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Satan’s attack on the U.S., Britain and Israel is the subtext. Satan must

And then I continued there: “So, even though this passage doesn’t explicitly mention
physical Israel, Satan’s attack on the U.S., Britain and Israel is the subtext. Satan must
have attacked the nations,” again, trying to destroy all the VALUES of the nation and that
will bring the nation down. Our values from the past, our Constitution, which is the
supreme law of the land, much of it BASED on the Bible. And you see people that are so
HOSTILE AND HATEFUL toward the Constitution today, even when they might be
saying otherwise they show by their fruits that they’re HOSTILE to the supreme law of
the land, which is talking about law-less-ness; that’s all it’s talking about, and I’ll show
you a little more about that if I have time.
But he goes on to say, he attacked the nations of Israel, “ This means these nations are in
serious trouble! It’s so bad that the woman has to flee to be protected by God from the
serpent.” You see, and it’s so bad where she is in—well, most of them in the superpower
nation, but also in the other nations, as well, and even around the world

Hitler deceived Germany.

So that’s the way Hitler deceived Germany. He said, “Look, there’s this magic
interpretation,” and when he was telling the people that in World War II, there’s this
“magic interpretation of the WILL, not the INTELLECT.” Well, it wasn’t even logical!
But he said there’s just a MAGIC INTERPRETATION! And what he’s talking about is
Satan and DEMONISM! That’s what it was all about! How LONG will it take us to SEE?
Isaiah says in verse 4 of chapter 1 that we have forsaken the Lord, we’ve gone away
backward. Everything is backward and upside-down! And oh, the destruction it’s
bringing upon this land! You see, it’s not some radical group’s fault. They’re just leading
the way. The radicals and those who are lawless, they’re just leading the way. But the
fault is in the American people! They’re not living according to God’s way of life!
They’ve FORSAKEN Him! They’re turning away backward and getting rid of the values
that make any nation strong, and destroy any nation that continues to practice such
lawlessness. You see, it’s only God that can save America or any other nation. That’s
what we have to understand.

One commentator said: “The west is being led into an abyss.” And that is so true!



But also, Melanie Phillips said this: “The problem is there’s malice against what? Against
the west and also against the ancient civilization that lies at the heart of its moral code.”
That is the Judeo-Christian values that we’ve had for so many years! And there is
MALICE in this land toward that! And she’s exactly right! Exactly right! How many
people do you see that have that kind of malice and that kind of hatred? And they don’t
know what they’re doing! And they don’t know what’s inspiring and stirring and
motivating them! And they don’t know, often, what they’re talking about. They just
simply do not know!
And you can go on to see in Colossians 2 and verse 18 that this is all about worshipping
the WILL, the WILL of man; that’s LAWLESSNESS! That’s what happened to the
Church! They began to worship the will, which is the worshipping of demons, it says in
verse 18 and 23 of Colossians 2. And that’s exactly what’s happening in the land today;
we’re worshipping the WILL, not the LAW, not the Constitution that is based on many
Biblical values that are there for all eternity.

Colossians 2:18

New International Version (NIV)
18 Do not let anyone who delights in false humility and the worship of angels disqualify you. Such a person also goes into great detail about what they have seen; they are puffed up with idle notions by their unspiritual mind.
18 Let no man beguile you of your reward in a voluntary humility and worshipping of angels, intruding into those things which he hath not seen, vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind,

Common Core 4th grade reading: Obama biography portrays whites as racist...

Common Core 4th grade reading: Obama biography portrays whites as racist...

(BIN) -- Common Core Standards are teaching racism. How can any parent allow their children to be taught racism in the public school system is beyond comprehension. Yet here it is live in Dupo, Illinios. How do you feel about this? Is this the truth? Is this how the new Common Core Standards are going to create even greater social disorder? Could this take the “Knockout Game” being practiced by Black youths around this country to a whole new level? There were plenty of “White” people who have voted for Obama, me being one of them in the first election! Why would The United Nations Common Core Teaching Standards teach racism against “White” people?
Fourth grade students in Dupo, Illinois assigned to reading a Common Core approved biography of President Barack Obama are being told that all white voters were unlikely to vote for a black president due to racism.
Children at Bluffview Elementary who have been assigned to read the book, entitled “Barack Obama,” published by Lerner Publications and a part of Scholastic’s “Reading Counts” program, were informed on page 40 that despite Obama being a “nice fellow,” many allegedly believed that no white American would vote for him in 2008 based solely on the color of his skin.
“But some people said Americans weren’t ready for that much change. Sure Barack was a nice fellow, they said. But white voters would never vote for a black president,” the book reads.
The book, approved for children as young as seven years old, also goes on to specifically mention controversial comments made by President Obama’s former pastor Jeremiah Wright, while also claiming that the president has worked to bring whites and blacks together.
The book’s comments were brought to the attention of the “Moms Against Duncan” Facebook page, a group of parents and education activists opposed to U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan who recently claimed that “white suburban moms” only opposed Common Core because it showed that their children weren’t as smart as they thought, attempting to paint the nation-wide backlash against the curriculum as a race based issue.
“Would it have been possible for him to be elected (twice) without the support of vast numbers of white Americans?” one member stated.
The book appears to follow the viewpoint that all opposition to the president is based purely on race, which has reached near-comedic levels in its absurdity. Some are now even claiming that opposition to Obamacare is pure racism, despite 55 percent of the public being opposed to its disastrous roll out as millions get dropped from their current providers.
The book raises even more questions over what exactly children are being taught through the Common Core approved curriculum, which has continued to produce inaccurate and highly questionable material.
Just last month, sixth grade students in Arkansas were asked to throw out two amendments in the “outdated” Bill of Rights, causing major backlash from parents.
The month prior, students in several states using a Common Core approved textbook not only found incorrect interpretations of the Second Amendment, but were also taught that Americans who fought in the Revolutionary War, labeled as the “American mobs,” were the same as “guerrilla” groups like those that fought in Vietnam in the 1960s.

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New Chief Executive of Firefox gave $1,000 to support California’s Prop 8 equal marriage ban



Brendan Eich (Photo: Darcy Padilla)
Brendan Eich (Photo: Darcy Padilla)
28 reader comments Brendan Eich, who financially backed efforts to ban equal marriage in California, has been appointed CEO of Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox web browser.
The American computer programmer and creator of the JavaScript scripting language is a co-founder of Mozilla.
It was revealed in 2012 that Mr Eich donated $1,000 (£605) in 2008 to the campaign supporting California’s Proposition 8.
The law banned same-sex marriages in the state and was finally struck down by the US Supreme after years of legal battles in June 2013.
Following the appointment of Mr Eich as Mozilla chief executive, San-Francisco based computer programmer Hampton Catlin and his husband Michael, said they are boycotting Mozilla as a result.
In a letter to the company, Mr Catlin wrote:-
As a married gay couple who are co-founders of this venture, we have chosen to boycott all Mozilla projects. We will not develop apps or test styles on Firefox anymore.
Effective today, we’re removing Color Puzzle from the Firefox Marketplace and stopping work on all of our Firefox-related applications, notably the about-to-launch Firefox version of the popular Dictionary! app for iPhone and Android.
This is in protest of the appointment of Brendan Eich to the position of CEO of the Mozilla Foundation, where he had previously served as CTO.
We will continue our boycott until Brendan Eich is completely removed from any day to day activities at Mozilla, which we believe is extremely unlikely after all he’s survived and the continued support he has received from Mozilla.
This makes us very sad, as we love the little guy fighting to make things better. But it’s because of our status as a minority that we simply can’t ignore this slap in the face of giving him a promotion to lead your organization.

Al-Qaeda: the blood of Osama bin Laden, the "curse" hunt down America everywhere Threatened to avenge the near

Al-Qaeda: the blood of Osama bin Laden, the "curse" hunt down America everywhere

Threatened to avenge the near

Friday 03 June 1432 - May 6, 2011 AD
Dubai - Arabic. Forums
Al Qaeda in a statement posted Friday 6-5-2011, on the Internet to avenge the killing of its leader Osama bin Laden, asserting that "his blood is more precious than that in vain."
The organization said in the statement the killing of its leader, Osama bin Laden, and said he would soon broadcast an audiotape made bin Laden a week before his death.

The organization said "my father Sheikh to leave this world before taking part joys Bthoradtha Islamic nation that rose up in the face of injustice and evil-doers and record her voice the word Allah's mercy before he was killed one week, including a congratulatory tips and guidance we will publish soon, God willing."

The statement said that the blood of bin Laden "will remain, God willing, a curse chasing the Americans and their agents and pursued inside and outside their country, and will soon turn their joys and sorrow mingle their blood Bdmuahm."

"We in al Qaeda promise God Almighty - and ask help and support and installation - to proceed on the path of jihad who walked upon by our leaders, headed by Sheikh Osama."

The statement went on: "We call upon the Muslim people in Pakistan who killed Sheikh Osama on their land to rise up and revolt to wash the shame inflicted on them traitors and thieves who sold everything to the enemies of the nation and underestimated the feelings of the people of the holy warrior and rise up the uprising powerful general to cleanse their country from the abomination of Americans who have wreaked havoc. "

The United States announced the death of al Qaeda leader at the hands of the U.S. Navy, and they threw his body into the sea after it was processed in accordance with the Islamic way.

Syria: Government announces the killing of 175 "terrorists" and the opposition accuses the liquidation of civilians

Syria: Government announces the killing of 175 "terrorists" and the opposition accuses the liquidation of civilians

Middle East Last Updated Thursday, February 27, 2014; 12:19 (GMT +0400)

File photo of the elements of the Syrian army

Damascus, Syria (CNN) - denied Syrian opposition health as reported in the media Syrian official killed 175 component of the armed groups fighting the regime of President Bashar al-Assad in an ambush of the army in Rural Damascus, stressing that the dead were civilians who were trying to escape from the suffocating siege imposed on the region.
A statement issued by the Information Office's "Army of Islam", one of the largest gatherings of military opposition to Assad, said that regular troops had killed civilians who were trying to flee from Gota means irregular, the statement added: "We hold the regime Alnasiri full responsibility for the crime, which was the majority of the victims were civilians who were trying to escape from the hell of the siege. "
The "Army of Islam" the absence of any of its elements among the dead, who said the Syrian official media said, including a large number of foreigners, also confirmed that he was not involved in the process of the transfer of civilians.
For his part, issued a so-called "office jurist unified in East Gouta" said in a statement that a group of people of East Gouta the more than 175 people, tried to get out of the Gota that the imposition of the blockade and so by Otaiba and that lead to the outside Gota, but forces government ", accompanied by Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas and some brigade of the Iraqi Abu al Fadl al Abbas has ambushed them prior planning."
The bureau added in his statement that can not be told CNN confirm the authenticity independently: "After committing these crimes against humanity, the regime put heavy weapons, medium and bring the media that follow him to falsify the fact of the martyrs and the claim that they are fighters Front victory and the Brigades of the Islamic Arab nationalities and foreign . "
The Syrian authorities announced Wednesday for the killing of 175 of what it called a "terrorist" campaign, most of them Saudi nationality and country and Chechen, and that in the process of the Syrian army in the region of East Gouta, Rural Damascus.
A report posted on the official Syrian news agency on the lips of a field commander of the army, saying: "The unity of our troops spotted the terrorists from the front of the victory and so-called brigade Islam while traveling on the axis Alnchabah Midaa Adra Industrial conscience well reeds Jordan and caused more than 175 people, including and wounded others . "
"This operation comes as a result of cracking down on armed terrorist groups in East Gouta and ready military units to prevent terrorists from sneaking toward East Gouta."

