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GOPers Ruin Beloved Internet Meme

GOPers Ruin Beloved Internet Meme

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Another day, another hilarious internet meme ruined by politicians trying to be hip.
This time around, Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) took a shot at Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), his 2014 Senate opponent, with this take on the "doge" meme.
Rep. Tom Massie (R-Ky.) also got in the doge action in a critique of congressional bipartisanship.
As MSNBC's Adam Serwer puts it, "ok so doge just died."
Good job, Congress. You created only 65 laws this year and cost the country $24 billion due to the shutdown, but at least you succeeded in killing one of the internet's favorite memes!
This is hardly the first time an elected official has used a meme to make a political message. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) posted a cat-themed listicle in October while taking a swing at Obamacare's error-plagued website.


Western audiences must internalize and FULLY understand the tactics utilized through Islamic warfare – by Sunni and Shia alike – as they seek to grab global domination. Today’s commentary, as a “green alert”, is neither scare-mongering nor pie-in-the-sky dreaming by avowed Islamists. FAR from it.

Their efforts engage many pressure points, but those which must remain our TOP priority revolve around a two-tiered jihadi prong: stealth on the one hand and frontal on the other. The underpinnings cited herein are all part and parcel of Shariah Law. Non-negotiable. Immutable. Set in Allah-stone.

The most insidious of all are those which fly “below the radar”, hence, the “stealth” appellation.  The Muslim Brotherhood developed a brilliant psychological tactic – one which is repeatedly referenced at this site.“Islamophobia” is a strategy used by Islamists and their propagandists, as western enablers act as shields for Islamic supremacists

The reason for the term’s coinage is its visceral imagery, as if to IMMEDIATELY tar those who DARE to question Islam’s underpinnings as“phobics”, demonstrating that they are the problem, not Islam.  As if they are “racists” of the highest magnitude and that is that. As if to scream there is no “there there”; that those who step out of line are doing so due to their own fevered imaginations, as such, they are the ones in need of “re-education” camps. Really. That’s their modus operandi.

The term “Islamophobia” was invented and promoted in the early 1990s by theInternational Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT), a front group of the Muslim Brotherhood. Former IIIT member Abdur-Rahman Muhammad — who was with that organization when the word was formally created, and who has since rejected IIIT’s ideology — now reveals the original intent behind the concept of Islamophobia: “This loathsome term is nothing more than a thought-terminating cliche conceived in the bowels of Muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics.” In short, in its very origins, “Islamophobia” was a term designed as a weapon to advance a totalitarian cause by stigmatizing critics and silencing them. 
This plan was an outgrowth of the Muslim Brotherhood’s “General Strategic Goal for North America,” by which the organization aimed to wage “a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands … so that … God’s religion [Islam] is made victorious over all other religions.” To implement this plan, the Brotherhood enlisted the help of 29 likeminded “organizations of our friends” (one of which was IIIT), whose task would be to depict themselves as civil-rights groups speaking out on behalf of a Muslim American population that was allegedly besieged by outsiders who harbored an illogical, unfounded fear of them — i.e., by a society replete with “Islamophobia.”
Although the term was coined in the early 1990s, “Islamophobia” did not become the focus of an active Brotherhood campaign until after 9/11. Since that time, Islamist lobby organizations (including the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR) and Muslim civil-rights activists have regularly accused the American people, American institutions, law-enforcement authorities, and the U.S. government of harboring a deep and potentially violent prejudice against Muslims. The accusers charge that as a result of this “Islamophobia,” Muslims are disproportionately targeted by perpetrators of hate crimes and acts of discrimination.
But FBI data on hate crimes show that the foregoing accusers are wholly incorrect. The incidence of anti-Muslim abuses nationwide has actually declined since September 2001. 
And herein belies the crux of the danger, as Obama Inc., including front-line players like Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin work assiduously to impose restrictions on criticism of Islam, all the while stomping on America’s (the west’s) underpinning of free speech! YES, Hillary Clinton & her mobbed up Muslim Brotherhood terror associates: INEXORABLY tied. Politically AND business-wise. Treasonous.

Their targeted assaults incredibly bore into every powerful recess of American influence (and beyond), not even eschewing spiritual cornerstones as “no go” zones:“red/leftists” merge forces with “green/Islamists”, in a frontal attack against free speech and Rabbis (Priests too) used as baitHow dare they? Is nothing off limits? Is nothing holy, other than their jihad for Allah? In any case, for the visually inclined, this should bring the danger home -

But if the above isn’t enraging enough, understand that a HUGE and concerted effort is continually waged through a powerful Islamic entity at the UN, and Hill is front and center egging them on! Other American leaders (some in the open, some behind the scenes) are working for the same result – the castration of free speech!

Powerful Islamist Org. Ramps Up War on Free Speech in West

The primary objective of the OIC is to pressure Western countries into passing laws that would ban ‘negative stereotyping of Islam.’
December 12, 2013
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (left) participated in and supported the 'Istanbul Process.Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (left) participated in and supported the ‘Istanbul Process.”

