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Former Israeli Security Official: Iran likely involved in Hijacked Flight 370

Former Israeli Security Official: Iran likely involved in Hijacked Flight 370

And if the pilot was coerced?
An Iranian connection would not surprise me at all. Iran is not afraid of Obama. Obama caved to Iran. Iran laughs at the self-congratulating blockhead. No one is afraid of Obama except the RINOs and the GOP.
If Iran is involved, you can be sure they never would have pulled this under Bush.
“Ex-El Al expert: Iran likely involved in MH 370,” By Debra Kamin,  Times of Israel, March 16, 2014 (thanks to Van)
Based on profiling, pilots are unlikely suspects, says Israeli airline’s former security chief; he and other experts believe plane intact
The former security chief for El Al said that the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 points directly to Iran.
Isaac Yeffet, who served as head of global security for Israel’s national carrier in the 1980s and now works as an aviation security consultant in New Jersey, said investigators were correct in honing in on the two fake-passport carrying Iranian passengers on the doomed flight, and they have wasted valuable time by exploring other leads.
“What happened to this aircraft, nobody knows. My guess is based upon the stolen passports, and I believe Iran was involved,” he said. “They hijacked the aircraft and they landed it in a place that nobody can see or find it.”
In the immediate aftermath of the aircraft’s disappearance, which occurred last week during a standard night flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, Malaysian officials and the media were fixated on the story of two Iranians who had made it onto the plane with stolen passports. As the days wore on and the investigation uncovered new and confusing details, with officials admitting that the plane could have traveled for as long as seven hours without radio contact, and that its potential location could be anywhere from northern Kyrgyzstan to the southern Indian Ocean, attention has shifted to the pilots and to far-flung conspiracy theories. This is a misstep, said Yeffet, and one that would not have happened in Israel.
This photo taken Dec. 26, 2011, shows the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER that disappeared from air traffic control screens Saturday, taking off from Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport in France. The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 carrying 239 people lost contact with air traffic control early Saturday morning, March 8, 2014 on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, and international aviation authorities still hadn't located the jetliner several hours later. (photo credit: AP/Laurent Errera)
This photo taken Dec. 26, 2011, shows the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER that disappeared from air traffic control screens Saturday, taking off from Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport in France. The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 carrying 239 people lost contact with air traffic control early Saturday morning, March 8, 2014 on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, and international aviation authorities still hadn’t located the jetliner several hours later. (photo credit: AP/Laurent Errera)
“This would never have happened on an Israeli plane,” says Yeffet. “An El Al aircraft was hijacked for the first and last time in 1968. Since then, there has not been a single flight where security did not check every single name.”
However, it would have taken more than just a pair of Iranians with forged documents, Yeffet said, to pull off such an astonishing crime. “I can’t believe for a second that if these people planned to hijack the aircraft, it was just them,” he said. But based upon the tried-and-true Israeli intelligence strategy of profiling, the pilots, he said, are unlikely suspects.
“We are talking about a captain who is 53 years old, who has worked for Malaysia Airlines for 30 years, and suddenly he became a terrorist? He wanted to commit suicide? If he committed suicide, where is the debris?”
Adding that the captain in question, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, was known to be happily married and comfortably well-off, Yeffet said the profile simply does not fit. “From the United States to China to Japan, everybody is searching for this aircraft or piece of it. And there is no sign. So in my opinion, the aircraft was hijacked. And it was an excellent plan from the terrorists, to land in a place where they can hide the plane and no one can find it.”
A woman wipes her tears after walking out of the reception center and holding area for family and friends of passengers aboard a missing Malaysia Airlines plane, at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Sepang, Saturday, March 8, 2014. (photo credit: AP Photo/Lai Seng Sin)
A woman wipes her tears after walking out of the reception center and holding area for family and friends of passengers aboard a missing Malaysia Airlines plane, at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Sepang, Saturday, March 8, 2014. (photo credit: AP Photo/Lai Seng Sin)
Lt. Col. (Res.) Eran Ramot, a former IAF fighter pilot and the head of aviation research at Israel’s Fisher Institute for Air and Space Strategic Studies, however, drew other conclusions.
“It would be very complicated [for someone other than the pilot to have flown the plane],” Ramot said, based on the stunning revelations that the flight not only made a total U-turn from its planned route but also dipped in between radar points for hours and had all of its tracking systems manually turned off. “It takes somebody that knows how to operate an airplane like this.”
Like Yeffet, Ramot believes the plane was being intentionally flown to a secret location, and he went as far as to say he is holding out hope that the 239 passengers and crew who were on board are still alive.
“We don’t know any better yet,” he said. “One of my theories is that the airplane landed in Bangladesh. It could reach there, it’s very close to Afghanistan. It could have landed on airstrip there, and everybody on board is still alive. It could be done.”
An Indonesian Navy crew member scans the water bordering Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand during a search operation for the missing Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 near the Strait of Malacca on Monday, March 10, 2014. (photo credit: AP/Binsar Bakkara)
An Indonesian Navy crew member scans the water bordering Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand during a search operation for the missing Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 near the Strait of Malacca on Monday, March 10, 2014. (photo credit: AP/Binsar Bakkara)
Asked what would have happened if the plane – which went undetected for hours as it blipped across Malaysian radars – had entered Israeli airspace, Ramot said, “It would not go unnoticed, that’s for sure. Action would have been carried out, the least of which would have been an interception to escort it.”
That doesn’t mean that the Malaysian military wasn’t paying attention, he added. It’s simply that in Israel, the margin for taking chances is significantly reduced.
“It’s a matter of atmosphere,” he said. “Here, every blip on the screen is suspicious because that’s the way we live. That’s our daily program. I can’t imagine they pay as much attention, but if a blip runs wide or runs strange, I would expect them to notice.”
Pini Schiff, one of Israel’s top aviation security experts, said that if there is any comfort that Israelis can take from the story of MH 370, which is proving to be one of the most confounding aviation disasters of all time, it is that it could never happen to a plane flying out of Ben-Gurion International Airport.
“It simply wouldn’t happen at Ben-Gurion,” he said. “The level of security at Ben-Gurion and on all El Al planes is so high, there is nothing more they could do… Nations are not spending billions of dollars the way the Israeli government is protecting Israeli aviation, because the threat against Israeli aviation is so high. What we are doing in Ben-Gurion is an operation that is not being done in any other airport in the world. Not in the United States, not in Britain, not in Germany, not anywhere.”
Like his colleagues, Schiff said that his guess is as good as anyone’s as to the fate of MH 370, but he also believes there’s a good possibility that it has been brought down, intact, on a hidden runway in some far-flung corner of the world.
“It will be found. It may take a month or a year, but eventually, it will be found,” he said. “This aircraft didn’t vanish. It exists somewhere in the world, and it will be found, probably in one piece.”