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(God's gift to Egypt) by astronomical Air Ayad

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Input Topic: (God's gift to Egypt) by astronomical Air Ayad Mon Apr 15, 2013 1:01 am

(God's gift to Egypt)

Yes, it's already a gift from God to Egypt and its people and the whole nation Sunni Islamist

He was the owner of Egypt

Follow this young woman (of the house), even though it is veiled, but says things seriously studied by virtue of Astronomy and forecasts have signed a lot of Npoaadtha

Atgmoa for their appearance, but they focused on her words seems that things seemed to have taken on a bigger and stronger and faster than we expect about the Brotherhood, marina, which confirms that he is Achens Egypt

Important statement of astronomical Joey Ayad about: Threats religious fascism and false accusations of insulting the Egyptian army and the country and the Institute of Information non Malovh (!!)

In the name of God the Merciful Alllahm bless the prophet Muhammad and his companions and good Almentajabin

Not the first time that I have been very bad threats and lack of manners of Harem (Alokhans) after whom the temptations of a large order
I confirm that (Alokhans) is not Hosni Mubarak and Mursi
It has already made the same threat and Men Hazem Abu Ismail in order to drag my own accusing him of claiming that he (the owner of Egypt) and confirm that the owner of Egypt and before that financial temptations also
And the beginning of the stress that he does not scare me a threat or tempted money because I spent my life in this case and I am confident that her relationship moment AD, which always is the talk of my family when they were surprised (by a halo of light) Thotunai and realized that too and I'm on a journey research in several countries for the whole matters relating to (Owner of Egypt) until he reached up, because now I will be targeted by the security services are using third-party sources of information system and influence Malovh remote ...
O our people, the great Egyptian I am compelled to reveal a lot of facts in order to blowing and be in the highest degree Astnfarc to face the dangers of a real looming homeland and absolutely certain that (the owner of Egypt) will be addressed by the full force also confident that Egypt will be (lady of the world) and everyone will Atoti the head of the ruler of Egypt His next task divine (God's gift to Egypt), which I like to call (Tree of Sorrows) what befell and joins it at the moment
And I go back to what started it if Morsi is believed that he is not (Alokhans) and that the owner of Egypt in what the emirate and may We drowned in the swamps of sorrows and delusions and lies, poverty and the threat of all components of the home note that (the owner of Egypt) will convey our country in a matter of days to The reality of the greatest.
If not Mursi (Alokhans) why claims Hazem Abu Ismail that he (the owner of Egypt)!!, And this is the most important differences Salafist and Brotherhood
And unfortunately the extremists others entered on the line as some Shiites keen to rule (Alokhans) and Almertashan of (owner of Egypt) paved the Mahdi Rahu deny him a lot and am confident that this instruction graduate of the claim ayatollahs who guarded devices security of their country and therefore I ask ....... Al-Azhar and Pope Taodharos first and Sayyed Hakim Tabtabaie (Iraq) held a meeting to end this Almhzlh .......
Oh great people of Egypt, I could not pass up this opportunity without providing responses and interpretations of the positions of Qatar against Egypt and against the Egyptian army and the third and fourth ....... as follows.
First, dared Qataris and they said that the skills of the people of Egypt are limited to frying (CD falafel) and Ward now only one thing in my capacity as a specialized file (the owner of Egypt) ....... I say no to (the owner of Egypt) and is in the extreme vulnerability the fallen ruler of Qatar and so when he told one of his friends from the chieftains right (Muhammad. St.) move shipment big weapon of the province (Marib) heading to Qatar to overthrow Bomerha (bus) and immediately move Sheikh mentioned to Qatar, accompanied by his men and was what was and was Sheikh and Sons significant funds and diplomatic passports Sheikh then came to Egypt to pick up (the owner of Egypt) who absolutely refused and monitoring of this meeting and the causes of the security apparatus before the sovereign
And I think it was a reason to identify (the owner of Egypt)!!!
Second: When the revolution broke out in January I've been following (the owner of Egypt) see me as Ostia own view it at any time .. because I've seen and places he inspects military and monitored over the happiness and is watching the soldiers they write (Down With Mubarak) on military vehicles as I watched (owner Egypt) for the first time and is happy watching Tantawi front of the TV petting one of the soldiers and patted his shoulder ...... and what I would like to say that the army was with the revolution and that any accused him of killing protesters or perform surgery without them is Bing I know the causes for false accusation and will Avdhaa later .......
Third: The Gulf state to proceed with the construction concrete wall on its border with Yemen to meet and in response to a request from the Jews!!!
It is also engaged in negotiations with a powerful arch-foe Iran!!! Fear that the common denominator is to mobilize their forces against us .. all of them did not and will not Asamado before the first blow (to the owner of Egypt) does not mean military strikes!!! Way and also watching a tribe of fifty thousand fighters waiting for a signal from the (owner of Egypt) to pounce on Bahrain!!!
Fourth: Egypt will be the headquarters of the most important club for the most dangerous weapon on earth is abating neighborhood nuclear weapons completely and it becomes more like a b (individual cartridges), while the arms Geophysical Stmtlleke that Egypt is like an intercontinental missile!!!
Fifth: Do not expose currently targeted by the device works in the field of information unfamiliar to influence the distance ....... and therefore ask the believers and Muslims and Christians alike ...... pray for me as I'm asking all of the oppressed Because their prayer answered ...... and God is enough, and yes, the agent (and most of his God, but most people do not know).
Joey astronomical Ayad

Note: These projections private Balflakih Joey Ayad only and may not be for a quote, but only by reference and was subject to legal action on charges of robbery on the rights of the other two


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Input Subject: Re: (God's gift to Egypt) by astronomical Air Ayad Mon Apr 15, 2013 1:11 am

His expectations launches first exist announcing <owner of Egypt>, which will be governed after President Morsi Badshahur and map projections for Egypt: Saudi Arabia: Yemen: Sudan: Libya: Iraq, Syria: Jordan: Iran: Israel: Europe: USA: Vatican
I can say follows
Fade Photos religious hard-liners <Salafist and Brotherhood> after that dims their voices a result of scandals and crimes committed and commit such allegation, many of whom they paved (Mahdi, who will rule Egypt ruler of Egypt) and reach the height of their crimes against the people and the army before being the inauguration of the owner of Egypt> kissed the army, which postponed decisions until inauguration after nearly militants are turning Egypt into Walker global terrorism justified charlatans Alankdad to divide its land and its people and tearing declares that the land of Israel from the Euphrates to the Nile, but the owner of Egypt lookout routed them mercilessly in the stability unrivaled.
His will be the center of Egypt surprised the Egyptians and the world that Athaolltaaml with him and there will be great confusion in the reactions and decisions of the states and the skeleton looks Egypt and then in the process of announcing master of the world.
Joy and Happiness to the Egyptians and delight for Christians to his theory of partnership in humanity and defender of the freedoms and religions and rights after his inauguration speech and the announcement of a connotation of people continued and plugged in the forefront of the forces that Tsol and wandering in the face of the Muslim Brotherhood and the remnants of the revolutionary of which is thrown to the chaos and drumming.
And sold by him in the recovery of money stolen Egyptians at home and abroad, will not succeed any efforts to distracts or dispersed or Alaflan of grip even delivers right to his family
Will be the first project that has linked the soil of Egypt to deliver the most important messages and detection capabilities in converting a handful of dust into billions of money accompanied by the most important project for Egypt diet accommodates millions without fatigue budget Egypt and that it is not only a prelude.
Floundering in Israel about Keviah to deal with the new reality, which is panic real to them who had been associated with the name of the Egyptian territory occupied and will be advised to the rabbis of Israel's leaders not to provoke the owner of Egypt armed with tools divine behind the secret of his strength and his commitment to the truth and not to waste it and not worrying about the threat of the world combined, or individually and that will stand helpless on the region
The Vatican would advise European countries not to get involved in the positions of Egypt against the owner of the center seemed surprised!!
And realize that the American relationship with the States of Europe is in danger after the demise of the justification for America to deal with the monopoly in the world to avoid the problems of Europe with the so-called Islamic terrorism, and before the Communist terror.
The delegations of Arab and Muslim after his inauguration develop their potential at his disposal and he would ask (five) your pal House Prophet Muhammad r only as an agent for the front of the Mahdi
Complain about a lot of religious scholars (Shia and Sunni) as a result of the loss of their status on the one hand and the other to realize some of them that he will not escape punishment and it will happen specifically from scientists in Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia Christradwn Sasathm after he moved the religious and Alsaysa to Egypt, after announcing his position clear from Syria and its miserable and also to Army Free tyrant refusing to be Afghan Syria issued a new terrorist acts on behalf of America and its allies ...
Declining role of Hezbollah of great momentum for the benefit of Egypt and this will reveal the secret about the hostility of many of the leaders of Hezbollah to the owner of Egypt.
The owner of Egypt to renew his role with his fellow veterans Yemen, he knows state secrets Yemen, Qatar, the ring and its surroundings, although he was born in the same year of its revolution, including the man's historic Ali Salem and move Alihusa and consequent direct threat to the Gulf states, which will accelerate to each delivery requests the owner of Egypt Project
Holy Land is preparing for playfulness and turf and flees the kingdom of princes and exposed to the collapse of the Al-Saud and the re-division of the kingdom while drastic changes occur in Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates accompanied by effervescence leads to change the situation ..
Disappears al-Maliki and Ayad Allawi, and the likelihood of their deaths with others in battles Shetty feature in Iraq after the entry of the Sadrist movement in alliance with the owner of Egypt and strong Sneh its historical ties with the owner of Egypt and the strength Strike later on the level of the front of Jordan and Iran in the case stuck to the clergy in Iran of failing to pay (five ) and the delivery of all the terms of reference in Egypt.
Close all of Aalof Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz will be his statelet remember the past, when the owner of a penalty Egypt and gratitude for those who saved them from the evil days investigator It is also to preserve the treasures of more than a hundred years while receiving strong sons of Zion from the Al-Saud shame and humiliation.
Egypt will not acknowledge the owner changes that divided Sudan will not hand over the administration of any contraindications and restores the collapsed into the arms of Musrozlk Africa with the help of hundreds of his colleagues and friends in Sudan.
Libya voluntarily accept the delivery, including the owner dictated by Egypt on its borders with Libya and the rights of more than half of the Libyan people, who live in Egypt, after a strong decline in NATO it would use Libyan Mbgdon to Egypt and its owner.
His Egypt, who talked about the prophets, and his grandfather faithful to the generosity of God, and his face is as follows brown skinny body Ogueny nose for me the front half of the upper is lower half lichen-Ras: burly mustache His teeth unequal and spins his name on the letter M (m m m) and change the name of the grandfather (the name of his grandfather called the name of the village .. Latte Ramadan .. That's what I mean (!!!) and Unite have one else is on this for Annie brief, made ​​me God, my job and my struggle and loyalty to him alone Almighty My wish after search hard not imagine human beings and the trip in Worlds accounts and Astronomy and prior to that, and more importantly, my heart beat in the presence of pain (Mahdi), which will pave his employer Egypt associated with his name the most important book of my rights record the crimes of the former president, who was the most important test of the honesty and courage as described by the symbols of the people of the wisdom and the media after Azlaq released forcibly detained terrible in its predecessor unusual people of Egypt ...
It's the same, which he described Nustrdamos (the man who Ray tomorrow) and that his mother Tsrbelt sun!!
His Egypt is the same said about Sibyl Jane Dixon, born in 1962, from a poor family who works to unite religions are exposed to something, age 11 years has happened in the war, 73 and testifies in 1999 pronounced him also said Mohamed Hassanein Heikal after meeting them after announcing its vision in 1962 who fired upon the great Middle child is scheduled to be 50 years old now, and some wonder lightly or denying Where is he??!! While exploiting the ignorant dealers religion Alammerliqdm same alternative and fighting a war on his behalf against the army, which Satfz owner of Egypt original, which now lives siege and persecution and to atone and hungriest and poorest and oppress and its annexes involving devices, groups and security elements, religious, media and international and domestic policy!! ...
Note that the pretenders who under the hands of billions and around them ignorant and threatened the continued army and the people of centuries the basis for our Lord Mahdi and necessarily unpaved (owner of Egypt) with the rest of his peers who felt his thought limited to seize the opportunity, even if a collision that of religion and the great truth of God when he says his great book (and God Ghalib Ali commanded him, but most people do not know)
And to the meeting in the second part of the case Takdkm my words in a matter of days and nights
Joey Ayad
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Input Subject: Re: (God's gift to Egypt) by astronomical Air Ayad Mon Apr 15, 2013 4:56 pm

Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings be upon you, my brother Adeamo lied Astrologers even believe it, and I think that this woman embrace Shi'ism has entered on its front page and found it says that awarded the prophet Ali may Allah be pleased with him in the state after the death of the Messenger of Allah and the Prophet of recommended this book Jaffer and here here talking about His five-Fi Egypt which this takes five Muslims only be a Shiite Vataki God, my brother, do not fall for people and keeping all this talk God bless you
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Poet, a good

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InputSubject: Re: (God's gift to Egypt) by astronomical Air Ayad Mon Apr 15, 2013 5:45 pm

Joey Ayad Maine, pilgrims Adimaho!!! Like us Henmshee Laura quack quacks and salvation, de one who preparing to Amr Khaled, my uncle Almtgavl!!! And her words the whole pave the way for a charlatan not a good man!!! Amr Khaled huh who was born in the sixties and exactly in the earthquake Egypt any setback in 1967!!!! , my uncle clinical centers remained de even if Chgalh with intelligence Mtnqhei her words vinegary who work work will not only be ordered God, but like us Mananqch infidelity and promote his DVD alone in Islam cut the neck!!! , and her words are other lies and Adeney I of all House also argue but if you reach for the rule of Egypt after the prophecy Digalh de remains I quack mesh Amr enclaves Hey who paved the way for Houdrta!!!! Hey uncle warded God and His Forget Egypt who Jerzy Legge Mémnash important call nobody Les's north-Haramain and seared Abu Egypt and the Egyptians from the other.


Those of us who respond Kid from slandered and Oitamoa Balbna denying Ahamada Mechanism of the House of prophecy strain right we Jihad both assaulted there is no good in us if we let interpolated builds Dharara messages mosque and replace religion True religion is made ​​to the Brotherhood misguided approach is not a religion but from the book and year ahead of us until death Muhammad and our imam until death Muhammad and Muhammad is the imam until death and our imam Muhammad until death

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InputSubject: Re: (God's gift to Egypt) by astronomical Air Ayad الثلاثاء أبريل 16, 2013 12:43 am

Dana wrote:
Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings be upon you, my brother Adeamo lied Astrologers even believe it, and I think that this woman embrace Shi'ism has entered on its front page and found it says that awarded the prophet Ali may Allah be pleased with him in the state after the death of the Messenger of Allah and the Prophet of recommended this book Jaffer and here here talking about His five-Fi Egypt which this takes five Muslims only be a Shiite Vataki God, my brother, do not fall for people and keeping all this talk God bless you

Sister or brother Dana God bless the word lie Astrologers uttered on the results already, but you You know that astronomy hyphen authentic Arabic and prophecy and prophecy is the basis of Islamic religion How sentenced her as a Shiite belief you ditch her ​​heart and looked at Maver? Are you all talking about Helms's book Jaffer became Shiite your opinion and shall kaafir, for example, I read the book Jaffer from the door of science Bcy Does this mean I have become Shiite in your opinion I hope to have proof of your words before accusing anyone and challenged, otherwise the charge will be void and return on the issued Multi-five quarter and Althelt and things de names of the accused me Maémny he already has someone under the name of the owner of Egypt is known for some of the few accepted my words or Atqlbh will not change this thing Xi has it fulfills the descriptions of many and What to a few months, God willing, and you see with your eyes changes terrible, which will spoke to Egypt and the entire region had seen you see me in the destruction of Anchorage and Badie and Brotherhood Almtaslim audited they are in public visions transmitted page

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InputSubject: Re: (God's gift to Egypt) by astronomical Air Ayad الثلاثاء أبريل 16, 2013 1:03 am

Good poet wrote:
[B] Joey Ayad Maine, pilgrims Adimaho!!! Like us Henmshee Laura quack quacks and salvation, de one who preparing to Amr Khaled, my uncle Almtgavl!!! And her words the whole pave the way for a charlatan not a good man!!! Amr Khaled huh who was born in the sixties and exactly in the earthquake Egypt any setback in 1967!!!! , my uncle clinical centers remained de even if Chgalh with intelligence Mtnqhei her words vinegary who work work will not only be ordered God, but like us Mananqch infidelity and promote his DVD alone in Islam cut the neck!!! , and her words are other lies and Adeney I of all House also argue but if you reach for the rule of Egypt after the prophecy Digalh de remains I quack mesh Amr enclaves Hey who paved the way for Houdrta!!!! Hey uncle warded God and His Forget Egypt who Jerzy Legge Mémnash important call nobody Les's north-Haramain and seared Abu Egypt and the Egyptians from the other.

God knows and the highest regard quack Amr Khaled matter I have the utmost and you know it As for the Kingdom, I disagree with you, because events and conversations and visions and even predictions or prophecies are all unanimous on the destruction of the Gulf Kingdom before the advent of Mahdi and I see you swim against the tide in the attempt by you to prevent the devastation written on Kingdom before noon Mahdi As for Egypt, the Egypt is the focus of the next period, which begins the owner of Egypt, God willing, and Taslima Egypt and soldiers of the Mahdi, and I think God knows that we are going to see all these events over the past 3 months to come, especially after the statement American intelligence that the marina will expire wisdom within 3 months and the bombing that took place today in the state of Boston all are in the box [/ b] one wa

God knows
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InputSubject: Re: (God's gift to Egypt) by astronomical Air Ayad الثلاثاء أبريل 16, 2013 3:23 am

Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings be upon you, my brother Adeamo God bless First Do you deny that it predicts the future and does not know the unseen except Allah alone and when it was astronomy and calculate sentences of Science Islam This talk is saying these astrologers to outwit Muslims to justify their actions and our religion does not take it, but the Messenger of Allah Will did the Messenger God This Is aware of the people of this science is not my brother, how is the science of Islam and for the subject it is a Shiite, I said, I think, and I'm not sure my words to him the reasons After having read your subject entered on its front page on Alfbs account and Wright have a meeting in YouTube and was the writer of the front page that the Apostle Pray God him and recommended that the prophet Ali may Allah be pleased with him that after his death takes the state of the Muslims do not say such a say, but the Shiites and the continued dispute between us and them, and also on its front page a lot of members they contend that the owner of Egypt is Muhammad Draini Shiite she did not deny them and I hope to God that rule ends Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood and saves Egypt, I am Egyptian and I hope for my country all the best, my brother and I Aathm one but that her words are not my words, eight book Jaffer of the books of the Shiites and not everyone reads the books is of them and I do not accuse you, my brother and I can not but say must ban Science can be when God is Shiite, calling for the empowerment of the Shia that he is the owner of Egypt, when God because science sedition in these days surrounds us on every side of our Lord and saves all the Muslim countries and will lead me and guide you and guide all Muslims for the goodness of their religion
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InputSubject: Re: (God's gift to Egypt) by astronomical Air Ayad الأربعاء أبريل 17, 2013 12:12 am

Brother or sister, Dana (I hope it clear to not be confused) [b] First Do you deny that it predicts the future and does not know the unseen but God alone ?

