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The Essene Humane Gospel Of Christ The Salvation Of The World

The Essene Humane Gospel Of Christ
The Salvation Of The World Part IV
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The Two And Seventy Return To Yeshua
And after many months had passed the two and seventy returneth unto Yeshua with great joy, saying: "Holy Lord, even the demons are subject unto us through thy name. Yea, master, much power and authority hast thou given unto us. For when thy holy name is spoken, it puts to flight every evil spirit, and imposes quiet on the soothsayer, and even prevents men from consulting augurs, and frustrates arrogant magicians, not by dread of thy name, but by the authority of such great a power."
    And the two and seventy were greatly excited and happy to see Yeshua once again, and they spoke unto him many things encountered in their journeys. And they began to speak in their various languages to Yeshua, five and six apostles speaking at one time, each in a different tongue.
    And Yeshua' disciples who were standing close by, understood not their words, and marveled why Yeshua did not interrupt their speech, but listened unto every one of them in gladness.
    And it was at this time, that one of Yeshua' disciples said unto him.    “Teacher of Righteousness, thy holy apostles speaketh in many tongues, and we understand not their words, dost thou know the words? "
    And Yeshua turned to his disciples and said unto them, "Behold, my chosen ones returneth from strange lands, and speaketh the tongues of every nation, one apostle for each tongue. But know ye not, I know all tongues and understand, and do behold every word even as they speak unto me at one time.”
    And his disciples were truly astonished, for never had they observed such a wonder. And Yeshua said unto them all, "Behold, I speak unto you in two and seventy tongues, that the Father-Mother in Heaven may be glorified in all things and bring forth good from evil.”
    And Yeshua proceeded to address the two and seventy in the tongues of their nations, and the two and seventy did hear the word of Yeshua, each according to his language and all did understand.
    And the crowds standing by were amazed and astonished and did marvel greatly at the unusual event, and many said among themselves, "this man speaketh with the authority of the gods, for he speaketh all tongues with one breath, and these men of different nations indeed understand every word! Glory to the Heights above, this man is the true Christ!"
    And Yeshua continued speaking to the two and seventy and they beheld his words each according to his own tongue. And Yeshua said unto them: "Yea, even all things I spake unto you are proven. Yea, even the demons are subject unto my name, for I beheld Satan as lightning fill from heaven. But though I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy; and nothing shall by any means hurt you, notwithstanding in this, rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven!"
    And in that hour, Yeshua rejoiced in spirit with his apostles and did offer prayer and said: "I thank Thee, Holy Parent of Heaven and Earth, that thou hast hid these things from the worldly-wise, and hast revealed them unto babes: even so, All Holy, for so it seemed good in Thy sight.
    "Yea, all things are delivered to me of the All-Parent; and no man knoweth the Son who is the Daughter, but the All-Parent; nor who the All-Parent is, but the Son even the Daughter, and they to whom the Son and the Daughter will reveal it."
    And then Yeshua turned himself and faced his disciples, and said privately: "Blessed are the eyes which see the things that ye see. For I tell you, truly, that many prophets and kings have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them. Yea, blessed are ye of the inner circle who hear my word and to whom the mysteries are revealed, who give to no innocent creature the pain of prison or of death, but seek the good of all, for to such is everlasting life.
    "Blessed are ye who abstain from all things gotten by bloodshed and death, and thus fulfill all righteousness; Blessed are ye, for ye shall attain Beatitude.
    And all of Yeshua' disciples rejoiced in his words, and they all gathered around Yeshua, and the two and the seventy were there also in their midst. Yea, great was the gathering of the disciples who listened to the words of truth.
    And it was at this time, a time of joy and peace that the two and seventy did speak much of their travels and told of many disciples made over to the holy way of life in every nation they went Into. And after a time the two and seventy and all the other disciples of Yeshua, did sit down and eat with Yeshua bread and fruit. And did drink the juice of the fruits and pure water. And prayer was heard before and after they supped, as was the custom of the Essene way.
   And Yeshua lifting his eyes upwards toward heaven, gave praise and thanksgiving to the Eternal All, the Giver of every good gift from above: "Oh, Father-Mother, our All-Parent of the One great Household of Life, we rejoice in Thy will on earth this day, and thank Thee for the simple food set before us to nourish our bodies of flesh. Oh, that it be Thy will accomplished on earth, in that Thy Son hath come to teach Thy Holy Law, that Thy sheep may know and understand Thy great Love and Mercy. Grant Thy Earth, all peace and joy, and maketh Thy innocent creatures, small and great, to rest under the strain of the evilone.
    "For great is Thy Household of brothers and sisters under Thy power and many are they oppressed by the evils of the world. Grant them the all-peace that they may know Thy great Love and Mercy, for they knoweth not they exist because of Thee. For Thy Mercy is far-reaching and abundant and stretcheth out over the dry land and the sea and toucheth every living soul, lest they see death and know not Thy Holy Way. Bless Thy Holy elect saints, who worship Thee in Spirit and in Truth, and who watcheth over Thy innocent creatures in faithfulness, for they are in accord with Thee and knoweth Thy Holiness is great and wonderful and all fullness of love... Amen.”
Yeshua Gives The Sign Of The End Of Wickedness
    And at another time while Yeshua sat upon the Mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him in private, and asked: "Tell us, Lord, thou holy Teacher of Righteousness, concerning the end of evil and that shall be the sign that we should know of thy coming again...
    And Yeshua said unto them, "Take warning, that no man deceive you; for many shall come in my Name, saying, 'I am the Christ, and the truth, follow me and be saved.' But great shall be the number, the false prophets will deceive! Yea, many will take up the Holy Name in vain and misuse the meaning thereof and cause great confusion among the people and mislead many. For many things shall take place upon earth that hath not taken place before, nay, nor seen by any generation, except those of that generation.
    "For ye shall hear of great wars and also much talk of war and many will be threatened with destruction, but be ye not troubled, for many things must come to pass yet before the end of all evil things ... And in those days, the last before the Great Rest. Those that have power, shall gather to themselves in greed, the lands and the riches of the earth, for their own lusts, and thus shall oppress the greater number who have not.
    "For in those days, the many shall be held in bondage. but yet not in prison, and they shall be used to increase the riches of the greedy. Yea, even the innocent beasts of the field shall be greatly oppressed, for every cruelty and lust shall be worked against my innocent brothers and sisters of the great Household of God; for many shall lust after the taste of flesh, and blood shall flow freely as high as the bridle of the horse!
    "In that time of trouble, no creature of God, nay, man nor beast shall escape the cruel judgment of that wicked generation, save mine holy elect under the charge of mine holy angels. For I say unto ye this day, that a strange saviour shall rule the minds of many, and that generation shall believe not in the evil of the world, but shall judge all evil, good, and all good, evil.
   "For many shall the miracles of the strange god work in the earth, and the people shall worship that saviour with much devotion, for all hope rest in the god that is not a god but decieveth the people of every nation.
     "But the Eternal Spirit of All, shall send forth His holy messengers, and they shall restore the holy law anew, which wicked men have hidden by their vain traditions, and those that believe not the holy law shall perish ... And in that day shall all they that keepeth my law and commandments be hated of all nations for my Name's sake, for many shall be offended at my Holy Laws, and betray one another and shall hare one another, for many false prophets shall indeed arise: and shall deceive many.
     "Yea, I tell ye, in that age yet to come, the Father's Name shall be blasphemed in a manner like never before in the history of the world, greater than even the star count of heaven itself!
 For hands dripping with the innocent blood of my creatures will take up my name in vain and mislead many, and they will follow the ways of the Pharisees and not the true path of the Pure Oblation.
 Yea. many lies will be spoken of me in that age, things I spoke not unto ye, nor taught not, for they will lust after much flesh and sin, and their evil will mount higher than a new moon of thy season and many will believe, and be lost.
     "Yea, sheep will there be but shepherds few, for the wolves shall destroy the sheep and scatter them about as the north wind scatters the fallen leaves. For many are the hopes of that age to come but like the bow in the sky after the rain cometh, disappeareth into nothingness. Though great be their saviour, only hopelessness shall reign over the nations.
    "I tell ye, better for that generation not to have been born into the world, for darkness filleth that age and gross darkness the people where the lie ruleth the hearts of many ... Yea, I tell unto ye truly, if any man then shall say unto you, "Lo, here is the Christ,' or 'there he be,' be ye on guard, and haste not to believe. For there shall arise many false Christs, and false prophets, speaking the lie against the Humane Son of God, and they shall shew great signs and wonders, insomuch that, if it were possible, to even deceive the very elect of God.
    "Wherefore if they shall say unto you. 'Behold, he is in the desert'-go not forth; 'Behold, he is in the secret place haste not to believe. For as lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west, so shall also the coming of the Son Of Man be.
    "For remember, wheresoever the carcass is, there will the vultures be gathered together. For these birds eat of the dead and do gather 'round for the feast and know not the living. Know ye also, therefore, that the true disciples of Christ are among the living only and are not found gathered 'round dead things.
    "For as in the days that were before the flood. they were eating flesh and blood, and drinking sour wine, and marrying for unnatural reasons... Until the day that Noah entered into the ark and knew not until the flood came, and took them all away, so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be."
     And then one of Yeshua' disciples said unto him, "Master of the Harvest, please tell us what shall be the sign that we may know for certainty of thy coming?" And Yeshua said unto his disciples: "The Eternal Parent has appointed a time and a season for everything, so shall be the holy judgement of that age. For verily I say unto you,  that age shall not pass till all those things be fulfilled, for the wicked  heavens of Satan shall pass away, and the evil of the world shall pass  away, but my words shall not pass away, for my words are law and life and love. And out from my law shall come forth a new heaven that ruleth over the new earth; yea, the Kingdom of mine Elect shall rule in peace and gladness the meek of the land, and wickedness shall be no more found or sought after."
Yeshua Gives The Sign Of Jonah
The Secret Sign Of The Fish
    “And as for the sign that thou ask of, I say unto ye, this: there shall be no sign given unto my disciples but the sign of Jonah.”
    And one of the disciples said unto Yeshua: "Tell us: please, of this sign of Jonah and how shall we know it?”