  • The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, an influential bloc of 57 Muslim countries, has released the latest edition of its annual “Islamophobia” report.
The “Sixth OIC Observatory Report on Islamophobia: October 2012-September 2013” is a 94-page document purporting to “offer a comprehensive picture of Islamophobia, as it exists mainly in contemporary Western societies.”
The primary objective of the OIC—headquartered in Saudi Arabia and funded by dozens of Muslim countries that systematically persecute Christians and Jews—has long been to pressure Western countries into passing laws that would ban “negative stereotyping of Islam.”
In this context, the OIC’s annual Islamophobia report—an integral part of a sustained effort to prove the existence of a “culture of intolerance of Islam and Muslims” in the West—is in essence a lobbying tool to pressure Western governments to outlaw all forms of “Islamophobia,” a nebulous concept invented by the Muslim Brotherhood in the 1990s.
The OIC report comprises five main chapters and several annexes aimed at documenting “incidents of slandering and demeaning Muslims and their sacred symbols including attacks on mosques, verbal abuses and physical attacks against adherents of Islam, mainly due to their cultural traits.”
But the common thread that binds the entire document together is the OIC’s repeated insistence that the main culprit responsible for “the institutionalization of Islamophobia” in Western countries is freedom of speech, which the OIC claims has “contributed enormously to snowball Islamophobia and manipulate the mindset of ordinary Western people to develop a ‘phobia’ of Islam and Muslims.”
According to the OIC, freedom of expression is shielding “the perpetrators of Islamophobia, who seek to propagate irrational fear and intolerance of Islam, [who] have time and again aroused unwarranted tension, suspicion and unrest in societies by slandering the Islamic faith through gross distortions and misrepresentations and by encroaching on and denigrating the religious sentiments of Muslims.”
Chapter 1 of the report deals with “Islamophobia, Intolerance and Discrimination against Muslims,” and purports to reveal the “unabated rise of Islamophobia in Western countries, thereby exacerbating tensions at all levels and constituting additional obstacles to the diversity and multicultural fabrics of the societies.”
According to the OIC, freedom of speech is to blame for the “perpetuation of Islamophobia,” which:
“…has become increasingly widespread, which, in turn, has caused an increase in the actual number of hate crimes committed against Muslims. These crimes range from the usual verbal abuse and discrimination, particularly in the fields of education and employment, to other acts of violence and vandalism, including physical assaults, attacks on Islamic centers and the desecration of mosques and cemeteries.”
“In this context, acceptance of various forms of intolerance, including hate speech and the propagation of negative stereotypes against Islam and Muslims in some western countries contribute towards proliferation of intolerant societies. This process is further supported by… the exploitation of freedom of expression and perpetuation of an ideological context advocating an inescapable conflict of civilizations.”
Another factor favoring “the climate of intolerance” is:
“…the negative role played by major media outlets who not only propagate stereotypes and misperceptions about Islam, but also undermine and usually keep shadowed any meaningful instance of individuals or groups speaking out against intolerance, including advocacy of religious hatred and violence. This biased approach of the media has helped drawing an emphatically demonized, sometimes dehumanized, image of Muslims in the minds of a certain class of people which is predisposed to xenophobic feelings due to the increasingly dire economic situation, or the simply to the irrational fear of the other.”
Chapter 2 of the report deals with “Manifestations of Islamophobia in the West.” According to the OIC:
“The number of Islamophobic incidents continues to rise in the US, as a result of anti-Muslim propaganda. It is particularly alarming that anti-Muslim sentiments are taking deeper roots infiltrating further in the educational system. Notable among several other worrying trends/cases are: the initiatives taken by a leading and powerful US legislator [US Representative Peter King] to convene special Congressional Hearings on Radicalization of Islam in the US… In the same vein, the Republican Party in the recent 2013 [sic] US Presidential elections also used the anti-Islam card as a strategy.”
“With regard to Islamophobic trends in Europe, various reports and polls have revealed growing misperception vis-à-vis Islam and Muslims. Among the most common and recurring… are the ideas that Muslims are inclined to violence including revenge and retaliation; that Islam is an inherently expansionist religion, which strives for political influence, and whose followers are obsessed with proselytizing others, and more generally that Islam deprives women of their rights and encourages religious fanaticism and radicalism. According to the same polls, only a minor portion of the public tends to see Islam in a more positive light, as being a religion of peace that preaches love for neighbors, charity, openness and tolerance… Muslims who live in xenophobic environments are more exposed to daily stress and other forms of moral prejudice.”
The OIC concludes that “journalists and media organizations have a responsibility to avoid promoting rhetoric of hate by acting as a platform for its widespread dissemination.”
Chapter 3 of the OIC report highlights “Some Positive Developments” in terms of initiatives and other steps and positions taken to combat Islamophobia, including:
“…the condemnation of anti-Muslim hate speech by various quarters, including non-Muslim religious leaders; the barring from entry of certain Islamophobes to a number of countries where they intended to take part in anti-Muslim rallies or deliver inflammatory lectures; the recognition of Muslim holidays and other strict sanctions taken against acts of manifest religious intolerance. It was noted with satisfaction that a number of international organizations, including UNSECO, the OSCE and the Council of Europe, have recognized the danger posed by Islamophobia and have taken concrete steps to combat it, notably by laying down Guidelines for Educators on Countering Intolerance and Discrimination against Muslims.”
Chapter 4 of the report, “OIC Initiatives and Activities to Counter Islamophobia,” focused on the OIC’s ongoing efforts to promote the so-called Istanbul Process, an aggressive effort by Muslim countries to make it an international crime to criticize Islam. The explicit aim of the Istanbul Process is to enshrine in international law a global ban on all critical scrutiny of Islam and Islamic Sharia law.
In recent years, the OIC has been engaged in a determined diplomatic offensive to persuade Western democracies to implement United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) Resolution 16/18, which calls on all countries to combat “intolerance, negative stereotyping and stigmatization of… religion and belief.” (Analysis of the OIC’s war on free speech can be found here and here.)
Resolution 16/18, which was adopted at HRC headquarters in Geneva in March 2011 (with the support of the Obama Administration)—together with the OIC-sponsored Resolution 66/167, which was quietly approved by the 193-member UN General Assembly on December 19, 2011—is widely viewed as marking a significant step forward in OIC efforts to advance the international legal concept of defaming Islam.
Chapter 5 of the OIC report provides a set of conclusions and recommendations, which call on Western governments, international organizations and non-state actors to:
“Take all necessary measures within their power and legal/jurisdictional systems to ensure a safe environment free from Islamophobic harassment… by strictly enforcing applicable hate crime and discrimination laws;
“Create, whenever necessary, specialized bodies and initiatives in order to combat Islamophobia… based on internationally recognized human rights principles and standards;
“Combat Islamophobic hate crimes, which can be fuelled by Islamophobic hate speech in the media and on the Internet;
“Take all necessary measures to ensure that the media refrains from serving as a platform for the dissemination of hate speech… by associating extremism and terrorism to Islam and Muslims… and presents the true positive nature of Islam.
“Implement provisions of UNHRC Resolution 16/18 through the Istanbul Process mechanism as it offers a positive platform for debate, exchange of best practices and maintaining of a common and unified stance.”
The report states that “the OIC and the Member States should not be complacent in underscoring the fact that our present day world is gradually being driven towards the dangerous precipices of growing intolerance of religious and cultural diversity. This is the clear and present danger that the OIC has been consistent in warning the international community against. The sooner the phenomenon of Islamophobia is addressed, the better it is for ensuring peaceful coexistence of the present as well for the future generations to come.”
The report concludes with the transcript of a speech by OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, in which he thanks American and European political leaders for their help (here and here) in advancing his efforts to restrict free speech in the West.
“The Istanbul Process initiated with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton … must be carried forward … the Istanbul Process must also be seen as a poster child of OIC-US-EU cooperation …” Ihsanoglu said.
Most significantly, the so called “liberal” left set are in the forefront of censuring free speech, all in the name of protecting a made up out of whole cloth phobia! 
YES, even as the first Black (though a half breed) POTUS is the most powerful man in the west, they still would have us believe that conservative folks, aka“knuckledraggers”, and rational anti-Islamists are simply incapable of ferreting out this and that. Hence, strictures muzzling speech are for our own good. In fact, AG Holder already assembled said omerta: ALERT : Radical-in-Chief Obama tasks (il)legally-bent (AG) Holder to “criminalize” Islamic speech via thuggish UN dictates!
Never and never. They can all go to hell – and back.
Alas, as they hold aloft “civil rights” as the sine qua non for PC behavior, they behave like fascists and worse.
Now, few understand this subject like Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeldas they attempted to silence her hither and yon trough a tactic called “lawfare”, but they lost!

