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Leader of ‘Islamic State:’ ‘You Will Conquer Rome’ Next and 'Own the World'

Leader of ‘Islamic State:’ ‘You Will Conquer Rome’ Next and 'Own the World'

July 2, 2014 - 12:32 PM
"This is my advice to you - if you hold to it you will conquer Rome and own the world," said Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIL, the militant group that has taken over much of Iraq.
"Those who can immigrate to the Islamic State should immigrate, as immigration to the house of Islam is a duty," he said in an audio recording released on a website used by ISIS, reports The Telegraph.

"Rush O Muslims to your state. It is your state. Syria is not for Syrians and Iraq is not for Iraqis. The land is for the Muslims, all Muslims." Baghdadi has a PhD in Islamic studies.
Baghdadi says he is speaking as the first Caliph, or commander of the Islamic faithful since the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, he called on Muslims to rally to his pan-Islamic state.
"The whispers of support to a caliph in Afghanistan are now replaced by clear words and acts, amplified by social media," said Hassan Hassan, an analyst at Abu Dhabi's Delma Institute, to the Telegraph. "Jihadism has evolved significantly. It is no longer limited to narrow 'elitists' who travel to distant countries to wage jihad. Today's jihad is more sophisticated and individualised and can be waged everywhere."
Baghdadi calls on jihadi fighters to escalate fighting in the upcoming month of Ramadan, which began Sunday. "So to arms, to arms, soldiers of the Islamics, fight, fight."
Meanwhile, eight rebel fighters were crucified in Syria by ISIL for being "too moderate" three days ago, Reuters reports.
Over 2,400 people were killed in Iraq in June, the deadliest month the country has seen in years, according to U.N. reports.

Atlanta Craigslist Ad Seeks Crisis Actors for “Mass Casualty Exercise”

Atlanta Craigslist Ad Seeks Crisis Actors for “Mass Casualty Exercise”

image courtesy of Wikipedia
<National Report>Atlanta, GA–Residents of the Atlanta area are seeking answers this evening following the publishing of a Craigslist ad seeking crisis actors for a “simulation of a mass casualty exercise.”  The ad was posted at approx 7:45pm EST and is seeking individuals to take part in a simulated “large scale disaster” June 27-29th.
The U.S. government is known to use “professional actors” to depict victims in simulations of large scale attacks.  According to an ABC News, “professional actors play the roles of victims” followed by media coverage to disseminate the supposed “disaster”.
National Report spoke with Nathan Bowles, founder of the website, who had the following to say:  “The government hires crisis actors for a variety of reasons.  This could be nothing more than a routine exercise, or could be something more nefarious in nature.  Similar ads were identified following the incident at Sandy Hook, the bombing at the Boston Marathon and the mass shooting at Fort Hood.  Our governments use of these types of crisis actors is well documented and should not be taken lightly.”
The full ad can be viewed by clicking here.

Bill Clinton On Obama: “Voters are turning on him like a bad dog, and we have to do the same.”

Bill Clinton On Obama: “Voters are turning on him like a bad dog, and we have to do the same.”

Written By : Tiffiny Ruegner
June 30, 2014
What Liberals won’t do to win? Clinton’s say they will turn on Obama because he’s become a pariah to the voter.

Clinton Bill Hillary
More from Ed Klein’s book. How craven for power can you be? This takes a serious dip into creepy-ville…
Via NY Post:
Later that day, Bill, Hillary, and two of her friends gathered in the converted red barn that served as Bill’s home office. The women drank Chardonnay; Bill favored a Pinot Noir.
It wasn’t long before Bill brought the conversation around to politics.
“We started too damn late last time,” he said, referring to the 2008 campaign. “That’s why I’ve been working on this thing for the past five years, since that one ended. We’re on course to raise the money, well over a billion dollars, and we’re getting our people in place everywhere.”
He said that he was writing what he called “playbooks” — thick notebooks outlining positions for Hillary to take on the major issues of the day — everything from immigration reform to gun control and education.
He felt strongly that Hillary was going to have to distance herself from Barack Obama and his amateurish handling of domestic and foreign policy.
“You’ve got to hit hard at the Obama record,” he continued, getting up from his chair and circling the barn while he spoke. “Your administration would be a third Clinton term, not a third Obama term. We have to be very harsh, because the voters are turning on him like a bad dog, and we have to do the same.”
The conversation continued in that vein for some time, and then, quite unexpectedly, Bill changed the subject and began talking about his health.
“I’m worried how my health will affect your campaign,” he said. “I have to do all I can to prepare the campaign playbooks, but I also have to accept the fact that if I fall by the wayside, you have to continue without me and make a positive thing out of it.”
Clinton then goes on to suggest Hillary wear black because ‘The images on television of the ­funeral and the grieving widow in black will be priceless. So you’ll have to take maximum advantage of my death. It should be worth a couple of million votes’. If Bill Clinton is willing to turn on Obama and die just so his wife can win the next Presidential election and continue the legacy of liberalism… what are you willing to do to ensure your candidate does win? Remember this little conversation we had when you’re sitting in your living room procrastinating getting involved, neglecting walking your precinct or not donating money to the MOST conservative candidate who represents your ideals.
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The Killer of Brian Terry is Finally in Custody, his Gun Dealer is Still the Attorney General

The Killer of Brian Terry is Finally in Custody, his Gun Dealer is Still the Attorney General

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. He is completing a book on the international challenges America faces in the 21st century.