CT Governor Dannel Malloy to Gun Owners: “You Lost,” Get Over It

CT Governor Dannel Malloy to Gun Owners: “You Lost,” Get Over It

Editor's Note: This post has been updated in the section regarding population. It was due to not hearing the term "fewer" from Governor Malloy. Thanks to Chip for pointing that out. Our apologies.
As Connecticut is in the midst of a very serious situation regarding guns and gun registration, Governor Dannel Malloy attended a town meeting this week to address constituents at John Barry Elementary School in Meriden, Connecticut. During that event, a pro-gun citizen, who has opposed the legislation signed into law by Malloy, which requires gun owners to register their semi-automatic rifles and high-capacity magazines or be considered felons, asked how Malloy could push legislation that is against law abiding gun owners while abolishing the death penalty and offered early release for violent criminals. Malloy's answer was not to point to the State Constitution, but to point to the people's desire to "feel safe." In that respect, he told the questioner that the legislation regarding gun registration had gone through each branch of government and "your side lost." In essence, Malloy said, "Get over it."
Malloy told a constituent who asked about the constitutionality of the gun registration law, "One court has already decided… courts are where the constitutionality of these things are decided."
"You've thrown that term around," Malloy said with a smirk, speaking of the term "constitutional." "It's gone to the court, and guess what? You lost."
Video provided courtesy of Palin Smith
The governor attempted to equate driver's licenses, background checks to get on an airplane, and background checks to obtain a gun with the right to keep and bear arms, which is explicit in the Connecticut State Constitution (Article 1, Section 15) and the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.
However, there are no caveats here. The Connecticut constitution is clear that people have that right and that nothing has to be done, as far as government is concerned, to exercise that right. Would that not include mandatory gun registration?
He then spoke about the people acting in a republican form of government decided the matter. While the people most definitely determined their elected officials, those officials are not to go against what is clear in their own constitution, and they are not to create ex post facto laws, such as the gun registration legislation which is at the heart of the debate. The fact that Malloy claims, "the legislature decided you could keep it" ought to be just as disturbing in this matter. Since when does the government in the United States determine whether or not you can keep your property? Do you get the implications? Malloy thinks the state grants you your rights, not God.
While the claim is true that those who purchased a weapon that was identified in the new legislation could keep their guns, the additional measure of registering it becomes a point of controversy. As I pointed out in a prior article, Branford Police Officer Joseph Peterson made it clear why registration was necessary: "So they know who's got them (sic) that's what the purpose is (sic)."

The only reason to want to know who owns those particular guns, is for later confiscation, nothing more.
Malloy then puts the blame for the law on the citizens, stating that they thought it best to make them safe. The question should be asked of Malloy, how does gun registration make anyone safe, seeing that no criminal will register their guns? Just how does that work? The truth is, it doesn't.
The questions posed were, "Since you've been governor, how could you abolish the death sentence in Connecticut, making it a 'killer's paradise," create a program that allows violent offenders the ability to get out of prison early, letting them run free on the streets with citizens before their time; cutting funding by hundreds of millions of dollars, with at least $25 million of that being taken away from mental health programs; such programs could identify and prevent another Sandy Hook and Adam Lanza? So by coddling and rewarding prisoners, you have turned around your wrath to the legal gun owners of the state, not realizing that legal gun owners could be the ones that could actually stop the next mass murder, since no one commits a serious crime with a police officer standing there. So how do you respond to this total turn around, as well as unconstitutional laws against law abiding gun owners while skirting around the real issues of the heinous crimes that were committed in this state?"
Malloy, attempting to belittle the man posing the questions, said, "I think you have a view," and added that sometimes those views "don't reflect reality."
He then erected a strawman, by claiming that the man's question and statement indicated that Connecticut's crime rate is higher in 2014 than it was in 2010. Of course, that was not the point of the man's question to Governor Malloy.
However, Malloy did toss out some "statistics" regarding his claim. He then made the bold proclamation, "Connecticut is safer today than it has been in 46 years. We've had fewer crimes committed in Connecticut in 2013 than we did going back 46 years, but actually when you adjust it for rate of crime, it goes back even further than that."
Malloy claims the state population was 600,000 fewer 46 years ago. According to CensusScope, the total population for Connecticut in 1960, eight years prior to Malloy's claim, was 2,535,234. In 1970, just two years following Malloy's claim, the population had grown to 3,032,217. According to 2013-2014 numbers, the total population for Connecticut is 3,574,097. (This is an update to the previous version of the article in which I misunderstood Malloy's claim that the population was 600,000 "fewer," not 600,000.)
Malloy continues to mischaracterize the man's question by stating that if he believed his statement, there "must be a plethora of murders taking place in our state."
The governor then goes on to claim, "Murders, for only the fourth time in forty years, were below 100 people."
According to murder statistics for the "Constitution State," Connecticut has seen murders under 100 on three occasions from 1974 to 2012. I don't have 2013 statistics to verify, but the Courant agrees with Malloy's claim that 2013 saw the number of murders under 100 (they cite 97). That would make this claim true.
However, that is the only year in the Malloy administration that has taken place. In fact, when you look at national average of violent crime and murder, you can see a drop almost across the board, but the question must be asked, "What are those declining rates attributed to? Are they attributed to legislation or more citizens being armed?" That is another topic for sure, so I suggest reading the real numbers on the issue here.
When taking into account Malloy's claim about 2013, keep in mind that the prior year saw what took place at Sandy Hook. The total number of murders was 146, up 17 from 2011 when Malloy took office. Now keep in mind that immediately following Sandy Hook, there was a run on guns and ammunition, so much so that shelves were emptied. This was brought on by the Obama administration pushing for more unconstitutional restrictions on guns and the State of Connecticut doing the same, even amidst opposition, including parents of those that attended Sandy Hook. If you are a thinking person in this, you would have to come to the conclusion that more guns in the hands of law abiding citizens were what brought the murder rate down, not legislation and not Governor Malloy.
Malloy erected the strawman that if he believed the questions posed to him, it would lead him to believe violent offenders are doing less time in prison. That isn't even the issue. He makes comparisons to other administrations and how they have dealt with sentencing. The question posed was how could he do it? How could he release violent criminals onto the streets before their time was up?
What Malloy doesn't address is the fact that New Haven, Connecticut is listed as number 8 on a 2012 FBI report describing violent crime, murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault. And the state's capital city of Hartford is consistently above the national average in regards to violent crime. In 2012 it was three times higher than the national average.
Yet, Malloy claims that the people are "safer" under his administration and says the statistics back that up. Again, why are they safer? Is it because of his administration or the people arming themselves? I'll let you be the judge.
Instead of actually answering the questions posed to him, Malloy seems to be doing nothing more than a song and dance, deflecting from the real questions and honest answers that should have been given. His answers, in my opinion, are nothing more than smoke and mirrors.
Governor Malloy attempted to claim that suicide attempts were more likely to be successful in a home that had guns. I don't doubt that, but it is irrelevant to the issue. Will Governor Malloy be giving up his guns or the guns of those that provide security to him at his home, because one day he might get suicidal? I'm guessing not.
Malloy's claim about strengthening laws about keeping guns under lock and key are worthless as well. I don't mind the sentiment that if you have multiple weapons that they are stored properly, especially if little ones are in your home. However, for it to be mandated by the state, does not then make it a reality. Second, a locked up gun is of no use when you are in need of it.
Finally, the issue of mental health came up. I've told you from day one, when conservatives came out pushing the entire "mental health" issue regarding guns, that it was a mistake, and they fell right in the trap that was laid for them. You are now giving government the ability to define who is and who is not mentally healthy enough to possess a gun. Many of our veterans, who fought to preserve liberty, the same liberty we speak of to keep and bear arms, are having their guns taken from them due to the ridiculous push for government to interject itself into the issue of mental health.
Malloy is right about one thing, when it comes to this law, the side of liberty lost. Now, it appears liberty lovers are demanding a best 2 out of 3. We'll see what happens in 2014 as a floundering Malloy will be going up against gubernatorial candidate Joe Visconti.
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Lawmaker: Obama responding with 'crickets' to GOP healthcare ideas

