy.

• an international arrest warrant, police said international "Interpol" it had issued an international arrest warrant (memorandum red) the right of Julian Assange the founder of the website "Wikileaks" is required in Sweden in connection with an investigation on charges of "rape and sexual assault".

• apologies direct and personal: the United States provided the first apology directly and personally for the embarrassment caused by the publication of documents "Wikileaks" to Ankara when he received the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, her Turkish counterpart Ahmed Davutoglu, in Washington yesterday, a day after the publication of the documents.

• procedures to review the procedures imposed: a spokesman for the U.S. State Department, Philip Crowley, said the ministry has established a working committee devote since last Friday to make connections with embassies overseas in order to monitor and provide the repercussions of publishing site "Wikileaks". He added that the ministry has also taken steps to review the procedures imposed on diplomatic reports and confidential information to prevent any further leaking in the future. According to Crowley, the Justice Department opened an investigation to prosecute those responsible for this crime, pointing out that this information was stolen and provide confidential information to a person not authorized to receive it is a crime, and we are dealing with the publication of the WikiLeaks documents as such.

• commissioned by U.S. President Barack Obama's Assistant Director of the devices to share information at the National Center for counterterrorism Contact Travers important work to prevent new leaks secret documents belonging to the American administration. The White House said that Travers "will be responsible for a major effort aimed at the preparation and implementation of structural reforms, which showed leaks" Wikileaks "need to do".

• According to the newspaper "The International Herald Tribune," U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will visit countries in Central Asia and the Gulf Arab dealt files "Wikileaks" and quoted the views of U.S. diplomats on world leaders openly and without equivocation.

• hit the world's governments blockade narrowly on the site "Wikileaks" with the aim of Association stated and prevent him from publishing other scandals caused destabilize confidence in American diplomacy at the global level and damage its relations with other countries, Vtard Site on the internet to collapse after it announced a giant web "Amazon" for the expulsion of "Wikileaks" and not hosted after day, while issued Interpol arrest warrant for the President of the site Julian Assange Almtuare of sight.

• issued a Sweden international arrest warrant new right founder of the website "Wikileaks" Julian Assange Once completed, the elements demanded by the British police.
Source: Center for the Study and analysis of information releases, 11/12/2010