The good news is the US is finally getting its hands on another of the murderers of a Border Patrol agent. Unfortunately the man who got the killer his gun is still the Attorney General of the United States.
Late last night, FBI agents flew to Mexico City and took Lionel Portillo-Meza, aka “Jesus Leonel Sanchez-Meza”, into custody. Sanchez-Meza is wanted for the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and was part of the rip-crew that engaged BORTAC agents in a firefight on the night of December 14, 2010. Sanchez-Meza was arrested in Mexico on September 6, 2012 and his been waiting extradition from a prison there for nearly two years. He is currently in Tucson, Arizona for a court hearing Wednesday afternoon after being transferred through Houston.
But the man running the system got Sanchez-Meza his gun.
 The family of murdered Border Patrol agent Brian Terry has filed a $25 million wrongful death claim against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives claiming Terry was killed with AK-47s that were knowingly sold under the Fast and Furious gunrunning probe to a straw purchaser for drug cartels.
In a 65-page complaint, served on the government on Wednesday, attorneys for the family claim ATF “wrongdoing” in Operation Fast and Furious.
“ATF’s failures were not only negligent but in violation of ATF’s own policies and procedures,” the complaint claims.
Last year, the House of Representatives found Holder in contempt of court after he withheld documents under subpoena.
Thanks to Obama Inc. the only one armed by the government in this encounter was the killer.
For the first time, federal officials revealed Monday that murdered Border Patrol agent Brian Terry and an elite squad of federal agents first fired bean bags — not bullets — at a heavily armed drug cartel crew in the mountains south of Tucson in December 2011.
The announcement came as the Department of Justice unsealed an indictment charging five individuals allegedly involved in Terry’s death. A sixth suspect has also been charged in a related incident.
The seventh suspect is the Attorney General of the United States.
As president of the National Border Patrol Council, I represent more than 17,000 rank-and-file Border Patrol agents. I personally have been an agent for more than 25 years, during which time I have seen my fair share of politics related to the service. We have dealt with overzealous prosecutors and anti-immigration organizations, but never have we had to deal with an attorney general who has complete disregard for one of our own.
Eric H. Holder Jr. is called “America’s top cop” as the attorney general of the United States. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee held hearings with Mr. Holder as a witness in order to properly investigate the disaster known as Operation Fast and Furious. Direct questions have been aimed at the attorney general to determine who is at fault and to hold those parties accountable for their involvement in the operation. To date, Mr. Holder has danced around the questions, releasing only a small fraction of the documents that have been requested by Congress. He has not answered all of the questions that the committee has asked him. We are one-and-a-half years into this investigation and are no closer to getting the answers than when we started. It is downright unacceptable. This is why the National Border Patrol Council is calling for the resignation of Mr. Holder. Credibility, honesty, integrity and honor are trademarks that every law enforcement officer brings to work every day. Yet, as America’s top cop, Mr. Holder has failed on every count.
It’s hard to enforce the law when the top cop is a criminal.

"Who is responsible for the disaster in Iraq?

"Who is responsible for the disaster in Iraq?

     Some blame the US for its calamitous invasion and occupation. Others fault Iraqis, pointing to sectarianism, corruption and incompetence.
But on Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu inadvertently revealed the truth: The tragedy in Iraq (like similar tragedies in Syria, Libya, Sudan and elsewhere) was made in Israel. All of these countries have been destabilized as part of Israel’s Oded Yinon plan to balkanize the Middle East.
Speaking at a Tel Aviv University think tank, Netanyahu declared Israel’s support for the destruction of Iraq to make way for an independent Kurdish state. Israel “should support the Kurdish aspiration for independence,” Netanyahu announced, celebrating the success of Israel’s plan to ignite sectarian strife in key Middle Eastern countries and set the stage for their fragmentation.
The destruction of Iraq would be a bonanza for Israel. Such a move would not only eliminate the geo-strategic threat of a united Iraq, but would also hand Israel the lion’s share of the oil of an independent Kurdistan. (Zionists have been infiltrating Kurdistan for years; they are well positioned to dominate its oil and send it to market via a pipeline to Israel.)
ISIL’s attack on Iraq has made this Zionist dream possible. Using the “ISIL threat” as an excuse, Israeli-backed Iraqi Kurds have seized Kirkuk, a major oil production center. If Kirkuk were included in an independent Kurdistan, Iraq would lose much of its future oil revenues, while Israeli-dominated Kurdistan would funnel its vast oil wealth to Tel Aviv.
And by intensifying the destabilization of other Middle Eastern countries, a Kurdish declaration of independence would yield another benefit to Israel. Turkey, Syria and Iran, like Iraq, include regions where Kurdish-speaking people form a majority. Should Iraqi Kurds break away from Baghdad, extremist and/or Zionist-supported elements of neighboring Kurdish communities would want to dismember those nations too. The likely result: An interlinked series of civil wars that might even explode into a regional war.
This is precisely what Netanyahu and other Israeli extremists want. They are desperately searching for a powder-keg and a spark to ignite a big Mideast war that would give Israel the opportunity to finish its ethnic cleansing of Palestine under cover of “the fog of war.”
Officially, the US opposes Netanyahu’s plan to smash Iraq into pieces. Last Tuesday, US Secretary of State John Kerry visited Iraq’s Kurdish region and spoke to Kurdish leaders. Kerry told the Kurds to remain part of Iraq. The US, he said, supports a united Iraq and opposes its dismemberment.
But can the US really oppose Israeli policy? History suggests that Israel has a way of bending the American superpower to its whims.
During the 1990s, Netanyahu’s US-based Israeli agents, including Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, Richard Perle, and Scooter Libby, were pushing for the US to invade and occupy Iraq. Though they claimed they wanted to convert Iraq into a Western-style democracy, and predicted that invading US troops would be welcomed with candy and flowers, their real aim was to destroy Iraq and set the stage for its partition.
Throughout the 1990s, the non-Zionist faction of the US ruling elite successfully opposed the Zionist plan to invade Iraq. Such a war, they knew, would not serve the US national interest.

But the Zionists did not care about the US national interest. All they cared about was pursuing the Oded Yinon plan.
So on September 11th, 2001, the Zionists staged a coup d'état in America. They blew up the three World Trade Center skyscrapers, bombed the Pentagon, blamed their enemies, and used the resulting wave of outrage to seize power and change national policy. Under Zionist command, in service to Israeli interests, the US military invaded and occupied Iraq.
During the US occupation, the Israelis and their nominally American mercenaries created and oversaw the sexual torture at Abu Ghraib. They assassinated hundreds of Iraq’s leading scientists and scholars in an intellectual genocide designed to cripple Iraq’s future potential. And they unleashed a wave of false flag terror aimed at fomenting sectarian strife. Today, they are preparing to harvest the fruits of their labors.