Lawmaker: Obama responding with 'crickets' to GOP healthcare ideas

Rep. Tim Griffin (R-Ark.) said Monday that President Obama is still ignoring Republican proposals to meet and discuss healthcare ideas, months after he called on opponents of ObamaCare to bring him ideas on how to improve the law.

Griffin and 33 other House Republicans wrote Obama a letter in December that include several ideas to improve the healthcare system. The letter was sent just days after Obama said, "If you've got good ideas, bring them to me."
But Griffin said Monday that 97 days have passed since the letter was sent, and that Obama has still not answered.

"In the wake of ObamaCare's numerous failures, President Obama said in December that if Republicans had better healthcare reform ideas, they should say so," Griffin said. "So it's puzzling that our request for a meeting to discuss ideas has been met with only crickets.

"I hope President Obama means what he keeps saying and will meet with us. It's not too late for a fresh start, so we can get real health care reform right."

The GOP letter recommended nine changes, including letting health insurance companies compete across state lines, creating a tax incentive to buy health in surname, and expanding health savings accounts.

The letter also called for more transparent medical billing, letting small businesses pool their coverage, and capping attorney fees to help crack down on frivolous medical lawsuits.

Republicans have stepped up their attacks against ObamaCare in March. Last week, the House voted again to delay the individual health insurance mandate, and easily passed bills to expand ObamaCare requirements for religious people, veterans and volunteer firefighters

U.S. Ambassador to Israel to visit the tunnel "Hamas" .. dub corridor to carry out "terrorist operations"

U.S. Ambassador to Israel to visit the tunnel "Hamas" .. dub corridor to carry out "terrorist operations"
Friday 10/18/2013 - 0:17
Hamas tunnel leading from Gaza to Israel
Visited the U.S. ambassador to Israel, "Dan Shapiro," last Thursday tunnel movement "Hamas" leading from the Gaza Strip into Israel, and said in a statement to the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv, the newspaper reported, "The Jerusalem Post," Israel, that the visit "Shapiro" show support for the United States to the security of Israel and its right to defend itself.

He said, "Shapiro" in the statement: "I was shocked that I saw in the tunnel, it is clear that this tunnel has only one purpose, that is, carry out terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians as well as soldiers of the Israeli army."

And claimed that Israeli military sources, it was probably the target of the tunnel to attack Israeli soldiers or kidnapped, or transmission of what it called terrorists from Gaza into Israel; to commit atrocities against civilians in villages and border towns, and the Israeli army announced Sunday the discovery of a tunnel with a length of 1.7 km.

Double Agent "symbolic" of life: we arranged to meet with al-Zawahiri's speech Dagestani police arrested him ... and a bribe of 40 thousand dollars returned to Afghanistan