In her book, “Funding Evil”, Dr. Ehrenfeld alleged that Saudi billionaire Khalid bin Mahfouz had financed al Qaeda through his bank and charitable organization. Mahfouz denied the allegations. Dr. Ehrenfeld, a U.S. citizen based in New York, had not written or marketed her book internationally and refused to acknowledge the jurisdiction of the British court over her case. Her refusal resulted in the British Court awarding a default judgment against her.
Represented by her attorney, Daniel Kornstein,[5] Dr. Ehrenfeld pre-emptively countersued Mahfouz in New York to obtain a declaration that the judgment would not be enforced in the United States and that her book was not defamatory under United States defamation law. When the New York courts ruled that they lacked personal jurisdiction over Mahfouz, the New York State legislature took immediate action and unanimously passed the Libel Terrorism Protection Act[6] (also known as “Rachel’s Law”). Rachel’s Law was signed into law on April-29-2008. The law “offers New Yorkers greater protection against libel judgments in countries whose laws are inconsistent with the freedom of speech granted by the United States Constitution.”[7]
As of July 2010, six other states have passed analogs to Rachel’s Law: Illinois,[8] Florida,[9] California,[10] Tennessee,[11] Maryland,[12] and Utah.[13] A federal bill based on Rachel’s Law was passed unanimously out of the Judiciary Committee and has since then been approved by both Houses of Congress. President Obama signed the bill into law on 10 August 2010. The bill, S. 3518, the titled Securing and Protecting our Enduring and Established Constitutional Heritage Act (Speech Act),[14] includes several measures aimed at closing loopholes in First Amendment protections for free speech. The act bars enforcement of foreign libel judgments that do not meet with American constitutional standards of due process and First Amendment protections. The burden of proof is also placed on the party suing for enforcement. The party suing to prevent enforcement may also sue the libel plaintiff for a declaration that the foreign libel judgment is “repugnant” to American constitutional law, and is entitled to attorney’s fees for resultant legal proceedings. The new federal law, and the existing seven state laws that predate it, do not, however, protect American persons who exercise First Amendment freedoms but who then travel abroad and then become subject to physical application of foreign libel laws and judgments. Many countries, for example, Thailand, maintain laws that cite jurisdiction over speech exercised outside their countries and which mandate punishment for libel inside the foreign plaintiff’s country even though the speech may have occurred outside. Extraterritorial jurisdiction over First Amendment rights has not been the focus of attention in international legal jurisprudence or focus in the diplomatic community.
Dr. Ehrenfeld’s efforts at libel law reform in the United States inspired the Libel Reform Campaign[15] an NGO campaign with over 55,000 supporters. The British government has published a draft defamation bill, The Defamation Act [2013] which comes into action later this year. .[16]
BEATING back Islamic warfare, through the silencing of all dissent, is a major linchpin to beating back Shariah Law ! One and the same.
NOT on our watch…kadima…קדימה…as we continue to expose the facts at Islam Exposed Online.

Morgellons Victims Across the US and Europe (Part 1)

