The discussion about trading for Bowe Bergdahl has been ongoing for some time. This of course is questionable, since the U.S. has always held the position that it will not negotiate with terrorists or trade terrorists for hostages. This the Obama regime has clearly broken today, the impact of which will yet be felt, as he has now painted a target on the back of every American.
Yet in any discussion of the question, the Obama regime has assured Congress that it would be advised.
Note this in August 2012 in an NBC article on Bowe Bergdahl:
U.S. officials stress that the transfer, if it occurs, will be done in accordance with U.S. law, which requires Congress to be notified before any detainees are moved from Guantanamo.
But today, there was no notice given to Congress as required by law:
So he knew it was the law, he said he would follow it and then he broke it flagrantly in a way that threatens Americans for years to come.