    And Yeshua said unto them again, "I say once more unto ye, there shall be no sign given, but the sign of Jonah. Know ye Jonah, and ye shall know my sign, for Jonah be in the stomach of the great fish; so I shall be in the greater fish, and again I say unto ye, as the fish was in the great sea, so shall I be in the greater sea, for in that age to come I shall be in the fish even as Jonah. Let all those who hath eyes, see and all those who hath ears, hear, that I giveth unto ye only the sign of the great fish that ye may know when I cometh again unto ye."
    And the disciples wondered at the words of Yeshua, for they knew of Jonah but understood not the sign and some of them questioned among themselves concerning the sign. And Yeshua hearing them, said unto them again: "Be ye not troubled over the sign, for it is yet to come in an age far off, for I tell ye truly, some of ye know the sign now and keepeth the secret, but all shall understand before I taketh leave: for only my true disciples knoweth the sign and the meaning, but reveal it not unto unbelievers."
    And the disciples remained quiet and listened further of the things Yeshua spake unto them. And Yeshua continued in telling more concerning the time when evil would be no more. "Yea, in that age to come, there shall be great lawlessness in the land, for every man shall seek his own advantage, and there shall be no natural love between brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers. for great shall the division of faith and belief be in that age of the end. In that age to come all things the prophets spoke shall come to pass yea, every sacred word to the letter. for in that time, troubles and tribulations shall engross the nations, and men shall not know a way to escape, for by their evil shall they be caught as a bird in a snare, and none shall escape just rewards.
    "For in that age, many shall fall into Satan's traps and be misled, striving after riches and material goods; many shall leave off from my laws and the love of riches shall blind them to truth.
    I tell ye, truly, never in the history of the world shall slavery be manifest as in that age, for Satan shall enslave the masses in manners unknown to thy generation, and the masses shall put their faith and hope in the vain promises of ever-speaking man. For all done in that age, will be accredited to man alone, for few shall know the tricks and deceptions of the evil one, who worketh every strange miracle and fooleth the people and leadeth them to destruction. For many shall not profess a god, but believe in their own might and strength and entire nations shall war in my name and deceive many."
    And Yeshua told his disciples many other things concerning the end of the wicked age, and the disciples marveled at his words and were astonished at his sayings.
Yeshua Tells Us The Mystery Of Mans Creation
    And Yeshua continued to teach his disciples the mysteries of God, and they rejoiced in his wisdom and great knowledge, for never were such words spoken before. And sitting again under the shade of the twelve palm trees, one of Yeshua' disciples asked: "Righteous Teacher, it is written of old, "The Elohim made man in Their own image, male and female created They them.' How sayest thou then, that God is one? Please tell us the mystery."
    And Yeshua answered them saying: "Truly, I say unto you, in God is neither male nor female and yet both are one, and God is the Two in One. He is She and She is He.The Eternal All-our God- is perfect and complete and lacks nothing, our God is Infinite, and One.
    "For as in the man, the Father is manifest, and the Mother hidden; so in the woman the Mother is manifest, and the Father hidden. Therefore. say unto ye, shall the name of the Father and the Mother be equally hallowed and reverenced, for They are the great powers of God, and the one is not without the other. in the One Infinite God.
    "For from the All-Parent, cometh forth all life and glory, male and female both. Yea, for the Eternal All, the First Father bringeth forth every kind of life into existence and He is in them all, and they are all in Him."
    And then one of Yeshua' disciples asked him saying, "We believe what you tell us, Master, but did the All-Parent create everything small and great as we do see before us this day''
    And Yeshua said unto them further: "Listen and ye shall learn the secrets of life, in that all life cometh from the Eternal Spirit and liveth because of Him, but all things ye see before you this day, the All-Parent did not bring forth, nor of those things which ye see not and know not exist. For I say unto ye, this hour, in the beginning of the great Household of Life, the All-Parent containeth all things and all life, without beginning and without ending, He Was and Is, but the Eternal Spirit desireth not to be alone but to give life abundantly.
     "Thus, He willeth into being the First Mother, Holy Wisdom, the Holy Spirit of the All-Parent and together the Father-Mother God willed into being many creations, both visible and invisible. Yea, great are the wonders of the All-Parent and little known to earthly man."
   And again one of his disciples questioned Yeshua further, and said unto him: "Tell us: Master, was it the Father-Mother-God, then, that brought Adam forth on earth?"
     And Yeshua answered him, and said: "The Eternal Spirit bringeth forth the Mother, Holy Wisdom, to create the invisible creatures first. So be the Mother the Holy Spirit or breath of Life, and then the second Father, whom ye see before you this hour. Together the Holy Mother and the second Father bringeth forth the holy archangels first, and many other angels according to station and rank, but no thing cometh into being, lest the First Father knoweth of it to be. For He is in all things and all things in Him.
    "Those who have ears, give ear to hear, for the Holies of the Trinity of the Eternal Spirit created and brought forth the earthly man in the likeness of the All-Parent. Know ye, then, the female is In the male and the male is in the female, for this be the holy nature of` all things brought forth. There are female spirits and male spirits, but the world knoweth not of these secrets beyond the knowledge of man, for great are the mysteries of the One Whom you call God and even angels know not all things of the unapproachable light whereby this ONE dwelleth. For He is One Alone, and there be no other like this ONE, known as the ONE and ALL in all things and the All in One of everything holy.
    "Be ye not troubled, nor work thy minds for naught, the Knowledge of this One is sufficient for you this hour. I was sent by this ONE to reveal the All-Truth for man and angel, and what I reveal is satisfying to thy souls, for the mystery is holy and only the Seed of God knoweth the meaning thereof and keepeth the faith of the one sent forth by the ALL-Parent.
    "For there are some among you who shall see with eyes unveiled, the glory of the Heavens which containeth the True Temple of the All-One Mighty Spirit of Life; and ye shall understand according to thy wisdom, ye shall learn the ways of God, and ye shall be prepared. For many are those not prepared to approach the Light.
Be ye prepared now, and get caught not in death, for only in life can thou preparest thyself for the All-Parent's approval and blessing."
    And the disciples marveled at the mystery of life, and did listen to Yeshua with an open ear, and Yeshua continued to teach them in the ways of the holy law of God.
Four Trinities Hidden In The ONE GOD
    And Yeshua continued to teach his disciples the mysteries of God and of the ages, and he said unto them: "God hath raised up testimony to the truth in every nation and in every age, that all might know the will of the Eternal All and do it. Yea, the Holy Law has been given unto all men, even from the very beginning with Adam. For I say unto ye, only by doing the will of the Eternal, shall ye enter into the kingdom, and be rulers and workers within the kingdom. For I tell ye this day, that the True and Perfect God is Power. Love and Wisdom, and these three are One. And yet the True God is Justice, Knowledge and Purity, and these three are One. Yea, God is Splendour, Compassion and Holiness. and these three are One. And yet I say further unto ye, that God is Truth, Goodness and Beauty, and these three are One.
    "And these four Trinities are ONE in the hidden Deity, the Perfect. the Infinite, the Only. Likewise in every man who is perfected, there are three persons, that of the son, that of the spouse, and that of the Father, and these three are one. So in every woman who is perfected are there three persons, that of the daughter, that of the bride, and that of the mother, and these three are one: and the man and the woman are one, even as God is One.
    "Thus it is with God the Father-Mother. in Whom is neither male nor female and in Whom is both, and each is three-fold, and all are One in the hidden Unity."
    And Yeshua' disciples for the most part understood not his words and asked Yeshua to explain further the mystery of life and Yeshua said unto them: "Marvel not at this. for as it is above so it is below, and as it is below so it is above, and that which is on earth is so, because it is so in Heaven.
    "Again I say unto, those who have ears, hear and understand: I and My Bride are one, even as Maria Magdalena, whom I have chosen and sanctified unto Myself as a type, is one with Me: I and My Church are One. And the Church is the elect of humanity, for the salvation of all. The Church of the first-born is the Maria of God.
    "Thus saith the Eternal Spirit, She is My Mother and she hath ever conceived Me and brought Me forth as Her Son in every age and dime. She is My Bride, ever one in Holy Union with Me her spouse. She is My Daughter, for she hath ever issued and proceeded from Me her Father, rejoicing in Me.
    "Yea, these two Trinities are One in the Eternal All, and are shewn forth in each man and woman who are made perfect. Ever being born of God, and rejoicing in light, ever being lifted up and made one with God, ever conceiving and bringing forth God for the salvation of the many.
    "Thus this is the Mystery of the Trinity in Humanity, and moreover in every individual child of man must be accomplished the mystery of God, ever bearing testimony to the light, suffering for the truth, ascending into Heaven, and sending forth the Spirit of Truth. For this is the only path of salvation, for the kingdom of God is within.·'
    And one of Yeshua' disciples said unto him, asking: "Righteous Teacher, tell us then, when shall the kingdom come?"
    And Yeshua answered and said: "When that which is without shall be as that which is within, and that which is within shall be as that which is without, and, the male with the female, neither male nor female, but the two in One. Let all who hath ears to hear, hear!"
    And the disciples wondered at Yeshua' sayings and asked many questions among themselves concerning the mysteries he spake.
Yeshua Orders The Money Changers
And Butchers Out Of The Temple
    And it came to pass that the Passover ritual of the Jews was at hand, and Yeshua went into Jerusalem from Bethany. And there he found in the temple, those who sold sheep, oxen and doves, and also the moneychangers awaiting business. And Yeshua looked upon these men in disgust, for he was weary from their continued evils and hard heartedness. And Yeshua proceeded to drive all of them out of the Temple, and also loosed the oxen and the sheep, and set free the doves. and then poured out the changers' money, and overturned their tables.
    And Yeshua said unto them, “Thy hands are dripping with blood of innocent creatures of God! Take these things with you, and return no more and make not my Father's House a house of business! Buyers and sellers! Moneylovers! Is it not written, 'MY House is a House of Prayer, for all nations, all peoples?' But look, ye have made it a den of thieves, and filled it with all manner of evil.”
    And Yeshua would not allow any man to carry any vessel of blood through the Temple, nor would he allow any animals to be slain for sacrifice.... And Yeshua said unto them, "Know ye, because of the hardness of thy hearts. pure innocents suffer greatly; ye are from the ruler of darkness, in this one light exists not, and ye have become the agents of darkness and every evil. Yea. Ye all serve evil with willing hearts and excitement of soul and ye shall be judged by thy unholy standards, for if ye knoweth of Satan's laws. know also ye shall be punished by them, for with evil things Satan judges evil men of this world and chastises the children of disobedience.