Will the US stick to its official policy supporting the unity of Iraq? Or will it surrender to the Zionists and allow Kurdistan to be violently ripped from the national body?
There is some question about whether the US is sincere in its professed support for Iraqi unity. Sometimes the American leadership takes a principled stand in its official positions, while pursuing an unprincipled secret policy that is diametrically opposed to the official one. And often that unprincipled secret policy is in line with Israel’s policy.
For example, when the brutal thug and Israeli agent al-Sisi overthrew Egypt’s democratically-elected President Mohamed Morsi, the US officially opposed the coup d'état, while Israel openly welcomed it and called al-Sisi “a national hero for all Jews.” But America’s professed opposition to the coup was only skin deep. Even as Morsi was being overthrown, Netanyahu reassured al-Sisi that the billions of dollars of US taxpayer funds that prop up Egypt’s military would continue to flow. And they have.
Another example of the US doing the exact opposite of what it says is the American sponsorship of ISIL. Officially, the US pretends that ISIL is public enemy number one. But behind the scenes, the American taxpayers are funding these too-extreme-for-Al-Qaeda militants, and the CIA is training and equipping them at not-so-secret bases in Jordan. The US seems to have aided and abetted ISIL’s assault on Iraq. This could only have been done in service to Israel and its Oded Yinon plan to balkanize Iraq and the whole region.
Will the US ever decide to assert its own interests – and foster peace and stability in the Middle East? Or is the world’s sole superpower destined to remain forever an abject slave of Israel?
And will the Iraqi people succumb to Zionist-incited sectarianism and ethnic strife? Or will they rise above such petty concerns and manage to preserve their national unity?


World’s ATM Moves to Frankfurt as Yellen’s Fed Slows Cash

World’s ATM Moves to Frankfurt as Yellen’s Fed Slows Cash

Photographer: Ralph Orlowski/Bloomberg
European Central Bank President Mario Draghi is boosting Europe’s cash supply as Janet... Read More
As Janet Yellen winds down the Federal Reserve’s money-printing operation, Mario Draghi is boosting Europe’s cash supply.
That means the dollars Yellen’s Fed is removing could be compensated for by cheap euros from the European Central Bank. The result may be enough cash sloshing around to underpin this year’s run-up in risk assets even if the Fed begins mulling higher interest rates too, says Marios Maratheftis, head of macro research at Standard Chartered Plc (STAN) in Dubai.
“If any central bank can take over the Fed’s role in terms of its impact on global liquidity, it’s the ECB,” according to a June 30 report by Maratheftis and colleagues David Mann and Italo Lombardi.
They reckon the relative importance of the Fed in propelling liquidity worldwide has fallen since April 2013. During the last year it has slowed the bond buying it began in December 2008 as financial panic gripped the world. Regulators’ more recent demands that banks increase reserves also may mean a higher money supply in the U.S. boosts liquidity less elsewhere too.
For every $10 billion increase in the U.S. money supply, there is now a $20.5 billion increase globally, down from $24.4 billion a year ago, according to the Standard Chartered economists. Meantime, for every $10 billion rise in the euro area’s money supply there’s a $19.7 billion boost globally, up from $18 billion.

Fed Impact

With its quantitative-easing program winding down, the Fed has gone from having 35 percent more impact than the ECB a year ago to 5 percent today. The economists also calculate that to keep global money supply stable, the ECB would need to provide $10 billion of liquidity for every $9.5 billion withdrawn by the Fed.
That may happen. Standard Chartered predicts the euro area’s Frankfurt-based central bank will start its own asset-purchase program before the end of this year.
“Focus should start shifting from the actions of the Fed to what the ECB will do,” said Standard Chartered. “The ECB’s decision on QE may be domestically driven, but its impact will be global.”
To contact the reporter on this story: Simon Kennedy in Paris at
To contact the editors responsible for this story: James Hertling at Andrew Atkinson

British Empire Demands Action from "Cowardly Policymakers" Who Have Flinched on Implementing Bail-in Genocide

British Empire Demands Action from "Cowardly Policymakers" Who Have Flinched on Implementing Bail-in Genocide
July 2, 2014 • 5:03PM
Jeremy Warner, the Assistant Editor of the Daily Telegraph of London, was tasked by British Empire hard-liners to write a call to arms on June 30, for the immediate implementation of their "bail-in" reorganization of the trans-Atlantic financial system, by slamming on the brakes for monetary emissions; forced reorganization of the banking sector under conditions of massive contraction; and drastic looting of the population's assets and living standards, with intended major depopulation of the planet.
Warner did this by taking up the cudgels on behalf of the most recent annual report issued by the "venerable Basel-based Bank for International Settlements," which "thunders" that the short-term expedient of quantitative easing and government bail-outs must end. In an article headlined "We must end this addiction to debt as the engine of growth," Warner sounds the alarm that "exceptional monetary stimulus" (i.e. quantitative easing) won't work, and that the BIS's "warning lights are flashing red once again—about the disconnect between buoyant financial markets and underlying economic realities, about a recovery which is too dependent on debt and unconventional monetary stimulus... about developing asset bubbles and the risk they pose to financial stability, and about the cowardly propensity of policymakers to take the easy option, rather than the tough decision necessary to create a durable recovery."
One is reminded of a car careening totally out of control in the direction of a precipice, while one group of hysterical passengers demands that the brakes be applied, and another equally hysterical group demands flooring the accelerator—and neither admits that the situation is totally out of control.
For example, advocates of the "accelerator" faction argued hopefully in a July 2 Bloomberg story headlined "World's ATM moves to Frankfurt as Yellen's Fed slows cash," that imminent quantitative easing by the Frankfurt-based European Central Bank would make up for the fact that the Federal Reserve was slowly "tapering" its purchases of worthless bond. The reduction of dollar emissions "could be compensated for by the cheap euros from the ECB," a memo from Standard Chartered bank reports, says Bloomberg.



by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

June 10, 2014

A PDF of this statement can be found here.

