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Oprah asks Obama about birth certificate
April 27th, 2011
05:55 PM ET

Oprah asks Obama about birth certificate

(CNN)– President Obama chatted with friend and supporter Oprah Winfrey about today’s big revelation, that he is indeed a U.S. citizen.
Obama said he requested and released his long-form birth certificate to “see if we can put this to rest” and turn the conversation back to serious issues, not "carnival barkers who are going around trying to get attention instead of actually solving the problems."
The president and first lady Michelle Obama took a seat on Oprah Winfrey's couch at Harpo Studios in Chicago just hours after the White House released the original birth certificate and Obama declared, "We do not have time for this kind of silliness."
Oprah asked Obama about releasing his birth certificate at the beginning of the interview, which lasted about an hour and included four commercial breaks. The entire interview will air on Monday's episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show.
In clips released in advance by Oprah's production company, the president made light of the rumors that have been plaguing him now for two and a half years.
"Can I just say? I was there, so I knew...I knew I had been born. I remembered it," said President Obama, tongue-in-cheek.
Obama stuck to lines he gave during his initial statement on the matter in Washington, but his growing frustration over the story overshadowing the White House message was evident.
"We are living in a very serious time. And America has huge potential and opportunity to seize the 21st century. We're only gonna get there, though, if we have a serious conversation about the things that matter to people," said Obama.

The Secret Language Used on Capitol Hill

Last week we decoded Obama’s budget proposal for you. This week, we’re taking it a step further – we’re going to explain the language politicians on Capitol Hill use every day.
Capitol Hill lives in an alternate reality. Members, staff and even the media up here seldom say what they mean. Instead, they say what they think you want to hear.
Misuse of language is a truly bi-partisan affliction in our government. Even a cursory review of congressional speeches reveals a pattern of language manipulation.
And it creates great animosity toward our leaders. Words are used by members of congress to mislead – call it a blueprint for illusion, obfuscation and distraction.
Indeed, the congressional dictionary has words with unusual meanings. So today, I’m going to help you decipher the words found in the secret Capitol Hill dictionary.
This is the congressman’s code word for government spending. When he or she says, “We require more investment,” they really mean “We must increase spending on some pet project.
The word “investment” seems reassuring. Typically it connotes a venture that will generate a profit.
On Capitol Hill, nothing could be further from the truth. The returns envisioned are political or personal. A supporter or the member themselves is benefiting by receiving greater influence or aid… but a profit? No way.
Pay a Fair Share
This phrase is used by congressmen seeking the redistribution of wealth.
But what it actually means is that entrepreneurs and other productive business owners aren’t paying adequate taxes. And more of their income ought to be “contributed” to the authorities for redistribution to deserving constituencies.
Congress never offers a criterion as to what is a “fair share.” Naturally, a congressman’s boosters are contributing their “fair share”, regardless of how much they actually pay. Normal Americans, on the other hand…
A congress member may frequently talk of the necessity of increasing revenues.  Many times they use this word in conjunction with the phrase “millionaires and billionaires.”
Be aware: This almost always means taxes are headed higher.
Millionaires and billionaires, from the vantage point of Capitol Hill, include most middle class families. Sometimes it means any family making more than $250,000. But as in the case of the fiscal cliff deal sealed this January, millionaires and billionaires meant everyone.
Trust me, math skills are absolutely not a requirement to be in congress. In fact, it’s best if you don’t understand the huge numeric difference between 250,000 and one billion. Understanding math would just introduce far too much logic into the equation.
Spending Reductions
This word has the most bizarre meaning of all.
In the Tax Code, spending reductions have nothing to do with spending at all. Spending reductions just means higher taxes.
So why the confusing language? Well, every congressman likes to assume the mantle of deficit hawk. So they call a tax increase a spending reduction.
Here is one example of how it works.
Take mortgage interest deduction – a tax break for homeowners. If congress repeals this tax break and raises taxes on homeowners, they consider it a spending reduction. In reality, the only thing it’s reducing is a future debt increase (as the extra tax money will surely be spent).
This allows them to fool many unsuspecting people because the word has more or less an opposite meaning from what it sounds like.
Congress uses this word to describe every crisis requiring a legislative solution.
They feel that whatever is currently on the docket is so extraordinary that everything they do or say must be loved.
Congress members are essentially oblivious to American history. Therefore, when they confront challenges and events, they believe they are entering totally uncharted territory.
Working People
This word is put forward to certify allegiance to ordinary Americans.
What a member actually has in mind is that he supports active and organized voting blocks and organizations over other Americans.
According to a member’s definition, the vast majority of Americans, including small business owners, are not working people at all, regardless of how many thousands of hours they work. In the Capitol Hill dictionary, only unions, organized special interests, and, best of all, political action committees, are considered working people deserving of extraordinary preferences and consideration.
Wrapping it All Up…
To understand the leaders on Capitol Hill, you have to listen very closely. The language of the politician is steeped in subterfuge. So don’t take their words at face value – learn to use the secret Capitol Hill dictionary to decipher the truth.
Until next time, I remain…
Your eyes on the Hill,

