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obama you all ready have an ebola craz and you craz ket you give the money for the cdc to your donors

 Muslim Free Zone’: Obama considers appointing an 'Ebola Czar' as he s...
 and you have an ebola craz

Muslim Free Zone’: Obama considers appointing an 'Ebola Czar' as he s...


 Muslim Free Zone’: US Embassies in Ebola-Stricken Countries Are Still...


Rep. Peter King: ‘Serious Concerns’ About Nigerian Passenger Who Reportedly Vomited, Died on Flight to JFK

Rep. Peter King: ‘Serious Concerns’ About Nigerian Passenger Who Reportedly Vomited, Died on Flight to JFK

Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) said he has “serious concerns” after a passenger reportedly vomited and died aboard a plane from Nigeria that landed at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport early Thursday.
Rep. Peter King: Serious Concerns Over Reported Nigerian Man Who Died En Route to JFK
New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport has been screening travelers arriving from West African countries that have been affected by Ebola. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
“It is my understanding that a plane from Nigeria landed at JFK today with a passenger who passed away en route,” King said in a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson. “Based on what I know of this situation, I have very serious concerns about the cursory exam conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention official to determine that the passenger did not have Ebola [...].”
The New York Post reported the incident occurred on an Arik Air plane that left from Lagos, Nigeria, one of the West Africa countries that has seen only a few Ebola cases in the current outbreak. The Post reported that a federal law enforcement source said the unnamed passenger vomited in his seat before dying. The plane, which carried 145 passengers, landed at JFK at 6 a.m. Thursday, according to the Post.
Representatives from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Customs and Border Patrol, and the Federal Aviation Administration did not immediately return requests for comment from TheBlaze. The Transportation Security Administration said that this would not be a TSA issue.
King has been part of the chorus calling on the Obama administration to institute travel bans from Ebola-stricken countries.
King also wrote that his concern extends to the instructions given to the port authority and Customs and Border Control “regarding handling the remains and the remainder of the passengers.” In light of the situation, King listed various questions to Johnson regarding protocols in place to deal with an infected passenger on a plane, the possibility of establishing “isolation zones” in an airport and cleaning procedures.
In an interview with the New York Daily News, King said that the CDC ruled the man died of a heart attack.
“But Port Authority workers who handled his remains and the other passengers were exposed to this guy. What if he had Ebola?” he asked.
In addition to this specific situation, King wrote that “given the high volume of travelers at JFK, it is essential that extraordinary measures are taken to intercept possible Ebola-infected passengers.”
“These individuals transit the airport with the rest of the traveling population, including using the restrooms,” King wrote. “It is only after they arrive at the Customs and Border Patrol primary screening location that they are separated and sent to secondary inspection for a medical check and to complete the questionnaire.”

Ebola presents a major challenge to authorities for managing and protecting U.S. citizens. Sealing off the borders from these countries is not feasible and does not present the best solution for dealing with the virus. America must resist the urge to react out of fear and use wisdom instead. A prudent additional step of increasing screening will help. A panicked overreaction will not.

US Embassies in Ebola-Stricken Countries Are Still Processing Visas for Non-US Citizens

US Embassies in Ebola-Stricken Countries Are Still Processing Visas for Non-US Citizens