    "Workers of lawless deeds! How are ye to flee the judgment of Gehenna? Trust ye in thy gods of death and agony and be ye judged by thy false gods, who leadeth ye to darkness and the pit and feeleth sorry not for thy souls."
    And the Jews, hearing these words, were angry with Yeshua and said unto him: "What sign shewest thou unto us and by what authority thou doest and sayest these things? Why, for generations we worketh only good to God and knoweth not an evil deed!”
    And Yeshua answered and said unto them: “Liars! Again, I say unto you, even as I spake unto you before this day, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up”
    But the Jews understanding not his words, said to him. "Forty and six years was this Temple in the making and wilt thou rear it up in only three days?" For the Jews understood not that Yeshua spake of the Temple of his Body that would be raised in three days after his death, for the Jews kneweth not the inner workings of the True Church of God, nor did they seek after Yeshua' sayings to know.
    And after that time the scribes and the priests of the Temple sought only how they might do away with Yeshua, for they feared his words, seeing that all the people were receptive to his teachings.
Yeshua Prepares His Disciples For His
Departure From Earth
    And Yeshua went on to prepare his disciples for his departure from earth, and he told them many things.... And Yeshua said unto them, "If ye really love me, then keep my commandments. And I will pray to the All-Parent, Who shall give you another Comforter, even The Mother of Wisdom, to abide with you forever; for She is the Holy Spirit of Truth; even My Mother, I sent unto you; Whom the evil world cannot receive, because it seeth not, neither knoweth her; but ye know her; for the Spirit dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.
    "And also I will not leave you without comfort; for I will come to you. For yet a little while, and the evil world seeth me no more; but ye shall see me and know me. Yea, because I live and am life, ye shall live also.... Ye shall know that I am in my Heavenly Parent and ye in me, and I, you.... For truly, they alone who have my commandments, and keep them, these are they who really love me. And, lo, they that love me shall also be loved by my Parent, for I will love them and will make myself known unto them.
    "All peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you. Let your heart not be troubled, neither let it be afraid, for I shall always  be with you in every age, yea, from this hour even till the end of this world wickedness.  For as the Father and Mother hath loved me, so have the I loved you; continue ye there in my love.
    "For truly if ye keep my commandents, ye shall surely abide in my love at all times, even as I have kept my parents commandment, and abide in he Spirit of Love. For I say unto ye this day, the will of the All-Parent is that Love be manifested in all things, that all creatures small and great may come to rejoice in the spirit of love itself; for there is no greater thing in Heaven nor on earth than the realization of all-love.
    "For in the beginning the Eternal Spirit put forth thoght that Love be made known to all things and the Eternal All did proceed to formulate the will of love and placed and placed in every creation the disire to give and receive love, for being loved and sharing in love is the will of the Father-Mother who sent me into the world that they who abused love would know and understand that God is Love and His Mercy is without limit and cannot be measured in human terms.
    "Know ye therefore, that in every creature, God gave the enjoyment of love, that these creatures may experience the Love of God, for God is in all things and all things are in God. Know ye then, that love is the fulfillment of the will and law of God, and they who keepeth the commandments share in this great love. There is no greater blessing or realization for man or angle than to know the love of God, for they who come to knowledge of One Father, come to knowledge of the Great Household of Life.
    "Yea, I say unto ye, this day, life is thepathway to love and love is the roadway to enternal life.  Love ye one another and the creatures of God, and all manner of peace and joy shall come upon you.  Have mercy upon one another and the creatures of God and ye shall rejoice in the Household of God, knowing the good from the evil. For the Eternal Parent shareth Love with all things, both visible and invisible, and He bringeth forth all manner of life that love may be manifested in every state and age.
    " If ye have not love, ye are dead in all things, and all things are dead unto you. Learn ye the truth love of the Will of God, that ye all may inherit the blessing prepared for those who know love and do love; for love doeth for the good of all and not some, love looketh after the creatures of God and seeketh not it's own reward, but the reward of other things. Yea, love is the beauty of the law made manifest by the Son of Man, who teacheth the truths of God that men may know the love of God withheld from the world.
    "Thus I say unto ye, again, that love is the life of all things, and every thing rejoiceth in the love of God. Withhold life from no thing, be it a flower or a bird, a tree or a dog, for in all things can be seen the beauty of God, for all things were brought into being because of God's love. Share ye love and give freely of it and all love shall encompass thy souls.
Humane Love The Fulfillment Of The Holy Law
    “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friend. Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you ... Therefore these things I do command you, that ye love one another and all the creatures of God, for Humane Love is the Fulfillment of the Holy Law on Earth.
    "Know ye also, if the evil world hate you, it hated me before it hated you. For if you were of the evil world? The world would love you, but because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world darkness, therefore the world will hate you. Be ye not afraid then of the faces of evil ones, for great is the number that reject my word for the lies of the world and greater is their evil; such ones shall come to no effect in their desire to destroy truth.
    "Yea. I tell ye, truth cannot be hidden from the household of God, neither shall my sheep go unaccounted for, but each one shall find green pasture and be satisfied. Know ye the seed of God and the power of my arm.
    "In no way or manner shall any triumph victoriously over the will of the All-Parent, for all things are known from their beginning and every evil thing will end in due course of time; just a little while longer and the wicked world ye know this day shall be no more. Trust ye then in the prophet's words, for all said, shall be done. The wolf shall lie down with the lamb, and no harm shall come to any of my people, because I am in thy midst always."
The Love Supper of Yeshua  The Day Before
The Pagan Passover Ritual Of The Jews
    And it came to pass, after Yeshua had spake many other things unto his disciples and all things were revealed unto them, the Love Supper of Yeshua had drawn near and was about to take place.
    And the disciples gathered together. All clad in garments of pure white linen, neat and spotless, white linen being the symbol of righteousness among the elect saints and prophets of God.
    Yeshua was also dressed in his own pure white robe without seam and spotless.... And Yeshua said unto them, "I rejoice greatly to share this Love Feast with ye before I go my way, for here today, is instituted the Memorial of my Oblation for the service and salvation of all. For great has been the redeeming quality of my stay on earth, much greater than any of thee know at this hour, for truly I tell ye many have been restored to the Eternal All, and many yet shall be. For the Son of Man came into the world to the being of every nature, in order to restore each to its original root; thus shall the deficiency be healed, and all things will become one again unto the All-Parent.
    "For ye behold this day of the Jews, before the pagan Passover ritual, whereby they sacrifice the innocent creatures of God and eat the flesh of dead animals. Such ones are blind and see not the holy things of God, for truth is not in them. I tell ye truly, better for such ones never to have come into the world at all, lest they corrupt the saints of God!
    "But behold the True Oblation, Yea, the PURE OBLATION set before thee this day! Such was the Memorial that Moses gave unto the sons of Israel out from the land of Egypt. But they proved to be sons of disobedience and transgressed my commandments and profaned the Pure Oblation and sacrificed to demons and lusted after much flesh and evil things. But my saints among them did go forth and kept my laws and proved holy to the Eternal All, who sees all and knoweth the hearts of men, good and evil.
The PURE OBLATION The Salvation Of The World
    "But, Lo! One greater than Moses speaketh truths and is in thy midst. Behold, the unleavened bread and the juice of the fruit and also the oil and the herbs. But they ignorant of truth ask, where is the lamb that Moses commanded?" They who know not the True Father cannot know me, nor can they ever come to be near the Father, when they reject the Son, Whom the Father sent forth. Hypocrites! Offspring of vipers! Corrupters of the Holy Law given unto Moses!
    "They imagine that slaying of beasts and birds and the eating of their flesh shall wash them clean, but I tell ye, if the pure waters of the Jordon wash not them clean, neither shall all the streams and seas of the earth maketh pure their evil souls! Yea, how much less so, the blood of the innocent creatures of God!
    "See how they delight in the cries and agonies of the innocent, for they have rejected the Household of God for vain traditions of men and devils; their hearts are hard and lusts many. Mercy, they know not, the sword being their god and riches their king.
    "But I say unto ye, if any man knoweth the law of God and raises a sword against the least of these my brothers and sisters, the innocent creatures of God, he shall himself die by the sword and see not life. For know ye, I come into the world in the form of every life. And mercy was shewed not, thus they who work evil unto the least of these my creatures, work evil against the Son and the Father and the Great Household of God.
    "Did not Adam speak of me as the bread of life that cometh down from heaven to save the righteous seed? And did not Abel know the Pure Oblation and was put to death on account-for Satan entered into Cain and bloodshed was manifested in the earth, and man and beast crieth out to God and God heareth their cries. "But I did not recognize Cain's blood offering nor did God the evil of Satan but grieved over the evil of mankind that spread over the land even as the waters cover the sea basin.
    "For truly, I say to you, for this end have I come into the world that may put away all blood offering and eating of flesh. But mankind are wicked and rejoice in their evils and change not, for strong is the power of the evil one and many follow.
    "Therefore, tell ye the meek of the earth, that they may know truth: In the beginning, God gave to all the fruits of the trees, and the seeds, and the herbs. For food; yea, to every man and beast. But those who loved themselves, or their fellows, more than the True God, did corrupt their ways, and introduced every disease into their bodies, and filled the earth with lust and violence.
     "And unto this day, men have changed not, and yea, the holy law did they indeed corrupt to suit their own evil ways. But I kept sending them prophets in their midst, to restore the law, but they added to their evil a hundred fold, by taking innocent blood upon themselves and their children, yet boasting in their false gods and idols, and sacrificing the innocents of the earth, both man and beast."
Shedding Of Innocent Blood Is Of No Value
Only Living A Righteous Life Brings Peace
    And Yeshua continued saying to them: "Therefore, I tell ye, not by shedding innocent blood, but by living a righteous life, shall ye find the true peace of God. For ye call me the Christ of God, and ye say well, for I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; in me is the Love of the Law and the Law of all Life. Walk ye, then, in the Way, and ye shall surely find the True God of Love and Mercy. Seek ye the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free.