The following statement is for immediate action by all associates in all regions of the National Caucus of Labor Committees and its associated practice. The priority is assigned to all means and measures of public action, nationally and internationally, without reservation. That priority is existential for the policies of our republic, and for the general information of, and by all relevant circles world-wide, beginning this date of June 8, 2014.


The economy of the United States of America, and also that of the trans-Atlantic political-economic regions of the planet: are, now, under the immediate, mortal danger of a general, physical-economic, chain-reaction breakdown-crisis of that region of this planet as a whole. The name for that direct breakdown-crisis throughout those indicated regions of the planet, is the presently ongoing introduction of a general “Bail-in” action under the several, or more governments of that region: the effect on those regions, will be comparable to the physical-economic collapse of the post-“World War I” general collapse of the economy of the German Weimar Republic: but, this time, hitting, first, the entirety of the nation-state economies of the trans-Atlantic region, rather than some defeated economies within Europe. A chain-reaction collapse, to this effect, is already accelerating with an effect on the money-systems of the nations of that region. The present acceleration of a “Bail-in” policy throughout the trans-Atlantic region, as underway now, means mass-death suddenly hitting the populations of all nations within that trans-Atlantic region: whether directly, or by “overflow.”
The effects of this already prepared action by the monetarist interests of that so-designated region, will, unless stopped virtually now, will produce, in effect, an accelerating rate of genocide throughout that indicated portion of the planet immediately, but, also, with catastrophic “side effects” of comparable significance in the Eurasian regions.

The Available Remedies

The only location for the immediately necessary action which could prevent such an immediate genocide throughout the trans-Atlantic sector of the planet, requires the U.S. Government’s now immediate decision to institute four specific, cardinal measures: measures which must be fully consistent with the specific intent of the original U.S. Federal Constitution, as had been specified by U.S. Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton while he remained in office: (1) immediate re-enactment of the Glass-Steagall law instituted by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, without modification, as to principle of action. (2) A return to a system of top-down, and thoroughly defined as National Banking.
The actually tested, successful model to be authorized is that which had been instituted, under the direction of the policies of national banking which had been actually, successfully installed under President Abraham Lincoln’s superseding authority of a currency created by the Presidency of the United States (e.g. “Greenbacks”), as conducted as a national banking-and-credit-system placed under the supervision of the Office of the Treasury Secretary of the United States.
For the present circumstances, all other banking and currency policies, are to be superseded, or, simply, discontinued: as follows. Banks qualifying for operations under this provision, shall be assessed for their proven competence to operate as under the national authority for creating and composing the elements of this essential practice, which had been assigned, as by tradition, to the original office of Secretary of the U.S. Treasury under Alexander Hamilton. This means that the individual states of the United States are under national standards of practice, and, not any among the separate states of our nation.
(3) The purpose of the use of a Federal Credit-system, is to generate high-productivity trends in improvements of employment, with the accompanying intention, to increase the physical-economic productivity, and the standard of living of the persons and households of the United States. The creation of credit for the now urgently needed increase of the relative quality and quantity of productive employment, must be assured, this time, once more, as was done successfully under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, or by like standards of Federal practice used to create a general economic recovery of the nation, per capita, and for rate of net effects in productivity, and by reliance on the essential human principle, which distinguishes the human personality from the systemic characteristics of the lower forms of life: the net rate of increase of the energy-flux density of effective practice. This means intrinsically, a thoroughly scientific, rather than a merely mathematical one, and by the related increase of the effective energy-flux density per capita, and for the human population when considered as each and all as a whole. The ceaseless increase of the physical-productivity of employment, accompanied by its benefits for the general welfare, are a principle of Federal law which must be a paramount standard of achievement of the nation and the individual.1
(4) “Adopt a Fusion-Driver ‘Crash Program.’” The essential distinction of man from all lower forms of life, hence, in practice, is that it presents the means for the perfection of the specifically affirmative aims and needs of human individual and social life. Therefore: the subject of man in the process of creation, as an affirmative identification of an affirmative statement of an absolute state of nature, is a permitted form of expression. Principles of nature are either only affirmation, or they could not be affirmatively stated among civilized human minds.
Given the circumstances of the United States, in particular, since the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, and his brother, Robert, the rapid increase required for even any recovery of the U.S. economy, since that time, requires nothing less than measures taken and executed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt during his actual term in office. The victims of the evil brought upon the United States and its population since the strange death of President Harding, under Presidents Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover (like the terrible effects of the Bush-Cheney and Barack Obama administrations, presently) require remedies comparable to those of President Franklin Roosevelt while he were in office.
This means emergency relief measures, including sensible temporary recovery measures, required to stem the tide of death left by the Coolidge-Hoover regimes: measures required to preserve the dignity of what were otherwise the unemployed, while building up the most powerful economic and warfare capabilities assembled under the President Franklin Roosevelt Presidency for as long as he remained alive in office. This meant the mustering of the power of nuclear power, then, and means thermonuclear fusion now. Without that intent and its accomplishment, the population of the United States in particular, faces, now, immediately, the most monstrous disaster in its history to date. In principle, without a Presidency suited to remove and dump the worst effects felt presently, those created presently by the Bush-Cheney and Obama Presidencies, the United States were soon finished, beginning with the mass-death of the U.S. population under the Obama Administration’s recent and now accelerated policies of practice.
There are certain policies which are most notably required, on that account, now, as follows:

Vernadsky on Man & Creation

V.I. Vernadsky’s systemic principle of human nature, is a universal principle, which is uniquely specific to the crucial factor of the existence of the human species. For example: “time” and “space” do not actually exist as a set of metrical principles of the Solar system; their only admissible employment is for purposes of communication is essentially nominal presumption. Since competent science for today can be expressed only in terms of the unique characteristic of the human species’ role within the known aspects of the universe, the human principle is the only true principle known to us for practice: the notions of space and time are merely useful imageries:
The essential characteristic of the human species, is its distinction from all other species of living processes: that, as a matter of principle, which is, rooted scientifically, for all competent modern science, on the foundations of the principles set forth by Filippo Brunelleschi (the discoverer of the ontological minimum), Nicholas of Cusa (the discovery of the ontological maximum), and the positive discovery by mankind, by Johannes Kepler, of a principle coincident with the perfected Classical human singing scale adopted by Kepler, and the elementary measure of the Solar System within the still larger universe of the Galaxy, and higher orders in the universe.
Or, similarly, later, the modern physical-scientific standard implicit in the argument of Bernhard Riemann, the actual minimum (echoing the principle of Brunelleschi), of Max Planck, the actual maximum of the present maximum, that of Albert Einstein; and, the relatively latest, consequent implications of the definition of human life by Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky. These values are, each relative absolutes of measurement of man’s role within the knowledge of the universe.
This set of facts pertains to the inherent fraud of the merely mathematicians and the modernist “musical performers” since the standard of the relevant paragon for music, Johannes Brahms (prior to the degenerates, such as the merely mathematicians, such as David Hilbert and the true model for every modern Satan, such as Bertrand Russell, or Tony Blair).
The knowable measure, in principle, of the difference between man and all among the lower forms of life, is found in what has been usefully regarded as the naturally upward evolution of the human species, in contrast to all other known categories of living species. The standard of measurement of these compared relationships, is that mankind is enabled to evolve upward, and that categorically, by those voluntarily noëtic powers of the human individual will.
Except when mankind appears in a morally and physically degenerate state of behavior, such as within the cultures of the tyrants Zeus, the Roman Empire, and the British empire, presently: all actually sane cultures of mankind, have appeared, this far, in a certain fact of evolutionary progress from the quality of an inferior, to a superior species. This, when considered in terms of efficient effects, corresponds, within the domain of a living human practice of chemistry, to a form of systemic advances, even now leaps, in the chemical energy-flux density of society’s increase of the effective energy-flux-density of scientific and comparable expressions of leaps in progress of the species itself: in short, a universal physical principle of human progress.
The healthy human culture, such as that of Christianity, if they warrant this affirmation of such a devotion, for example, represents a society which is increasing the powers of its productive abilities for progress, to an ever higher level of per-capita existence. The contrary cases, “the so-called zero-growth” scourges, such as the current British empire are, systemically, a true model consistent with the tyrannies of a Zeus, or, a Roman Empire, or a British (better said) “brutish” empire, such as the types, for us in the United States, of the Bush-Cheney and Obama administrations, whose characteristic has been, concordant with that of such frankly Satanic models as that of Rome and the British empire presently, a shrinking human population of the planet, a population being degraded presently in respect to its intellectual and physical productivity, as under those U.S. Presidencies, most recently.

Chemistry: The Yardstick of History

We call it “chemistry.” Mankind’s progress, as measured rather simply as a species, is expressed typically in the rising power of the principle of human life, over the abilities of animal life generally, and relatively absolute superiority over the powers of non-living processes to achieve within mankind’s willful intervention to that intended effect. Progress exists so only under a continuing, progressive increase of the productive and related powers of the human species. That progress defines the absolute distinction of the human species from all others presently known to us. A government of people based on a policy of “zero-population growth and per capita standard of human life” is a moral, and practical abomination.
Man is mankind’s only true measure of the history of our Solar system, and what reposes within it. That is the same thing, as the most honored meaning and endless achievement of the human species, now within nearby Solar space, heading upward to mastery over the Sun and its Solar system, the one discovered (uniquely, as a matter of fact), by Johannes Kepler.
A Fusion economy, is the presently urgent next step, and standard, for man’s gains of power within the Solar system, and, later, beyond.


1The substitution of “3. Cancel Green Policies ...” for the correct, “A Federal Credit-System,” is a travesty against the principles of any actually scientific principle. Only affirmative identifications of “Science,” could ever be allowed. Only, the previous title: “The Use of a Federal Credit System” is permitted. Eliminate all use of reference to “Green Policies:” the very use of that latter reference, is a fraudulent representation.

Whistleblower: VA Neglected Care to Focus on ObamaCare Promotion

Whistleblower: VA Neglected Care to Focus on ObamaCare Promotion

Whistleblower: VA Neglected Care to...

Whistleblower: VA Neglected Care to Focus on Obamacare Promotion

IRS admits committing felony to destroy Obama opponents

IRS admits committing felony to destroy Obama opponents

See also

In a disturbing display of how Obama's vindictive, ultra-partisan administration lawlessly abuses its power, the IRS has now been forced to admit that it committed a felony to undermine and sabotage a conservative group in the middle of a major national election...this time, for daring to disagree with Obama on gay marriage.
The National Organization for Marriage was awarded a $50,000 settlement from the IRS last week after the names and addresses of their donors were deliberately leaked to leftist thug groups like Human Rights Campaign, which then posted the data on its website and used it to conduct a vicious and relentless election-year intimidation campaign against the group's supporters.
The names and addresses were listed on a "Form 990 Schedule B," which is a confidential and protected tax document. Unnamed IRS officials serving in the Exempt Organizations Division under Lois Lerner (who pleaded the 5th once again in March and resigned to avoid criminal prosecution for related crimes) illegally released this information to groups that they knew would use it to target conservative donors.
From Investor's Business Daily:
Eastman testified before Congress that the leaked list led to a "campaign of harassment and intimidation" against the National Organization for Marriage's financial backers. That included boycotts of their businesses, physical assault and the vandalizing of private property. This leak is a felony that is punishable by five years in a federal prison.
Newsflash: This is the government that the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution to protect us against. This jaw-droppingly scandalous trampling of the 1st Amendment was carefully coordinated at the highest levels (hence all the suddenly 'lost' emails), and cannot be rectified by simply writing a check for $50,000.
This is about rigging elections by politicizing government institutions. It is about silencing dissent and destroying the Constitution. It is too serious for simply paying a fine and returning to business as usual.
A very fundamental line has been crossed. The public trust has already been utterly violated. Liberty simply can no longer co-exist with the Obama administration. This rogue Federal Government has forgotten its place, hijacked the republic, and turned it against its rightful rulers...and rendered itself illegitimate in the process.
The only redeemable response to such calculated and extreme abuses of power at this point would be the swift impeachment, removal from office, and prosecution (at the very least) of every last criminal involved in this latest Obama administration attack on free and fair elections...including Obama himself. Anything less would be an insult, and an exercise in futility.