Over the past ten years, more than 100 000 people in the United States and in Europe have complained about a strange and devastating skin disease known as Morgellons. The medical community is divided between those who dismiss it as a psychological disorder and those who regard Morgellons as an emerging disease deserving further study. This issue would normally be confined to scientific medical journals if the Pentagon and federal "law-enforcement" agencies were not so actively engaged in hiding it from the public. In the first part of his investigation, Hank Albarelli reports on a controversy which leads straight to new weapons experiments of the most secret order.
| Miami (United States)
JPEG - 20.7 kb
Three weeks ago, we wrote about a “disease” known as Morgellons that very few people in the world know anything about. We placed the word disease above in quotation marks only because a large number of physicians refuse to recognize Morgellons as a medical affliction, with some even refusing to treat patients who suffer from it.
We have listened to a long litany of accounts about doctors who have literally laughed in the faces of Morgellons sufferers, male and female, young and old, with many attempting to make referrals to psychologists. Remarkably, other physicians have mounted web sites mocking and attacking people who report they have Morgellons and those who write about it. Some physicians have dubbed the disease Delusions of Parasitosis, meaning it’s all in the patient’s head. Additionally, there is a website entitled “dedicated to examining the claims made regarding what is termed ‘Morgellons Disease’” and to preventing “sick people into thinking they may have a terrible disease.” Oddly, there are no formal individual or institutional sponsoring names identified on this site.
Despite this seemingly general stance from the “medical community” there are clear exceptions. Nearly every state across the US, and country in Europe, has at least several medical professionals who regard Morgellons as “a serious emerging infectious disease deserving study and research.” Dr. Ahmed Kilani, Laboratory Director of Clongen Laboratories, Germantown, Maryland, says, “I have personally listened to detailed descriptions of the symptoms of this disease and something has got to be done.”
At present, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia is conducting a study of Morgellons in partnership with Kaiser Permanente’s Northern California Division of Research. The study was formally announced and launched in January 2008. The stated objective of the study was “to learn about an unexplained skin condition known as Morgellons.” The study, said a CDC spokesperson, was expected to “Take up to 12 months or longer to complete.” Said the CDC’s Dr. Michele Pearson, the principle investigator on the study, “We earnestly want to learn more about this unexplained illness which impacts the lives of those who suffer from it. Those who suffer have questions, and we want to help them.”
Over two years past the CDC’s announcement it appears unknown as to when the study will be completed or be released. About a month ago there were unconfirmed reports that the study had been handed off entirely to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Washington, D.C., an identified partner in the study as explained by the CDC in 2008.
Morgellons Symptoms
The initial symptoms of Morgellons involve patients experiencing the discomforting sensation of insects crawling on and biting or stinging their skin. This sensation results in skin lesions that can appear much like mild to severe cases of acne. The lesions can appear anywhere on a patient’s body and quite often contain fiber-like strands or fibrous material. The fibers are the most perplexing visible feature of Morgellons. Often when an attempt is made to remove or extract the fibers the material will resist and act to withdraw or move away from whatever instrument is being employed.
JPEG - 13.6 kb
Skeptics have put forth various explanations for the presence of the fibers that plague sufferers of Morgellons disease. Some have suggested that the fibers are merely clothing fibers, and other common everyday material, that become attached to scabbed lesions accidentally; the sufferers, skeptics claim, are falsely convinced that the fibers are being produced by their bodies.
Other explanations are less kind; many ascribe to the idea that the lesions themselves are a product of “neurotic excoriation,” a psychological condition wherein the patient scratches the skin compulsively to the point of creating wounds, or even that they are created deliberately by the sufferer in an effort to convince others that he is suffering from a disease. The fibers, these skeptics explain, are then collected by the sufferer from non-bodily sources, as a means of providing “evidence” that the disease condition exists. The psychiatric community has long associated the collection of body specimens with delusional parasitosis and other psychiatric or fictitious conditions. In fact, the act of collecting these specimens is, itself, considered a psychiatric symptom, referred to as “the matchbox sign.” The name is a reference to the fact that fibers and other material are often presented in small containers such as matchboxes. As a result, the collected specimens are often disregarded completely by healthcare providers, and a psychiatric cause is assumed rather than a physical condition considered.
These arguments fall apart quickly, however, when the fibers — and the patients — are actually examined. Morgellons fibers, when examined closely, consistently appear as autoflourescent, meaning that they exhibit a glow under ultraviolet light. Certain marine organisms, such as particular types of jellyfish, also have autofluorescent properties. One fluorescent protein, known as “green flourescent protein,” has been studied extensively in recent years as a marker in the study of gene expression; it has been successfully introduced into many bacteria and fungi, as well as into fish, plant, insect, and even human cells. Fluorescent markers, in the form of genetic modifications or dyes, are also often used to track the presence of microbes in the environment. Oil consuming microbes, for example, are often marked with the use of a fluorescent stain for monitoring purposes.
A privately funded study conducted by Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, Industrial Toxicologist & Doctor of Integrative Medicine, revealed that the fibers are able to withstand temperatures of up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit [= 927º C] before burning, and that they do not melt. Her results indicated that the fiber’s outer casing appears to consist of high-density polyethylene fiber, an industrial material commonly used in the production of fiber optic cables. Interestingly, this material is also used in the emerging field of bionanotechnology as a compound to encapsulate a viral protein envelope. Furthermore, Staninger reported finding blue fibers that exhibited a golden tip; she believes these to be a form of nano-machinery, able to be programmed to perform specific functions.
JPEG - 11.3 kb
Susan Lindquist
If this sounds farfetched, consider the following information from a 2004 article in the U.S. News and World Report: Susan Lindquist, director of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, has managed to do just this using a type of protein called a prion. “She triggered a chain reaction in which the yeast prions spin themselves into long, durable fibers,” the article reports. “Lindquist then genetically engineered these fibrous prions so they could bind to gold and silver nanoparticles. As she reported last spring, the result was prion fibers clad in precious metal—ultrafine conductive wires that could someday shuttle electrons around nano-size circuits.”
Consider this information, as well, from the same article: “Last August [2003], the U.S. Army announced a $50 million Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies, bringing together biotech and engineering skills from leading universities and companies. And early last month, President Bush signed the 21st Century Nanotechnology Research and Development Act, which authorizes $3.7 billion over five years — a hefty chunk of which will go to bionanotechnology.”
Fort Detrick & Morgellons
Without doubt, the number of people suffering from Morgellons disease is increasing worldwide. Some estimates range as high as 100,000 people. At the same time that reported cases are rising, reports connecting the disease to various military research institutions and installations are also increasing, as are reported instances of strange developments with the disease. What is really going on with Morgellons across the world?
For the past several years there have been consistent and credible reports that the US Army’s biological warfare research facility at Fort Detrick, Frederick, Maryland, has experimented with a lab-created disease very similar to Morgellons.
Said one former Detrick microbiologist, who refused to allow his name to be printed: “That I remember research on something similar — I don’t recall what it was specifically called — began not long after the Defense Appropriations for 1970… it began around then…there were all kinds of things under study then. It was hard to keep track of it all.” This remark about the 1970 Defense Appropriations is significant in light that at about this same time the US Defense Department made a startling budget request to the US Congress.
JPEG - 10.5 kb
On July 1, 1969, a high-ranking Pentagon biological warfare official, Dr. Donald MacArthur, appeared before the Defense Department Appropriations Subcommittee of the U.S. House of Representatives. Dr. MacArthur told the assembled elected officials that “dramatic progress being made in the field of molecular biology [by Army researchers at Fort Detrick and elsewhere] led [the Army] to investigate the relevance of this field of science to biological warfare.”
Said MacArthur, “A small group of experts considered this matter and provided the following observations:
(1) All biological agents up to the present time are representative of naturally occurring disease, and thus known by scientists throughout the world. They are easily available to qualified scientists for research, either for offensive or defensive purposes;
(2) within the next 5 to 10 years; it would probably be possible to make a new infective microorganism, which could differ, in certain important aspects from any known disease-causing organisms. Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon when we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease.”
Dr. MacArthur’s testimony went on, and he informed the subcommittee that a research program to explore the feasibility of developing such a disease, “a synthetic biological agent, an agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could be acquired,” would take only about 5 years to complete, and would cost $10 million. Quite understandably, since MacArthur made his memorable remarks, speculation has been rampant about just exactly what disease he was talking about.
Some declassified Army reports from this same time are quite interesting in that many documents make it readily apparent that some of the Army’s most secret experiments with laboratory manipulated diseases were conducted in those same states where Morgellons is reported to be most prevalent: Texas, Florida, and California.
Dr. MacArthur informed Congress: “[Establishing new biological weapons] is a highly controversial issue, and there are many who believe such research should not be undertaken lest it lead to yet another method of massive killing of large populations. On the other hand, without sure scientific knowledge that such a weapon is possible, and an understanding of the ways it could be done, there is little that can be done to devise defensive measures. Should an enemy develop it there is little doubt that this is an important area of potential military technological inferiority in which there is no adequate research program.”
Patients Warned Not to Talk
Since our last article was published here, a very disturbing number of verified incidents involving Morgellons victims have been reported. Many of these accounts concern infected people receiving warnings “not to speak” with the media or to “keep your mouth shut about this disease.” These warnings have come from people claiming to represent or to work for “intelligence” or “law enforcement” agencies. Several of the warned individuals had earlier reported seeing odd “fabric-like” and “web-like” materials falling from the sky prior to their coming down with the disease.
Caroline Carter, 50 years old, an alternative health therapist practicing in Cyprus, Greece, contracted Morgellons disease in August 2007, after discovering her garden in England “covered in a very strange web-like substance.” Looking further, she found the same substance covering other nearby gardens and hedgerows. Within about a day all of the foliage touched by the substance began wilting and dying.
Carter began collecting some of the web-like substance and felt a bit on her left upper arm. She recalled, “It was a sharp nip but there was not any visible mark.” Yet by the end of the day her arm was “really aggravating me as no matter what I did I could not stop a persistent itch that had begun shortly after the bite.” From that day forward the itch never left Carter.
In 2008, Caroline Carter moved to Cyprus. About a year later, she was diagnosed as having intestinal fungal overgrowth and a B12 deficiency. Carter’s rash also had worsened, despite concentrated efforts at treatment. The rash produced severe burning and itching, and continued to spread over her entire body. At the time, Carter did “not consider that Morgellons was the cause of my pain as many lesions appearing over my body were scabbing over.” While she knew about the disease everything she had seen informed her that Morgellons lesions “do not scab over or heal.”
After placing a piece of her skin under a microscope, however, Carter knew the problem was Morgellons. “I felt sick to my stomach…sure enough entangled through my skin sample were bright red, blue and black fibers.” Continued Carter, “I took another skin sample and found the very same fibers, this time I placed the skin sample in a solution of H202 [hydrogen peroxide]. I left the sample to soak for 12 hours before placing it back under the scope. The fibers had not lost their color.”
JPEG - 15.5 kb
Over the next few weeks, Carter’s rash intensified and she was in extreme pain. “My skin would form blisters that would burst then reform,” she said, “it felt like broken glass and lit cigarettes were attacking my skin from the inside.”
The ensuing weeks were sheer agony for Carter. She recounts, “The only medication that helped was opiates, both oral and intravenous.” Eventually, Carter says, “I decided to try frequency healing [alternative healing based on electromagnetic waves] and I really improved.” She says, “The change was immediate. On a Saturday I visited a therapist who discovered that my left and right brain hemisphere had switched, everything that should test positive ran negative and vice versa. I was also emitting radiation from my thymus area for approximately two meters. My thymus had felt permanently on fire and I could feel small metal particles under the skin.”
Not long after Carter was able to resume her normal work routine she assembled a thick packet of information on Morgellons disease, including a CD containing photos and videos of fibers, some in the process of actually moving about, that she passed on to a local elected official, who she thought might help her in her now intensive investigation of the disease. Since resuming her practice she had been alarmed to find that some of her clients, including children, were also experiencing health problems that appeared to be the results of Morgellons disease.
About a week later, a man who said he was from the Cyprus Intelligence Services contacted her. Carter says, “He told me that I should stay away from politicians as they would not do anything with my information, he said that there was something going on in Cyprus and that they were aware of it. He wanted my help. He told me a scientist has broken ranks and given information about a strange substance picked up in the EU air filter checking system.”
The man asked Carter “to stay quiet about my findings for now as it could cause problems.” Before he departed, the man told Carter that her telephone and e-mail was being closely monitored.
Carter explains, “I think the problem is due to my having found out just how many people have this problem as well as having grown one of these fibers. It has to be ‘artificial life’ from the way it grew. I say grew and not cultured because that is what it did. I placed a piece of my skin, which I had kept since my breakout on a slide with a small drop of H202 slightly diluted. Within 9 minutes a bacteria type of incubator sprouted long fibers. It was like watching something out of the film ‘Alien.’”
Caroline Carter’s story is not unique. Since our first article on Morgellons appeared, we have been contacted by nearly a dozen people, all Morgellons patients, who, over the past seven years, have received warnings from people who have identified themselves as either “federal agents”, state law enforcement, or “Army intelligence officers.” One woman in the mid-west says she was told, “If you know what’s good for you and your family you wouldn’t talk to anyone about this.” All the warned patients who contacted us are women who are fearful for their well-being and that of their loved ones. Most of these women are too frightened to want their names being used in this article.
Barb Metcalf, a Morgellons sufferer in Connecticut, who lives only 30 miles from the US Army’s top secret Plum Island research facility, felt differently. Metcalf’s story is incredible, and is presented here in her own words. Recounts Metcalf:
“It was December 8, 1998 a beautiful 72F winter day in Manchester, Connecticut. The weather was most unusual, we had had snow and several hard frosts, but this day was like a Spring day. I was outdoors at a party, standing under a large oak tree. I felt something inside my shirt; I never considered it to be a bug because nothing should have survived the winter weather. When I removed my shirt that night, it was very clear that I had been bitten at least 8 times on my back. There was a leg left behind in the struggle, so I placed it in a bag for identification. The next day, I had a major allergic attack with signs of oncoming breathing difficulties. I went to the doctor who did nothing more than a Lyme disease test, although there were no obvious signs that it was a tick.
“I took the leg to an entomologist at University of Connecticut who identified it as coming from an arthropod. By leg size, mouth size, he determined that it was not a tick, but could not otherwise determine the exact type of bug. Living in here is always reason enough to be checked for insect bites, living so close and in the migratory bird path of Old Lyme, Connecticut, just 12 miles from Plum Island, the world’s depository of infectious diseases of all types. Old Lyme is just 42 miles from my home, and about 30 miles ’as the crow flies’ or any other species of insect, birds, geese, etc. that take the migratory bird path that literally goes over Plum Island.
“Three months to the day, I felt as though I was being bitten all over again! I was screaming in horror and pain and could see nothing attacking me. After careful examination, my husband could see crystals sticking out of my back! He removed several of them with tweezers — they were all alike: triangular in shape, with one side serrated the other two rather straight, and all had either a black or red dot in the center. Once the crystal was removed the pain ceased immediately. Along with some of these crystals pieces of black material also was removed to find later that they were actually pieces of an insect’s leg. This cycle happened like clockwork every 3 months, leaving behind scars of white pox-like marks, red striated lines, red dots, and tender skin.