    "For I say unto ye, the world is slave unto the evil one and great pains do they bring upon themselves and all the innocents in their midst. Live ye then, in the Life, and ye shall see no death, for death has no power over the righteous, but only the wicked.
      "Know ye that all things are Alive in God, and the Spirit of God filleth all things, for by the Spirit all things come to be.
     "Keep ye therefore my commandments: Love thy God with all thy heart, and thy neighbor as thyself; for on these first two greater laws, do hang all the Holy Law and the Prophets.
   "Yea, I tell ye, again, the sum of the law is this: Do not ye unto others, as ye would not that others should do unto you. Thus, do ye unto others, as ye would that others should do unto you.
   ''For I tell ye truly, if every man liveth by these words. All suffering would cease, for suffer because of the evil of man. But you suffer because of yourselves.
   "Blessed are they who do keep this law, for God is manifested in all creatures and all creatures live in God, and God is hid in them. Do unto all things then, that which ye would do unto God, for God sees all things and knows all things done unto every creature that liveth and giveth life."
   And at the conclusion of the Love Supper, Yeshua said unto his disciples: "Now is the Son of Man glorified among his twelve and God is glorified in him. And verily say unto you, they who receive you, receive me, and they who receive me, receive the Father-Mother who sent me.
     "To you who follow me in the regeneration of the Elect, I appoint a kingdom as the same hath been appointed unto me, and ye who have been faithful unto the Truth shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel."
    And one of the apostles asked Yeshua: "Master of Righteousness. wilt thou at this time restore the kingdom unto Israel?"
    And Yeshua answered him: "My kingdom is not of this world, neither are all Israel, which are called Israel. For truly, I tell ye, that they in every nation who defile not themselves with cruelty, and who do righteousness, and love mercy, and reverence all the works of God, and who give assistance to all that are weak and oppressed, the same are the true Israel of God. Thus shall ye shepherd the nations of earth and her peoples in all manner of righteousness, for out of every nation and tongue, shall Israel come forth, Yea, the holy elect of God are the true Israel, even all those honoring my holy laws."
The Commandment of ALL LOVE
Humane Love A Requirement
    And in the even, after the Love Supper was ended, Yeshua remained with the twelve and continued to teach them Humility and Love. And Yeshua said unto them: "This eve, an old Commandment I do give unto you, for though it be of old, it shall also be of new for all those who prove to be my True Disciples. It is that ye remember in thy Hearts, to Love one another and all the Creatures of God.
    "For I tell ye, Humane Love is the Fulfilling of the Holy Law on Earth, in that Love is of God, and God is all Love. Whoso therefore loveth not each other or all the Creatures of God, knoweth not the hidden mysteries of God, for God reveals His Rest unto those who Love God and His creatures. Know now, ye are clean through the Word which I have spoken unto you. But know ye also that by these words shall all men know that ye are my Disciples-only if ye have Love one to another, and demonstrate Love and Mercy to all Creatures of God, yea, especially to those weak and oppressed and suffer wrong.
    "For I say unto ye, the whole Earth is overfilled with dark places and deeds of cruelty, with great pain, disease and sorrow, by the selfishness and ignorance of man.
    "Love ye, then, those who are in need of thy mercy and care, and God, Who sees all, shall Love ye in the same manner. For the Father-Mother God draws near to those who loveth His Creatures and watcheth over and careth for them, but God withdraws Himself from those who care or love not, men who worry only for their own needs and not for each other or the Innocent Creatures of God."
    And Yeshua said unto them again: "Love thy enemies, in that ye hate the evil they work only, but not the very Soul in ignorance, for if ye bless them that curse you, and give them light for their darkness, the Spirit of Love shall dwell within your Hearts, and abound unto all, and they will know ye are my True Disciples for the Love and Mercy that ye have shown to all. And once more I say unto you, Love ye one another and all the Creatures of God. and forgive ye one another where ye falleth short of Perfect Love, always striving for the Spirit of Love and Mercy."
Yeshua Enters Into The Pure Oblation
With His Disciples
The Last Supper
    And then Yeshua entered into the Eucharistic Pure Oblation with his disciples.... And after giving thanks to God with prayer for the goodness of God in all things Yeshua took the unleavened bread, and blessed it; and also the juice of the grape with water...
    And chanting the Invocation of the Holy Name of the First Father, calling upon the thrice Holy Father-Mother in Heaven to send down the Holy Spirit and make the bread to be his body, even the Body of Christ, and the fruit of the vine to be his Blood, even the Blood of Christ, for the remission of evils, and the quest of eternal life, to all who obey the Holy Law of the Gospel, it was thus accomplished in him.
    Then lifting up the Pure Oblation toward heaven, Yeshua said: "Yea, even the Son who is also the Daughter of man is lifted up from the earth, and I shall draw all men unto me; then it shall be known of all people that I am truly sent from God and many shall believe and gain salvation."
     And after saying many other things, Yeshua continued saying: "And I have declared unto them Thy Name that the love Thou has given me, may be in them also, and that from them, their great love may spread, even unto all of Thy creatures, yea, small and great. even unto each one."
    Then Yeshua took of the holy bread and breaketh it, and also the Fruit of the Vine, and mingleth it and having blessed and hallowed both, and after casting a small piece of the Bread into the Cup, he blessed the Holy Union.
     Then did Yeshua give the Bread unto his disciples, saying, "Eat ye, for this is my Body, even the Body of the Christ, which is here for the salvation of the body and soul."
     And too, he did give unto them, his disciples, and the fruit of the Vine ... And said: "Drink ye, for this is my Blood, even the Blood of the Christ, which is Life unto all for salvation of the soul and the body."
    And when all had partaken of the Pure Oblation, Yeshua said unto them, "Make this Oblation for a Memorial unto me, whenever ye assemble together in my Name. Do Eat and Drink thereof with a pure heart, even the Bread of everlasting life and the Water of eternal salvation, for ye shall receive of the Substance and the Life of God, which dwelleth in me, that I give freely unto ye all."
    With the Love Supper over, Yeshua and his disciples came into a garden called Gethsemane and there Yeshua prayed and spake unto the disciples ... But before long there arrived an army of men seeking after Yeshua to arrest him for blasphemy against the laws of Moses and the customs of the Roman State.
    And the chief priests and elders and also the council did seek false witnesses against Yeshua and Judas Iscariot was among them. And the council questioned Yeshua in many of his sayings, as to who he was and claimed to be, and they asked of him: "Why dost thou forbid that a lamb be slain and thus defile the law of Moses, for it is said of thee, no flesh entereth into thy mouth; do ye put thyself above the law and Moses?"
    And another asked of him: "It hast been spoken of thee, that ye put forth bread before the lamb and juice of the fruit before the poured blood. Know ye not, thou hast blasphemed God?"
    And still another asked of Yeshua: "Why dost thou abolish the blood sacrifices of the law, and, yea, the eating of flesh as Moses commanded that we do lawfully?"
    And Yeshua, looking at them and perceiving their evil hearts hardened with love of riches and vain glory, and without mercy or natural affection, said unto them: "I know not that Moses commandeth such as lawful unto you, nor doth the Holy Law of God change for the desires of men, for Moses spoke not these words, ye hath made into law!
    "Ye say, and speak of Moses, but if ye know Moses, ye would also know the one greater than Moses, for this holy one spoke of me often. Thus I say unto ye, ye behold not Moses whom ye have seen not, nor dost thou behold the greater Moses, whom ye do see and believe not.
    "If ye believe not Moses and the prophets whom I sent forth to thy fathers and thy fathers' fathers, and ye believe not the wonders and marvels worketh for the good of God and Man, whereby even the blind see, the lame walk, and the dead rise again, then I say unto ye: the blind see, yet their eyes shine not, and they do believe, but thine eyes shine, but ye see no thing holy, for blind guides thou art! And blind guides shalt thou remain, for ye hath rejected the bread of life that cometh down from heaven to restore light to dark places, whereby all see and believe that the Son of Man hath visited the footstool of God."
    And many other questions did the council ask of Yeshua, and Yeshua did answer them, but they heard not the truth of his sayings.
    Since it was unlawful for the Hebrews to try a man by night, they waited till morning when all the chief priests, a great company, took council against Yeshua. Hoping to have Yeshua put to death, they delivered him unto the Roman Governor in charge ... But it was the day of their annual Passover ritual, so they went into the judgment hall, lest they be defiled by breaking their feast rules.
    And the Roman Governor, disturbed over the commotion and fearing an overthrow of Roman authority, asked Yeshua questions as to who he really was. He asked of him: "Are thou really the King of the World, even as thy disciples think thou art? And why dost thou not eat the flesh of animals and sacrifice as the Roman and Jewish custom demandeth of loyal subjects?"
    But Yeshua remained silent and answered not a word. And again the Roman Governor asked of Yeshua, "Thou speaketh much in the streets of cities and villages. Now, speak to me these words of truth, ye say cometh from God; why then hast thou come unto Israel? Some say thou art God Himself, others say thou hast a demon."
All Truth Is From God In Heaven Above
    Then Yeshua answered him and said: "I came into the world, that I should bear testimony unto the truth, for every one that is of the truth, heareth my voice and obeys."
    The Roman Governor then asked: "Tell me, what is the And Yeshua answered him and looked up to the heavens, and said: "Truth, the All-Truth, is of my Father-Mother which is from heaven above."
    And the governor looking perplexed, asked, "Then truth cannot be found on earth among men?"
    And Yeshua said unto him: "Believe thou, that truth has always been on earth amongst those whom it is given and obey it. Truly, say unto you, such ones are of the truth who judge with righteousness and mercy."
    And the chief priests and Roman authorities debated Yeshua' fate, and quickly decided that Yeshua must die. But the responsibility of Yeshua' death was upon both authorities, as both the Romans and the Jews feared Yeshua' great popularity among the people, for it was rumored that Yeshua would set up an earthly kingdom and remove all evil governments and allow only the righteous to prosper.
    The hours were passing quickly and the Jews were anticipating their Passover ritual, which began with the setting sun... Whatever was to be done with Yeshua, must be accomplished quickly, for the pagan Passover ritual also fell on a high day, their Sabbath, and in no manner could they participate in an execution on this day.
    Yea, in their evil hearts the scribes and Pharisees wanted Yeshua executed, for he had belittled their false pagan doctrines and exposed their evil ways for all to see, but the Romans dreaded even a greater thing, that of Yeshua overthrowing the rule and authority of the Roman yoke. Thus they also wanted Yeshua' death.
    Thus by evil hearts and corrupt knowledge was Yeshua sentenced to die for things he did not say or plan to do, and the guilt of his innocent blood was not to be conferred upon any one nation of men, but to all men who forsook his Holy Law and listened not to his Godly counsel. For out of one nation of men, did Satan bring forth every nation of men on earth, but all were equal in their standing before God's Holy Law, all knowing good from evil with free minds to choose right and wrong.
