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George Soros, his Ebola bioweapons lab and the death of WHO spokesperson Glenn Thomas in the Ukraine

George Soros, his Ebola bioweapons lab and the death of WHO spokesperson Glenn Thomas in the Ukraine

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CORRECTION: Soros foundation has funded personnel working in the Kenema bioweapons lab.
Some dots for you to connect:
*George Soros’s foundation has funded personnel working in the Kenema bioweapons lab at the focus of the Ebola outbreak, and which is about to be closed, apparently amid an investigation.
* WHO media coordinator Glenn Thomas was highly likely involved in fielding media and other inquries about how WHO view and what it planned to do about the controversial Kenema lab.
Was Glenn Thomas aware of hard evidence showing that the lab was faking  positive diagnoses for Ebola — Tulane University? — in order to justify forcing people to undergo treatment which would give them Ebola? Did he refuse to go along with the cover up?
*The mainstream media is silent about the Kenema bioweapons lab closure as well as about the order to Tulane University to stop Ebola testing. So, what other channels are there left for this information to enter the public domain or be spread through social media networks if WHO does not release the information or take action?
*George Soros has links to Sierra Leone President Ernest Koroma
*Soros also has links to the non-elected, far right, banker-controlled Ukrainian government, implicated in MH17 crash killing Glenn Thomas
*The Ukraine government shot down MH17, argues German blogge fefe.
Fefe’s argument: BUK missile launchers use radar and their signals can be tracked by NATO.
If NATO is suppressing the missile radar coordinates, then it is because the BUK missiles were launched by the Ukrainian government.
*Soros attended the wedding of Dutch prince Johan Friso who married an employee of Soros in 2004
*The Dutch government flew back  40 bodies of the MH17 victims, call for a war crimes probe
The Durch Prime Minister said another 200 bodies were being transported by train. But there were only 188 passengers on the MH17 according to Malayasian airlines. Where are all these bodies coming from?
*The Ukrainian bankster-controlled prime minister resigned yesterday, as brawls swept parliament over plans to crack down on civil rights and escalate the conflict with the ethnic Russian eastern Ukrainian provinces

*Soros’ Open Society Foundation and and investment funds are active in the “Ebola death triangle” of  Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea
Connecting these dots, does it seem likely to you that billionaire Soros had
a) a motive for killing WHO spokesperson Glenn Thomas to stop the news spreading through official channels that the Ebola outbreak was orchestrated in a Soros-funded lab;
b) a motive for silencing him very soon;
c) the means of silencing him by staging a fake air crash in the Ukraine?
d) the support of the Bilderberg, global elite?
Interesting is the complete silence of the mainstream media on the  closure of the Kenema lab posted on the Sierra Leone Ministery of Health facebook site.
If the media really were a free press, interested in investigating scandals in the public interest and in reporting facts as the so called “fourth estate”, this story about the Kenema lab closure would be front page news around the globe just as the story of Baxter contaminating 72 kilos of seasonal flu in its biosecurity level 3 lab and sending it to four countries in 2009 should have been front page news.
It is the total media blackout and silence which red flags the key, global stories. The key story of 21st century is that we have entered an era of biological warfare. The main warfare is not conducted between nations but between the elite and the people of the globe using also vaccines, weaponized viruses and mass deception.

Why is military prepping for biological attack?

Why is military prepping for biological attack?
Ebola detection units distributed to all 50 states
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"It's amazing what the government is prepping for right now"

For more information including photos and links to original documents, click here:

The device in question is known as: Joint Biological Agent Identification and Diagnostic System [JBAIDS]

If you see it in use in a local hospital or clinic, you might want to leave town. Also note the vehicles that are used to detect chemical and biological attacks.

alfred Webre: Expose massive Ebola/Martial Law false flag and prevent mega depopulation





alfred Webre: Expose massive Ebola/Martial Law false flag and prevent mega depopulation

“In 1918, it wasn't flu that killed 20-50 million people. It was the Cabal, first with vaccines and then with aspirin”
Alfred Webre: Expose massive Ebola/Martial Law false flag and prevent mega depopulation

VANCOUVER, BC –Alfred Lambremont Webre sets out a case for a massive Ebola/Martial Law pandemic false flag that appears to be in the planning and calls upon awakening citizens to expose and deconstruct this false flag, thus preventing an attempt at mega-depopulation via deadly vaccines, martial law, FEMA camps, and summary executions, all of which are now structurally part of the health and emergency response laws.  These revelations occurred during his August 2, 2014 appearance with host Donny Gillson on 32 Degrees of In-Sanity on

Here are some highlights from the interview:

1. The Drill: Aug. 1 NYC Dept of Health – “Medication” (Vaccine) Drill

In the interview, Alfred (who holds a Certificate from the Harvard School of Public Health), starts by showing how a surprise emergency August 1, 2014 health drill – the largest in New York City history is part of setting the stage for a false flag.   One of the basic methodologies of a false flag is to hold a drill and take the drill live. This live drill methodology was used in the false flag operations of 9/11 ; Sandy Hook ; Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 ; and Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 .