Are Mahdi and the owner of Egypt and the quack science of metaphysics ÇŃĚćÇ explanation how and when we all know that those figures will show interviews Apostle Pray God him and the only point vague for us is the day set for the exit, but to this day there are signals and signs illustrate the extent of proximity, for example, the Mahdi signs that Aktelmt Flanntzerh at any time after such as Dell Ramadan or the planet ever guilt etc etc which said signs meaning that those the characters are not aware of the unseen, which identified only Ba 5 things and are all well known to everyone either Madon so many things that tell about the Messenger of Allah bless him and they are not Gbeat but things blocked it because of a lack of understanding of the meaning of the chatter and the reason for this is due to the process of separation that occurred between Book of Allah and the Sunnah, which stop from behind Englishmen and see history to learn Maacol and when astronomy and calculating sentences of Science Islam the words are saying these astrologers to outwit Musalmi n quite the opposite seems to you from denying Islamic sciences or Balasah This is what has been said to us during our education at the hands of clients West gatekeepers us and sit on the thrones of our country and our science Yes astronomy hyphen pure Islamic and Arab Thoroughbred and see history to learn and only Fabges before denial God bless As for the issue of misinformation I personally Aagd any mislead the things I explained, it's not superstition, but things hidden to the wisdom of what he has the date of the appearance of only preceded signals to know, otherwise why mention Messenger of Allah bless him and As for the rest of your word is the word of the sender of an amnesty because the personal owner of Egypt will not be installed without the permission of God in the sense you expect that after the fall of the Alokhans Anchorage Should he leave right Almighty folks Egypt is not a hoax and God will not happen, the Kenana God and men have a great role will come soon, and governed by, God willing, is the owner of Egypt, who surrendered to the Mahdi that God Almighty and ask God to be a grandfather soon

[/ B]
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Lover good

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InputSubject: Re: (God's gift to Egypt) by astronomical Air Ayad السبت أبريل 20, 2013 7:56 am

This topic is really the silliest and most trivial read ..
did I imagine that I find in this forum in particular - where much talk about the Mahdi and the Antichrist - members transferred Oasedkon such absurdities ..
matter fact it somewhat entertaining for those who wanted to entertain himself by reading some Altakarev, especially has filled our heads with this huge amount of facts in which we live, which is in many of them believable to the prophecies of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him ..
and not, as is the case with the plaintiff, which resorted to astrology or let me say claimed so because they know that there are people who still believe in such things - even if ratified some of their understanding of the liars, and we Ptsidikhm and discredit them afflicted - and enough sin to resort to such a method in the prediction has been forbidden to us we Muslims like this , he said peace be upon him: "Whoever seeks knowledge of the stars quote Division of magic increased as increased Narrator: Abdullah bin Abbas updated: Ibn Taymiyyah - Source: The sum of fatwas - Page or number: 35/193 Summary judgment updated: attributed correctly though it says the owner of this review - guided us and him - as a science, we say no God bless the flag has forbidden him, like by saying that there is an excuse for each mine or a fortune teller or Quack Quack to say by saying this .. then appears to me as if Ms. mentioned has proclaimed itself as a secretary for the charlatan-eyed has asked her to pave the way for his reception, but the name is not quack like that name - the owner of Egypt - to accept it some So as not to alienate him to the people who I feel for the first time I hear it and did not read about it before, where I did not find in Sunan and effects .. Since she selected by him and by his gang Masons do not doubt including deliberately that the pigmentation itself of its qualities and the importance of Kcolha - from each house, The halo light that surrounded her, and intelligence pursued - to be for her essay was signed by some idiots who do not have the base of religious enough and powerful can pivot at least in such nonsense that Atakioha other between now and then .. and then the whole article hardcore for himself, he is trying to praise some ugly demonization of some Milih, and tried mixing things together .. Khaddatha from the fact that Egypt is one of the will govern the world and this is really the aspirations of the system Freemason who is planning what is called the New World and makes drawing pyramid topped with one eye - the symbol of the Antichrist - a goal sought him. . meditator of the subject finds it filled with aggravated suspicious and dubious .. where it includes the names and figures and information demolishes the basis that it was unfounded .. Kalsh_khasaat Aljoanih mentioned and insults and innuendo Land of the Two Holy - Saudi Arabia - and the governors of her, and the denial of its key role in the emergence of the Mahdi, they made ​​them an enemy him, and made ​​it quack - as it calls the owner of Egypt - a friend of his, while it would be seeking to kill him ..


and this quote very much Odgnalol!
The owner of Egypt to renew his role with the old comrades in Yemen, he knows state secrets Yemen, Qatar, the ring and its surroundings, although he was born in the same year of its revolution, and the man whom the historical Ali Salem and move Alihusa and consequent direct threat to the Gulf states
Alihusa here mean by Houthi - no doubt you know about Hieithm rejectionist and spread recently in Yemen -
and the other named Ali Salem is also dubious especially since his daughter's husband Melhem Zein, a Lebanese singer Shiite, as he seeks to break and ignite chaos and dissent in Yemen I do not doubt his cooperation with Iran ..

Vataki God, the owner of the article and investigated the transfer of the benefit of people and benefit them
so be counseled them in good and warning them of the evil God forgive us and you O Allah, have mercy on us and Aava and feel disgusted us and make us the keys to the best locks for evil and deliver us from temptation, both obvious and hidden. . reached him on the O illiterate Prophet and his family and companions

Says peace be upon him, "but I fear for my misleader imams, and if you put a sword in my nation did not raise it until the Day of Resurrection"

Awzaa'i said: Lester of us, we did not hide his innovation familiarity .
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InputSubject: Re: (God's gift to Egypt) by astronomical Air Ayad الأحد أبريل 21, 2013 11:20 pm

Sister good lover
This topic is really the silliest and most trivial read ..

Unfortunately, not for this phrase initiated by your comment for you Haortk echoed the words , but this style Ernfrny dialogue with regret Agae mechanism weak arguments curses and insults, marginalization and humiliation are all methods used by the Brotherhood Almtaslim even fleeing meaningful dialogue God bless you and I hope to improve the selection of Alvazk the next time that I wanted him to come up with useful dialogue outcome we work with, I regret to Aahor Sulaity tongue forgive me, but this is descriptive of both the choice of words Aihassan

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InputSubject: Re: (God's gift to Egypt) by astronomical Air Ayad الأحد أبريل 21, 2013 11:44 pm


Praise God good brother Adeamo all brothers and we Sunnis best books our books and our view is the doctrine of the best scientists and the best we have and do not replace which is the lowest in Him who is the best May Allah reward the best on the subject íÇáíĘ brother Makki intervenes and closes Thread Delete Thread Aashikhana

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Makki turquoise

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InputSubject: Re: (God's gift to Egypt) by astronomical Air Ayad Mon Apr 22, 2013 12:06 am

Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings be upon you, my dear brother Adihamo I will not comment on your subject Valajuh and sisters have said enough and increase the Park God in them. everything I think of is this divination is what Brother poet it may pave the way for a charlatan or she promotes the project intelligence as a matter of psychological warfare then you will know for sure in addition to the Feltkhberna on private and tell me you mean specifically the owner of Egypt that, in any case, I know you're a man Haluk with religion and Ahspk on the good, God willing, and I know you from the offspring of our beloved and our ideal is the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him. If proven to be promote this to calculate the Shiites or a preachers astray in Egypt who teach them and let them know it would be me pause again and this I kept on your subject yet even know the news of this girl, especially because I entered the location and I saw her with the claim that the owner of Egypt and (conceal his identity) and I am appalled that she Scientists involved with the anti-(Wahhabi)!! This is not to say it, but Almdillon of Shia and Sufi Muslim Brotherhood and the atheists!! I saw him as a modern denied (lacking in mind and religion)!!! I do not know anyone deny this talk only invitee / Amr Khaled!! I ask God to guide him or that he takes possession of him before that happens in our religion unless this caused anyone before him. told me what I asked of importance.


day they witness their tongues and their hands and feet as they worked

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InputSubject: Re: (God's gift to Egypt) by astronomical Air Ayad Mon Apr 22, 2013 10:36 pm

Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings brother ÇáŰÇáě Mr. SHRINE turquoise God bless you and care and make toothpick paradise without the expense of that, God willing, secretary

All that I think in a matter of this divination is what Brother poet it may pave the way for a charlatan or she promotes the project intelligence as a matter of psychological warfare then you will know with certainty to the side is Feltkhberna on private and tell me you mean specifically the owner of Egypt that, in any case, I know you're a man Haluk Ahspk with religion and on the good, God willing, and I know that you are a descendant of our beloved and our ideal is the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him.

You know very well that is divination to Aa_khasny and Aanzelq such a slider in the dependency To say the Messenger of Allah bless him and to tell beyond the issue of astrologers or fortune tellers
, but it or why Nschery to her article is specifically Maoceft expe Mohamed Morsy it is Alokhans which is no mention of his brothers or rather to Aattrkon mechanism and the reason of course, focus on the issue of Mahdi without the rest of the motor graders for the Mahdi of things fall kiss or personalities appear before the advent of Mahdi First, because we have to know I am, because defending them they have the tune and it Maaliha but Maathar Hfazty is that they came out with such information or statements in the period, specifically Why? Why I went out to states for personal owner of Egypt now specifically and I knew Mohamed Morsy Bana Alokhans this was the main objective of the transfer of dialogue out people in such old this daring and those statements is it a big question mark sweater and a conundrum made ​​me Post May and perhaps talk in order Alokhans and what are the conversations that have been made in personal Alokhans Is applicable already on the berth or not? talk beloved brother poet may be true, but tainted by a lot m defects The first is that the Antichrist has soldiers in each place, he believes, or is virtually in control of the situation at the moment Fmalzy paid because impersonating be facilitated for the Mahdi Ellis ego quack led because paves the way for himself instead of the boot of the Mahdi also thinks a poet? Or is it that there are already parties to learn personal owner of Egypt which is which is leading or move actions that girl to consider what are reactions of the Egyptian people towards this character all of which let the search and checking well and assume it promoted to one of the figures Shiites as a prelude to other matter my question is now, perhaps Matvalh be actually promote personal Shiite and learn more about people and their search for a personal owner of Egypt, the back of the Shiite promoted that girl and proved he is a liar Do you think that the people of Egypt stupid because Ingerb behind any personal Atdawa to through the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah bless him and Tham you forget what has been said in the talk about the Mahdi that he will not appear before there is a big difference between people Alice what is happening between us of discussion and objections and controversy is only a kind of variation which Thiel him he precede the appearance of Mahdi I hope that things are clear now, and the reason is clear from the publication of what has been said on the lips of the girl whether hex or priestess or prophesying, or any description of it was Alatalm my dear brother, that the Almighty God grant victory to this religion even slave infidel, why object to her words as long as it eventually will lead to clarify Some things, whether positive result (pour in through the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah bless him) or was the result of a negative (poured in by Shia and expose their lies) even though it is in my view, now all located under the meaning of verse (and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and it may that ye love a thing which is bad for you) God bless capacity Sdhirk

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Makki turquoise

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InputSubject: Re: (God's gift to Egypt) by astronomical Air Ayad Mon Apr 22, 2013 10:53 pm

My dear brother Adihamo Would you repeat reading my words and then provide me with an answer brief on the sector.

interview divination those with the owner of Egypt this clear in its man lying speech of the Prophet explicitly peace be upon him!!! quack largest Centhal recipe prophet is not surprising that starts claiming to Mahdia or it His Egypt although there is no such thing as the owner of Egypt nor Okhans Egypt in the doctrine of the Sunnis These reports are received in the books of the Shiites do not believe it does not Nkzbha as long as not inconsistent with the provisions of fixed we do not Ieinina sincerity of lying about something, it will not provide or delay. , but what concerns us such as the emergence of speech in Egypt and now in this way and flagrant violation of the man proceeded However the first thing that began to talk denied the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him and you know what the rule that religion!! As you know exactly who previously echoed those nonsense!!! , my brother Karim honest and just become your lover is a great source of evil ask Allah to all Muslims and will keep you free this evil scourge great discord in religion, they may hit your length and width.