Floyd Brown, Chief Political Analyst

VIDEO: CHILD MARRIAGE, SHARIAH BEATINGS IN AL FAROOQ MOSQUE IN NASHVILLE TENNESSEE Young Child (7 years old) Mentions her Husband - Sexual abuse/Pedophilia


There is a first-hand undercover investigation being done in Al-Farooq mosque in Nashville, TN. What has been exposed is unthinkable. This is video footage of a first-hand undercover investigation done in Al-Farooq mosque. Listen to a 7 year old talk about her husband and how they are beaten during shariah class. The video is just the sound, as these kids are in tremendous danger and the undercover person inside needed to hide the camera deeply. We are working on the sound quality. Listen to the girl stating how kids are beaten as she begins to cry.

Listen, "the teachers, they hit the children". Listen carefully to the desperate child describing the abuse. PLEASE START MAKING PHONE CALLS TO YOUR GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS DEMANDING A FULL BLOWN INVESTIGATION.
Who will speak for these children? Who will fight for these children?

THE STATE DEPARTMENT IS IMPORTING WHOLE MUSLIM COMMUNITIES FROM SOMALIA TO THE U.S. And who decides who will come to America under the "refugee resettlement program"? The UN, that's who.
Now you can understand why un-indicted co-conspirator (and Zakat-eligible) CAIR is working feverishly to keep the FBI out of the mosques. Their daily action alerts are rife with accusations of some bogus grievance, some right violated .....all to protect the most heinous crimes.
ACLU Accuses FBI, Police of Spying on Peaceful Groups ...
CHICAGO -- The American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois believes the FBI and local police, working as members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, are encouraging rampant spying, NBC5's Mary Ann Ahern reported.

ACLU legal director Harvey Grossman said the groups filed Freedom of Information Act requests on Thursday with the FBI to find out why the surveillance by task forces set up to combat terrorism also targeted anti-war and Islamic groups. The civil liberties organization wants to know who has been interviewed, investigated or subjected to searches by the task forces, and how the task forces are funded.