A woman looks at an Ebola sensitization mural in Monrovia, Liberia. (Photo: Ahmed Jallanzo/EPA/Newscom)
Despite the outbreak of Ebola, it is still possible to get a visa from the three West African countries at the heart of the outbreak, and a key congressman is demanding to know why.
“Once these individuals are issued a visa by the embassy, they are free to travel to the United States,” says @RepEdRoyce.
Rep. Ed Royce, R-Calif., chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee, sent a sternly worded letter to Secretary of State John Kerry about the Obama administration’s handling of the Ebola epidemic in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.
Royce said he was “deeply concerned” U.S. embassies in those countries were continuing to process visas for non-U.S. nationals despite the outbreak of the deadly disease.
An estimated 100 people per day are applying for U.S. visas at the three embassies, according to Royce. “Of course,” he added, “once these individuals are issued a visa by the embassy, they are free to travel to the United States.”
>>> Heritage Foundation Report: The Basics on Ebola
In the letter, Royce urged Kerry to contain the Ebola virus “at its source” in Africa before any additional cases reach the United States.
“I was surprised that the Department of State has not already exercised its authority to suspend consular services, which is standard procedure in countries experiencing a major security disruption,” Royce wrote to Kerry. “This would be a prudent measure to mitigate the risk of Ebola exposure and contain its spread—a bedrock principal (sic) of health crisis management.”
Royce recommended the State Department stop issuing visas for non-U.S. nationals in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone as a “containment measure that may help mitigate the risk of further translocation to the United States.”
That idea has drawn criticism from experts. The Heritage Foundation’s Steven Bucci and Ellen Prichard wrote for The Daily Signal last week that banning travel is the wrong approach:
Ebola presents a major challenge to authorities for managing and protecting U.S. citizens. Sealing off the borders from these countries is not feasible and does not present the best solution for dealing with the virus. America must resist the urge to react out of fear and use wisdom instead. A prudent additional step of increasing screening will help. A panicked overreaction will not.
This story has been updated.

Obama considers appointing an 'Ebola Czar' as he says he has no 'philosophical objection' to banning travelers from West Africa

  • The president spoke from the White House today after holding a meeting on the Ebola outbreak
  • He announced it 'may be appropriate' to appoint a so-called Ebola 'czar' to head up his administrations' response to the health crisis 
  • Mr Obama also said he had no 'philosophical objection' to instating a travel ban on travelers from West Africa - but that he doesn't think it will work
  • The president says instating a travel ban would make the problem worse, since it could lead to West Africans lying in order to get into the country
President Barack Obama said on Thursday he is considering appointing an Ebola 'czar' as the lead U.S. coordinator in the effort to contain the virus and that he remains opposed to a ban on travel from West Africa.
Obama met in the Oval Office with aides who are involved in the Ebola fight and spoke to reporters afterward. 
He said 'it may be appropriate' at some stage to put one person in charge of the effort. Some lawmakers, such as Republican Senator John McCain, have been urging him to take this step. 
Ebola update: President Barack Obama spoke about the government's response to Ebola from the Oval Office of the White House on Thursday
Ebola update: President Barack Obama spoke about the government's response to Ebola from the Oval Office of the White House on Thursday
Gesturing to top aides who are leading various aspects of the Ebola fight like Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell, national security adviser Susan Rice and Centers for Disease Control director Tom Frieden, Obama said they have many other duties in addition to Ebola. 
'It's not that they haven't been doing an outstanding job working hard on this issue, but they're also responsible for a whole lot of other stuff,' he said.
Obama resisted pressure from lawmakers to impose a ban on travel from West Africa. He said experts tell him that 'a flat-out travel ban is not the way to go' because a ban would be less effective than current screening measures on travelers to the United States from the region.
'I don't have a philosophical objection necessarily to a travel ban if that is the thing that is going to keep the American people safe,' he said.
But he noted that some travelers might attempt to enter the United States under the radar and would avoid the screening measures, leading possibly to more rather than fewer Ebola cases.
Time to appoint a leader: President Obama said it 'may be appropriate' to appoint a so-called Ebola 'czar' to head his administration's response to the outbreak in America. Pictured above in the Oval Office with Assistant to the President for Homeland Security Lisa Monaco (far left), U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Burwell (second left) and Dr Thomas Frieden (far right), director of the CDC
Time to appoint a leader: President Obama said it 'may be appropriate' to appoint a so-called Ebola 'czar' to head his administration's response to the outbreak in America. Pictured above in the Oval Office with Assistant to the President for Homeland Security Lisa Monaco (far left), U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Burwell (second left) and Dr Thomas Frieden (far right), director of the CDC
Obama said he had spoken to Ohio Governor John Kasich and Texas Governor Rick Perry to make sure their healthcare workers are getting the training and equipment they need for any Ebola cases.
He said anyone who came into contact with a Dallas nurse who flew on a commercial plane from Cleveland to Dallas a day before experiencing symptoms will need to be monitored.
But he stressed Americans should not overreact to what has been a limited Ebola outbreak. He said the virus remains hard to contract and is not airborne.
'It remains a very difficult disease to catch and if we continue to take the steps we need to, this will be contained,' he said. 'The main thing everybody needs to focus on is the risks involved remain relatively low, extremely low, for ordinary folks.'
Obama, who has expressed frustration at the slow trickle of international aid to West Africa, said he had seen some improvement in the flow to Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, but that much more is needed.