day they witness their tongues and their hands and feet as they worked

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InputSubject: Re: (God's gift to Egypt) by astronomical Air Ayad Mon Apr 22, 2013 11:14 pm

See your beloved brother God bless No. 2
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Samer sea

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InputSubject: Re: (God's gift to Egypt) by astronomical Air Ayad الخميس أبريل 25, 2013 3:37 pm

No to quackery and quacks ..
not to astrology and astrologers ...
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InputSubject: Re: (God's gift to Egypt) by astronomical Air Ayad Mon Apr 29, 2013 2:56 am

Moved Ayad Air launches screams in Thelathitha to the people of Egypt .. Vantfadwa coffin - Ravens travel to Iran - and Israel (Alokhans) 1 - Coffin auspicious honor of the area .. olive .. and has a relation to the prince of princes .. Preserving secrets have become the pillars of a pharaoh. . has become an issue of numbers among jurists .. but there are intriguing and Atalsm and secret and threatens sword Almnon .. and remained scandal and shame and the penalty portion wrongdoers to effectively. 2 - traveled crows to Iran .. to issue a fatwa clear statement .. denies that that is "Alokhans" This is not issued by a large .. Preserving and around magicians dishes .. What Khaboa only but for the sin Mrtkpon .. When Lord punishment after asking .. The owner of Egypt "Prince of Princes" Preserving .. and all his men, who prayed with him .. hold between their hands and in their hearts wonder Mohannad elderly .. for will set foot in the necks of the traitors and tyrants and criminals .. and will hoist the banner of wronged understand Almmahdon ... Everybody knows what Almmahdon in the world of injustice, fear and madness .. will Epkikm O "Brothers" and "Khamnay" anyone but Almmsusun Liars quacks! !. 3 - dollars of Egyptian origin with Sheikh mother of Americans .. them lines and connect with likeminded in Iran .. all of them lines with David and Benjamin and Diane .. shared and inattentive and rude and cowardly .. and workers "Alokhans" The Spy time ago naked .. all of them Pat's tent conspiracy against Egypt and trees Sorrows .. assisted by Ass deposed Agnamwa verdict fire and bars .. Fajapt endeavors to rise compelling fading .. O people of Egypt her palms and Stop and enough of Aziz Rahman .. Laird maliciousness and his family and their master quack violin!!! Stay tuned for a surprise critically before Declaration of an important statement about the task of negotiating with the forces of Air Ayad power-sharing with the owner of Egypt!!! The official sought by several states to meet with the owner of Egypt!!!, And preparations for a move to combat the forces of religious fascism against the army of Egypt's great

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InputSubject: Re: (God's gift to Egypt) by astronomical Air Ayad Mon Apr 29, 2013 5:10 am

ÁÇÍćá ćáÇŢćÉ but from God

These are a poor want something of goodwill at the expense of religion

And you Aattiytwa issue is bigger than its size

Maver Fayda of this topic

Conversely you you follow astrology and witchcraft myths and untruths and Shiites Leave her alone and evil
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InputSubject: Re: (God's gift to Egypt) by astronomical Air Ayad Mon Apr 29, 2013 11:29 am

Abdulaziz Al Rwaili wrote:
ÁÇÍćá ćáÇŢćÉ but from God

These are a poor want something of goodwill at the expense of religion

And you Aattiytwa issue is bigger than its size

Maver Fayda of this topic

Conversely you you follow astrology and witchcraft myths and untruths and Shiites Leave her alone and evil

Brother crossing and what problem they want fame more important than fame is famous for the personal God willing ruled Egypt after Marina Muslim Brotherhood, a personal owner of Egypt [b] because he and his men Almmahdon to deliver the banner of Egypt to the Mahdi and then, there are many Brotherhood sheep Sorry, who are seeking day and night to fame also however did not talk about them in the same way and give you an example or two and two Beltagy and voice of Hegazy Ptoa Jerusalem Raahieddin martyrs in the millions and open the door of jihad in the era of Mubarak Medicine Thankfully door became Meftaha ăÚÇßă íÇÇÎćÇä Eachrfan you are now with you the key, why did not we see one sheep he going for Jihad in Gaza that hit yesterday by Israel slogans Ellis Alkdabh all for the chair only to change and Altkoec on ​​the resources of the country without Give more attention to the rights of people [/ b]

Edited by Adeamo on Saturday, مايو 11, 2013 12:15 am edited 1 times
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Of each House

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InputSubject: Re: (God's gift to Egypt) by astronomical Air Ayad الخميس مايو 09, 2013 11:00 am

False Mtakrsh

God's curse on astrologers and fortune-tellers and Sibyls Praise be to God, who did not Eptlina Ptsidikhm says Taatcol dozens of ideas not from the book nor of the year is correct, what is the only hex Suffice it as I wrote, my brother Adeamo unveiled how looking Muslim from the right when a woman can not God the right amount of swear if God right amount estimated to have responded to the orders of Almighty avoided irritating him what it is not some misguided words said

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InputSubject: Re: (God's gift to Egypt) by astronomical Air Ayad الخميس مايو 09, 2013 12:20 pm

These are a scandal to the people of Egypt, not a gift
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InputSubject: Re: (God's gift to Egypt) by astronomical Air Ayad الجمعة مايو 10, 2013 3:19 pm

Abdulaziz Al Rwaili wrote:
These are a scandal to the people of Egypt, not a gift

Brother Abdul Aziz does not have to be Matatkdh you or someone else's words final and has no value or scandal may you to Aththm the subject of the ruler of Egypt, because you may be one of the deniers him and this would not be such talk any kind of acceptance you have then you are basically denying near the Mahdi and the Antichrist Although you and many of us are swimming in deceit Antichrist since 1924 day came a century devil from Najd and will not reach the level of the scandal (that you do scandal from your point of view alone, I think just the opposite will not suppose you saw will not allow you to impose your opinion on) which will not be and one on the top ten of Alvzaih that occurred and occur after the arrival of sheep and Mrsém Alokhans to the throne of Egypt and enough Jinx, who is moving with him day and night in each place visited by both within or external , thank God that the good man the ruler of Egypt and Secretary of Ahl al-Bayt Flaémna rest of things because they know their roles well and what Asking them to rise up and boot the Mahdi, God willing, but we the people of Egypt, particularly the House will not care who governs, but more importantly, what governs the van was found to approach the beloved Messenger of Allah bless him and Aaonah though otherwise Harbnah

Edited by Adeamo On Friday, مايو 10, 2013 3:32 pm edited 1 times
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Saifuddin Arab

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InputSubject: Re: (God's gift to Egypt) by astronomical Air Ayad الجمعة مايو 10, 2013 3:21 pm

You Bkiva Hey asshole disappointment disguised cloak of the Prophet .. originally in what is now the Apostle in the progeny of the Prophet, but the Mahdi is from the Apostle's blessing that God bless him for it Siktefi the impact of the Messenger of Allah
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InputSubject: Re: (God's gift to Egypt) by astronomical Air Ayad الجمعة مايو 10, 2013 3:34 pm

Saifuddin Arab wrote:
You Bkiva Hey asshole disappointment disguised cloak of the Prophet .. originally in what is now the Apostle in the progeny of the Prophet, but the Mahdi is from the Apostle's blessing that God bless him for it Siktefi the impact of the Messenger of Allah

Do you think you tongue long this will Thzmny or convince me? See yourself a little before Analk of your tongue and accept for him Malathb
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InputSubject: Re: (God's gift to Egypt) by astronomical Air Ayad الأربعاء مايو 15, 2013 1:30 am