    Thus were the would-be executors guilty of their own ignorance and brought the count of murder upon the entire human race, in that from one man, Adam, all men did come forth, and by one tongue, did Satan confuse the languages of man and create many tongues. Thus was the human race guilty of deviating from God's Holy Law and guilty of spilling innocent blood.
    This is the rule of guilt, for through one man, Adam, sin entered into the world, and all men sinned, and all men die in Adam and suffer bloodguilt in Adam's sin. But only the Christ makes alive again and gives Life to all those loving his commandments. Thus shall the deficiency be healed and all things shall be one again with God.
Yeshua Hurriedly Prepared For Execution
    Thus they hurriedly prepared Yeshua for death and it was on the third hour amidst great confusion, they hung Yeshua on a tree, and they mocked him and spoke every blasphemy against his name.
    And the chief priests and the scribes said, "Look, he saved a lamb, but himself he saves not!" And the dealers in birds and beasts at the Temple also did revile Yeshua by saying, "Look, this is the one who drove from the Temple the dealers in sheep, oxen and doves, and now he himself is but a sheep that is slaughtered."
    But from the sixth hour, there was a great earthquake over all the territory even unto the ninth hour and many lighted torches and were frightened.
    And behold, great thunder and lightning, and the partitioned wall of the Holy place in the Temple did fall apart, and the Holy Veil did fall also, for it was rent in twain, and the whole earth quaked.
    And many were frightened at the sights and events, and a great number now beheld that truly, this was God's Son, and they felt great shame for what they hath allowed to occur. But the Jews, because it was still the day of preparation of their pagan festival, hurried with great haste, that the bodies should not remain upon the stakes, for the paschal Sabbath was quickly approaching, whereby the Jews would offer many animals in sacrifice, and eat their flesh in remembrance of their exodus out from Egypt, things in which God commanded them not.
    And when evening arrived ...Yeshua' body was taken down and hurriedly prepared for burial and deposited in a nearby tomb by the members of the Essene Brotherhood, Yeshua' dearest disciples.
Yeshua Asleep for Three Days
In The Tomb Of The Dead
         Reappears To His Disciples
    And there in the tomb did Yeshua remain for some three days, and his angels did minister unto him all of this time.
    And Yeshua did come unto the disciples again, even as he promised, that from among the dead he would raise himself up and again speak unto these disciples many great things... ·
    For among the resurrected to life, did Yeshua belong. - Yea, for even at the time of the earth quaking, many graves were opened, and some of the saints which slept in death, arose, and came out of those graves, after Yeshua came forth, and went into the city and did appear unto many to the glory and power of the True God.
    And Yeshua appeared unto Mary Magdalene, and she was told to announce his coming again into the city ... And then unto certain others did Yeshua appear and they believed and knew it was he, for they thought him to be dead.
    But some of his own disciples at first sight, believed not. Only after Yeshua spake unto them in familiar words, did they behold and believe and were amazed ... And in time to come, Yeshua appeared unto the dealers in beasts and birds in the Temple at their time of sacrifice, and his appearance, as bright as light with a company from all the glory of his Kingdom, did frighten these men and many were likened to dead, and others fled in terror ... For they remembered Yeshua before the execution and how he had driven them out of the Temple courtyard.
    And they were stricken with heartfelt terror and all the sacrifices ceased that day in the Temple, for all were afraid, and none could be had to buy or sell there, forcing their captives to be set free.
    But the elders and priests were greatly angered at these reports, and believed them not; but this did not change the minds of those affirmed, for they believed their eyes and felt in their hearts the awesome power of Yeshua' words as if a powerful whip had been lashed across their backs! And many of these same men did now believe that Yeshua was sent forth from God, to set the innocents free whom they had captured, and to deliver the oppressed from their hands, for they turned from their evil ways, and sinned no more.
    And Yeshua did appear unto many others in love and mercy and healing, for great testimony was reported that would fill many books concerning all that Yeshua did. Thus on account of these many things, much light and gladness was bestowed on the righteous in heart, but only great fear engrossed the wicked, who believed not and obeyed not the word of Christ.
Yeshua Sends Forth the Holy Spirit of Wisdom
    And Yeshua thus appeared unto all of his disciples, and taught them many things concerning the reason for his visit on earth, and his disciples were amazed, for never had Yeshua spoke this way before.
    And Yeshua said unto them: "All Peace be unto you, for even as the Great Eternal Father-Mother hath sent me unto you, so I send you unto others."
    And Yeshua now breathed on them and said, "Now, receive ye the Holy Spirit of Wisdom, and go ye forth unto the meek and give unto them the words of my Gospel, which I taught you, one and all. And announce unto them that the Son of Man is not dead but lives! Yea, teach ye them the Holy Law of Love even as I did teach you... Baptize them who believe and repent in the knowledge of the Holy Way, bless and anoint them for life. And remember ye the Pure Oblation and do so only as I have commanded you, which I have appointed unto you for a Memorial of me.
    "For Lo. I have given my all, that the sin against Humane Love may be forgiven of men and angels, for I come to restore all things unto their original nature, that the root may unite with the Father and be one again.
    "Offer then ye, only the Bread of Life and the Water of Salvation, for a Pure Oblation with incense, even as it is written of me, and ye shall eat and drink thereof for a Memorial unto me. For the Son of Man cometh to earth to deliver all who believe in me, from the slavery and bondage of evil powers, yea, the bondage of your ancestors.
    "For these are the very ones, who, making a god of their belly, sacrifice unto their evil gods, the innocent creatures of the earth, in place of the carnal nature within themselves. For they did eat of their flesh, and did drink their blood, to their own ruination, and corrupted their bodies, making unto themselves tombs for the dead, instead of temples of the living.
    "Yea, and because of their lusts, they shortened their days upon the earth, even as the unholy who know not the truth, or who knowing it, have changed it into a lie. From such ones and evil doctrines, I have redeemed many, even as ye shall redeem many in my name."
    "Therefore, tell ye these things to all those of righteous hearts, that they may know truth and be saved, for even as I send you, send ye others also. For I say unto ye, ye are not alone, but the Holy Spirit of Wisdom shall guide you in all things. Fear not, nor be of faint heart, but take courage in the strength of all wisdom and prayer.
Yeshua Appears Unto His Disciples
Assembled Behind Locked Doors
    And it was the eighth day, the first day of the week on the Holy Calendar that Yeshua again appeared to his disciples, who were assembled behind locked doors.
    And Yeshua said unto them: "All Peace be unto you . . . Love ye one another and all the creatures of God, and ye shall do well in all things, always. But know ye this thing, not all are men, who are in the form of man, for I ask ye, are they men or women after the image of God whose ways are of violence and of evil, and oppression? Yea, who choose a lie rather than the truth!
    "Nay, for verily, lest they are born again, and receive the Spirit of Humane Love and Wisdom within their hearts, then only are they the true sons and daughters of Israel ... The sons and daughters of light, the children of God. And for this reason, come I into the world, and for this cause have I suffered at the hands of sinners, that all may know the Humane Love and Wisdom of the Holy Law demonstrated before men and angels.
    "For I say unto ye, no greater sin or evil be, than the ignorance and stubbornness of man, for ignorance begets fear and fear begets violence and bloodshed, and the innocent suffer greatly; thus the evil of man is self-begotten, for not even Satan has power over the minds of men, for men can choose the good or the evil.
    "But the evil way is broad and bringeth forth much vain glory and illicit pleasure. Thus man seeks after the desires of the eyes and the body, and thus lusts after things unholy and without profit unto the soul. Yea, I beheld lusts in mankind, unlike any other thing that hindereth spirituality, for man chooses the evil over the good and troubles the soul. Much calamity comes forth and overwhelms the senses and mankind become as demons, looking to hurt one another and every innocent creature of God. Be ye not like such ones, who choose evil over good, to satisfy the lusts and passions of the body, but look upon the innocent creatures of God as thy brothers and sisters in need of compassion and love-for truly I tell ye, even the least of these are my brothers and sisters, and I am in them even as they are in me.
    "Yea, I did come into the midst of the world, and in the flesh of man was I seen and heard by many, and I found all men glutted with their lusts and pleasures, for all were of the carnal nature. and sought after every hurtful desire of the body. Yea, they were all drunk with their own follies and self-deceptions, blasphemers, lovers of money, eaters of much flesh, drinkers of wine, greedy, blind guides, licentious and wicked, liars, thieves, cheats, prostitutes, all hungry for every evil fruit.
    "And my soul grieveth, for I found none hungry or athirst for the true wisdom of God. Yea, the sons and daughters of men are blind in their heart and in their soul are they deaf and hear not my voice, which leadeth them to salvation. For they have abandoned true love and the angels of mercy and joy and all peace for the wicked desires of their heart. And they allow their bodies to enslave their souls in sin and ignorance, for their garments of flesh know not the spiritual soul and imprison all evil thoughts and desires within themselves. The angels of the Earthly Mother have they neglected and the angels of the Heavenly Father they have cast off, and every unholy law of the evil one they delight in and take refuge.
By the Simplicity of Woman
Shall the World Be Saved
    And Yeshua continued teaching his disciples, that they might understand the sacred mysteries of God, and he said unto them: "For I say unto ye, a sacred truth and mystery, for even as the whole world has been ruined in the beginning by the sin and vanity of woman, so by the simplicity and truth of woman, shall it be saved. Know ye this, then, curse not a woman ever, nor look down upon her weakness in ignorance, for earthly man knows not the deficiency of woman to judge or understand. Yea, woman do ye respect, for woman is the mother of the universe and all truth of divine creation rests within her. She is the foundation of all that is good and from her the motherhood exists.
    "Yea, the man who honors a woman, honors his own mother and daughter, for mother is second only to God as a sacred being. Know ye. Therefore, the Father-Mother God above has given place to every creation in the grand household of Life, for every thing under the angel of sun, has come into the world by God's good pleasure and blessing, and all things, weak and strong, live because of the Holy Law.
    "I come therefore to restore all things to their original root, that all things may again know God, and be in oneness with the All. Thus shall the deficiency be healed and all things returned to their own nature.
Only then shall the all-peace come upon the earth and be as in Heaven, for many things are amiss and astray because of the evil of man and his intervention, but the Son of Man cometh to correct all things and set all things straight. Those who have ears, hear.
The Nazarenes of  Mount Carmel
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Monday, June 8, 2015