Double Agent "symbolic" of life: we arranged to meet with al-Zawahiri's speech Dagestani police arrested him ... and a bribe of 40 thousand dollars returned to Afghanistan
Speaking double agent «symbolic» in this episode «boredom» he felt after the end of «jihad» Bosnian, and how he went to Afghanistan to train at Camp «Abu kindergarten Syrian» in Jalalabad, then moved to Azerbaijan, where he worked under the cover of the relief. Reveals a «symbolic» role in the rescue of Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, who was arrested in Dagestan as he tried to reach Chechnya, and says he paid a bribe of $ 40 thousand for the Dagestani police that they want 100 thousand without knowing that the detainee has is al-Zawahiri. Speaks «symbolic» in detail about the war in Chechnya and the role of the commander of the Mujahideen there «speech» and the pursuit of Osama bin Laden to open new fronts against the Russians.
> Mentioned that you lived with Sheikh Khalid Bin (Khalid Sheikh Mohammed engineer attacks of September 11 / September 2001) period in Bosnia. Is was fighting with you?
- Stayed with us three months there, we did not realize what his role, was close to the leaders of the Mujahideen Brigade. It seems that his role was to identify the talents of the Mujahideen, because he was leading from the leaders of the global jihad. And his brother, James the son of Sheikh was also of the leaders of the Mujahideen who were killed in Afghanistan in 1987 and his cousin was Ramzi Yousef, who carried out the World Trade Center attack in New York in 1993, where a truck bomb killed six people and injured nearly a thousand. Not only Sheikh Khalid bin, many of the future leaders of al Qaeda have been with us in Bosnia.
> Secretary-General for «Hezbollah» Hassan Nasrallah said recently that «Hezbollah» also participated in the fighting in Bosnia and Herzegovina, do you remember that?
- This is not true. I spent about 15 months there I did not see any fighter Lebanese Shiite belongs to «Hezbollah» there.
> Can not be sent «Hezbollah» fighters before you go to Bosnia or after discharge from them?
- Not before and not after I came out I went, I did not hear from the fighters there on the presence of guerrillas or Lebanese Shiites in Bosnia. I drove out after the end of the war and the signing of the Dayton Agreement. And the Secretariat of historical there were two IRGC (Iranian) pursuant advisers to the Bosnian army and they were not with us forward in military aid. But the weapons that provided was corrupt and was the «RPG» who came from Iran due to malfunction damaged fins, it launched shells to the north and right and do not hit the target, but on the contrary it was our place to attract the enemy to bomb us. And you can ask any fighter who fought in Bosnia about the corruption of those weapons. Even the shots were not bad off. Many young people have been killed because of the corruption of the weapon.
> How do you know that this is a corrupt Iranian arms?
- There were the writings of Persian and it was those weapons comes from the Bosnian army (which gets them from Iran).
> How was the fate of the remaining Arab mujahideen in Bosnia?
- Set up projects, restaurants, shops and Butcher married, and after the death of Alija Izetbegovic raised their protection was withdrawn nationalities and a number of them deported.
> How did you feel after you exit and return to your home country?
- I came back to my country and I stayed in it for about 15 days, during which I felt bored. Did not get used in my country. I felt strange in the national. I lived in Bosnia 15 months, and this experience changed me completely. I could see the daily killing and blood and tragedies and massacres. Life is completely different. How can I go back to a previous life normal and to study and play football, shopping and talking about cars and so on? I could not cope and return to my previous life. I felt completely empty, and that this life is empty of any meaning. Bosnia changed me and changed my identity. I felt that the previous life-trivial empty of any meaning and have no meaning or value. I felt a return to the national I came out of heaven and came down to earth. I felt that the people around me can not Fahmi. My old friends was telling me that you changed your eyes and you suggest in the forties. Become serious and bigger than my age. I was 17 years old, but I felt I was different and they bring the nation and the Muslim minorities and Islamic stomata. I feel that I have to help the Muslims and the fighting on their side.
> Talking here about «jihad». What is the real jihad has fulfilled the conditions?
- Jihad is the occupiers and invaders.
> Before we move on to talk about your experience in Afghanistan, have you considered that Jihad colleagues of those who fought against the Soviets there is Jihad Mostofi conditions?
- Yes, like the jihad against the Serbs, and the Palestinian jihad against Israel.
> What about the Afghans currently fighting against the Americans - Is Jihad Mostofi right conditions?
- Of the provisions of the Jihad also know that with the struggling. So I think that Bosnia Jihad Jihad was right because we were fighting under the command of the Bosnian army. Our goal was to defend the lives of defenseless Muslims, at the same time we did not separate from the battalion because the Bosnian army battalion was among the Mujahideen Corps seventh Muslim. There was a pyramid leading up to the President of the Republic. We were not independent was not our goal to change the lifestyle of the Bosnians, there was no imposition of the veil, and there was no break down of places selling alcohol or penalties for violations of legitimacy because they were considered the main job to defend the Muslims only. They are advocates, not judges and executioners. The issue is not only that of struggling against, but is struggling with who? Jihad has a right to two conditions: first, the enemy of jihad gas is clear and explicit, and second, within the system of the legitimacy of jihad by consensus by the people of the country and its scholars. There must be a consensus goal is clear and explicit, such as fighting against Qassam English and fight the Afghan people against the Soviets. Do not just look at who is your enemy, but look at who they are comrades in arms. If comrades in arms of the followers of the radical Takfirism This is not jihad. Are we behead civilians because they only offenders to the opinions of the Mujahideen? This negates the principle of Jihad. Jihad guys and weapons must be intellectually enlightened young away from extremism and they have a sense of non-human extremism and impose a strict interpretation of Sharia law. Because if they did so to go against his advice and says to His Messenger (peace be upon him) in Surah Al-Imran (though I was rough and the heart to shake around you). Not one wonders why people adjourned for «Al-Qaeda» in Iraq? The answer is because they are starting to cut off the fingers of smoking in the province of Anbar, Mosul, and this was ordered by God not in the Quran or Sunnah.
> What did you do after you return to your home country?
- I lived in my two weeks, I was bored and I started thinking about my options in the future, whether to go back to the classroom? Or work? Our inability I and comrades in arms of the Mujahideen of Bosnia to cope in our society led us to rally around each other and think about what we are doing. There have been suggestions to search for another place for the resumption of the jihad. We were looking for «a new market for the Commission», as we call it at the time. «Market paradise in Bosnia» closed, is there a new market? «Market paradise in Chechnya» also closed. I wanted to go there, but the Russians closed the border in the form of an arbitrator, and put forty thousand troops on the border, and that the son of the commander of the Mujahideen speech there was not any Mujahid accept only if it has a high level of training. I spoke with a young and expressed my desire to go to Afghanistan. Was to provide me with a phone number «Abu Saeed Kurdish» official added in Peshawar to join «Camp Abu kindergarten Syrian». I got a visa to Pakistan and then traveled to Afghanistan where he was «Abu Saeed Kurdish» official added waiting for me. Not vice-principal in charge of «Palestinian Abu Zubaydah» present in the additive when I got it. The official added the job at that time was greeted at the airport in Peshawar, the Mujahideen and the provision of housing and the interview was friendly and get to know