The filing by the ACLU and local activists group mirrors similar actions taken in several cities across the nation on Thursday.
California: Rift develops between Muslims, FBI over mosque surveillance
IRVINE – A coalition of Islamic organizations angered by reports of the government sending a paid informant to infiltrate Orange County mosques is threatening to cut ties with the FBI and accusing the agency of using "McCarthy-era tactics."
The Nashville mosque story is horrendous, and the FBI won't touch it. They had no problem raiding the compound in TX, but not this one which is a lot worse. It's not just child abuse that is happening down there, but they can bust the mosque and these "pious Muslims" on child abuse charges. We can get them on that - think Al Capone and tax evasion. And Americans can see how this is tied to shariah, which Obama's latest appointee wishes to bring to America.
The media made initial attempts to cover it. However, they backed off when they noticed the local bought FBI and the headquarters were not willing to do anything, even after overwhelming evidence. This case needs attention NOW. Not tomorrow or next week, but now. I am sending the invitation to the story to a whole bunch of independent sources. I got some, but you do a good job in investigation. With this case, we have lots and lots of evidence. The mosques are ranked from 1 -10 in terms of the threat level. A 10 is the highest, and it extremely rare that a mosque/etc. gets a 10. But in Nashville one of the mosques investigated got a 10. It is disgusting and quite disturbing and this in addition to the typical violent teachings/indoctrination and calls for violent jihad.
The FBI have done nothing. They had no problem in raiding a Mormon compound that didn't pose a threat like this one does. If law enforcement won't protect us from this violent scourge, then who will? Something must be done now, not tomorrow, not next week, NOW. If the corrupt media won't cover it, you must demand that your elected officials enforce the laws of our land.
  1. Material (lectures, books, and manuals) by convicted terrorist supporters such as Ali al-Timimi and others is available and provided to worshippers (to include children).
  2. Worshippers advocate Sharia law in its entirety.
  3. A child informed my female researcher the Islamic teachers "hit" them during Islamic studies, and "her leg hurts."
  4. Worshippers advised polygamy is being practiced by some men of the mosque.
  5. My female researcher was escorted by an Al-Farooq worshipper to a Somali store "hidden" in a section of Nashville that could only be located if taken there. The worshipper informed my researcher the "store" had moved because of "government problems." "Bootleg" copies of Islamic lectures/films were being provided at the store (observed by my researcher) and this store was involved in financial transactions, such as sending money from America to Somalia/other locations.
  6. I reviewed many of the materials distributed by the mosque, and there are statements advocating killing people and destroying countries where people do not live their lives under Sharia law and who oppress Islam/Muslims.
  7. Sedition and treasonous activity is being advocated through the distribution of Islamic Jihadist materials.
This is a very dangerous mosque  based on these materials - planning and plotting  for certain - of what, who can know?
Dave Gaubatz, currently the Director of the Mapping Sharia Project and the Owner of DG Counter-terrorism Publishing (dgaubatz.blogspot.com), has done dangerous, groundbreaking work on this story. His sources, independent of mine, confirm these heinous crimes. He can be contacted at davegaubatz@gmail.com. Read the whole thing here.
My CT researchers and I conducted ‘first-hand’ research at a predominately Somalia based mosque, Al-Farooq Masjid, 1421 4th Ave. S. Nashville, TN. Initially I conducted a pre-assessment of the various Islamic Centers within the area. Although there are other mosques in the area advocating the ideology of Sharia law for the U.S. and advocating the same ideology as Islamic terrorists groups, our research uncovered more frightening and disturbing intelligence. Not only does Al-Farooq provide materials by convicted Islamic terrorists to their worshippers, they practice polygamy (per statements made by Al Farooq worshippers) as allowed under Sharia law, which also advocates children to be taken as ‘child brides’ married to older men. One need only research how often this occurs in Somalia.