Today on The Sean Hannity Show in a conversation Sean was having with his inside Washington DC correspondent Jamie Dupree, Sean stated that he was starting to think like Donald Trump, that perhaps it was a good idea if we insist Obama's College Transcripts be unsealed and opened. This of course was a swipe at Obama's Ineligibility which is now being entertained by The United States Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama 14-9396. The Court comes back from a break June 15th with a couple of key opinions to be released on Marriage and Obamacare, and will also decide whether to ask for further argument on the case that squarely places Obama,Cruz,Rubio, and Jindal's responsibility to the U.S. Constitution's qualification for a 'natural born Citizen' in its sites.

There is a big disagreement, and when referencing 'big' think of the division in the Grand Canyon type of Big, among the supporters of the Presidential Candidates as to whether the Supreme Law of the Land's demand for a 'natural born Citizen' for the Office of the President means much more than the qualifications of 'Citizen' for U.S Senators, U.S. Representatives. While "Citizen" is used in the paragraph of the Office of the President's Qualifications in a time determined way in Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, referring to that qualification upon those 'born at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution', the paragraph goes on for those born after that time and states they must be 'natural born Citizens'.

The United States Supreme Court is being asked to define the term or what might be better stated as adhere to the term "natural born Citizen" with the litmus test of "Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents by Presidential Candidate Cody Robert Judy in a contest of ineligibility directed at Obama for his Campaigns for President in 2008 and 2012. Cody has never conceded those races to Obama and is the only Candidate to have his objections now before Highest Court. Cody says to those continually discouraging him with "Its about time", that "Hey, getting to the U.S. Supreme Court isn't the same as making instant oatmeal. Instant Justice rarely exist and like a good wine, often cases require what's termed in the Court as a 'ripening'."