the experience of struggling, purpose and quality of training who wishes received and how long it will stay in Afghanistan, where the jihadist previous experience. Because of experiences to identify jihadist and acquaintance and communication with fellow Mujahideen facilitate the official added recognition to the personal newcomer and relieve him from probation to see how religious commitment and knowledge of the extent to which that person poses a threat to the organization and the jihadist camps. I had my previous jihad in Bosnia and Kurdish to know my colleagues who fought with me in Bosnia, which facilitated me things. At that time I was not a member of al-Qaeda, but I was only a member of what I call «jihadist movement» because Osama bin Laden was at that time in Sudan, and that was in the beginning of 1996. And by virtue of my experience jihadist shortened duration of my stay in the additive, and then moved through the gate between Pakistan and of Afghanistan to Camp Abu kindergarten in the village of «Dorenta» near the city of Jalalabad. There are courses that were surveyed by offering courses such as mortars, tanks and Grad rockets, maps, ambushes and fighting and cut supply lines and other and I stayed there for four months from January (January) to April of the year 1996.
> How was camp in Afghanistan during that period?
- In the region of Jalalabad, there were two camps, the first camp of the Islamic Party of Afghanistan's Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the leader of the party and it was called Camp «Abu kindergarten Syrian» who was followed for young Arabs who were fighting with Hekmatyar. The Islamic Party of about 10 thousand fighters, including nearly fifty Arab fighters. Hekmatyar was at war with the President of Afghanistan Burhanuddin Rabbani and his defense minister, Ahmed Shah Massoud for control of Kabul. Internal strife and civil war between the three totally destroyed Kabul. In spite of the small number of Arab fighters in that period, but they were divided among themselves into two camps. Abu kindergarten Syrian camp was located on a hill beside the dam water to Jalalabad and so named on the name of a Syrian Arab Mujahideen who rejected the idea of ​​Osama bin Laden that there is a rift between the Mujahideen because of the conflict between Afghan politicians. Abu kindergarten Syrian rejected this idea, and it was believed that Hekmatyar on the right and he must stand by his side. The Abu kindergarten asks young Arabs continue to fight alongside Hekmatyar because it was believed that the Islamic state will assess Hekmatyar and Rabbani and Massoud Manafaqan. Abu kindergarten Syrian was killed in 1993 in the battles between the forces of the Islamic Party and the Afghan government. I joined the team Abu Syrian kindergarten. Second camp in Jalalabad was not far more than a hundred meters from the camp of Abu kindergarten and was called Camp Abu Maaz Aljosta, a Jordanian of Palestinian origin, he was famous owner of the largest Sharp in Afghanistan, which also killed in late 1994 in the battles as well. In the form of a camp in Abu kindergarten in the area Dorenta was larger and better funded.
> Who would have funded those camps?
- The funding comes from a Syrian and was named «Abu Riad Syrian», in addition to funding from the jihadist community in America. Funding was between 10 to 15 thousand dollars a month, a large sum at that time in Afghanistan. The donations were also come from employees of the camp. Each member of the former camp was while returning to his homeland sends aid and aid was up to about 50 thousand dollars a month. Camp commander at that time was Mohammed Noor Algerian Add to Moroccan Salah al-Din, who was one of the princes of the camp and was a Moroccan holds U.S. citizenship.
The camp, Abu Maaz Aljosta was less funding, but in terms of armament they have tanks and armored vehicles of the Afghan army Gnmoha government. I was in the camp of Abu kindergarten and despite the fact that both camps were were fighting under the banner of the Islamic party unified, however, their inability to agree on a unified command for them to split. There were two things unite the two camps, namely that they needed each other. When Young was Abu kindergarten need to be trained on the T-62 tank and armored «BMB» Russian were going to Camp Abu Maaz Aljosta to train under the leadership of Abu Muhjin Algerian who was leading the camp. When he wants young people to receive lessons Abu Maaz legitimacy they went up to Camp Abu kindergarten to take advantage and listen to lectures Abu Abdullah Muhajir, an Egyptian sheikh important.
Go to Chechnya
One of the leaders at that time there is a Moroccan Salah al-Din View Go to Chechnya, and has already traveled in April 1996 from Karachi to Baku in Azerbaijan to move then to the territory of Chechnya, Dagestan through. Azerbaijan was at the time a failed state in every sense of the word. There was a person named «Abu Anas Tunisian» waiting for me, but because of the closure of the road to Chechnya offered me to join them in the office of Al-Haramain Foundation, especially because I I possess the expertise of administrative, regulatory, and the Al-Haramain charity at the time a residential villas (in Baku). And by chance found there three comrades in arms from Bosnia someone from Kuwait and the other is a Saudi named «Abu martyr east» from Dammam was killed in the U.S. bombing of the camp «Ansar al-Islam» in Kurdistan in March 2003 which at the beginning of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, and this camp was based Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who has repeatedly met him in Afghanistan.
> What was the mission of the Office of the Two Holy?
- Our mission in the Office of the Al-Haramain was meet the demands of the mujahideen fighters in Chechnya.
> What is the quality of these applications?
- They come to us and requests for written communication devices and equipment, food and blankets, batteries, oil lanterns, books and stationery, and copies of the Koran and money. We send hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations of AHF. The director of the office called the Jordanian Sheikh Abu Hamza al-Shaykh al-Albani of students. Was led by Chechen fighters speech Eptaon arms of the Russian army. At that time, the Russian soldier salary $ 20 a month but does not possess the Russian government under the leadership of Boris Yeltsin, the cash to pay the salaries of the soldiers were receiving their salary from these crops, broccoli, cabbage, were selling weapons to Muslim fighters to get the money. Russia was bankrupt Yeltsin days, and thousands of Russian soldiers killed in the war because of their lack of military training, and many have been surrendered to the Chechen fighters for food. We were running operations edit videos and news that comes from the speech. It was a golden age for them, and there were humane in dealing with prisoners. Because of their humanity and the good treatment of prisoners of the Russians safest around 20 Russian soldiers, and the speech itself distributes clothing to the prisoners. We arrange applications and equip trucks crossing the Dagestani territory to the territory of Chechnya to the lack of a common border between Azerbaijan and Chechnya, therefore, must be truckers Dagustanyen. During that time I learned that you speak Russian fluently. Demand was requested by President Hu's speech «mayonnaise». He loves mayonnaise and asks in large quantities.
> Why mayonnaise in particular?
- Speech was thought to be filled with mayonnaise proteins that help the Mujahideen to fight and survive and endure the cold and rugged mountains. Therefore, it was mujahideen in Chechnya mix mayonnaise with rice and other food.
> How was your relationship with the government of Azerbaijan?
- Was good and there were photographs, one security and the other political Azorona in the Holy Office and in the circumstances we were Nslmanma closed between 30 to 40 thousand dollars a month in order to Agdha party completely from our operations. Political official was received forty thousand dollars and the security official 30 thousand dollars a month.
(For information only)
> Who are these two men?
- Was a political official (....) t. C. And was considered a very important figure in the government, a friend of director of intelligence in Azerbaijan was also received 30 000 dollars. Azerbaijani intelligence was known to us and they themselves come to the office to collect the money. We push them from the Al-Haramain Foundation donations, which closed in 2004, accusing it of financing terrorism.