“Visits to specialists of Infectious Disease, was the least helpful. They would not look at the samples, nor listen to how I became ill. Then, other symptoms became apparent. Abdominal bloating and severe pain, upper right quadrant pain and swelling; difficulty swallowing, headaches, muscle pain, no apparent lesions or other marks on my body except for those lines and red dots. I was tested for Lyme disease, and both tests were negative.
“Having been married to a microbiologist for the EPA and having worked in the lab alongside my husband, studying what he studied, made me wonder just what had attacked me and why. I got out my old microscope and could see that there was more there than met the eye. Insect pieces, pieces that looked like crystal, and when dissected, appeared to be very interesting indeed. It was time I invested in another piece of equipment and found a child’s toy - Digital Blue; a digital microscope for about $100 solved the problem immediately. From that day forward, I documented everything that I found unusual coming from my body.
Cataloguing by date, location in the body where the specimen came from, i.e. oral, nasal, head, other body parts, stool...I have compiled a digital microscopy library of over 300,000 photographs in color and b & w, including videos of microbes and various bacterial specimens from my own body.
“Getting more ill as time went on, I literally begged my rheumatoid specialist to help me find out what this disease was. I was tested and the results were startling. From being a relatively healthy 54 year old, active female business woman, to have positive test results for: fibromyalgia, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, IBS, and Rheumatoid arthritis. All in just a few months’ time!
“When the bugs, worms and large strange specimens began coming from my body, none of my doctors would have anything to do with me. They shunned me in total disbelief! I was mortified to say the least that someone they had trusted to be knowledgeable in the past 10 years had suddenly told them of worms, insects, and God-know-what coming from her body! I was told to see a psychiatrist, which shocked me to no end. I was not crazy, nor was I delusional - you can’t photograph a delusion.
“I searched the internet endless hours for photographs of specimens in all areas of medicine and veterinary medicine that looked like mine, to no avail. The disease got worse. I could no longer sleep, the pain increased to where I could no longer walk without a cane, and needed assistance from my family to do simple, everyday chores around the house and maintain my own body. “Being of a medically scientific mindset, I just knew there had to be an answer out there. But after several years of not finding anything similar, I began to be more than frustrated. I called on several scientific friends and associates for help and they too were stymied by the change in my appearance, I had lost more than 50 pounds within 3 months...and did not sleep more than a couple hours a day. Without sleep, the body cannot produce Serotonin, which it needs to repair and maintain a healthy system.
“Then in 2005, I needed water to be replaced in my swimming pool. I called for a delivery and asked where it was coming from - a local reservoir. When I first went into the pool, I noticed hundreds of small snails along the surface of the pool. I had never seen anything like this in the previous years. Then the large slugs began to be seen in the early morning hours...some as large as 4-5" long. Knowing better, I still picked up hundreds of these snails in my hands to dispose of them.
“In April 2006 I went to Florida to visit my son and his family only to begin feeling ill just 3 days into the visit. I left earlier than planned, and within one day of my return to CT I became extremely ill. Vomiting, diarrhea (with obvious worm-like specimens which I saved for future observance), and then within 2 days had a fever of 104F. I collapsed and was admitted into the ICU at a local hospital. All manner of specialists were called in, including infectious disease, cardiology, immunology, pulmonary, and dermatology. With a raging fever for 8 days, nothing was determined except that I was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia...of unknown origin. Upon discharge, the disease worsened, especially the abdominal bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting. I brought samples of these worms to the specialists along with other unidentifiable specimens that looked like undeveloped insects, and they refused to even consider them, and threw them away. They would ask me, "Can you part with them?" I was treated as though I was some type of idiot, let loose on the street. I was incensed to say the least!
“I took literally hundreds of preserved samples to a university Microbiology Department in another state, where specialists - all PhDs in various specialties: microbiology, parasitological, entomology, biology, marine biology, virology. They selected an obvious egg specimen that they all agreed was a Schistosoma mansoni egg and tested it with stain. It did not respond in the normal manner. They did another ... same results. They were surprised to say the least. When the Department head asked why they thought this had happened, to a person, the response was, "It’s genetically modified".
“’Genetically modified’ appears to be an understatement at this point in time. This was not the first time that my interests were being challenged. In September, 2008 I woke to check my pool to find thousands of beige/khaki colored threads all over my deck and the roof of my home. I couldn’t imagine where they had come from. I picked them up in my hands and put them in a bag for disposal, then vacuumed the area still wondering where they had come from. Curious, I put one under the microscope only to be shocked again. These fibers were not normal threads at all, but were twists and braided forms of fibers with many types of organisms literally woven into the pattern. What shocked me most was that some of these specimens I saw were the very same specimens I had seen come out of my own body. I double-checked my photographs to be certain I was not in error. I wasn’t. The next day, the same thing happened again. I checked the neighborhood by walking the street to see if there were more threads, but did not find any.
“A year later in September, 2009, the threads appeared again. Same type of thread, same type of organisms entwined within the fibers. By coincidence, just a few days later, I was lying on a raft in my pool, looking up into the sky, and saw something floating down from the sky where there were no trees. I jumped out of the pool and caught it before it hit the ground! It was one of those same threads! No doubt about it. I ran into the house and put it under the scope - and sure enough even though it was a year later, this lone thread blew into my yard, just like those before it, with what looked like the colored threads of red, black, blue and white of what I became to know as Morgellons Disease or the Fiber Disease!
“So, where had they come from? To this day, I have no idea, but they didn’t just fly in on their own.
“From about that same time, I was studying what I found to be called Morgellons Disease from an ABC Special that showed these same fiber masses that I had photographed! A friend called me and asked me why I had given my material and photographs to ABC. I told her I hadn’t; she said they are on TV right now! And, yes, those there looked like my very own photos. I was overwhelmed to say the least. A whole new world of investigation opened for me.
JPEG - 13 kb
“I’ve contacted medical facilities all over the country looking for help, to no avail, until I found an infectious disease facility in Boston MA who finally took me on as a patient, after checking me for DOP [Delusions of Parasitosis], and I submitted samples from my body sometimes within 30 minutes! They had never seen anything like it. I brought and sent in many digital photographs of the specimens from my body, and none could be identified - even in this area of the country known for its excellence in medicine and new technology. I asked about Morgellons...they had not heard of it. However, I could match what came out of my body with photographs published by others. I was finally given medicine to help remove these parasites from my body, along with extensive testing of my brain, abdomen, chest, lungs, etc. and blood. No conclusive findings or diagnosis was found and no etiology of what was in my body. They agreed to advise me if anyone else came to their facility with my same symptoms in the future. I must have faith in what they try to do...until I learn more.
“It is now 2 months since I took the medicine that was prescribed, and I am still producing fungus gnats, flies, from my nasal cavities, eggs and worms and various other strange specimens in my stool. My abdomen is again bloating and in pain, and the vicious circle of this debilitating disease goes on.
“Many strange incidents have happened since I contracted Morgellons Disease; my computer has been broken/hacked into and only certain information, including my book that I had been writing for more than 10 years, was removed. While discussing Morgellons with another Morgy, we were both viewing the same site, when both our computers went black! We were also on the phone at the time. He lives in another state and does not have the same ISP; his computer came back on, mine did not. I took my computer to experts to verify what had happened.
“I have no doubt that this disease has killed more people than we are aware of; we are getting no support from anyone; we are researching daily; many victims have lost their jobs, their homes, their families, support from their friends and families, and most of all from the lack of care from the medical community at large. They are all waiting for what the CDC finds in their Kaiser Permanente Investigation that has been a long time coming. In the meanwhile, people have been dying from this disease or complications of this disease, or have committed suicide because they no longer are able to fight the daily horrors and pain this horrific disease does to mind and body.”
Mass graves of Mohawk children have been uncovered by ground-penetrating radar at the Mohawk Institute, a residential school for Mohawk operated by the Church of England and the Vatican before its closure in 1970.