Cody rattles off many things that sets his Case apart from all the other cases that have also made their way to the U.S. Supreme Court but were not heard by the Court chief among them 'Standing','Party','Jurisdiction','Criminal Complaint','The Political Doctrine Question', 'Bi-Partisanship', Exhaustion of State Remedies', and 'Racism'. When you start going down that list it is much easier to comprehend why Cody's Case has cleared all of these hurdles and very well could be THE NATURAL BORN CITIZEN HISTORICAL CASE OF OUR TIME in the name of Justice that doesn't get 'dead-listed'. Reference: Why Cody's Case is not DEAD LISTED

"This has been a very long journey", Cody said, "and its hard for people who have followed this rather spottily to grasp what is happening and how and why Obama could very easily not make it to the end of his second term before being asked to resign, or impeached for his disability of authority to administer the duties of the Office of the President based upon the People's Qualifications written in the U.S. Constitution that limit with strictness those able to wield the power of the sword and the pen in that office."

Nixon resigned the office of the President because he saw that if he didn't he was going to be indicted in a U.S. Senate Trial for what would amount to high crimes and misdemeanors charges. This was back in the day that Republicans controlled the White House but Democrat's controlled the U.S. Senate where trials of such nature take place. Cody's case however, does not ask the Court to remove Obama per se or intrinsically, but asks the Court to only consider that Cody in the Race both 2008, and 2012 against Obama be treated in fairness and equality to all under the same Standard. If Obama was allowed to run unfairly according to the rules, Cody is due a just compensations for the damages Obama caused.