Did WH Josh Earnest Just Signal That Obama Is About to Make the Biggest Mistake of His Presidency?

Did WH Josh Earnest Just Signal That Obama Is About to Make the Biggest Mistake of His Presidency?

By: Mark Tapscott (Washington Examiner)
White House press secretary Josh Earnest may have given a preview of what could become the worst mistake of President Obama's tenure in the Oval Office.
The Washington Examiner's Ashe Schow points to this exchange Monday regarding the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision.
It followed Earnest vowing that Obama “will work with Congress to make sure that any women affected by this decision will still have the same coverage of vital health services as everyone else.”
Or maybe not
"Fact check: Mostly false. Shortly after Earnest’s prepared statement, he was asked whether Obama would take executive actions over the decision.
"Earnest replied: 'We'll consider whether or not there's some opportunity for the president to take some sort of action that would mitigate this decision.'
"This wouldn’t be the first time the Obama administration sought to mitigate a Supreme Court decision it disagreed with.
"The first bill Obama signed into law, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act in 2009, was in response to Ledbetter losing her Supreme Court case against her former employer."
Obama versus everybody else:
Earnest may simply have misunderstood or overstated how far Obama is willing to go to reverse the Hobby Lobby decision...

The Capitol Hill Show - Senator Mike Lee - Obama Defeated in the Senate

A Case Study In Sovereignty: Argentina & the Bankruptcy of the Financier Oligarchy

A Case Study In Sovereignty: Argentina & the Bankruptcy of the Financier Oligarchy
June 27, 2014 • 11:36AM
Argentine President Cristina Fernández Kirchner, G77 Summit, Bolivia
"In this kind of anarcho-capitalism, where a small group of financiers runs the rest of humanity, a group known as ‘vulture funds,’ obtained debt instruments at absurdly low prices—if the value was 100, they paid 5 pesos, or perhaps less—financiers who don’t even pay taxes because their official headquarters are in tax havens, and which only represent 1 or 2% of Argentina’s total debt." "And yet this small group of vulture funds is endangering not only Argentina—because if it were only Argentina it might not matter much to the world, a country lost at the bottom of the South American continent wouldn't matter much to them. But in reality what is at stake is the international financial system, and the international economic system more than the financial system. . . . [This is] financial capitalism and the appearance of what is called financial derivatives, which began to generate, or at least make the world believe that they were generating, money without going through the cycle of the production of goods and services, which is impossible and obviously generate astronomically high profits, but also the existence of fictitious money."

The Story

On June 16, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a decision written by the cretinous Justice Antonin Scalia, which sided with the bloodiest of vulture funds, NML Capital and Aurelius Capital Management, in their effort to use American courts to gain discovery of all Argentine financial movements worldwide, in order to seize that country's assets in payment for defaulted bonds. The Supreme Court simultaneously upheld a lower court ruling by Federal Judge Thomas Griesa that Argentina had to immediately pay $1.5 billion to NML Capital and other "holdouts" against Argentina's 2005 sovereign debt restructuring, and that Argentine assets anywhere in the world could be seized to execute that payment—including the $900 million that Argentina must pay on June 30 to its other creditors who renegotiated in good faith.
  • FEATURE: Will Argentina Be First To Bolt from Bankrupt System?
  • Argentina has repeatedly warned that such a ruling could lead to an overall default on their debt. In point of fact, the ruling threatens to bring down the entire trans-Atlantic financial system in an orgy of predatory looting of nations, their populations, and their resources—precisely the deadly "bail-in" policy loudly trumpeted by the British Empire as their "final solution" to the bankruptcy that is sinking their system.

    International Appeal


    G77 countries representing 78% of the world's population vote to back Argentina against vulture funds.


    Photo attribution:

    LaRouche: Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Revelations Mean Obama Must Be Impeached Immediately!