For the second and final episode of the dialogue with the owner of Joey Ayad Egypt
***** "The owner of Egypt" blow many of the issues and stresses near the end of the rule of Alokhans and equipment external to the organization of a new Islamic pay
***** Change the Saudi position towards the "owner Musrwalnahj unjust to the Iranians and the fact that the war on our military, and the features of the Government of His Egypt
Dr. Salah ***** quality and Sakina Fouad and Huda Gamal Abdel Nasser and Abdel Halim Qandil Abu Ezz Hariri and Mona Makram-Ebeid, Sheikh Mahmoud Ashour and Matthew Cross Sawiris .. figures on the map of the owner of Egypt "
The first meeting between Lee and Egypt with the owner of the second meeting of the Kerr suffered threats and abuse and psychological warfare are still waiting list and in what Cistgd!!! But that did not add me, but insistent and Anda for God and His Prophet and his family and the faithful Muslims and Christians may deem God's good and they are now counting on great importance to what I serve the Lord, hoping to be what Asogah true.
This meeting may reveal a lot of facts and Asag also mulberry paper, which cover some sins and offers a close-up thought of what I think is the owner of Egypt, who still insists on rejecting the idea of another door, but may have to do Pallab!!! The following is a transcript of the interview
Did you follow reactions to my first with you and what is your comment?!
I was very responses improvement likely in God and slaves working her mind and her heart to get to the truth unlike those who do, as do the men of the State Security who read the intentions and punished for what they believe exists in their minds they are, and I laughed too much for some of the responses and wondered why some people think that we have in Egypt crisis comedy, as Some thought that it could have a testimony of two experts Astronomy or texts calling for those who swear that the owner of Egypt or offers a bribe in order to (!) or to someone else and they Aagulwn worse for those who believe that their rejection of Sen of people will settle the matter and canceled the will of God and all that I read in the context of the verse, "and the same and the other Volhmha Gore and piety" Valvgeor already piety which is the eternal struggle between them, which will be completed by debiting their representatives in the vaunted selection of the Divine (God's chosen people) and their supporters, who know that they are in the trench quack or did not know either selection divine representatives at the Prophet Muhammad It trench facing the immorality of all Matntoy by word and therefore not surprising that mobilizes Snake rail (Israel) all forces of clerics and policy and security to meet the representative of Al al-Bayt meaning confrontation major, even if you are my students from objectors who think he owner of Egypt to say what they have and determine His Egypt will not respond and will respond Khtogesam and falling in a major scandal for reasons Talminha and asked if I teach you one of them was our Prophet Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his progeny) Sunni or Shiite? It will not respond (!) Or even a modest explanation for those Titles.
Most of those are already objecting clerics What you say?!
Naturally they are clerics, whether they are Sunni or Shia, because it will cost quacks often disillusioned withdrawn position Divine surrounded by themselves and started to lie and mislead and disbelieve everyone, even father of the Prophets Abraham himself, alas, imagine that they can impose, "the owner of Egypt" on their mood as Zkrty They do not continue to deny it to every home and do not want the grandson of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib, they want grandchildren to changing bin Division of the skin of Imam Ali to bless people drunk or grandchildren to Muawiyah fought Imam Hassan or his son more than a murderer of Imam Hussein, or even Amrbn Aas, who is a name only retract God (and Elieaz God) have the rule of God on Alas bin Wael not be his offspring as stated in Sura "Kawthar" in response to Maerth of the Prophet that he does not have children, and it pleases God to get involved Amr in libel and defamation Egyptians, including punishable Homaysmy newly pleasant Wahhabism Trededh of the Nile Egyptians (its women play and men slaves who dominated) and the secret hatred of the Egyptians did people to kill Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr in Egypt, making Aisha spent the remaining of the old bruised .... I have outnumbered the Skrthm and they are now on the outskirts of the face Tfdham with those who betrayed their and venerated their enemies and therefore it is not surprising Halam grandson of Al al-Bayt who Sancef oppressed ancestors who killed Esponhm even today not right insulted the pulpits of the Umayyad for 80 years only.
Example District yourself cheek Despite your assertion that you Tnkulain prophecies, but only attack you by saying (lying Astrologers even believe) that it is a star?! They want to say it and what proves the sense of public Maiard install it from the falsehood and untruths .. They are lying prophet who does not speak of passion and false prophet has lied to God (and Elieaz God) and this approach to the worst kinds of demons which that inhabit Alras and not places abandoned and the discovery of a new human recently announced University (Harvard), which confirmed that there is a place in the brain is the house of ghosts and I am confident that this relationship speech Prophet Muhammad (may Allah bless him and his family) on Wahhabism, which emerged from Najd (a century of Satan) and carrying the memory Dvdaah think that everyone is like living in the mud not afford to worshipers of God, but hate a stranger makes them commit crimes in cold blood and inevitably it will be held accountable.
And how to face them?!
I think the wording of your question should not be so Valtslam it meant I got a builder owner of Egypt actually Nevertheless, I tell you that these and other easy target for very long as God as much as Ozla so simple look on their theses and behavior you realize that they have dug their own graves without feeling and what their voices higher and threatening everyone and Bmaouathm against the army and Astntaa influential, but confirmed it and emphasize here that if the Army Ancestors to which they belong and who was killed Imam Hussein and the capture of Sayeda Zeinab and threatened to rape her after the killing of babies and the rest of the crimes that were denounced Christian clergy and timely championed al-Bayt .. I say will not be repeated for the simple reason that the great quack knows the promise of God as stated in Surah (Kawthar) has been achieved and has become the home of each atom in the millions in Egypt alone, 10 million tamping Mountain rock Rawas. So for Agrabh that are described grandsons al-Bayt Shia relying on the ignorance of some people and the state of frenzy that gripped loyal to the killers of al-Bayt fully understood they play in stoppage time, as they say, and can not afford to come owner of Egypt (Amoy) continue in the injustice of each home and the opacity to what happened to them and come out treasures their education away from the ayatollahs in Iran or Iraq .. We are in the land of Egypt Tribune The House .. Egypt, which imperceptible archaeologists Why is the page connected to the sky without any other place on the back of our planet.
How do you see the issue of national unity and peaceful coexistence between religions?!
Worked Freemasonry into a bloody conflict between religions as part of preparations to bring a new religion and its capital Jerusalem, and were employed religions in a bitter struggle Instead of competing to anticipate good things become the most important tool of the conflicts that are tearing apart communities and nations and extends to more than that, knowing that God has told us in Surah (will Nnbikm including you where you disagree.) and what happened and is happening to Mbaraan of a threat to the peace and security of the social but it is a scheme specific goals and objectives to be overlooked in the face with traditional word mellifluous between the parties whenever crisis erupted or accident happened, but there should be a radical solutions make the citizenship of the share of everyone working and doing the points of convergence and avoids the points of difference and I think that exists and brought results very quickly and actor in the faith of all Muslims (Sunnis and Shiites) waned Mahdi whatever novels, he is a date with destiny with Christ (come imminent) and based on him is dealing with the Christian side and in line with those of the conviction faith to summon turn all the rights of Christian and alphabets its right to worship, which is an affront to all Egyptians and we are in the millennium AD the third and we discuss the issue of building churches.
two women in history Oafihama God of menstrual blood are the Virgin Mary and Fatima Zahra girl Prophet Muhammad and the first is the mother of Christ, who will meet with the son of a second-Mahdi and between that space of time should be the relationship between all of us worthy of Bonbeaúna and status when their followers and not a coincidence that indicates sociologist Mr Aweys to what happened to Jesus Christ and Imam Hussein and how Achtsenh all Egyptians in their consciences and shape their convictions of faith harmonized perfectly with being a human being who lived and grew up on the land of genius time and place which constitute Jaddana fantastic reverse conscience next to us, we find diligent in finding what atone people and incites hatred instead of diligence to gather the participants and humanized rights and this core issue, in my view it is not read history are doomed him to live once? again .. this argument for "Voltaire" summarizes the issue from another angle, and we did not read our history as politicians say Israel and therefore live classes bitter him that we change course quickly especially as we have a great legacy draws from all nations, but we (!) has been imposed on us to drink from swamps caused us these tragedies .. we left certainly, and walk the suspect will of satanic insisted until the last minute to Tabdna wrong.
Islamic Relations - Christianity can not be controlled by the fascist criminals riding religion .. Look Maketbh Christians in the world of Islam through its symbols and tragedies, the most important issue of the slain thirsty in Karbala Bkah grandfather Prophet before his death and said he was master of the youth of Paradise .. Look Maketbh Paul Safety and George Qirdaj and Jlhard Konslman and Aledumaly and Freya Starck and Carl Caton at the Imam Hussein and all the house generally look Maketbh fools find and Amtdadathm where manufactured talk to say that the killer and the killed in fire to exonerate more than killer and equated Imam Hussein (!) becomes crying Prophet and the place mentioned by him in paradise and prestige to the Messenger of Allah (I am from Hussein and Hussein Mona) becomes all that has no basis for the thought of the Umayyad and are mantras of India-eating livers and the rest of the tree cursed and those who God created the heavens and the earth .. Bnorm Asiloa Senate saves you one of them an interview where he says Hussein Hassan grandfather or grandfather or Fatima for her father?!! Mystery to save them Ahdit so and so for so and so pf pf pf pf person?! Note that God Cleanse only the house and not others!!!!.
do not see relations Islamic Christian in my country and even the whole world, but to activate the values ​​and commonalities stemming from reading the above in order to heal our wounds and proceed to the philosophy of faith protects people all rights not feel the woman he was strange in his country or a stranger to himself and at the same time address where all Mshlmyn and Christians of the project the American bowler to replace religions religion of the Antichrist, which Saazzh project "Kissinger" to curtail the earth's population to one billion Golden only!! .. Here it must be remembered verses contained in the Holy Koran. .. (!). you lines with the colors of the Islamic factions are on the scene and I would like to get to know the map of your relationship with them? periods of detention frequent and my stay in all detention centers heavily guarded and solidified my relationships Ethrean, especially as a regular in the face of the ousted regime his crimes against detainees in the book "crisis" The famous and who wrote me when Sheikh Aboud Al and leaders of Jemaah Islamiyah and others even pole Salafist Mustafa Salameh author (Secrets Revealed for Shiites bad guys) and after the January revolution has become for many of them leading positions I have met Sheikh Abbud al-Zumar of almost two months and I was received with great hospitality and told me just days after the conclusion has the effect (that owes still see us all hooligans) ..!!!. for the Brothers, there is knowledge of old with my fellow detainees veterans such as Al-Shater and El-Erian, a fellowship for Atertqy to the extent of allowing Bataúy my rights or to stop the war and the siege imposed on us As citizens, but only allowed the theft of one of the MASHROATI and implemented to the detriment of national security has been directed to them formally charged in the prosecution as well as Adthamaty official also to Dr. Marina and his collusion with Israel on the issue of our occupied land and the way he had sat down with them almost 10 years ago, Dr. Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh, but God did not write us any joint cooperation and I realized then that God is merciful us already and that when he played Brotherhood, this paper before being nominated Anchorage to discover a major crime made ​​about it reports still locked drawers Attorney's Office this year!!. : What about relations with Iran, specifically?! there are two trends in Iran, and one sees We are the guardians of God's righteous and the other believes that we form a threat to the nation Persian (!) and the last is the one who are shocked and collaborates with Alokhans and Salafist also politicians and Shiite groups have different loyalties depending on the destination of Iran which employs the post in January for the presence and influence in the Egyptian arena and we see that they Saaudodn to the point zero in their relationship with Egypt, and that they have committed a crime against the people of Egypt to support them and their support of the religious fascism as well as the lack of respect for the land (the pulpit) and started behaving in ways that we see anti exactly the approach has been warned of this repeatedly, however, that they take them pride in unrighteousness and insisted on Acetkbarhm and many of them are aware that we stayed on them the argument all Even on the issues that interpolate the sublime with ministers and leaders of the armies of Iraq and Iran in the context of the plots intelligence regional .. insisted all governments and the ayatollahs in Iran and Iraq to escape them and suspiciously, and this in itself is a crime to not agree and morals which is the core message of Prophet Muhammad , and I believe that these and other issues of local and international against oppressors form panel worthy of thinking about them, especially since all Qzaiay characterized documentation and wrote in the articles of the leading writers and symbols of them thinker Fahmi Huwaidi and thinker Dr. Mohammed Abbas and Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim and others, and I think that the situation in both Iran and Iraq will change As reflected in the verdict "Alokhans" and finished my answer I wanted to connect the important fact for those looking for the truth which is related to Belkaan with Alaaranin unspoken them first was to guide a question flour Lei He: "Have you met our Lord Mahdi ..!! and Reddit exile .. The second was He was careful in which the Iranian side on the assertion that the era in which we live is not the era of Imam Mahdi!!! .. and I think that it is for the Iranians lies in their faith in their ability to recruit Yamani and Egypt and perhaps Imam Mahdi himself to the imposition of the Persian Empire globally .. This is what I see for Iran and Amtdadthm in Iraq, Egypt, and I see that they employ the sufferings of Al al-Bayt side up resistor not only strengthen the Centre's negotiating Iranians globally with all due respect to those associated with their organically. "Thomas Friedman," American journalist famous said that Egypt's state al-Bayt alternative to Iran What you say? decided God is above the seven heavens to be Egypt (genius of time and space) beacon for humanity and that embody sophisticated humanly at all levels and leg Friedman and others but it is a post from the pack extrapolations future, which are built under U.S. policies even checked all of us consider the asylum NASA to take Pmaord in Science Imam Ali, which is the gateway to knowledge of the Messenger of Allah to realize it as well as what was done (Hollywood) to produce works of art huge related either own meteor bombardment of bachelors or other and the same applies to a spokesman for the international community (the United Nations), which demanded in a report applying the theory of Imam Ali as a model of good governance .. it great, but we here in Egypt, where the share of the citizen of Culture (3 Pt) and the spread of culture (Century Devil) as the religion of God made ​​people in total isolation from facts, but from the womb of my Lord. some threatening if I said who feared from what you say? , which threatens not threaten you or threaten me, but God threatens (and Elieaz God) and Allah alone sponsor their note that it is verified in order to find that the elimination is lying and deception and disregard and disdain for playing the religion of God is very easy according to the theory (twice the power and strength of weakness) Whatever the size of their wealth and high voice and the presence of countries imposed their voice to us and Oskinthm housing is not a right in accordance with the agreements minute interval!!, and God wanted her to be in order to make sure we have exhausted all ideologies Dinoah and eschatological and simple look to the position of the January revolution the great and the infidels of the rebels and threatened them with fire if went out on the faithful deposed as well as a look into their theses, which embodied the fatwas breastfeeding big and mating deceased and "to say at all and hold Alkrvath" and "say Wafa's shaved nape" Finally Joisalloat with women and their behavior also that his body on the Nice and Vice nose and bad manners in dealing (language Boot) and lying, all crimes will not escape sanctions as long as they committed the name of religion, who played him and offered peace and security, the social risk and also the national security of the country, and by the way shared it the Muslim Brotherhood who are energized from the same springs intellectual and those who did not know the thought of the Brotherhood is only a letter of regenerative Wahhabism and subject to the process of the game the distribution of roles very nicely draw outside the borders of our country and just remind everyone of the most important scientists of Egypt in the modern era, the late Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud, who wrote a critic in pain on the interpretation of the Salafi to A Quranic (and round about them and Dan everlasting youth cups and jugs, and a glass of a certain) that there is a watt with children in Paradise (!) note that the verse in Sura "rights," which landed in the Al-Bayt prayers and peace, mercy, and Radwan of God. there are real fears of continued governance What you say? assert that the Brotherhood and their allies do not understand how you managed states and solve the crisis, as I am confident that they do not know structure that protects Egypt outside official frameworks or structures, formal and informal, and they are dealing with "Fahloh" and think that the rule of Egypt will not escape from their hands, even if broken arrowheads on the blades (!) and this Aaghaba in the end the same group suffer illiteracy political and security as well as religious illiteracy, I can say that the ruling religious-based will end forever to give way to the rule of law, citizenship, justice, equality and creativity in all its forms and to renounce violence and all Mistdm Pftrh human .. Egypt is preparing in order to return to her family and the nation and humanity did not succeed quack and tools in the imposition of a plant can not grow above ground our country and our system of values ​​batsman rooted in the depths of history and therefore equips the last line of the religious fascism after exposing the Brotherhood and Salafi groups!!!. How do you see the position of the army, which is based does intervene to stop the collapse of Egypt? see that the re-definition of the Egyptian army, first to understand what faces and understand our role and define positions .. army of Egypt Foundation great matter comprising a compound organizations productive multi .. enjoys the love and wrapping people who believe in turn that the army in the bond of divine to the day of judgment, and thus become the perception of our military as the Department of Defense and a number of fighters and the mechanisms of war headmistress limited so apply only to other countries, not Egypt, which established its people army since ancient sounding doors France and incursion in Asia, and not an army that is configured armies brought people to occupy the land as in Israel .. Egypt army passes stages of its development natural since shortly after the July Revolution So Agrabh that are obscuring the greatest victories of the Egyptian army in the sixties and specifically on the land of Yemen, a victory over 73 where he faced Egyptian army forces the governments of Yemen and Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iran, Britain, Israel and the swarms of U.S. aircraft and teams of mercenaries who fought alongside the Allies in World War II (!) With all of that defeat our military Each of these armies on the land is their land and the topography did not Iatadha to study his fights later in the academies of the world .. Here is the battalion thunderbolt check in hours Maadz realize the Turkish army in Yemen over more than 30 years which fail to break into the "gated"!!? .. and to be able in After the weapon Egyptian (MLM) to announce that the Red Sea from the Bab el Mandeb even the Suez Canal area military might turn the world Atagafz oil prices to Thds leaps in the lives of Arab countries did not reflect today on its commitment to strengthen the mighty power that made ​​this area, but sought to find areas to secure the pumping its oil Since making them spend billions and now proven myth that .. Army Egypt target for the forces of evil the world, which is aware of the real tasks of the Egyptian army, which stands in the throat of projects preparing to implement Perhaps this is behind the popular will that translate into practical desire to be the lead country in the hands of the army and not in this as Wrong In contrast, manners and discipline, the military and the roof of the National High will be Sora high prevents hitting the Egyptians and the empowerment of the religious fascism of the division of Egypt and certainly the religious fascism with all its tools to Atstaa reading position or appreciation. what do you recommend? wish first that did you advice Tnfk really and you are in these conditions and I think that the advice you are taking the owner of Egypt or the Prince of princes or Warrior terrible be the reality of what I said the American Astronomical "Jane Dixon" and not prophets in order to miss the opportunity to Sunni extremists and Shiite representing the interests of the countries competing in the casting and humiliating and Tkver and declare war you .. will not avoid taking a war Tkzpk the name of religion only, but you will find from Aazerk centers and scientists Alfronaat as well as the big trend inside and outside Egypt, and also international regulations realize the seriousness of tampering with the law cosmic as did Jane Dixon, which has been careful not breached and I think that there is in the country of battling the Zionist lobby in the administration American commitment so because the contrast means being involved and what will bring them disasters pose major challenges for them at the moment with my assertion that the will of God window inevitably B from B or reject from quacks and their supporters from the ignorant and the hypocrites, and finally whether Thdtty of reality is given by Jane Dixon or Prophets and both can listen or Kzbok there base survival of the fittest, which owns and Codaimknh of access to the summit without nozzles guns (!) and scrubs who tries to delude others Ptshehadh error Lee and grandfather of my words or your words meant then seen and explains Stultifies questioned God Almighty says in our Quran great "The most helpless of God, but most people did not know" Almighty God. rarely you will find at this time of working in public work and his professor to learn from it and I think I was lucky to state whatever the tragedy Matardt - and that I would be - the most important of my professors is the Dean of the Fedayeen Egyptians who discovered Aloshalh corrupt in the war of 48 and led the resistance against the tripartite aggression in 56 as well as a huge number of the heroes of Egypt who Staleg them the old guard in the military and Amkhabrat who renounced in the era of Mubarak, according to the base (The war ended there is no need for the Knights) and those of whom carried about two hundred process positive against Israel, they are fighters, known as the band 39, which constitute the panic of Israel until today and those with seen for men of intellect and politics of my professors Sahoa heavily in the construction of my thoughts It was not a coincidence but a good draw very carefully as Oatqdhomounasph This was among rank in detention Mubarak b risk Extraordinary not releasing meant despite legal rulings that many Balafraj obligatory meant even the United Nations intervened in previous suspicion and team issued arbitrarily arrested by Resolution No. 5 of 2005, where they were released meant by that was arrested again after the issuance of a written the famous expose Mubarak before his fall b 5 years. , but you know I'm Her knowledge and resorted to approach surprised you from the reality of Rraaty personal and Science figures and each house? did not deny that you even salute completely only I would like to avoid taking libel people are accustomed Touching on religion and employment even in Maclmat obscenity and you know that what Othertah courage may latest loud explosion not only in Egypt as the latest panic also is Alakd you Rsdty most that some say How to be the owner of Egypt did not achieve your dream in the house and tomb, how will the people of his wishes and aspirations? , who says that he can not be given to his country's months of his strength and his thought and his temper and freedom and no more than a quarter of a century!! he did not know the fact that the siege around me by the intelligence services and elements of an international Egyptian security .. do not know that the blockade included deprive me of my receivables both being the subject of judicial rulings fell!! Or those that incited for not delivered to me or Maldy and fight in marketed .. did not know that millions of dollars have been presented to have been recorded Aelloukap security, and published in the broadest newspapers spread and no one could deny them .. do not know the relationship I had with heads of republics was where I would get under the Millions .. do not know I'm even today I'm having a sword goats and his gold and attempts to disrupt the countries as they do with others turned them into "clogs" in their legs and gave them millions and some of them were just one of my followers which are known .. do not know that it came to incite banks to non-Aqtrady to treat of signs of torture .. do not know that among Qzaiay 20 issue almost against Mubarak and Adly and Ahmed Ezz, tourism and national security, and others, including Acanutormerssa and his clan, where they face charges of stealing one of my projects and implementation of threatening national security .. There are a lot of Ayalmh only God and I trust in the fairness of the Gila's gaze and I know that the whole Qzaiay including 19 cases against the Salafist is in its entirety argument will be tried by all oppressors and liars, spies and traders of religion and not a coincidence that the criminal who Ojerm in the right of our people is the same as the accused direct in Qzaiay!!!. How do you see the reality of the people of Egypt? once During the renewal of my arrest, a critical moments too, as it dissipates the dream to get out of the dark tunnel and live the woman the worst moments of his life, but I in this day and deal during my return to the detainee terrible I read in the newspaper people's statistical terrifying says that in Egypt 30 million absolute and absolute spinster and Aansh (!! ) Forgot illiterate prophet then I started to think in the rest of Statistics information to me like seven million unemployed and the flight of half a million in the world and 3 pennies per citizen of the culture and a million disciple married customary on paper pamphlets schools and a huge number of billions looted and carcinogenicity 3 million Egyptian and crime statistics, evolution and social realities and issues and the rest of Statistics that keep me awake a lump in my throat, and here I now know my more than during the movement of intellectual and artistic, a goods only issued by Egypt Viz Pei colliding proverb Albert Kamei when he said: Art reflects peoples' lives (!) .. just invite everyone to read our situation through our movement Technical co-conspirator in turn, to rewrite the minds of great people lie on the borders of his country's most powerful military power their weapons lethal conventional and unconventional .. I have worked the World Zionist and tools in order to achieve those ends to tear Ripper in our country and is continuing strongly There is no power but from God. How do you see the legitimacy of the status quo under the claim of the Muslim Brotherhood achievement achievements and what the near future to govern? achievements Atges her brothers and were rejected for those achievements alleged embodied in the words of Juha when he went to someone who wants his donkey's journey denied Juha having a donkey, but the donkey bray Vvdh Juha What was the man, but a lie individual جحا "هل تكذبنى وتصدق الحمار"..لكن أود أن أشير الى كذبة كبيرة تم إطلاقها وللاسف الشديد أجبر شعبنا على تصديق الأكذوبة وهى مجئ الدكتور مرسى عبر الصناديق وهذه جريمة فى حد ذاتها وما حدث فى بلادنا لايحدث حتى فى جمهوريات "الموز" !!

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InputSubject: Re: (God's gift to Egypt) by astronomical Air Ayad الأحد مايو 26, 2013 1:04 am

Nearly 500 years lived a man uncertain in Europe and has had an uncanny knack of predicting the future until he became months, fortune tellers and readers luck in the world, and has been a feature of this man that he does not write his predictions explicitly, but in the form of quartets and verses referring to what he wants to say, and anyone who wants to أن يعرف أن يقرأ ما بين السطور ليستخرج منها الكثير.

The man has been predicted hundreds of prophecies that have already been made, and I quote as told until he mentioned the names of many of the leaders who changed the face of history and select locations of major events in the world naming his name all over the place which is called the time of this prophecy .. It Nostradamus .. man who Bewildered where scientists and commentators all tried that knows how to predicted this man all these events, people, and with such accuracy and severe, which did not make a mistake never .. it is the rise of the Ottoman Empire to fall, and the invasion of the British for the world to Anhsarhm through to World Wars I and II and the names of months of its leaders such as Hitler and Mussolini, and others as well as the attack on the World Trade Center in New York, 9-11, and even today .. Fmasalt prophecies man realized in every moment and every place for those who wanted to hear and make sense and see .. One of the biggest specialists in the analysis of the prophecies of Nostradamus, the fortune-teller American John Hogg, who explained many of the verses poetic developed by Nostradamus and achieved all his explanations for these predictions. Regarding Egypt predicted John Hogg during the presidential election victory of Mohamed Morsi, despite the meager chance and the absence of any indicators make it even enters the cycle returns .. But Hogg came out in a state of turmoil on the channel "Fox News" saying: win this guy .. the devil behind him all his sons!! added Hauge like quite sure what to say: This man will win even if it did not give him a voice, the name mentioned in the prophecy of him and this prophecy also found I have a Pope of the Orthodox Church in Egypt!! Then came one of the two French journalists to announce in the newspaper "Le Figaro" that he has confirmed information from Egypt confirms to him that Mohamed Morsi is the one who will win the presidential race, and that was at a time when the cycle returns are still in the middle of it, has annoyed the French presidency of much of the news especially in light of not being sure of the intentions of the Muslim Brotherhood, the event took power in Egypt, and when asked a French journalist about the source of this information said that in addition to what is clear from the induction events Vtakdt has yet to hear what John Hogg .. After check prophecy and win Mohamed Morsi the job, The Hogg re-interpretation of prophecies of Nostradamus from new and more focused than ever, like trying to predict what will happen daily, but more than interested in the words of Hogg and his interpretations of the prophecies of Nostradamus was the CIA the "CIA" .. which bother sometimes including metaphysics, remained interested in what he says Hogg and all the new announced in Egyptian affairs, and then concluded the CIA agreement with Hogg follow-up Egyptian affairs only, without any other country, has told Hogg CIA while hosting Barack Obama for Mohamed Morsi in the United States, it holds (stamp Satan) .. Providing the intelligence report to Barack Obama proposes to him that it did not interview Morsi again, both within the U.S. or abroad, and Oukalt in its report that the reason behind it, "it carries the seal of Satan" ..!! evident "seal of Satan" This is in the form of wound the result of surgery in the head Morsi .. but the important thing is that this wound in the form of the letter "V" in English, and confirmed Hogg CIA operations surgery of the brain does not leave such an impact, and has already provided the CIA report to the wounds of dollars for it, which emphasized words Hogg, and that was enough for Obama in order to avoid meeting Mursi while he was in the Middle East .. It also raised the name of the calls world leaders to visit the United States!! explains Hogg more prophecies of Nostradamus and match history when Nostradamus historiography current calendar came out, including longer more prophecies shock for Egypt and the Egyptians. said John Hogg, the name "Mohammed Morsi," stated literally in the prophecies of Nostradamus, and that as the king, who "closes the circle of destiny" .. where he found the name "Morsee" written text in the prophecies of Nostradamus, a king who has certain specifications .., Nostradamus says that this will be the third King of carrying the name "Muhammad" consecutively without separating carried the name of the last king of the kings of Egypt, and that the third king who bears the name of Muhammad will carry under his full name, the name "Morsee" .. He stressed that these Hogg prophecies known to the priests of Christians in Egypt!! adds Hogg that this King of the qualities that he does not have to speak of his own, Vhitanh talking instead and even punish him severe pain in his head whenever tried to talk by itself ..! Strangely enough, the shocking thing is that the accounts of dates carried out by Hogg, according to dates and accounts Khurzmih, define prophecy of Nostradamus current year of 2013, which will not end before you head out this king of the throne of Egypt to be shorter rulers of Egypt lived, adds Hogg in his interpretation of the prophecy that the coming judgment will not be quiet, Vgesdh torn apart dramatically So it Sistasa Egyptians assembly blown! .. and Sevres his companions and his followers into the mountains east of Egypt chased by the Egyptians even get out of the circle where there are a Anthm eternal which all the Egyptian border. says prophecy that these days will see the "days of blood and fire" .. it looks like a pain the new birth or Tbrigada to Egypt to come out after a bad case of the case of a completely different ..!

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InputSubject: Re: (God's gift to Egypt) by astronomical Air Ayad الأحد يوليو 28, 2013 6:02 pm

Suspended Joey Ayad explained the book "Jaffer" from the prophet, "Ali bin Abi Talib" to suit the team Sisi for the descent of the Egyptian people today saying: No one appreciates the team Sisi because it is safe under God and L. House and Sayeda Zeinab let him, but it does not work as much as himself, and claimed Egyptian people to meet all requests for that client from God to protect the people of Egypt, and will do a large number of conquests, where is the army commander in the era of "the ruler of Egypt," and by Sisi will clean Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, a "tree of bitter melon bitter." confirmed Joy that the Muslim Brotherhood in the coming period Sivron strife between Muslims and Christians, where she said: Brotherhood in this period, work to traverse strife between Muslims and Christians, and will come attempts by a number of bombings that would carry out the mosques and churches, but they will burn Bnanhm and they will be the ones who wrote their end by themselves, will not succeed at all in traverse strife, where I now see that the "Muslim Brotherhood" in the last of their lives. , and also warned Joey Egyptian army of incidents of violence in the Sinai and the West, "the limits of the PIA with Egypt," saying: You must hit the army in the hands of Iron in the Sinai region, especially that the Brotherhood will resort to escape from there after failing in the manufacture of discord and chaos. also warned of the great danger surrounds the city of Alexandria is now saying: singing the Egyptian army that emphasizes the security of the city of Alexandria to see me that there is a great danger surrounds them and I see a lot of sedition and fire highly flammable, as he tries Brotherhood traverse sedition by dramatically and there will be an attempt to blow up churches, mosques and police stations, and I also see that there is a considerable state of hoopla in the area level, especially the province ", Assiut, Sohag, Qena." and President Mursi said: Mursi man led by Satan, where he lives the devil in his finger was always refers in his speeches and threatens its people, and his assassination will be in the next few months, and I believe that his body will be blown up, and come this assassination as a result of the deal, which held the sale of Sinai with all of the "Turkey, America, Qatar "where these countries to kill him through the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood Egypt, and in the coming period will happen great cleavage between young Brotherhood and they will spend on each other. On the other hand she said, in the next few months will happen volcanoes large and hurricanes in the United States, and there will be plenty of the victims, and this will be the beginning of the end of the myth of America, and the President Obama expect assassinated soon, but I can not that I set the time because the times are always plays much role, and God "Almighty" is controlling these timings. View the original content on the dawn technical - special - Queen Joey Ayad expectations: on the people to meet the call Sisi .. because a client from God to protect the people of Egypt

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InputSubject: Re: (God's gift to Egypt) by astronomical Air Ayad الأربعاء أغسطس 28, 2013 2:24 am

Gary discuss the issue strongly in conjunction with current events, especially news that is currently promoting to hit Syria
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InputSubject: Re: (God's gift to Egypt) by astronomical Air Ayad الأحد سبتمبر 01, 2013 12:49 am

Moved from a page in solidarity with the Air Ayad I hope that I have given you a summary substance loop Air Ayad with Rola Kharsa in displeases shows you expectations Alofhalflakih Air Ayad. First, the expectations of the Arab countries .............................................. Syria .......... / A military strike against Syria resonates a media Badayam numbered but limited strike and victims are limited and the words of the Syrian people Mtkhafush There are a number of free army will discover his footsteps and join a large portion of them to the army and Bashar, Bashar exists and is continuous and will not vibrate in his This phase ................................................ Jordan ... / where revolutions and the blood and the instability of the coming period .................. Saudi Arabia / flooding by the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 all caution and vigilance in the Hajj season of it facing Saudi Arabia will try to fabricate discord Equipped with the playfulness and turf I hope all caution caution ........................................... Turkey .. / Erdogan revolutions and it will appear to him and Vzaih Hemena funded army free because he will serve his country any way ............................. America / flooding and states will disappear and the States will board and divided America, and America will collapse economically mean Htkon a flat before the end of 2013, Obama did not complete his term and an assassination attempt in Qatar awaited ............ / Change Islanders to Qatar and the end of the rule of Tamim and Vzaih Sheikha Mozah and the old guard Grandpa's successor is who will rule ................ Yemen / revolutions and massive unrest will settle ..................... Libya ........ / revolutions rebels claim the real truth and justice .................. Tunisia / Revolution are free Himsqua government and new elections in Tunisia. Iran / Gscrih prompt blow to Iran than America or Israel notes that Iran Air is from the Batfjerat in Iraq to distract its people even withholds the revolution ........................ ....................................... Iraq / al-Maliki to be assassinated and killed and betrayed by those close to him from owners and mesmerized massive revolutions in Iraq and a massive Air and advises him not to run for a second term ..................................... ........................ Palestine / Hamas Stpad completely and there is a danger to Mahmoud Abbas and the assassination attempt and the revolutions in Palestine ........... ........................... Lebanon / revolutions overwhelming and every country will be safe where .............. Europe ........ / demonstrations and protests in France / Germany / Spain / Britain .............................. ............................................... and finally Egypt or minimum / Egyptian army is purging Sanle of all outposts criminal terrorist and will be very successful in this military operation Egypt Sttehr of foci criminal and tip Air Army devoid Balkua of the western region and for Achens Marina expects Air Ayad he will be assassinated and the beginning of Alazdharwalkhir to Egypt at the beginning of 2014 for the owner of Egypt is Man of the vulnerable in the ground and Stzdahr Egypt on his hands and in his reign will open Jerusalem and this heralds the emergence of Imam Mahdi, said Air Ayad he must take positive energy from the team Sisi because of true believers and that a client of God and has a great task is no one knows ...... ............................................. for the ark of his time is not now because he regards the Imam Mahdi and secrets inside the sarcophagus belonging to Imam Mahdi only because he is a weapon by the Messenger of Allah ... At the end of her speech, said that Egypt Air will be the mistress of the world ........ She concluded her speech by saying / Alaadedda and your days and your conduct honorable but Venda