Many cases brought to the Court did not even include Obama's name and instead cited the Secretaries of the differing individual States as the "Gate Keepers" of ineligible candidates as if they shouldered the responsibility. While running in the Democratic Party after the Primaries were over for instance and Cody was not chosen to represent that party, Cody would go right to those same Secretaries of State in the Elections Office and they would administer an oath to him which clarifies and certifies that a Candidate for Office should he/she be elected be able to qualify for that office. This puts the burden squarely on the Candidate for Office.

In Obama's case there is a document trail of his being bound to that oath, but there is also a document trail that brings into the equation Obama's enablers from the Democratic Party Leadership bench like Rep. Nancy Pelosi who signed in front of a Notary of Public [t]wo separate 'certification of qualification forms' in 2008. One for Hawaii that demanded that those so certified by a major party also be certified with an oath that they were qualified for the Office under the Constitution of the United States for that particular office. The other for the remaining 49 had no such language to adhere to and its quite a credit to Hawaii. So, what is a Secretary of State in an Election's office supposed to do with one person who lies and another person who backs the lie up? These secretaries of states are not independent Candidate investigation people. They mostly 'trust' that what they are being told is the truth, but in the Politics of Obama 'honor and trust' have been violated and Cody's Case brings all of this to light for the Court.

We know Obama was not acting alone, He had accomplices to his election identity fraud. As a Candidate for President Cody at first simply took Obama at his word when it came to Obama releasing his long form birth certificate at the end of April 2011 which he himself handed out to the White House Press Core in his famous announcement calling birthers 'side shows and carnival barkers'. Taking Obama at his word in his own press release, the document states Obama's father was never a U.S. Citizen, making it impossible for Obama to be a natural born Citizen- Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents for the office of the president. Obama's father introduces a foreign influence in Obama's history which was prohibited by the term 'natural born Citizen' in the Office of the President. Over time, it has proven that what was happening is that Obama was conducting a 'side show and was the biggest carnival barker' of all.
Another aspect of Cody's case to the U.S. Supreme Court is unique in that Cody's case introduces to the Court under the authority of a little used term in a Congressional ACT the ability for someone other than an Attorney General to bring to the Court an allegation of crime. This Congressional Act is known as The Clayton Act which came out of The Sherman Act. These focus clearly on Corporations forming illegal alliances as Cartels in illegally determinations of precious resources, commodities, and services. Especially in Election Years, 'votes' are a highly valuable commodity and service to the Country. Candidates these days form Corporations to shield their private fortunes from liability. The two items form exactly the ingredient for an illegal cartel.

While nearly a dozen high profile stories have been written many highlighted on The Drudge Report about Sheriff Joe Arpaio's case in Arizona that revolves around the investigation of Judge Snow's Family allegations they had it out for seeing to it he was never elected again, and had the Sheriff himself on the witness stand, none cover the Cold Case Posse Report in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama 14-9396. What has not been reported, even by WND a stout encyclopedia of stories on Sheriff Joe's Cold Case Posse, their Report and findings that Obama's long form birth certificate was a fabrication and could not have possible come from an original copy of the Hawaii Health Records Department is that Cody's Case in the U.S. Supreme Court now highlights all of this. Indeed the tie between that Health Department and the Obama Administration coming in Hawaii Health Director Loretta Fuddy has sadly and tragically ended with the loss of her life in a very suspicious death and that connection seems lost to the Media.

The Report of the Cold Case Posse originated by Sheriff Joe's assignment to investigate the identification fabrication, has been brought to the U.S. Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama 14-9396, by the authority vested by Congressional Acts to do just that. Obama's Selective Service Registration was also released by FOIA request and was a second witness that identification fabrication was in play as anomalies unfolded in that Report. These are just witnesses that Obama's whole story has been concocted and wasn't true to form. There were slips and mis-steps associated with the lie, and his selective service registration was just one other I.D. that had to be retraced or redacted because Obama as an Indonesian Citizen traveling to Pakistan on a visa at the time forbidden to Americans, was not required to sign up for the draft. The time of this redaction also ended badly for the witness Lt. Quarles Harris Jr., 24, who was assassinated in his car.

Obama had no other reason to oversee or fabricate a long form birth certificate other than to do a disservice to the place of his birth as a Candidate running because of the focus on "born" in natural born Citizen, even though anchor babies are not considered eligible for the Office of the President. This would easily avail the Office of the President open to foreign take over if all that was required was a birth in the United States. Of course the theory represents conspiracy in itself, but it is rather naive to think plans are not drawn up for the imaginations of the enemy or to just as naively think the enemy would not delight in being sworn into the Office of the President of the United States.

With the Cold Case Posse's investigation and REPORT in the U.S. Supreme Court now and Obama's very identity challenged as fraudulent, it seems quite relevant that the Obama Administration would go after Sheriff Joe's 'computer server'. That seems strange only in the light they don't seem to want Hillary Clinton's server while she was Secretary of State emailing what now have been detailed as classified by the FBI and redacted in parts for the Press as well as destroying what she decided to destroy while on duty as the Secretary of State for us.

Cody's Case in the U.S. Supreme Court details why the Court would not necessarily find a particular Candidate like Hillary Clinton interested in bringing a case to the court against Obama for his ineligibility, even though former President Bill Clinton is on 3-16-12 record from credible witness and filming documentary producer Vivian Bettino as stating they would do so at the proper time. This is also in front the U.S. Supreme Court in Cody Robert Judy's Case Judy v. Obama. 14-9396. The alliance between McCain, Obama, and H. Clinton was made in non-binding U.S. Senate Res. 511 which the U.S. Supreme Court is not bound to. 511 was not a Constitutional alteration of the 'natural born Citizen' clause for the qualifications of the Office of the President, although it does detail a source of the litmus test regarding 'parents' which case constitutes Cody's first compelling evidence that it doesn't matter where Obama was born if both his parents are not at the very least "Citizens". This highlights the compelling case Obama used the fabrications as distractions away from his ineligibility by his father's Kenyan Citizenship represented on his first released certification.

The two generation contract America has given to the Office of the President prohibited foreign influence by two generations this way. Congress's own investigations and hearings on the matter in 2002 bear out much of the same affect also noted in the case before the U.S. Supreme Court. It was Cody Robert Judy's law suit against Sen. John McCain in 2008 that included the Republican National Committee served just days before McCain was made the Republican Nominee at the Republican Headquarters of the Campaign and Party in Las Vegas, Nevada. This was precisely the same way in which Obama and the Democrats were served this Complaint almost a year ago now July 7th, 2014. Of course with an alliance of Candidates of those two parties no complaint is going to be made, however an alliance between parties that excludes the rest of the population of America is unconstitutional and troublesome especially given 43 % of Americans now are registered Independents according to a Gallup Poll conducted this year also noted to the U.S. Supreme Court in the case. Reference Viral Post.

With both Republicans and Democrats represented by U.S. Senate Resolution 511 that left for certain Independents out in the cold which now registers a majority of voters. That in and of itself should be a real red flag for the Court's Consideration as to the damages this type of behavior by career politicians is causing and gives prudent reason to set the case at the very least for oral argument. Cody Robert Judy was the only Presidential Candidate in America over the 2008 and 2012 Presidential Elections to call both Parties out on the carpet which as best as can be displayed is not racial or partisan, but is ruled more by Principle over Party. As you can see the Case before the U.S. Supreme Court is much more complicated than just stating Obama was not born here as the detractors like to label 'birthers'. Without laws that apply to all, justice for all is an impossibility, and certainly illegal discrimination's begin taking a foot hold.

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The proceeding referenced Court actions have been within the three Presidential Races 2008, 2012, and 2016.

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