    LaRouche: Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Revelations Mean Obama Must Be Impeached Immediately!
    June 24, 2014 • 9:10PM
    A PDF of this statement can be found here.
    Lyndon LaRouche today demanded that the U.S. House of Representatives launch immediate impeachment proceedings against President Barack Obama, based on Hillary Clinton’s first-hand account of the President’s lying cover-up of the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya on Sept. 11, 2012, in which U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other American officials were murdered in cold blood by the Al Qaeda-affiliated Ansar al-Sharia terrorist organization.
    The Hillary Clinton revelations are contained in the just-released book Blood Feud by Edward Klein (Regnery Publishing, Washington, D.C., 2014). According to the Klein account, provided by a close Hillary Clinton aide and attorney, at 10 PM on the night of Sept. 11, 2012, after Clinton had received detailed accounts of the terror attack in Benghazi and knew that the Al Qaeda affiliated Ansar al-Sharia had launched a heavily-armed premeditated assault, she received a personal telephone call from President Obama, ordering her to release a false statement claiming that the attack had been a spontaneous demonstration protesting a video that had slandered the Prophet Mohammed.
    After protesting to the President that there was clear intelligence that the attack was an Al Qaeda revenge attack, on the anniversary of the original 9/11 attacks, Obama persisted and demanded that Secretary Clinton immediately issue Obama’s false statement to the American people and the world. Both Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton concluded that President Obama, fearing that his re-election would be jeopardized by letting out the truth about the Benghazi attack, ordered the fake story to be issued. At 10:30 PM, Secretary Clinton, on President Obama’s orders, issued the false account.
    LaRouchePAC has confirmed from two highly qualified sources, including one with first-hand knowledge of the events of Sept. 11, 2012, that the Klein account of the telephone call between the President and Secretary Clinton is accurate.
    Based on this solid corroboration of the Clinton account, Lyndon LaRouche today demanded that President Obama be immediately impeached for lying to the American people and covering up one of the most heinous crimes against American officials since the original 9/11 attacks. “Obama lied to cover up the murders of four American officials and this makes him an accomplice after the fact to those murders,” LaRouche declared. “The President lied. He is unfit to be President and he must be immediately impeached.”
    The Hillary Clinton revelations put President Obama personally in the middle of the lies and cover-up. There is no longer any doubt about the President’s complicity in the cover-up. “Hillary Clinton has confirmed that the President was lying. The President can no longer deny his own personal role in the lying to the American people,” LaRouche declared. “Now, Congress must act. The House Select Committee on Benghazi has no choice but to immediately initiate impeachment proceedings against President Obama. This is no time for partisan opportunism. Unless President Obama is immediately subject to impeachment articles, the very foundations of our Constitutional Republic will be shattered. President Obama has nowhere to hide any longer. Every patriotic American must stand up and hold Congress accountable for the President’s immediate impeachment.”
    More Than 50 in Congress Insist on Political Settlement in Iraq, Demand Obama Come To Congress for Military Authorization
    July 2, 2014 • 10:11AM
    Lyndon LaRouche commented today, on the congressional letter by Lee and Rigel, with 50 signers on Obama's illegal war: "This is the issue of impeachment."
    So far, more than 50 members of Congress have co-signed a letter to Obama initiated by Rep. Scott Rigell (R-Va.) and Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) that states their opposition to use of military force in Iraq, and demands that Obama live up to his "constitutional requirements" by seeking Congress's approval for any military action there.
    The letter, dated June 24, praises Obama for his purported "restraint" up to that point, a restraint he has now violated by ordering hundreds of U.S. troops on the ground along with armed drones in the sky, but urges a political solution and urges "respect for the constitutional requirements on using force abroad."
    Rep. Lee's office said today that the growing list of the co-signers will be made public in a press release tomorrow afternoon. has posted a petition online supporting the text of the letter. As of yesterday afternoon it had more than 10,000 signatures.

    Rep. Jones Attacks Obama Request for $500 Million Syrian Rebel Aid

    Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) issued a release with the above headline June 27. Rep. Jones has consistently campaigned for Congress to assert its moral responsibility for the war powers exclusively guaranteed to it under the U.S. Constitution.
    Rep. Jones's release concludes: "Most importantly, any time our military is involved in training foreign fighters in a hostile environment, the chances are high that U.S. lives will be lost and that the situation may escalate. As commander-in-chief, the president should understand that we cannot risk spilling further American blood in yet another unnecessary foreign intervention.
    "For each of these reasons, I stand in firm opposition to congressional authorization of the $500 million in aid. I call on my fellow members of the House and Senate to join me in exercising our constitutional right to deny the president's funding request, and I believe that the decision to do so would be in the best interest of our nation."

    Buchanan: 'Tell the Imperial President: No More Wars!'

    In a nationally syndicated column yesterday, Pat Buchanan demands that Congress deny Obama his request for $500 million to train and arm the Free Syrian Army. He puts the onus particularly on Republicans in Congress who have remained silent:
    "... both houses should demand that Obama explain exactly where he gets the constitutional authority to plunge us into what the president himself calls 'somebody else's civil war'....Why are we joining a jihad to overthrow the Syrian government?....
    "In training and arming the FSA, we are enlisting in a cause where our foremost fighting allies are Islamists, like those who brought down the twin towers, and a Sunni terrorist army that seeks to bring down the government we left behind in Baghdad...."
    "Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin says he wants no part of Obama's new wars. Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine rightly asserts that President Obama has no authority to take us into war in Syria or Iraq...But where are the Republicans?....It is astonishing that Republicans who threaten to impeach Obama for usurping authority at home remain silent as he prepares to usurp their war powers—to march us into Syria and back into Iraq....
    "Why, then, are we training Syrians to attack [Assad's] army and arming people to topple his government? Have we not before us, in Libya, an example of what happens when we bring down an autocrat like Gadhafi, and even worse devils are unleashed?....Query: Why are our putative allies aiding our worst enemies?....[W]ho midwifed and breast-fed the ISIS movement that has now proclaimed the new caliphate? Was it not our Turkish and Arab friends?..."

    SD Rep. Party State Convention Passes Resolution For Obama Impeachment

    SD Rep. Party State Convention Passes Resolution For Obama Impeachment

    The South Dakota Republican Party state convention passed a resolution on Saturday  for the impeachment of President Barack Obama.
    The resolution states Obama “violated his oath of office in numerous ways.” referring specifically to the release of five Taliban combatants in a trade for captive U.S. soldier Bowe Bergdahl, Obama’s lies about being able to keep your health insurance, and recent EPA regulations.
    “Therefore, be it resolved that the South Dakota Republican Party calls on our U.S. Representatives to initiate impeachment proceedings against the president of the United States,” the resolution states.

    Allen Unruh of Sioux Falls sponsored the resolution.
    “I’ve got a thick book on impeachable offenses of the president,” Unruh said, calling on South Dakota to “send a symbolic message that liberty shall be the law of the land.”
    Delegate David Wheeler of Beadle County disagreed.
    “I believe we should not use the power of impeachment for political purposes,” Wheeler said. “By doing this, we would look petty, like we can’t achieve our political goals through the political process.”
    Larry Eliason of Potter County agreed, noting that he opposed the impeachment resolution even though “the only thing (Obama’s) done the last six years that I approve of is when he adopted a pet.”
    But Larry Klipp of Butte County, a retired Marine, said matters go beyond mere political disagreements with Obama.
    “If anyone in this room cannot see the horrendous, traitorous scandals run by the Obama administration, I will pray for you,” Klipp said.
    Delegates voted 191-176 in favor of the resolution. The Pennington County delegation voted 47-9 in favor of the impeachment resolution, and Minnehaha County voted 28-15 in favor.
    Rep. Kristi Noem, South Dakota’s lone delegate in the House of Representatives — which has the power to initiate impeachment proceedings — was cool to the resolution.
    Noem, who addressed the Republican convention Saturday morning, hours before the resolutions was voted on, doesn’t believe impeachment is the “best way” to deal with Obama.