> How do you just fund purchases and requests for Chechen fighters and where you are available to supply materials that you send to them?
- Turkey and the domestic market and Europe.
> Is it possible that Western intelligence services and the Russian did not Tlhzkm?
- No, the «KGB» was in transition and chaos.
> How was the relationship with al-Qaeda fighters, Chechnya and speech?
- Go by bin Laden to Sudan visited us Ayman al-Zawahiri in Azerbaijan at the end of the month from 6 in 1996. Zawahri was willing to go into Chechnya. This was the first time I met them Bazawahri, and frankly not impressed by his personality, he was arrogant. By virtue of its importance and position in the «Al-Qaeda» and Egyptian Islamic Jihad have arranged the meeting with his speech. Speech was not keen to meet him, never. There was a severe allergy among the Mujahideen Egyptians and Saudis Mujahideen, were not there any affection between the two parties, especially toward the jihadists Cairo or «jihadists Imbaba» as we call them. During a visit to Azerbaijan Zawahiri we have coordinated with the Dagestani young man who was driving our trucks and we gave him $ 10 thousand dollars to bribe the soldiers on the border, but while trying to cross the border Zawahiri was arrested and refused police official taking a bribe.
> Do you know the jailers that he was al-Zawahiri?
- No, no one knows, and we tried not to give him great importance to hide his position because they would ask if they knew its importance largest bribe. After negotiations with the police station Dagestani paid 40 000 dollars instead of 100 thousand dollars for his release. Until we were able to release al-Zawahiri spent about seven weeks in prison Dagestan. During that period, isolated from the world, during which he did not know that Osama bin Laden out of Sudan. After his release he went to Afghanistan and joined bin Laden there. During the period of incarceration strengthened relationship Zawahiri Russian mafia and we were told that he was able to buy his relations across the three Russian nuclear bombs were transferred to Afghanistan. (Talk about another episode in the story of the allegations in relation to «nuclear bombs Qaeda»).
> Do you support bin Laden's second war in Chechnya?
- Yes, and there was someone from the followers of bin Laden named Sayf al-Din al-Ghamdi the task of coordination between the «Al-Qaeda» and speech. Chechnya's first war lasted from between 1994 to 1996 and ended with the signing of Chechen President timer Zlam Khan Yandarbiyev peace treaty with Russian President Boris Yeltsin, under which enjoys autonomy Chechnya is independent within the Russian Federation. After the elections were held and won by Aslan Maskhadov. Settled speech in Chechnya and the form of cooperation with Shamil Basayev legitimate bodies and Astqtaboa Dagestani youth and trained them and sent them to fight Russian soldiers in Dagestan. Began provoking the Russians, despite the peace agreement that provides for the use of not allowing the territory of Chechnya as a base for military operations against the Russians. Dagestanis harassment coming from Chechnya, the Russians paid to do a military campaign strong security and fighting took place between the two parties and when he was defeated Aldagustaon they withdraw to the territory of Chechnya, but the Russians did not Itbauhm for fear of a second Chechnya.
At the end of 1997 got a big battle where he entered the speech and participate in collaboration with the mujahideen to Dagestan and went to a Russian base and blew up about 60 tanks, and fought pitched battles between the two sides killed about 100 Russian soldiers. To avenge the Russians attacked five villages in Dagestan, a Muslim, which was outside the scope of the federal government of Russia. Then spread operations and assassinations of police and collaborators with the Russians and the number of Chechen fighters in Dagestan, however, rejected the Russians to intervene, and they were pushing on the Shamil Basayev to prevent Chechen fighters from attacking the Russians, already ordered Shamil Basayev fighters not to carry out any other military activities. Here began the support bin Laden's speech because he was planning to open a front against the Russians in the north of Afghanistan and Tajikistan to fill the Russians in the north. He wants to open a front in Uzbekistan, and it was felt that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan should be expanded to include Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and other Therefore Hamza al-Ghamdi sent there to discuss the possibility open fronts there.
In contrast, Farouk Mohammed Taher Taher Jean, head of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, sends its youth for training in Afghanistan. In 1999 arrived (Vladimir) Putin to the Russian prime minister and then got a number of bombings in Russian cities targeted buildings inhabited by Russian soldiers and their families, and subsequently outfitted his army to attack Putin Chechen fighters and start a war against them. In that period, spread theories in the Western press says Putin is that the processes in order to find a compelling reason to return to Chechnya. And their information was based on information a dissident Russian spy. 's.Who died a mysterious disease, and everyone Believe it seems that information. The war lasted five months to get to Grozny, and this all happened after I started my work in intelligence. At the end of 1999 - after the beginning of the second Chechen war four months - I went to the house of Abu Qatada in London, told me: «good you're here because we will connect Abu Saeed Kurdish demands to see the Mujahideen in Chechnya». The Abu Said Kurdi has moved from Pakistan to Tbilisi in Georgia in 1998 to support the efforts of the mujahideen in Chechnya. We were five people in the house «Abu Qatada». During the telephone conversation asked Abu Said Are you the impact that Putin is chosen from the time of the confrontation by virtue of it carried out the bombings and Athmkm it? Said Abu Saeed Abu Qatada: Who told you that Putin had carried out the bombings? We planned and carried out the process ». He said Abu Saeed Kurdish: «Takibna military combat units that had attacked Muslim villages in Dagestan late 1997 Antqmana them, our plans for that process throughout the year and a half after Takibna units on the borders of Chechnya». Of the process is carried out and his speech and with the approval of Shamil Basayev and his group! Imagine destroyed the whole of the Republic in order to take revenge! But the science of Aslan Maskhadov was not aware of the process.
> What was the reaction of Abu Qatada that information?
- Said: You are knowledgeable Bmarkim.
> Do you have brought this information to the operators you?
- Yes brought the information to the device and asked me to re-every word uttered by Abu Said Kurdi. And then they said we made a serious mistake because we raised recommendations to the political leadership says that Putin is masterminded the attack.
> What do you think: Is the jihad in Chechnya terrorism?
- I think in the beginning it was not terrorism, I mean the first war in Chechnya, but things are different in the second war. In the first war, which lasted from 1994 to 1996 Chechen Republic declared independence and ravaged by the Russians and there was a full consensus on fighting the invaders. Thus, conditions are achieved which we talked we talked to them in the jihad in Bosnia, two civil Mujahideen and check consensus on fighting. President Dudayev was killed guided missile launched by a Russian fighter-bombers. Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev was also killed. The two leaders enjoy credibility and popularity. Aslan Maskhadov and the third president of the Republic of Chechnya, one of the biggest leaders of Chechen fighters was elected by his people. This achieves consensus. On the other hand I can not launch the name of Jihad on the second Chechen war, which began in 1999, and continuing to now, because there are fighters have committed egregious errors, most notably that they provoked the Russians.
> How much stayed in Azerbaijan and why she left?
- I stayed four months, during which I felt bored. I felt I was a bureaucrat, but I learned many things on top of important administrative jihadist organizations, and cover the work of jihad relief, but boredom and bureaucracy Dfana to exit and return to Afghanistan.