The purpose of the Aug. 1, 2014 NYC Dept. of Health drill was “setting up 30 temporary locations that would be used to rapidly dispense life-saving medication in the event of an emergency…. The NYC Health Department is responsible for developing and executing plans for the mass dispensing of life-saving medicine in response to public health emergencies.”
In the context of the planned Ebola/Martial Law false flag, “life-saving medicine” means vaccines or other mandatory medication whose covert purpose is to cause the death of the recipient.
“As the Ebola outbreak continues to cause concern, President Barack Obama has signed an amendment to an executive order that would allow him to mandate the apprehension and detention of Americans who merely show signs of “respiratory illness.”
“The executive order, titled Revised List of Quarantinable Communicable Diseases, amends executive order 13295, passed by George W. Bush in April 2003, which allows for the, “apprehension, detention, or conditional release of individuals to prevent the introduction, transmission, or spread of suspected communicable diseases.”
“The amendment signed by Obama replaces subsection (b) of the original Bush executive order which referred only to SARS. Obama’s amendment allows for the detention of Americans who display,
“’Severe acute respiratory syndromes, which are diseases that are associated with fever and signs and symptoms of pneumonia or other respiratory illness, are capable of being transmitted from person to person, and that either are causing, or have the potential to cause, a pandemic, or, upon infection, are highly likely to cause mortality or serious morbidity if not properly controlled.’
“Although Ebola was listed on the original executive order signed by Bush, Obama’s amendment ensures that Americans who merely show signs of respiratory illness, with the exception of influenza, can be forcibly detained by medical authorities.”
When reinforced by existing Presidential Executive Orders signed by George W. Bush and Barack Obama, an individual resisting taking such mandatory “medication” may be summarily shot, interned in a FEMA camp, or otherwise detained.

Related: US Military prepares for Ebola pandemic in 50 states

Global Incident Map: Displays outbreaks of Diseases worldwide

2. 1918 Spanish flu methodology: Demonize the disease; Terminate with the vaccine & medication

“In 1918, it wasn't flu that killed 20-50 million people. It was the Cabal, first with vaccines and then with aspirin”

3. The U.S. government owns a patent to Ebola bioweapon

4. The AIDS bio-warfare methodology is instructive as to how utterly genocidal the U.S. Army and U.S. government are, and a good lesson for exposing the Ebola bio-warfare methodology. AIDS was developed as a bioweapon by the US Army at Ft. Dietrich, MD.

A. South Africa/Africa – U.S. Army Rangers introduce AIDS virus bioweapon embedded in smallpox vaccine in “humanitarian” operation, thus infecting Africa with AIDS.

B. U.S. Army work with NYC Medical Examiner to introduce AIDS virus into gay community as bioweapons, disguised as “medical experiments”.
5. Disinformation is a key to a genocidal pandemic false flag operation. CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization) are now the key disinformation agents for the planned Ebola/Martial Law pandemic false flag.

"Right now the CDC says that Ebola is 90% fatal and impossible to cure. In response to which they hope for the public to think - OMG!!! -we are facing annihilation!!!!" And if the CDC was right and the media lies were right, the US population is doomed since it supposedly Ebola has already spread across the country and is now out of control.

"Here's the script from corporate owned media:
Germany’s Bild newspaper claimed that American Ebola victim Patrick Sawyer may have infected 30,000 people, citing unnamed experts.

"The Daily Mail quote Derek Gatherer, a virologist at University of Lancaster, as saying Ebola is as infectious as flu and could start a global pandemic."

6.  Guillotines and Executions of “Ebola victims” authorized by DHS and Obamacare codes:
“Guillotines have been installed in box cars intended for transport to FEMA camps. The article refers to them as UN box cars. According to the Obamacare above article, it was DHS that sent out the execution coding to the states. Why is DHS involved in medical coding?
“As beyond grotesque as it is for the US government to be ordering 1000s of guillotines to be used on the American people, the medical coding in Obamacare, if one looks at all closely, has a lot more horrific means of murder, all of them listed as "legal execution" by the WHO, making it the Mengele of "health" organizations.”
7. Collapse of Southern US border - Intelligence agency-fueled invasion of southern US border by 50,000 illegal Central American children and coordinated collapse of U.S. executive control of its border and immigration standards – Is this connected to the planned Ebola/Martial Law false flag?  Are the 50,000 illegal immigrant children vectors for Ebola, and patsies in the false flag, upon whom the “spread”  of the pandemic will be blamed?

8. George Soros, his Ebola bioweapons lab and the death of WHO spokesperson Glenn Thomas in the Ukraine

"Some dots for you to connect:
"*George Soros’s foundation funds the Kenema bioweapons lab at the focus of the Ebola outbreak, and which is about to be closed, apparently amid an investigation.
"* WHO media coordinator Glenn Thomas was highly likely involved in fielding media and other inquries about how WHO view and what it planned to do about the controversial Kenema lab.
"Was Glenn Thomas aware of hard evidence showing that the lab was faking  positive diagnoses for Ebola — Tulane University? — in order to justify forcing people to undergo treatment which would give them Ebola? Did he refuse to go along with the cover up?"
" *The mainstream media is silent about the Kenema bioweapons lab closure as well as about the order to Tulane University to stop Ebola testing. So, what other channels are there left for this information to enter the public domain or be spread through social media networks if WHO does not release the information or take action?
"*George Soros has links to Sierra Leone President Ernest Koroma
*Soros also has links to the non-elected, far right, banker-controlled Ukrainian government, implicated in MH17 crash killing Glenn Thomas
*The Ukraine government shot down MH17, argues German blogge fefe.
Full article:

9.  Effective and inexpensive cures for the Ebola virus exist
A.  Vitamin C cures Ebola
B. Ebola virus can be destroyed naturally without side effects
C. Genomics, Medicine, and Pseudoscience: A breakthrough cure for Ebola
10. Open Letter to Journalists (From a Friend)

Dear writers,

Please put ALL of your attention on the false flag Ebola unfolding now because it is tied to martial law, the death of millions and the take over of the US. 

All they have to do is declare a level 6 pandemic emergency which they are laying out the false impression of now, and the UN and WHO, along with FEMA and DHS  take control of the country and the Constitution is suspended.  They have FEMA boxcars with Guillotines made in China  at the front of them and Obamacare includes a section on death by execution that lists death by guillotine (as well as by torture but they don't use that word).  The pandemic laws on the books in each state are martial law, and t's clear that Massachusetts law (and likely all of them) include the seizure of all transportation, all communication, all utilities,all industry, all farms, all food, clothing, property, etc. and Bush's orders include forced human labor.  The laws also include immunity for any deaths or seizure of property or false imprisonment.  Here's a small sample.