According to Rev. Kevin Annett, Secretary of the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and States, the Mohawk Institute was,
“set up by the Anglican Church of England in 1832 to imprison and destroy generations of Mohawk children. This very first Indian residential school in Canada lasted until 1970, and, like in most residential schools, more than half of the children imprisoned there never returned. Many of them are buried all around the school.”
Unearthing mass aboriginal graves
at the Mohawk Institute, Canada Credit: ITCCS.ORG
Preliminary scanning by ground penetrating radar adjacent to the now closed main building Mohawk Institute has revealed that, “between 15-20 feet of soil” was brought in and put over the mass graves just before the Mohawk Institute closed in 1970 in order to camouflage the mass graves of Mohawk Children and avoid prosecution for genocide and crimes against humanity under,
  • the Geneva Conventions
  • the International Criminal Court
  • cooperating national courts
International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and States is expected to commence judicial proceedings starting in late October 2011 in Brussels, Belgium and Dublin, Ireland for child genocide crimes against humanity against defendants,
...both of whom knowingly participated in the planning and cover-up of the child genocide, according to forensic evidence.

The Tribunal sessions were originally to have been held in London, U.K. However, The U.K. government has denied entrance to the Secretary and major jurists and staff of the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and States without cause.

The discovery of the mass graves of Mohawk children, uncovered by ground-penetrating radar at the Mohawk Institute comes on the heels of videotaped evidence by eyewitness William Coombes, who in October 1964 witnessed Elizabeth Windsor, as Head of State of Canada and Head of the Church of England, visit an aboriginal school in Kamloops, British Columbia, choose 10 young aboriginal children, made them kiss her feet, and allegedly took them from the school for a picnic at a lake.

The 10 aboriginal children were never seen again. Mr. Coombes, who was to give evidence at the Tribunal for Crimes of Church and States of Elizabeth Windsor’s child genocide, was murdered in February 2011.
Fortunately, Mr. Coombes’ testimony was videotaped before his death and is available for the Tribunal.

Rev. Kevin Annett states that instruments of torture such as a rack for torturing the Mohawk children in ritual torture have been found at the now closed Mohawk Institute. Eyewitnesses from the Mohawk community have stated they witnessed priests in red robes torturing children in ritual torture.

Rev. Annett made these revelations in an exclusive October 7, 2011 interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre.
In the interview, Rev. Annett acknowledges the close parallels between the October 1964 personal child genocide and possible ritual killings of 10 aboriginal children by Elizabeth Windsor, Head of State of Canada and Head of the Church of England, and the child genocides occurring during the same period at the Mohawk Institute.

These parallels suggest that Elizabeth Windsor, as Head of State and Head of the Church of England was personally aware of, ordered, and participated in this systematic program of genocide and ritual torture and killings at Church of England residential schools operated by the Church of England and the Vatican.

In his interview, Rev. Annett stated that the mainstream Canadian media, as well as the government of Canada, are maintaining a cover-up and media blackout of the discoveries of Mohawk child genocide at the Mohawk Institute.

Interview with Rev. Kevin Annett

Listen to Alfred Lambremont Webre’s interview of Rev. Kevin Annett:

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-   Indict Bilderberger, BC Attorney General, CFRO-FM   -
by Alfred Lambremont Webre
Seattle Exopolitics Examiner
September 29, 2011
from Examiner Website
Tribunal to indict Vancouver Bilderberger Jim Pattison, B.C. Attorney General lawyer, RCMP, CFRO-FM staff for aiding cover-up of Aboriginal child genocide by Elizabeth Windsor, Head of State of Canada, and by The Vatican.
  • Vancouver, B.C. billionaire and Bilderberger Jim Pattison
  • Freya Zaltz, a B.C. Attorney General lawyer infiltrating public radio stations in Canada
  • named RCMP officers aiding and abetting Aboriginal genocide
  • CFRO-FM staff and Board Members, including program director Leela Chinniah,
...for aiding and abetting the cover-up of genocide of First Nations children in Canada by Elizabeth Windsor, Head of State of Canada, and by the Vatican.
The ITCCS Tribunal indictments specifying these crimes are expected to be issued in London, U.K. in October 2011.

In an exclusive interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, Med, Rev. Kevin Annett, Secretary of the ITCCS Tribunal, revealed a chain of forensic evidence establishing a criminal conspiracy by the above-named individuals, all with the intent of aiding and abetting the cover-up of genocide of First Nations ("Native American") children in Canada by Elizabeth Windsor, Head of State of Canada, and by the Vatican.

The mandate of the ITCCS Tribunal, which is headquartered in London, U.K., is,
“to bring to trial those persons and institutions responsible for the exploitation, torture and murder of children, past and present, and to stop these and other criminal actions by church and state.”
Interview with Rev. Kevin Annett, Secretary of the ITCCS Tribunal

Readers can listen to the exclusive interview with Rev. Kevin Annett, Secretary of the ITCCS Tribunal:




Assassination of key witness to murder of First Nations children personally committed by Elizabeth Windsor
In his interview Rev. Annett discusses the evidence the ITCCS Tribunal will be reviewing that Elizabeth Windsor and her consort Prince Philip did in October 1964 participate in the abduction and probable murder of 10 young First Nations children, taken by the Royal Couple using the power of Royal Leave from an Aboriginal residential boarding school in Kamloops, B.C.

These 10 children have never been seen since the abduction by the Royal couple during Elizabeth Windsor’s then state visit to Canada as its head of state.

Key witness William Coombes assassinated

William Coombes, a Canadian Aboriginal, was to have served as a sworn witness International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) session as to crimes of torture, genocide and crimes against humanity personally committed by Elizabeth of Windsor (Queen Elizabeth II) and her consort Prince Philip in Canada in October 1964 at Kamloops, British Columbia.
Eyewitness William Coombes assassinated in cover up
Credits: ITCCS.ORG
In his interview, Rev. Kevin Annett sets out the prima facie evidence for Queen Elizabeth's and Prince Philip's personal involvement in the disappearance and presumed murder of these 10 Aboriginal children abducted by them from a residential school in Kamloops, BC in the period Oct. 5 - 13, 1964 and never seen again in their lives.

According to Rev. Annett’s recitation of the forensic evidence, it appears that William Coombes was assassinated on February 26, 2011 in St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver, BC, by a criminal conspiracy acting on behalf of Elizabeth Windsor and the Vatican to prevent William Coombe's testimony at the October 2011 Session of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State.

On August 9, 2011 Rev. Kevin Annett was detained at Heathrow Airport as he arrived in the U.K. to deliver lectures on the work of the ITCCS Tribunal, and was unlawfully expelled from the U.K. as part of the continuing cover-up of child genocide by Elizabeth Windsor, Head of State of the United Kingdom.