Obama Signs Executive Order Sending National Guard Into Ebola Battle

Obama Signs Executive Order Sending National Guard Into Ebola Battle

| October 16, 2014 | 18 Comments

Signed, Sealed and Delivered By Executive Order

Why on earth would an American president sign an EXECUTIVE ORDER to send US National Guard troops into the bottomless-pit quagmire of the Ebola battle in Liberia? Can ANYONE answer that for me? Please note the following about the purpose and mission of the United States National Guard:
Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution (the Militia Clause) also authorizes use of the National Guard under continuing  state control but in the service of the federal government to “execute the laws of the Union, suppress insurrections and repel invasions.” 
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is authorizing the Pentagon to call up reserve and National Guard troops if they are needed to assist in the U.S. response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.
The pen is mightier than the Constitution
The U.S. has already committed to sending up to 4,000 military personnel to West Africa to provide logistics and help build treatment units to confront the rapidly spreading and deadly virus.
Obama signed an executive order Thursday that permits the Pentagon to use the reservists and Guard troops.
Obama also notified top congressional officials of his move. Nearly 4,500 people have died from the Ebola outbreak, most of them in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. The White House has said the troops will not be providing direct health care aid.

Executive Order: Ordering the Selected Reserve and Certain Individual Ready Reserve Members of the Armed Forces to Active Duty

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including sections 121 and 12304 of title 10, United States Code, I hereby determine that it is necessary to augment the active Armed Forces of the United States for the effective conduct of Operation United Assistance, which is providing support to civilian-led humanitarian assistance and consequence management support related to the Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa. In furtherance of this operation, under the stated authority, I hereby authorize the Secretary of Defense, and the Secretary of Homeland Security with respect to the Coast Guard when it is not operating as a service in the Navy, under their respective jurisdictions, to order to active duty any units, and any individual members not assigned to a unit organized to serve as a unit of the Selected Reserve, or any member in the Individual Ready Reserve mobilization category and designated as essential under regulations prescribed by the Secretary concerned, and to terminate the service of those units and members ordered to active duty.
This order is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, or agents, or any other person.
October 16, 2014.

Radio Personality to Arpaio and Zullo: Meet Me at the White House and I’ll Arrest Obama ill go i will come and help you arrest him

Radio Personality to Arpaio and Zullo: Meet Me at the White House and I’ll Arrest Obama