You need massive exposure of all of this.  It's possible that the brutality in Gaza and the shoot down in Ukraine were timed to absorb all journalistic and activist attention, leaving the bizarre medical false flag to go forward unexposed.  Please, devote full time exposure.

There must be lawsuit filed immediately against the President, the CDC, Fort Detrick and others for attempted genocide and bioterrorism

along the lines of this one filed in 2009 against the swine flu and weaponized vaccines that were exposed.

Here is another.

Loyal US military must understand what this is really about.  But US Military is being sent Ebola kits to "participate" in this martial law plan.

According to Alfred Labremont Webre who served as a judge on the Kualu Lumpur War Crimes Commission in Malaysia that indicted Bush and Cheney (which may be why they are hitting Malaysian planes), the immigrants being brought in may be being used as disease vectors by vaccinating them at the border with Ebola or whatever that poses as Ebola and then sending 50,000 of them around the country.  Rappoport explains how they would stage a bioterror event and create the impression of a terrible virus.

In case you are not aware, the 1918 millions of deaths were not from a flu and the CDC knows it.  The pharmaceutical industry killed 20 - 50 million people and 27 years later, they as IG Farben got Hitler into office, ran the camps where they worked on sterilizing vaccines (at a minimum) and were responsible for 50 - 70 million more deaths.  The pandemic plan outlined by Bush takes every thing that went wrong in 1918 and puts that on steroidsd - not only the drugs and vaccines that killed but the panic inducing propaganda, so they can logically expect many, many more deaths since they have added weaponized vaccines, armed military to force them, "camps" to ensure exposure, and their own murders by guillotines and human experimentation (which they are fascinated by).

    Part 1:. 1918 and Aspirin

[1917: Bayer, The German competition cut prices in an effort to drive Monsanto out of business, but failed. Soon, Monsanto diversified into phenol (a World War I-era antiseptic), and aspirin when Bayer's German patent expired in 1917. Monsanto began making aspirin, and soon became the largest manufacturer world-wide.]

    Part 2:. Aspirin Killed, Homeopathy Saved

    Part 3:. Vaccines and CDC’s Myth of a 1918 Virus

    Part 4:. Aspirin Deaths Continue Beyond 1918

    Part 5:. A New Set of Questions about 1918 and Bush's Pandemic laws

   Part 6:  Bayer and WWII

    Part 7:  Bayer Inherits Nazi funds

   Part 8:  Bayer and Bees

   Part 9:  Bayer and Monsanto

   Part 10:  Bayer and Terrorism

They may be preparing to run things out of Atlanta since the CDC is Pentagon and has been storing 1/2 a million giant coffins outside of town and has just brought an Ebola patient (real or unreal ) there.  They may also be focused on Boston since it was so compliant with martial law after the false flag marathon bombing and because they've been all over their subways "testing"  and because it's loaded with medical institutions they control.

Read the pandemic laws for yourselves, and Bush's orders that in the event of a financial collapse (set to go), environmental disaster (drought?), civil unrest (following the collapse of the economy and no food stamps for millions) and a PANDEMIC EMERGENCY, the president will rule alone with the aid of FEMA and DHS and UN and WHO. 

Here is a section of Obamacare.

ICD 9 E 978 “Legal Execution"

All executions performed at the behest of the judiciary or ruling authority [whether permanent or temporary] as:

[NOTE:  They do not include legal execution based on a capital offense and decided through trial by jury.]

[Why is there a UN "medical code" in Obamacare at all and why does it fit only a military situation?]

[NOTE:  This following list is not limited to the execution of individuals, which a decent person would just assume, but could include mass murders - including shooting civilians or gassing them or poisoning their water supply or killing them by drones or by bioweapons or lethal vaccines or by microwaving them with cell phone towers or with directed energy weapons or by virtually any horrifying means of killing large numbers of people -  all under order of the "ruling authority."

Some possible interpretations of the words used, follow the item in red (the actual item listed) it could easily be added to.  It really is not possible to plumb the depth of potential depravity here.

    asphyxiation by gas [Of how many people?  Where?  In the bricked up train buildings in Indiana that have tracks running into them for FEMA/DHS train cars?  In subways Sarin or other gases?  From the sky?]
    beheading, decapitation (by guillotine)
    capital punishment [By what means?  Was this just thrown in so someone scanning the list quickly would see something familiar and not look further?]
    electrocution [en masse?  By directed energy weapons?]
    hanging  [Was this also thrown in to appear normal on such a list?]
    poisoning  [In what country is poisoning a legal execution?  Does this refer to poisoning of water supplies?  Or of food supplies?]
    shooting  [Firing squad?  Shooting of protestors?  Mass shootings?]
    other unspecified means [Drones? mandated lethal vaccines?  Harvesting organs?]
    Injury undetermined whether accidentally or purposely inflicted  [How can it be a "legal execution" if it is accidental?  How can it be a "legal execution" - distinct from all the choices above - if it is an injury that was purposefully "inflicted"?  Isn't that a description of torture?  [And of human experimentation?]  Would rape not fit here?  Would child rape, torture and satanic sacrifice as exposed by not fit here as well?]

The WHO is a UN agency.  On behalf of the UN, it put out "medical" coding that can be interpreted with little stretch of the imagination to apply to mass murderns by numerous means.

Now pair that with the UN's recent directive to entirely disarm the US.

EVERYTHING must be focused on this NOW. And word must get out to everyone so non-military people could put all their time into just passing the word and people could be requested to pass it on to at least 10 others.

Jim Turner at Swankin-Turner in DC sued to stop the swine flu vaccine in 1976 and then again in 2009 sued that it hasn't been legally tested, and has sued the CDC as well.  We need many more such experienced people.  

If you are someone who still believes that vaccines are good, please listen to this.

Or read the UK FOIA documents showing that they don't work, are causing the diseases they are alleged to prevent, contain dangerous toxins and the government in the UK has colluded with industry to hide all that from the public.