In Feb 09, I obtained evidence and there were several indicators the children were being physically and emotionally abused. I immediately provided my analysis and concerns to authorities. Almost immediately First Amendment religious freedom rights came up and their fear of being sued by Islamic organizations. I knew from the beginning when I had to explain the basics of Sharia law and who Islamic scholars such as Ahmad Sakr (U.S. based scholar who lectures to children and informs them to not follow the U.S. Constitution, but instead to follow Sharia law) are, it would be useless to rely on them alone to protect the innocent children of al Farooq, which ultimately means our country is not being protected. The objective of my company is to simultaneously provide the research intelligence to the American public and to Law Enforcement (LE). In our current times it is often necessary for news organizations and the public to become involved before issues are taken seriously.
In Mar 2009, I sent two researchers (male and female) to Al Farooq to obtain further information. On 9 Mar 2009, a female child informed one of our female researchers she and other children are ‘hit’ at the ‘Al Farooq School’ by a teacher and ‘her’ legs hurt. Additional lectures by convicted terrorists and their supporters were provided to my team. Again I notified authorities, but received no encouragement the allegations of child abuse or the evidence pertaining to Al Farooq leadership advocating violence would be responded to.
Authorities wanted ‘hard evidence’ children were being abused and Islamic leaders at Al Farooq were educating the worshippers to commit violence against innocent people, America, and Israel. Respectfully I advised authorities Americans rely on them to take the lead and conduct investigations pertaining to allegations. My organization is limited in manpower and funds. Taxpayers pay our LE and elected officials to protect our country. It is beyond my capability to convince authorities that distributing material by Al Qaeda, Mawdudi (JI), and Ali Al Timimi to children can lead to violence and is dangerous for all concerned. One need only look at the Palestinian schools who are educated by Hamas.
FP: Do Islamic leaders of Al Farooq, Nashville, TN, advocate and encourage the worshippers of the mosque to hate America and to follow the teachings of convicted Islamic terrorists such as Ali Al Timimi?
Gaubatz: Yes. My team and I were provided several hours of Ali Al Timimi lectures (and others) I had previously never heard, and I have listened to hundreds of hours of lectures by ‘Islamic scholars’.
FP: Do Islamic leaders distribute material in America encouraging Muslim men to violate U.S. laws in regards to ‘polygamy’ and to force children (6 -16 years old) to marry older men?
Gaubatz: Yes. Al Farooq has these materials and polygamy is being practiced. On my blog at www.dgaubatz.blogspot.com, I have attached a one minute clip showing the library of al Farooq. I will update my blog continuously to show exact materials obtained and being distributed at Al Farooq.
FP: Do they (Al Farooq leaders) advocate an Islamic nation in America to be ruled under Sharia law?
Gaubatz: One need only review lectures/materials by Mawdudi, Timimi, Sakr, and Siraj Wahhaj. My team collected evidence supporting the above and can provide sworn affidavits to law enforcement/Department of Justice Officials (DOJ) at any level, but first the American public must convince Nashville authorities that advocating innocent Muslim children to be involved in ‘physical Jihad’ against America is illegal. If we do not have elected officials who can and will do this, then our government should discontinue the double standards of convicting some Islamic scholars (such as Timimi) and ignoring the actions of others.
Department of Children's Services Cordell Hull Building, 7th Floor
Nashville, TN 37243
(615) 741-9701
Rep. Jim Cooper (D-TN 5th District)
Russell Rumbaugh, Homeland Security Legislative Assistant
Lisa Quigley, Chief of Staff
1536 Longworth House Office Building,
District of Columbia 20515-4205
(202) 225-4311 Phone
(202) 226-1035 Fax
Rep. Jim Cooper (D-TN 5th District)
605 Church Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37219
(615) 736-5295 Phone
(615) 736-7479 Fax
The governor of Tennessee, Phil Bredesen, who was formerly the mayor of Nashville, was instrumental in bringing the Somali refugees to Tennessee to work for Tyson and Dell after the USCIS raided their plants and deported the illegal Mexican workers.  Notifying himwould not be useful.
UPDATE: EVERY reader MUST torment the prosecutor for this jurisdiction to immediately investigate. Might be a good idea to mention that a federal prosecutor would be happy to step in. Write this prosecutor every day Victor S. (Torry) Johnson III. His website says: (hat tip Warren)

 "Protecting Innocence" and "Ensuring Citizen Safety".

Now, that's rich.
UPDATE: Here are more contact numbers from Warren. I find they don't pick up ..... so keep calling until you get someone. MAKE IT HAPPEN!
Here's a start....
Nashville PD HQ
TN Atty General Robert Cooper
Phil.Bredesen@tn.gov (TN Governor)
andrea.conte@tn.gov (TN 1st Lady)
info@nashville-sheriff.net (Davidson County Sheriff)