Interview exposes cover-up at public radio stations in Canada

In his exclusive interview, Rev. Annett:
  1. Exposes the underlying intent of a documented effort to get rid of public affairs programming at public radio stations, including his CFRO-FM program Hidden from History at which murdered eyewitness William Coombes was a frequent guest and flag ship public affairs programs like the Monday Brownbagger and Wakeup with Coop and the purging of long time and all progressive talk show hosts;

  2. Exposes the secret actions of Vancouver, B.C. billionaire and Bilderberger Jim Pattison to take over CFRO-FM, a listener sponsored Vancouver public radio station, and enforce the coverup of Aboriginal child genocide by Elizabeth Windsor. Elizabeth Windsor and other monarchs, the City of London Rothschilds, and the Wall Street-based Rockefellers were the prime movers behind and founded the Bilderberger group in 1954 to serve the interests of the British monarchy;

  3. Exposes to expose infiltration of a staff attorney in the BC Attorney General's office into public affairs programming and the Board of Directors of CFRO-FM (Vancouver, B.C.) in order to implement the cover-up of child genocide by Elizabeth Windsor and her consort Prince Philip and implement the purge of public affairs programming and of progressive radio talk show hosts. Criminal co-conspiractor Freya Zaltz of the B.C. Attorney General's office was appointed to the Vancouver Co-op Radio board at its 2010 Annual General Meeting after debate on her appointment was prohibited;

  4. Exposes the unlawful shutdown of CKLN-FM (Toronto) through the same attorney in the B.C Attorney General’s office, who also gave false testimony at a Canadian Federal (Commission for Radio-television and Telecommunications (CRTC) hearing that led to the shut-down of CKLN-FM (Toronto), a public station in Toronto, Ontario and its public affairs programming. Rev. Annett makes the link between CFRO-FM and CKLN-FM to show that there is a larger pattern of shutting down public radio talk shows and stations in Canada;

  5. Exposes to expose the criminal conspiracy and manipulation by Vancouver billionaire and Bilderberger Jim Pattison and by CRFO-FM staff that led the abrogation of CFRO-FM’s members rights and to a right-wing board of directors being installed, and exposes the role of CFRO-FM program director Leela Chinniah in coordinating operational components of the criminal conspiracy to cover up Aboriginal child genocide by Elizabeth Windsor, Head of State of Canada.
 The Catholic Church?
August 20, 2010
from PressTV Website

Press TV interview with international war crimes lawyer Alfred Lambremont Webre.
The Catholic Church is facing pedophilia charges while seven adults have filed lawsuits accusing a California priest of child sex abuse between 1972 and up until 2001.

The plaintiffs, who include six women and one man, say they were abused by father Stephen Kiesle.

They go on to say the Catholic Church has long facilitated the molestation of children by protecting the well-known child molesting priests.

This is the latest of several lawsuits where individuals say the Catholic Church is closing its eyes to sexual abuse of children by priests and church officials. The church has paid out more than 400,000 million dollars to victims of clergy sex abuse.

The following is a transcription with Alfred Lambremont Webre, who is an international lawyer specializing in war crimes.

Mr. Webre shares his insights regarding these types of cases and explains how the Catholic Church has a dark history of satanic sexual abuse, which taints the hierarchal structure of the church from the father all the way up to the Pope.
Press TV: To discuss this scandal further, we are being joined by international lawyer Alfred Lambremont Webre from Vancouver, Canada.

Many thanks for joining us here on Press TV. This case is not an isolated incident. There are reports alleging the current Pope being involved in a massive cover-up for the sake of the Church.

Now with the Vatican's defense being that one cannot prosecute the head of a state, can there be no justice as far as the upper echelons of the church go?

Webre: I think that in this case it's not the Vatican which is being sued here. It's the diocese of Oakland so that this case can go forward. What is very interesting is the evidence in this case which is the lavation file of the accused former priest.

There's a letter in there that bears the signature of the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who is now Pope Benedict XVI and there was a letter to diocese officials in which Ratzinger, the current Pope, said that the arguments for removing the accused priest were quote,
"of grave significance and that the action required careful review and more time."
So in this case we have the evidence with the current pope's own signature that he signed so as to protect this particular priest more and to give it more time.

Now people are saying that this is a pattern of protecting the church from embarrassment. Let's turn this around. Suppose Cardinal Ratzinger, the current pope, was actually running a sexual abuse ring for "satanic worshipers" using Satanism and using sexual abuse. They were actually encouraging sexual abuse by priests on children around the world as part of a "Satanic Ritual."

That's what this looks like to me as a lawyer, as a war crimes lawyer. Actually, the current Pope was covering up satanic rituals of sex abuse within the current Catholic Church, and here we have his signature of "Pope Benedict XVI" (Cardinal Ratzinger) on the letter of Stephen Keiser who's the accused priest. We have his signature and that's the evidence in this case.

They can't plead sovereign immunity because it's the diocese of Oakland that is being sued.

Press TV: The church has paid millions of dollars to victims of clergy sex abuse. Now will the extent of punishment here go just as far as defaulting?

Webre: You know, there is no dollar amount you can really put on the pain and suffering of these individuals and this is really a war crime.

You have a major church, a major institution, which has been committing a fraud against the children of the world, against the families of the world, and maybe a satanic organization in our midst, and has committed war crimes against humanity as that is understood under the various conventions.

So, there is no price here. What exactly was the intent of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger? We know he has Nazi ties from his childhood.

Press TV: Now with such large numbers of lawsuits being filed against members of the Catholic Church, how would you assess its standing with its thousands of worshipers around the world now?

Webre: Well, you know that's a good question.

Because you have a hierarchy that is in serious trouble, and does not want to look at their actions. They are hiding behind improper defenses like sovereign immunity, that it's a state as if it goes back to a decision when they were the Holy Roman Empire. It was the Roman Emperor around 300 AD that marked into the Pope. That is what we have. We have the former Roman Emperor who's now in the Vatican in Rome.

This is a historical fact. And for a religious, ethical and moral leader to hide behind the defense of sovereign immunity on a criminal prosecution of moral turpitude is beyond the pale.

So, whether or not the Roman Catholic Church will survive this crisis, depends on how they are reacting. So far, they are not reacting well. Women have come forward and have wanted to be priests.

They have been rebuffed completely. It appears as though Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (the current Pope) signature is all over the crimes that have been committed here, and as an attorney, I can tell you we have a big case of "Satanism" here with the Robert Picton cases here in Canada.

So, I would say that, investigators should start looking at the Catholic Church as a possible "Satanic Organization."

Press TV: I'm afraid we will have to leave it there. That was international lawyer Alfred Lambremont Webre speaking to us from Vancouver. Many thanks for your insights here on Press TV.