Rare agreement between Al-Azhar and the Vatican and the Church of England Anti-Slavery

Rare agreement between Al-Azhar and the Vatican and the Church of England Anti-Slavery

United-Azhar and the Catholic Church and the Church of England on Monday in calling for an end modern-day slavery in 20 years in what is rarely an agreement between the religions.
Al-Azhar, issued a joint statement on Churches establish a "global network of freedom" which was announced in a joint statement that its own "physical and economic exploitation and sexual abuse of men, women and children" to make 30 million people in the world trapped in slavery.
In addition to agreeing on a global day of prayer for victims of slavery, it was agreed to "cleanse all supply activities and private investment institutions, three of slavery and to take remedial action if necessary," and put pressure on governments and companies to do the same thing.

Turki al-Faisal, criticizes Obama's policy in Syria and Bahrain is the protection of Iranian interference

Turki al-Faisal, criticizes Obama's policy in Syria and Bahrain is the protection of Iranian interference

Established in: 10/23/2013 14:25:32
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Newspaper Observatory: Shen Saudi prince, Turki al-Faisal, an unprecedented attack on the performance of the U.S. administration about the zone files, saying that President Barack Obama is acting toward Syria in a "deplorable," and considered that the disarmament deal chemical form a way out of his pledges implementation of a military strike, He also criticized the "open arms" to Iran, and considered it believes that Riyadh would accept a takeover of Bahrain "and the most important."
Said Prince Turki al-Faisal, who took over the presidency of the Saudi intelligence and served as ambassador in Riyadh and Washington, during a lecture he gave Conference Arabic - U.S. Tuesday that the first case, which means Saudi Arabia towards Iran is a necessity to the lack of a nuclear weapon.
He said al-Faisal, in his lecture lengthy saying: "Iranian leadership has taken since coming to power stance confrontational with the international community, at a time when Saudi Arabia under the auspices of the Two Holy Mosques, making it the location of the leadership of the Islamic world, Iran has itself it is not the leader of the Shiite minority in the Islamic world only , but for all those interested in the revolutionary Islamists to confront the West. "
He continued by saying: "Saudi Arabia concerned with two things linked to Iran, the first not to get Tehran to a nuclear weapon, and therefore calls to make the Middle East free of nuclear weapons, which means the need to abandon Iran and Israel about it, calling to the umbrella support economic and political states that decide Participation in this project, in parallel with the military to impose sanctions on countries that seek to possess weapons of mass destruction. "
He warned al-Faisal that sanctions alone "will not deter the Iranian leadership is trying to acquire nuclear weapons" and said he is aware of the disastrous consequences of a military strike against Tehran, but - unfortunately - the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who "watching the performance deplorable President Obama in Syria has carried out a strike on its own, has welcomed the Iranian leadership, but a similar strike may push towards it, "he said, adding:" After talking to a spiritual Almsaul Obama opened his arms and his Vsaagaf Iranian people certainly behind his leadership. "
Abizaid and the Saudi prince said: "The second thing, which means Saudi Arabia, it is Tehran's efforts to intervene in countries with a Shiite majority, such as Bahrain and Iraq, as well as in countries where Shi'ite minorities, such as Kuwait, Lebanon, Yemen, adding that his country will stand firm against any intervention Iranian in the internal affairs of those countries. "
He said al-Faisal said any move to help the "liberation of Iran from the clutches of the militants in the circle surrounding the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and the Revolutionary Guards will bring stability to the region," but warned at the same time that the "forces of darkness in Qom and Tehran rooted firmly," and expressed concern that "shatter flowery words of a spiritual rock hardening Khamenei, as happened with former presidents, Mohammad Khatami and Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. "
He warned al-Faisal that Lebanon is on the brink of civil war with the continuation of Hezbollah, the application of his own agenda, "without any regard for law and order and is ready to risk the grounds on which the Lebanese system as a whole in order to prevent the collapse of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria and stop the course of the work of the International Tribunal for consideration of in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. "
Al-Faisal stressed that Saudi Arabia "believes in the necessity of enforcing the law in Lebanon and support all efforts to stop Hezbollah intervention in Syria and bring leaders suspected of involvement in the assassination of Hariri to the court."
And about Syria's Al-Faisal said: "We must take power from the hands of the Assad regime and his machine repressive, but if the international community wants to continue the massacres. That way defective approved across the world to grant immunity to the butcher is a stain on his forehead. Said shame help Assad haunt Russia and China , The Iranian leadership Faihb being tried in the International Criminal Court because of the atrocities in Syria ".
He said al-Faisal: "play put the arsenal of chemical weapons Syria under international supervision was considered very funny that were not ridiculous clearly and made ​​a way that does not give Mr. Obama's chances of decline (for military action), but also help Assad to slaughter his people, if you thought that the lyrics ( Foreign Minister) John Kerry, which allowed Russia to move was a slip of the tongue, You do not know nothing. "
He believed that al-Faisal al-Assad to prevent the use of the machine, including the murder weapon hit the air and military control centers, "is the only way which allows to reach an agreement through peaceful negotiation." And went to the American leadership, saying: "Why do you stand on the promise of support for the Syrian opposition with weapons after the promises made ​​publicly Kerry and Obama? Tdlon why these statements, which do not only bring joy to the criminals?"
Al-Faisal stressed that Saudi Arabia will not be accepted at all hold power in Iran, Bahrain, saying that it was believed in the West that this would happen eventually, "is the most important," he said.