    SHARE‬ Congressman Mulvaney, mentions alleged email from officials inside the White House exclaiming, “The VA scandal is killing us and we need to move on the Bergdahl trade without going through Congress.” @Shannon Grady via ‪#‎Politichicks‬

    SHARE‬ Congressman Mulvaney, mentions alleged email from officials inside the White House exclaiming, “The VA scandal is killing us and we need to move on the Bergdahl trade without going through Congress.” @Shannon Grady via ‪#‎Politichicks‬

    Federal Judge Paul J. Kelly Rejects Same Sex “Marriage”

    Federal Judge Paul J. Kelly Rejects Same Sex “Marriage”

    Spoiler alert: The ruling was not against the redefinition of marriage, but does mark the first time a federal judge has broken with liberal judges to side with state bans on sodomite redefinitions of marriage. In a case before the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, Judge Paul J. Kelly, Jr. wrote an incredible dissent to the majority opinion in which he said that overriding the will of the people in state banned redefinitions of marriage "turns the notion of a limited national government on its head." Judge Kelly seems to side with our own Publius Huldah in rejecting the idea that the 14th Amendment can be abused to bring in all sorts of perversion to society such as abortion (murder of the unborn), sexual orientation and redefining marriage to include sodomites.
    The Associated Press' Nicholas Riccardi reports:
    Wednesday's gay marriage ruling contained two historic firsts: It was the first appellate decision for gay marriage since the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Law exactly one year ago, and it also marked the first time since then a federal judge has argued for keeping a state ban on same sex marriages.

    Judge Paul J. Kelly, Jr. was in the minority in his opinion as the two other judges on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals panel found the U.S. Constitution protects the rights of gay couples to marry. Kelly has broken the string of 16 state and federal judges who sided with gay marriage advocates in cases across the country over the past year.

    There is no question that the court sided with sodomites on this issue. As the Washington Post reports:
    The three-judge panel in Denver ruled 2-1 that states cannot deprive people of the fundamental right to marry simply because they choose a partner of the same sex.

    The court dismissed as "wholly illogical" the notion that allowing gays to wed could somehow undermine traditional marriage.

    The decision by the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel upheld a lower-court ruling that struck down Utah's gay marriage ban. It becomes law in the six states covered by the 10th Circuit: Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah and Wyoming. But the panel immediately put the ruling on hold pending an appeal.

    However, consider that Kelly is a George W. Bush appointee and that he presided over the case of the Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. His opinion is not something to be kept in the background, nor is the idea of what traditional or biblical marriage.
    Judge Kelly believes that the Constitution is silent on the issue of marriage, and as such "that power is reserved to the States, albeit consistent with federal constitutional guarantees."
    "And while the Court has recognized a fundamental right to marriage, every decision vindicating that right has involved two persons of the opposite gender," he wrote. "Indeed, the Court has been less than solicitous of plural marriages or polygamy."
    Kelly, 73, wrote in his dissent on Wednesday, ""If the states are laboratories of democracy, requiring every state to recognize same-gender unions — contrary to the views of its electorate and representatives — turns the notion of limited government on its head."
    He then makes an important point that I made in a recent article, when he spoke about the important social function of marriage. He wrote, "Marriage is an important social institution commonly understood to protect this and future generations. That states sincerely differ about the best way to do this (including whether to extend marriage to same-gender couples) is inevitable. And given the recent advent of same-gender marriage, Windsor, 133 S. Ct. at 2689, it is hardly remarkable that a state might codify what was once implicit."
    Judge Kelly then points to where the Supreme Court has already spoken to the issue of marriage in the case of Baker v. Nelson. Kelly claims the dismal of the court on the subject, which the Supreme Court did following its ruling on DOMA, "should foreclose the Plaintiff's claims, at least in this court."
    Kelly also took on the issue of "Equal Protection-Gender Discrimination." Judge Kelly wrote, "Plaintiffs argue that defining marriage to exclude same-gender unions is based upon gender stereotyping where 'the law presumed women to be legally, socially, and financially dependent upon men.'"
    However, Kelly then appealed to the Utah Constitution, writing "Utah's constitutional and statutory provisions, Utah Const. art. I, § 29 and Utah Code §§ 30-1-2(5), 30-1-4.1, enacted in 1977 and 2004, simply define marriage as the legal union of a man and a woman and do not recognize any other domestic union, i.e., same-gender marriage. They apply to same-gender male couples and same-gender female couples alike."
    Jeff Allen at Barbwire comments:
    "That such a decision will inevitably usher our nation down the slippery slope of deviancy was likewise emphasized when Judge Kelly continued, 'Were marriage a freestanding right without reference to the parties, Utah would be hard-pressed to prohibit marriages for minors under 15 and impose conditions for other minors.' And the judge's insightful assertion is as prescient as it is perceptive; The same legal reasoning that is currently being employed by the 'gay marriage' advocates and their attorneys will certainly be utilized, and in fact already has been, to argue for polygamy and lowering the age of consent in an insidious effort to legalize pedophilia."

    Most importantly, as Riccardi noted in his AP column, "The dissent heartened gay marriage opponents, who saw a hope of ending their year-long losing streak and puncturing the aura of inevitability that now surrounds same-sex marriage."

    Kelly went on for several pages to point out numerous other issues, including due process. However, it seems he is the only judge that actually looked to the law as a basis for his dissent from the majority opinion. He looked to the Constitution of Utah, which is the law in the state.
    For this, I applaud Judge Kelly. In a time when too many men are squeamish about standing up and calling the sodomite perversion "marriage," this man shows honor and integrity in upholding the law against such things. Well done Judge Kelly!
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