In the US, the CDC won't even respond to FOIAs (Jim Turner sued).

And Obama has been working to change FOIA so agencies can lie and say they don't have documents.

The suit would be for bioterrorism and genocide so maybe if it's against all employees of the CDC, DHS, FEMA, WHO, UN who participate in in this bioterrorism false flag, some may stop, some may whistle blow.  Minimally, you expose what is going on.

There must be warnings to employees in all hospitals across the country of the link to bioweapons labs and that Ebola is being used as a false flag to achieve martial law and take over the country.  They should know that it's proven now that a US lab provided the explosives for the take down of the twin towers and building 7 so it's clear the US government has attacked its own people under Bush and Bush carefully arranged a take over of the US via a pandemic right after 9/11 and Obama is in lockstep with those plans.  Those behind 9/11 face prison and execution and this Ebola false flag is their attempted means of averting that and gaining even more power.

There is a no fly accord signed by 140 countries against Obama, Bush and hundreds of others.  Go to for more information.  He put it together and got the signatures and names on it  He was told "they" want to kill 268 million here. Let's put them in prison before they kill anymore than they already have.

There might also be a Tribunal put together immediately, with lawyers and researchers, on the bioterrorism of the Ebola false flag.

Natural News has just reported that the CDC owns a patent on an Ebola "invention."  So, there is the evidence that is happening is not natural.  And that the CDC is involved in it, has been working on it for some time and "owns" it.
And finally, the following good news which MUST get out as well.  It will take apart the Cabal behind all this.  Here they are.

Here is the truth that has been kept from people.  See the video.  People will fight for this.  It's life and freedom from fear of disease ever  again.  The choice is medical terrorism.

Our military must know.

Best wishes

  Health Department Conducts the Largest No-Notice Emergency Response Exercise in New York City History, August 1, 2014
  Alfred Lambremont Webre, “Articles on False Flag Operation of September 11, 2001”,
  Alfred Lambremont Webre, “Sandy Hook as State Terror against the U.S. Population”,
  Leuren Moret MA, PhD ABD, “Confirmed – MH370 shot down by US over Singapore airspace as UK Inmarsat leads 30 day false flag psyops for 5 NWO objectives “
  Leuren Moret MA, PhD ABD, MH17, like MH370, is failed Jesuit false flag, using 2 Ukrainian missiles to undermine Putin & BRICS, protect Israel, and trigger WWIII
  Health Department Conducts the Largest No-Notice Emergency Response Exercise in New York City History, August 1, 2014
  “Obama Signs Executive Order to Detain Americans With ‘Respiratory Illnesses’
Amendment comes in wake of Ebola scare”
By Paul Joseph Watson
  "More Evidence HIV Was Made At Ft. Detrick", From Alan Cantwell MD
  WHO murdered Africa: The Creation of the AIDS virus by the World Health Organization by William Campbell Douglas, M.D.
Leuren Moret, MA, PhD ABD, interview,
Research Suggests the AIDS Virus Has a Racial and Sexual Preference
1999 by Alan R. Cantwell, Jr., M.D., Los Angeles, California and Kwame Ingemar Ljungqvist, Solleron, Sweden
  “Hazmat Suits - de riguer for Martial Law” by Will Knott
  Obamacare's Medical Coding Legalizes Mass Murder and Death by Torture by Mike Hadit

Alfred Webre: Expose massive Ebola/Martial Law false flag and prevent mega depopulation

Secret Report Ordered by Obama Identified Potential Uprisings

Secret Report Ordered by Obama Identified Potential Uprisings

WASHINGTON — President Obama ordered his advisers last August to produce a secret report on unrest in the Arab world, which concluded that without sweeping political changes, countries from Bahrain to Yemen were ripe for popular revolt, administration officials said Wednesday.
Mr. Obama’s order, known as a Presidential Study Directive, identified likely flashpoints, most notably Egypt, and solicited proposals for how the administration could push for political change in countries with autocratic rulers who are also valuable allies of the United States, these officials said.
The 18-page classified report, they said, grapples with a problem that has bedeviled the White House’s approach toward Egypt and other countries in recent days: how to balance American strategic interests and the desire to avert broader instability against the democratic demands of the protesters.
Administration officials did not say how the report related to intelligence analysis of the Middle East, which the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Leon E. Panetta, acknowledged in testimony before Congress, needed to better identify “triggers” for uprisings in countries like Egypt.
Officials said Mr. Obama’s support for the crowds in Tahrir Square in Cairo, even if it followed some mixed signals by his administration, reflected his belief that there was a greater risk in not pushing for changes because Arab leaders would have to resort to ever more brutal methods to keep the lid on dissent.
“There’s no question Egypt was very much on the mind of the president,” said a senior official who helped draft the report and who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss its findings. “You had all the unknowns created by Egypt’s succession picture — and Egypt is the anchor of the region.”
At the time, officials said, President Hosni Mubarak appeared to be either digging in or grooming his son, Gamal, to succeed him. Parliamentary elections scheduled for November were widely expected to be a sham. Egyptian police were jailing bloggers, and Mohamed ElBaradei, the former chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency, had returned home to lead a nascent opposition movement.
In Yemen, too, officials said Mr. Obama worried that the administration’s intense focus on counterterrorism operations against Al Qaeda was ignoring a budding political crisis, as angry young people rebelled against President Ali Abdullah Saleh, an autocratic leader of the same vintage as Mr. Mubarak.
“Whether it was Yemen or other countries in the region, you saw a set of trends” — a big youth population, threadbare education systems, stagnant economies and new social network technologies like Facebook and Twitter — that was a “real prescription for trouble,” another official said.
The White House held weekly meetings with experts from the State Department, the C.I.A. and other agencies. The process was led by Dennis B. Ross, the president’s senior adviser on the Middle East; Samantha Power, a senior director at the National Security Council who handles human rights issues; and Gayle Smith, a senior director responsible for global development.
The administration kept the project secret, officials said, because it worried that if word leaked out, Arab allies would pressure the White House, something that happened in the days after protests convulsed Cairo.
Indeed, except for Egypt, the officials refused to discuss countries in detail. The report singles out four for close scrutiny, which an official said ran the gamut: one that is trying to move toward change, another that has resisted any change and two with deep strategic ties to the United States as well as religious tensions. Those characteristics would suggest Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain and Yemen.
By issuing a directive, Mr. Obama was also pulling the topic of political change out of regular meetings on diplomatic, commercial or military relations with Arab states. In those meetings, one official said, the strategic interests loom so large that it is almost impossible to discuss reform efforts.
The study has helped shape other messages, like a speech Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton gave in Qatar in January, in which she criticized Arab leaders for resisting change.
“We really pushed the question of who was taking the lead in reform,” said an official. “Would pushing reform harm relations with the Egyptian military? Doesn’t the military have an interest in reform?”
Mr. Obama also pressed his advisers to study popular uprisings in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia to determine which ones worked and which did not. He is drawn to Indonesia, where he spent several years as a child, which ousted its longtime leader, Suharto, in 1998.
While the report is guiding the administration’s response to events in the Arab world, it has not yet been formally submitted — and given the pace of events in the region, an official said, it is still a work in progress.

Obama’s Secret Directive Supporting Global Islamism

Obama’s Secret Directive Supporting Global Islamism

recent Gulf News report sheds some light on how and why the United States helped bring the Muslim Brotherhood and its Islamist allies to power, followed by all the subsequent chaos and atrocities in the Mideast region.
Large portions of the report follow with my commentary interspersed for added context:
Dubai: For the past decade, two successive US administrations have maintained close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and Libya, to name just the most prominent cases.
The Obama administration conducted an assessment of the Muslim Brotherhood in 2010 and 2011, beginning even before the events known as the “Arab Spring” erupted in Tunisia and in Egypt. The President personally issued Presidential Study Directive 11 (PSD-11) in 2010, ordering an assessment of the Muslim Brotherhood and other “political Islamist” movements, including the ruling AKP in Turkey, ultimately concluding that the United States should shift from its longstanding policy of supporting “stability” in the Middle East and North Africa (that is, support for “stable regimes” even if they were authoritarian), to a policy of backing “moderate” Islamic political movements (emphasis in bold added throughout).
And we have certainly witnessed this shift.  Chaos and the Islamic ascendancy in the Middle East and North Africa never flourished as under the Obama administration—and precisely because the administration shifted from supporting stability under secular-minded autocrats.
The most significant example of this is how the Obama administration threw Hosni Mubarak—a U.S. ally for three decades—under the bus in order to support the Islamists, most specifically the Muslim Brotherhood.  And we saw how that ended—with another revolution, hailed as the largest revolution in human history, with the average Egyptian accusing Obama of being a terrorist supporter.
To this day, PSD-11 remains classified, in part because it reveals an embarrassingly naïve and uninformed view of trends in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region.
“Embarrassingly naïve and uninformed view” is synonymous with the “orthodox and mainstream view pushed forth by Mideast studies professors and academics,” especially those with political influence, such as the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies of Georgetown University, in Washington D.C.  Such programs, which I’m only too well acquainted with, begin with false—that is, “embarrassingly naïve and uninformed”—premises, namely: that the source of all the region’s woes are (formerly) U.S.-propped autocrats (reality is that dictators don’t create such societies but rather are the natural outcome of Islamic societies and are the ones most prone to keeping law and order—compare Iraq under Saddam and Iraq now, as a “democracy,” with “ISIS” proclaiming a caliphate).
Mideast academics have also long spearheaded the idea that there are “moderate” Islamists and “radical” Islamists, and that the U.S. should work with the former (in reality they are all radical—to be an Islamist is to be radical—the only difference is that the “moderate” Islamists don’t wear their radicalism on their sleeves, even as they work toward the same goals that the more open “radicals” work for, namely, a Sharia-enforcing caliphate).
The revelations were made by Al Hewar centre in Washington, DC, which obtained the documents in question.
This too is significant. As Daniel Greenfield writes: “Al-Hewar, which actually got hold of the documents, is linked to the International Institute of Islamic Thought… which is a Muslim Brotherhood front group.  Figures in the Muslim Brotherhood had threatened to leak understandings with Obama Inc. This is the next best thing. It warns Obama that if he tries to forget about them, they can prove that the relationship was official policy.”
To be sure, after the ousting of the Brotherhood in Egypt, several Brotherhood members made, sometimes not so veiled, threats to expose the Obama administration if it turned its back on them, including top ranking Brotherhood member, Khairat al-Shatter’s son.
Through an ongoing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit, thousands of pages of documentation of the US State Department’s dealings with the Muslim Brotherhood are in the process of being declassified and released to the public.
If and when these thousands of pages are released, they should be combed through, as no doubt answers to many of the Obama administration’s hitherto inexplicable policies in the Middle East will be found—to wit:
US State Department documents obtained under the FOIA confirm that the Obama administration maintained frequent contact and ties with the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood. At one point, in April 2012, US officials arranged for the public relations director of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammad Gaair, to come to Washington to speak at a conference on “Islamists in Power” hosted by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.
Indeed, despite the administration’s later insistence that it did not favor the Islamists over other parties, anecdotes implying otherwise were constantly on display.  In Egypt alone, U.S. ambassador Anne Patterson, due to her close ties not just to President Morsi, but the Muslim Brotherhood in general, became such a hated figure in the months before last year’s anti-Brotherhood revolution.
A State Department Cable classified “Confidential” report says the following: “Benghazi Meeting With Libyan Muslim Brotherhood: On April 2 [2012] Mission Benghazi met with a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood steering committee, who will speak at the April 5 Carnegie Endowment ‘Islamist in Power’ conference in Washington, D.C. He described the Muslim Brotherhood’s decision to form a political party as both an opportunity and an obligation in post-revolution Libya after years of operating underground.
These documents on the Obama administration’s connections with the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya are especially disturbing in the context of earlier revelations made in Arabic media, including that the Brotherhood’s Libyan wing was very much involved in the 9/11 Benghazi U.S. consulate attack.
Another State Department paper marked “Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU)” contained talking points for Deputy Secretary of State William Burns’ scheduled July 14, 2012 meeting with Mohammad Sawan, the Muslim Brotherhood leader who was also head of the Brotherhood’s Justice and Construction Party. The document is heavily redacted, but nevertheless provides clear indication of Washington’s sympathies for the emergence of the Muslim Brotherhood as a major political force in the post-Gaddafi Libya. The talking points recommended that Secretary Burns tell Sawan that the US government entities “share your party’s concerns in ensuring that a comprehensive transitional justice process is undertaken to address past violations so that they do not spark new discontent.”
“To address past violations so that they do not spark new discontent” is another way of stating another popular position among Mideast professors, namely that whenever Islamists engage in violence or terrorism, that is proof positive that they have a legitimate grievance, hence the US must “appease” lest it “spark new discontent” (perhaps the true backdrop of Benghazi).
The Burns paper described the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood: “Prior to last year’s revolution, the Muslim Brotherhood was banned for over three decades and its members were fiercely pursued by the Gaddafi regime.
In light of all the chaos the Islamists have been responsible for in Libya, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, et al—is it now obvious why Arab autocrats like Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak, and currently Bashar Assad have always “banned” and “fiercely pursued” the Brotherhood and its affiliates?
Courtesy of
Raymond Ibrahim is a Middle East and Islam specialist and author of Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians (2013) and The Al Qaeda Reader (2007). His writings have appeared in a variety of media, including the Los Angeles Times, Washington Times, Jane’s Islamic Affairs Analyst, Middle East Quarterly, World Almanac of Islamism, and Chronicle of Higher Education; he has appeared on MSNBC, Fox News, C-SPAN, PBS, Reuters, Al-Jazeera, NPR, Blaze TV, and CBN. Ibrahim regularly speaks publicly, briefs governmental agencies, provides expert testimony for Islam-related lawsuits, and testifies before Congress. He is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, an Associate Fellow at the Middle East Forum, a Media Fellow at the Hoover Institution, and a CBN News contributor. Ibrahim’s dual-background — born and raised in the U.S. by Coptic Egyptian parents born and raised in the Middle East — has provided him with unique advantages, from equal fluency in English and Arabic, to an equal understanding of the Western and Middle Eastern mindsets, positioning him to explain the latter to the former.
muslim brotherhood white house

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Secret Memo Details Barack Obama's Plan To Use The U.S. Military ... Ebola Among Health Workers: More Than 240 Sick

Secret Memo Details Barack Obama’s Plan To Use The U.S. Military Against Citizens?

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Barack Obama waves to U.S. troops at Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan
A 2010 Pentagon directive on military support to civilian authorities details what critics say is a troubling policy that envisions the Obama administration’s potential use of military force against Americans.
The directive contains noncontroversial provisions on support to civilian fire and emergency services, special events and the domestic use of the Army Corps of Engineers.
The troubling aspect of the directive outlines presidential authority for the use of military arms and forces, including unarmed drones, in operations against domestic unrest.
“This appears to be the latest step in the administration’s decision to use force within the United States against its citizens,” said a defense official opposed to the directive.
(Read the rest of the story here…)

Newly released memo from Clinton Library harshly critiques Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Newly released memo from Clinton Library harshly critiques Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
In the latest release from the Clinton administration document dump, the White House paints a less-than-flattering picture of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, at that time still just a candidate for the Supreme Court.
"She sees us as having a stake in presenting her as a moderate and in getting along well with the Senate," wrote then-White House Associate Counsel Ron Klain in a memo. "She sees her interests as 'being herself,' preserving her 'dignity,' and promoting her 'independence.'"
The memo, reported on by Time, goes on to list Ginsburg's other faults. Among them: "She has an instinct for defending some rather extreme liberal views" held by the American Civil Liberties Union; and she would face difficulty in her Senate confirmation hearings because of "her failure to make eye contact, her halting speech," and "her 'laconic' nature."
To sum up Ginsburg's viability as a candidate, Klain wrote, "Judge Ginsburg views the White House's interest and her interests as being at odds with each other."
So take note, aspiring Supreme Court judges: If you value being yourself, preserving your dignity, or promoting your independence, you may find the road to D.C. a tough one to tread. (On the other hand, Justice Ginsburg has sat on the Supreme Court since 1993 in spite of this memo, so maybe those same qualities proved helpful.)
- - 

DETAILS: Fox News Obtains Internal Memo From DNI Clapper on ISIS

DETAILS: Fox News Obtains Internal Memo From DNI Clapper on ISIS

Fox News has obtained a copy of an internal memo from Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to his intelligence community staff.
Catherine Herridge went “On The Record” to discuss the memo, which seems to be a response to President Barack Obama’s interview earlier this week on “60 Minutes,” in which he blamed the intelligence community for the rise of ISIS.

Christie Slams Obama on ISIS Accountability: 'Who's They? ... It's Your Administration'

Clapper’s memo specifically says that for two years, the intelligence community monitored, assessed and called attention to the expansion of ISIS.
He also says that no one could have foreseen what was in the minds of ISIS fighters or that the Iraqi military would collapse.

‘People Are Fearful’: Vicar of Baghdad Speaks Out as ISIS Nears Capital

So That’s Why They Kept the Drone Kill Memo Secret

So That’s Why They Kept the Drone Kill Memo Secret

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David Swanson
Washington’s Blog
June 24, 2014
Now that the U.S. government has released parts of its We-Can-Kill-People-With-Drones memo, it’s hard to miss why it was kept secret until now.
Liberal professors and human rights groups and the United Nations were claiming an inability to know whether drone murders were legal or not because they hadn’t seen the memo that the White House said legalized them. Some may continue to claim that the redactions in the memo make judgment impossible.
I expect most, however, will now be willing to drop the pretense that ANY memo could possibly legalize murder.
Oh, and yall can stop telling me not to use the impolite term “murder” to describe the, you know, murders — since “murder” is precisely the term used by the no-longer secret memo.
The memo considers a section of the U.S. code dealing with the murder of a U.S. citizen by another U.S. citizen abroad, drawing on another section that defines murder as “the unlawful killing of a human being with malice aforethought.”
David Barron, the memo’s author, needed a loophole to make murder-by-missile a lawful killing rather than an unlawful killing, so he pulls out the “public authority justification” under which the government gets to use force to enforce a law.  It’s a novel twist, though, for the government to get to use force to violate the law, claiming the violation is legal on the Nixonian basis that it is the government doing it.
Alternatively, Barron suggests, a government gets to use force if doing so is part of a war. This, of course, ignores the U.N. Charter and the Kellogg Briand Pact and the illegality of wars, as well as the novelty of claiming that a war exists everywhere on earth forever and ever. (None of Barron’s arguments justify governmental murder on U.S. soil any less than off U.S. soil.)
  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
In essence, Barron seems to argue, the people who wrote the laws were thinking about private citizens and terrorists, not the government (which, somehow, cannot be a terrorist), and therefore it’s OK for the government to violate the laws.
Then there’s the problem of Congressional authorization of war, or lack thereof, which Barron gets around by pretending that the Authorization for the Use of Military Force was as broad as the White House pretends rather than worded to allow targeting only those responsible for the 911 attacks.
Then there are the facts of the matter in the case of Anwar al Awlaki, who was targeted for murder prior in time to the actions that President Obama has claimed justified that targeting.
Then there are the facts in the other cases of U.S. killings of U.S. citizens, which aren’t even redacted, as they’re never considered.
Then there are the vastly more numerous killings of non-U.S. citizens, which the memo does not even attempt to excuse.
In the end, the memo admits that calling something a war isn’t good enough; the targeted victim has to have been an imminent threat to the United States.  But who gets to decide whether he or she was that?  Why, whoever does the killing of course.  And what happens if nobody ever even makes an unsupported assertion to that effect? Nothing, of course.
This is not the rule of law.  This is savage brute force in minimal disguise.  I don’t want to see any more of these memos.  I want to see the video footage of the drone murders on a television.  I want to see law professors and revolving-door State Department / human rights group hacks argue that dead children fall under the public authority justification.
This article was posted: Tuesday, June 24, 2014 at 5:01 am

Reports: Armed Convict Got On Elevator With Obama Two Weeks Ago

Reports: Armed Convict Got On Elevator With Obama Two Weeks Ago

AP Photo / Evan Vucci
It was a violation of Secret Service protocols, the Post noted.
The Post reported that the incident happened on Sept. 16 when Obama went to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to deliver remarks on the country's response to the ongoing crisis concerning the Ebola virus.
Secret Service agents asked the contractor to stop using a camera phone he had to videotape Obama while in the elevator, the Post said. Secret Service agents did question him and checked a database to find out out about his criminal background.
A supervisor for the private security firm learned about the Secret Service agents' concern with the contractor and the contractor was then fired. He agreed to hand over his gun as well, which surprised agents who did not know until then that he had been armed while he was near Obama.
Elements of this were first reported by The Washington Examiner.
The new report comes as the Secret Service is already under scrutiny over a man scaling the White House fence and making it deep into the White House before being tackled by an off-duty agent.

Hospital 'dropped the ball' with Ebola patient's travel history, NIH official says

Hospital 'dropped the ball' with Ebola patient's travel history, NIH official says

By Catherine E. Shoichet, Ashley Fantz and Holly Yan, CNN
updated 10:09 PM EDT, Wed October 1, 2014
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  • NEW: U.S. official to CNN: The situation is a "screw-up"
  • Dallas mayor: The patient came into contact with up to 20 people
  • Hospital says symptoms 'did not warrant admission' last week
  • NIH official on hospital: "They dropped the ball"
Ebola is in the U.S. Now what? Post your questions on Twitter using #EbolaQandA, and our @CNN experts will reply with answers, or join us on Facebook.
(CNN) -- The first person to be diagnosed with Ebola on American soil went to the emergency room last week, but was released from the hospital even though he told staff he had traveled from Liberia.
"A travel history was taken, but it wasn't communicated to the people who were making the decision. ... It was a mistake. They dropped the ball," said Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
"You don't want to pile on them, but hopefully this will never happen again. ... The CDC has been vigorously emphasizing the need for a travel history," Fauci told CNN's "The Lead with Jake Tapper."
Survivor describes living through Ebola
Dallas residents respond to Ebola threat
Ebola preps difficult for hospitals
Hospital officials have acknowledged that the patient's travel history wasn't "fully communicated" to doctors, but also said in a statement Wednesday that based on his symptoms, there was no reason to admit him when he first came to the emergency room last Thursday night.
"At that time, the patient presented with low-grade fever and abdominal pain. His condition did not warrant admission. He also was not exhibiting symptoms specific to Ebola," Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas said.
The patient, identified by his half-brother as Thomas Eric Duncan, told hospital staff that he was from Liberia, a friend who knows him well said.
A nurse asked the patient about his recent travels while he was in the emergency room, and the patient said he had been in Africa, said Dr. Mark Lester, executive vice president of Texas Health Resources. But that information was not "fully communicated" to the medical team, Lester said.
The man underwent basic blood tests, but not an Ebola screening, and was sent home with antibiotics, said Dr. Edward Goodman with Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.
Three days later, the man returned to the facility, where it was determined that he probably had Ebola. He was then isolated.
"The hospital followed all suggested CDC protocols at that time. Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas' staff is thoroughly trained in infection control procedures and protocols," the hospital said Wednesday.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which has helped lead the international response to Ebola, advises that all medical facilities should ask patients with symptoms consistent with Ebola for their travel history.
Duncan's travel history "was not acted upon in an appropriate way," said Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN's Chief Medical Correspondent.
"A nurse did ask the question and he did respond that he was in Liberia and that wasn't transmitted to people who were in charge of his care," Gupta said. "There's no excuse for this."
A U.S. official told CNN senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen that the situation was clearly "a screw-up." A patient who shows up to a hospital with a fever and a history of travel to Liberia should be treated as an infection risk, the official said.
Asked repeatedly by Gupta whether the patient should have been tested for Ebola during his first visit to the hospital, CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden said officials were still looking at details about how the case was handled.
"We know that in busy emergency departments all over the country, people may not ask travel histories. I don't know if that was done here," Frieden said. "But we need to make sure that it is done going forward."
Friend: I called the CDC with concerns
Duncan is a 42-year-old Liberian national, according to his friend. This is Duncan's first trip to the United States, where he was visiting family and friends.
The close associate, who does not want to be identified because of the sensitivity of the case, contacted the CDC with concerns that the hospital wasn't moving quickly enough after Duncan's second hospital visit.
Tracking the travel of Ebola patient
Ebola patient released by mistake
Photos: Ebola outbreak in West Africa Photos: Ebola outbreak in West Africa
The associate said Duncan is "all right" now, but is in pain and hasn't eaten in a week.
The patient is now under intensive care and isolated, Frieden said.
He is in serious condition, the hospital told CNN. Neither the hospital nor government officials have identified Duncan by name.
Obama administration recirculates guidelines
It's unknown whether others were infected after Duncan's first visit to the hospital. People who have Ebola are contagious -- but only through contact with infected bodily fluids -- when they display active symptoms of the virus, such as a high fever, severe headache, diarrhea and vomiting, among others. It's not like a cold or the flu, which can be spread before symptoms show up, and it doesn't spread through the air.
Liberia is one of the hotspots in a large outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, with 3,458 cases and 1,830 deaths as of September 23, according to the World Health Organization. Other countries affected include Guinea, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. In total, more than 3,000 people have died in those countries from Ebola, and more than 6,500 have contracted the disease.
This summer, two American missionaries who were working in Liberia contracted the virus and were brought back to the United States, where they were treated with the experimental drug ZMapp. Another American doctor working with the same charity was also infected in Liberia and brought home for treatment. They all have since recovered from the virus and were released from care.
The CDC has ramped up a national effort to stem the spread of Ebola, and in September President Barack Obama spoke at CDC headquarters in Atlanta. He called the virus a global health and security threat, and pledged U.S. assistance to the affected countries to try to stem the tide of the disease.
After the Dallas diagnosis, the Obama administration is recirculating its guidance about how to respond to the virus, White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters.
"In light of this incident," Earnest said, "the administration has taken the step of recirculating our guidance to law enforcement agencies that are responsible for securing the border, to those agencies that represent individuals who staff the airline industry and to medical professionals all across the country, to make sure people are aware there is an important protocol that should be implemented if an individual presents with symptoms that are consistent with Ebola."
Finding the people the man came in contact with
The patient came into contact with up to 20 individuals, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings told CNN.
A CDC team is in Dallas helping to find anyone he may have come in contact with, Frieden said.
Once those people are identified, they will be monitored for 21 days -- taking their temperatures twice a day -- in cooperation with local and state health officials, Frieden said.
Some school-age children have been in contact with the Ebola patient, but the students haven't exhibited symptoms of the deadly virus, authorities said.
Five students at four different schools came into contact with the man, Dallas Superintendent Mike Miles said.
The children are being monitored at home, and the schools they attended remain open, he said.
Lethal virus hit U.S. years ago
Perry: Ebola patient had contact with kids
First diagnosed case of Ebola in U.S.
Paramedics who transported the patient to the hospital have been isolated, Rawlings' chief of staff said. They have not shown symptoms of the disease so far, Frieden said.
The ambulance used to carry the patient was still in use for two days after the transport, city of Dallas spokeswoman Sana Syed said.
But she emphasized that the paramedics decontaminated the ambulance, as they do after every transport, according to national standards.
Air travel testing
The Ebola patient told authorities he flew part of his trip on United Airlines, a spokesperson for the airline said, citing information from the CDC. The airline believes the patient flew from Brussels to Washington Dulles and then from Dulles to Dallas-Fort Worth on September 20, the spokesperson said.
"The director of the CDC has stated there is 'zero risk of transmission' on any flight on which the patient flew because he was not symptomatic until several days after his trip and could not have been contagious on the dates he traveled," the spokesperson said.
Every person who travels by air is screened before departure and at arrival in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, but because the man says he began feeling ill days after landing in the United States, a screening test in West Africa would likely have not turned up that he had Ebola.
However, it's unclear what kind of screening someone flying from West Africa might receive when they land in the United States, Cohen said. The CNN correspondent and her crew recently reported in and flew from West Africa, where she said they were screened numerous times for Ebola by having their temperatures taken at the airport.
But when they arrived back in the United States, and asked travel officials about whether their temperatures would be taken or whether they'd be screened for Ebola, they were given unclear explanations about how the process worked and ultimately were not tested.
Regardless, the CDC maintains that passengers on planes with the Texas patient were likely not at risk because the man was not displaying active symptoms.
CNN's Jennifer Bixler, Danelle Garcia, AnneClaire Stapleton, Jason Morris, Chandler Friedman, Greg Botelho, Ed Payne and Catherine E. Shoichet contributed to this report.