US caught planning terror attacks in Ukraine

This map, which was attached to a terror plan email, shows where the plane wreckage of a terror attack is to be found
This map, which was attached to a terror plan email, shows where the plane wreckage of a terror attack is to be found

by  Gordon Duff and  Press TV, Tehran

In a series of hacked emails received from “Anonymous Ukraine” it is clear that Pentagon officials working in concert with extremist elements in the Ukraine have carried out and are planning more attacks in Ukraine.
What is also clear is that these attacks are to be blamed on Russia including blowing up planes at an airport.  Other attacks may well include mass civilian casualties.
The long series of emails include several that are frighteningly incriminating.  This is first of the “worst,” three “smoking gun” false flag planning documents:
Events are moving rapidly in Crimea. Our friends in Washington expect more decisive actions from your network.
I think it’s time to implement the plan we discussed lately. Your job is to cause some problems to the transport hubs in the south-east in order to frame-up the neighbor.
It will create favorable conditions for Pentagon and the Company to act.
Do not waste time, my friend.
Jason P. Gresh
Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army
Assistant Army Attaché
U.S. Embassy, Kyiv
Tankova 4, Kyiv, Ukraine 04112
(380-44) 521 – 5444 | Fax (380-44) 521 – 5636
ScreenHunter_30 Mar. 15 12.36
“Framing up the neighbor” as Lt. Col. Gresh states so inelegantly defines false flag terrorism.  Other documents including a White Paper done by the International Centre for Policy Studies in Kiev dated March 4, 2014 warns of Russian “conspiracy theories.”
The Centre’s White Paper provides what intelligence experts call “deception and cover” for terror attacks planned, as we learn, by the US Army working with Ukrainian military officials and terrorist groups.
The email below, copied to COL Igor PROTSYK, Chief, Bilateral Military Cooperation Division, Main Directorate for Military Cooperation and PKO, General Staff, Armed Forces of Ukraine, not only outlines a terror attack to be blamed on Russian Special Forces, it actually includes a map of where the wreckage is to be found:
Oleg, an urgent need poshumity (sic) on behalf of Russians at the airport in Melitopol. This should be done by March 15 . Sam understands why.
First of all you must contact Pasha Tarasenko. You must know him , he is a local Liberty and has a theme.
Before you arrive 10-12 boys from the Centre. Top fighters Trident. Chief Mike there, you should know it too . Details will know him. We need people to meet and provide everything you need.
Proceed with caution. Speak only Russian. 25 team is executing combat missions, so do not do them much damage to aircraft . There is a lot of scrap metal, with it you can do anything. Damaged aircraft you specify. It is essential that all was as real attack neighbor’s Special Forces. But without corpses.
Give me again your account. The money will come in time, do not worry.
See the appendix . This is an example of action. Decisions are made in person.
ScreenHunter_32 Mar. 15 13.06
Will publication of this hacked email actually stop the upcoming attack on Melitopol?  When they specify that corpses aren’t needed, does this mean that they are planning on getting them elsewhere?
When they say “the money will come in time,” are they aware of sequestration and how the US has been paying its bills less quickly than before?
We quickly found Pasha Tarasenko through his “My Space” account.  Prominently featured is a photograph in a Ukrainian Army officers dress uniform.
In this final email about the upcoming terror attack on Melitopol airport, Colonel Protsyk takes clear control of the operation:
Basil , you must quickly carry out proactive in Melitopol. There’s 25 aviation brigade . Must zamaraty our sworn friends and good neighbors. I think you understand me.
Just proceed carefully and cautiously. 25 brigade combat mission out , so do not do them much damage to aircraft . There is already damaged aircraft , that He can do everything. Yihny board numbers you give. Remember , you need everything to be as real attack of the Russian Special Forces.
Brigade commander there is a reasonable man . Details of know he will not, but in extreme cases it can turn to. We did come.
Chief, Bilateral Military Cooperation Division
Main Directorate for Military Cooperation and PKO
General Staff, Armed Forces of Ukraine
tel +38044 481-5407
Cell +38067 407 97 40
e-mail: i.v.protsyk @
ScreenHunter_31 Mar. 15 12.40

It began with terrorist snipers hired by the “new” Ukrainian government, killing their own supporters.  The US involvement was long proven through the infamous Victoria Nuland phone conversation, America “anointing” their chosen terrorists to stage a confrontation with Russia.
The second call, between the Estonian Foreign Minister, Urmas Paet and EU Foreign Minister Catherine Ahston gave us that “smoking gun,” that the current cabal in Kiev are terrorists and criminals.
We now have Americans hiring terrorists, planning attacks, working with the Ukrainian Army and Neo-Nazi groups to blow up planes, attack airports and clearly do so in order to blame Russia and inflame the world to the point of war.
Many of the other documents show planning and logistic support through Bulgaria with PowerPoints in English.  Mixed in with the documents are a selection of NATO unclassified news reports.
What can be safely assumed?  The US government, certainly the State Department and US Army are involved.  NATO involvement is a given.
The current rulers in Kiev are proven to be the criminal element predicted by Catherine Ashton of the EU and so many others.
What we do have is a clear smoking gun, not just names but personal email addresses, mobile phone numbers and language that can never be mistaken.
Gladio based false flag terrorism is alive and well, there can be no question.
One of the policy documents included in the additional emails: