Sunday, April 7, 2013

Boycott Obama Supporters in Hollywood – A Tea Party Boycott

Looney Anti-American Occult Religion
is Rampant in Hollywood
UPDATE: The greater “Boycott Hollywood” effort is working great! Support for Obama is way, way down this election year. Movie admission ticket sales are in the worst slump in decades (See link below). Hollywood just cannot understand why there is a sales slump.
Partly, it is due to the economic slump and competition from the Internet, but it is also because so many are just fed up with Hollywood. Now that they are vulnerable is the best time. Let us show them that there is a boycott taking place. If you are angry about the election, this is one quick way you can strike back! The number of hits on this page have zoomed since election day.
Box Office Blahs
A “Young Hollywood” fundraiser at the SoHo House in West Hollywood on June 29th was cancelled due to lack of interest. This was supposed to be a critical demonstration of support from young entertainers and it was a total bust! Entertainers see from Oprah’s example that high-profile support for Obama is a real career killer.
Especially, avoid Hollywood during the upcoming holidays. It’s the last chance for them to make up for a very bad year. Please share this link.
Slump in Box Office Ticket Sales
Slump in Box Office Ticket Sales
There are so many entertainers supporting Obama that it is easier to boycott the entire industry unless you know the entertainer is not a supporter of Obama. It is an industry largely of traitors. If their sales go down enough, they will be motivated to start getting rid of the traitors, themselves. This page is dedicated to all of the misguided, wacko entertainers that supported Barack Obama in 2008, will support Obama in 2012 and their cult-like zombie fans that followed them like lemmings in voting for the “Messiah.” They often hold occult religious beliefs (see Madonna, Lady Gaga, etc) that are similar to those of Obama’s beliefs and see the current/traditional American system as being evil, a system that must be overturned, in order to bring on their fantasy of some kind of a utopian, socialist/occult world transformation, promised by their messiah. This is similar to- and compatible with the teachings of Black Liberation Theology, the seditious doctrine of Obama’s radical anti-American, anti-white, anti-Christian religious sect in Chicago, Trinity United Church of Christ.
Oprah Winfrey’s media empire crashed on the shoals of supporting Obama. May the same happen to all of these people. Many millions of American consumers have already sworn to stop buying any Hollywood products forever.
This is a partial list of some of the best known supporters. A full list of supporters would resemble a telephone book. Check back periodically for updates. This list is intended to be those, who are most outspoken and activist in their support of the Messiah. That is, they do more than just passively state their personal preference and make a private contribution, but use their star status as a platform to support Obama. Leave a comment below, if you think someone should be added. A more complete list of formal endorsements for 2012 can be seen here.
Alec Baldwin
Capital One Venture Cards
Drew Barrymore
Harry Belafonte – Obama should jail opponents.
Bradley and Colleen Bell, producers of “The Bold and the Beautiful.” – Held Fundraiser in Feb 2012 in Beverly Hills
Joy Behar – Comedian, co-host of The View.
Mariah Carey
George Cloney
Common – Rapper calls for Revolution at Trinity church.
Oprah about to receive
The Obama Kiss of Career Death
Matt Damon
Ellen DeGeneres
Cameron Diaz
Lena Dunham – creator of the HBO series ‘Girls’
Jimmy Fallon
Jamie Foxx – Hailed Obama as our “Lord and Savior.”
Morgan Freeman – One confused cretin. “Claims to be “God” and that the Tea Party/Opposition to Obama is racist.”
Janeane Garofalo
David Geffen – Founder of Geffen Records and Co-Founder of Dreamworks Studios. Gave Obama a boost, when he shifted his support from Hillary. Sold interest in Dreamworks. Probably difficult to boycott.
Danny Glover
Whoopie Goldberg
Melanie Griffith
Tom Hanks
Daryl Hannah – Opposes pipeline to Canadian oil sands.
Samuel L. Jackson
Jay-Z – Obama’s Running So We All Can Fly.
Scarlett Johansson
Magic Johnson
Ashley Judd – Obama ‘has an incredible devotion to our Constitution
Ashton Kutchner – Produced the “I Pledge (to serve Obama) clip below.
Lady Gaga and her Satanic Message
Spike Lee – Suggested that Obama was pre-orditained(sic) by God.
Eva Longoria – declares Tea Party to be a “dangerous moment.”
Madonna – There’s a Black Muslim in the White House
Bill Maher
Chris Matthews – Matthews famous tingle-up-my-leg comment indicates an apparent latent homosexual attraction for Obama. Click link to go to a list of his sponsors, maintained by a Tea Party in Virginia.
Demi Moore
Keith Olbermann
Sarah Jessica Parker
Gwyneth Paltrow
Julia Roberts
Chris Rock – Comedian, who has “issues” with white folks.
Susan Sarandon
Steven Spielberg – Co-Founder of Dreamworks Studios.
Bruce Springsteen
Barbara Streisand – Click to read about Streisand’s desperate attempt to save Obama’s campaign.
Dave Stewart – Member of Black Eyed Peas. Produces “Yes We Can” and “We are the Ones” videos for Obama. Real name is William Adams, aka Zuper Blahq, Will 1X, Voodoo.
Vanessa Williams
Marianne Williamson – author, occult religion. – Proposed department of peace.
Oprah Winfrey – With Eckhart Tolle taught occult course on Internet to millions. Declared Obama to be “The One”, the black Messiah.
NOTE: Click here to go to the “Boycott Oprah” page, whose members constructed this list of entertainers. We are promoting a boycott of Oprah’s advertisers.
These are a few clips from the past, just to remind you of what the loony Obama-hysteria was like. These people may sometimes have talent, but they are often dangerously deluded and extremely manipulative of their audience.
The songs in some of these clips are filled with New Age / Gnostic religious references and imagery, suggesting that Obama and his followers are divinely inspired, higher beings or actually god-like, with a divine mission to “transform” the US. This is reminiscent of cult-like messianic, ruler-worshiping religious hysteria of the Middle Ages. We sincerely hope that these religious lunatics soon regain their sanity.
First Time – Lena Dunham on Voting for — & Being Screwed by — Obama for the First Time
We are The Ones by
American Prayer – Dave Stewart
(Worshipful quasi-religious song about Barack Obama)
Obama Pledge Video – The scary Bits!
Obama followers pledge to serve Obama, the Messiah.
From Demi Moore and Ashton Kutchner’s “I Pledge” Video.
Parents abusing their Children – Teaching Obama Worship
Obama Girl – Crush on Obama
(Cheap sex used to sell Obama)
Obama Spoof – Building a Religion

Obama Silent While Muslim Brotherhood Prepares Islamist Murder Squads for Egypt

Remember when not so long ago President Obama claimed the Muslim Brotherhood had zero chance at winning control of the Egyptian government? Good times, good times. So how is that working out for the Egyptians?
Several thousand opponents of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood clashed with supporters of the Islamist group near its headquarters in Cairo on Friday, and at least 40 people were wounded, authorities said.
Columns of riot police fired tear gas as the rival groups tussled in the streets around the Brotherhood headquarters. Protesters hurled Molotov cocktails and stones, a witness said.
The only reason the Muslim Brotherhood isn’t machine gunning down Egyptians in the street is because they don’t yet posses total control over the military. While Egyptian President Morsi has been doing his best to reshuffle the officer corps and put into position hand chosen Islamists ready to do the MB’s calling, considering the size of the Egyptian military and its long standing independence from civil society he is still some months away from his goal. No worries. Morsi is moving full steam towards establishing his very own Brown Shirt Islamist murder squads ready and willing to pillage and rape for the greater glory of Islam.
Now, the Brotherhood and allied Islamists are taking a cue from their Shiite counterparts in Tehran and have announced they are setting up a civilian force with the power to arrest those they deem to be criminals.
The Muslim Brotherhood first hinted at setting up a militia on December 16 when Vice Chairman Essam Erian of its Freedom and Justice Party said it needed defenses in the wake of clashes. “They would have defended themselves in front of the presidential palace and killed the other [anti-Brotherhood] protesters,” he said. At around the same time, Jama’a al-Isla/miya threatened to set up a pro-Brotherhood militia to “protect private and public property and counter the aggression on innocent citizens.”
The Brotherhood and Jam’a al-Islamiya have announced their intention to set up a joint civilian police force with other Islamists.
So what is the Obama administration response to Morsi’s murderous attitude towards the Egyptian people? Why give the Muslim Brotherhood more money and military supplies to be used towards subjugating the Egyptian people of course.
US Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday rewarded Egypt for president Mohammed Morsi’s pledges of political and economic reforms by releasing $250m in American aid to support the country’s “future as a democracy“.
Just in case there was any lingering doubt, on Sunday Morsi has made it crystal clear what he has in mind for the Egyptian people should the protests against his totalitarian rule not end:
If I have to do what is necessary to protect this nation I will, and I am afraid that I may be close to doing so,” a visibly angry Morsi said in an animated speech to the opening session of a conference on women’s rights.
“I will do so very, very soon. Sooner than those trying to shake the image of this nation think,” said the Islamist leader who took office in June as the country’s first freely elected president.

North Korea Appears to Be Prepping a Fourth Nuclear Test

Adam Clark Estes 177 Views 9:59 PM ET
A South Korean newspaper is reporting that North Korean troops are scurrying around the site where it tested a nuclear bomb on February 12, its third ever. All signs point to a fourth, and the timing couldn't be worse. "There are recent active movements of manpower and vehicles at the southern tunnel at Punggye-ri," says the newspaper JoongAng Ilbo. "We are monitoring because the situation is similar to behavior seen prior to the third nuclear test." Meanwhile, South Korean officials say that they expect North Korea to test another missile this week, probably on Wednesday.
Well, this isn't good. The tense situation between the North Korea and, well, pretty much everyone on Earth has been escalating in the weeks since that third test and has become increasingly severe since last week, when supreme leader Kim Jong Un's top brass promised a "merciless" attack on the United States. South Korea is more or less preparing for a war, while the United States has threatened a swift and decisive response it there is an attack. Even though President Obama's senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer played down the threat of violence — he said this is just "a pattern of behavior we've seen from the North Koreans many times — the U.S. military's been drawing up a plan in case it does. Accordingly, the U.S. commander in South Korea canceled a pre-planned trip to Washington, just in case something does go down this week.
This all puts the U.S. in a really awkward position. On one hand, it needs to be prepared for the worst, hence the planning. However, it doesn't want to overdo it, since that might scare the North Koreans into a launching a preemptive attack. At the same time, the U.S. is working hard to keep South Korea calm, because if they get too anxious and launch their own attack or even appear to be preparing one, North Korea could try to hit them first. That would be bad. On the other hand, the government really doesn't want to scare the bejesus out American citizens.
But really, the main challenge goal at this point is not to start war. It's not going to be easy, especially with these worrisome new reports. Gary Samore, Obama's former director of mass destruction and arms negotiation, summed it up well in an interview with The New York Times on Sunday. Flagging the threat of an attack on Seoul, Samore said, "Everyone is aware there are not big margins for error here."