The waiting…
For roughly six months Americans have been waiting for evidence of Obama ID fraud that was previously expected/promised to be released in the Spring of 2014. Though the delay tests our patience, the Cold Case Posse is supposedly doing what good law enforcement officers do. They are checking and re-checking the evidence. At least that is what we have been told. 
I will be the first to admit that I am frustrated. I completely understand that there is a need to verify all findings. I also know that I am one of millions of Americans that wanted Obama gone yesterday.
Pete Santilli, of Guerilla Media Network, might just be on my wavelength. Santilli is not one to mince words. He is a proud former Marine and now one of the most fearless independent broadcasters in America. There are some events that would literally receive little or no coverage if it were not for Santilli and GMN. The Trucker protest from 2013 is an example that comes to mind. GMN was there and broadcasting live while most of the country was wondering where they could find coverage.
But, like many of us, Santilli is seemingly frustrated. We may not have enough evidence to convict Barack Obama of forgery, even if we could find a court to hear the case, but is it possible that we at least have enough evidence to make an arrest?
Some say that we do.
Santilli has now challenged Mike Zullo, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and their Cold Case Posse to meet him at the White House where he claims he will personally make the arrest with the assistance of law enforcement.
Santilli may not be considering all angles, like proper and lawful jurisdiction, but I have very little doubt that he has the guts to do it. So if Arpaio and company have no authority to arrest, someone needs to take Santilli up on his offer.
We are still waiting.
The below audio is courtesy of our friends at Birther Report:
YouTube Preview Image

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This Math Model Is Predicting the Ebola Outbreak with Incredible Accuracy

This Math Model Is Predicting the Ebola Outbreak with Incredible Accuracy

Written by

Michael Byrne


Part of the allure of epidemiology is being able to describe and predict highly dynamic outbreaks with simple, clean mathematical models. But how close can models really get to perfectly mapping the spread of disease?
Modeling how disease spreads early in an outbreak is a major challenge as sample sizes remain low and variables high. But a recently-developed method of making short-term outbreak projections called the IDEA model has shown promise, and is even doing an excellent job of tracking the current Ebola outbreak.
"If validated, the implications of such a finding may be profound," wrote the model's creators in an open-access 2013 paper in PLOS One, "e.g., the ability to project, with a high degree of accuracy, the final size and duration of a seasonal influenza outbreak within 2 weeks of onset."
The graph above shows how the model is faring with the current Ebola outbreak. So far, it's nearly perfect. If the IDEA model continues to predict the epidemic with the same accuracy, we can expect Ebola to start burning out in December, with a total of 14,000 cases. Currently, according to the CDC there are or have been 8,400. We have a ways to go.
So how does the model work? A few weeks ago, we discussed the infamous r_0 number—which is used to calculate the transmissibility of a disease in terms of additional infections per infected individual—and a model known as SIR, which describes the powerful dynamics involved in mixing susceptible (S), infected (I), and immune (R, for recovered) segments of a population that's exposed to infection.
The SIR model is classically used to see how much an infection can grow within a population, with those susceptible becoming infected, and the infected sometimes becoming recovered or immune. (A good explainer example is this model of a potential zombie outbreak.) When combined with r_0, the models can give us the force of an infection.
Generally, epidemic models grow from the SIR framework, with each one adding a new "compartment." For example, the SEIR model adds an "E" for a population group that's been exposed, and is incubating the pathogen, but isn't yet infectious—such as when US Ebola patient zero Thomas Eric Duncan boarded his plane from Liberia in September.
The MSIR model adds "M," a group with natural, born-with-it immunity. Meanwhile, the SIS model actually removes the immune group entirely from the equations, a situation that fits the common cold and flu, in which being infected once offers no future protection.
There are several other variations on the basic compartmental model, but this is hardly the only modeling strategy out there. Both generally and as a way of informing the models above, we might turn to the IDEA model.
IDEA stands for "incidence decay and exponential adjustment." Yes, finally, we get to really talk about exponential things in the proper sense, rather than the usual casual redefinition of the term to mean "a lot."
One of the IDEA scheme's creators, Amy Greer, writes that the model is "based on the idea that we could use simple types of public health surveillance data and turn that information into reliably accurate projections of what might happen in the outbreak in the short-term."
The model attempts to make up for the usual shortcomings of the r_0 number, which, according to the IDEA creators, often fails to accurately account for epidemic control efforts.
As with the compartmental models, r_0 is at its best at the very beginning of an outbreak using sets of initial values. In an outbreak, things change fast, however, and public health responses can add a ton of variables to the mix.
Again, in the case of Ebola, how could a research have modeled the way misinformation and protests have undermined quarantine efforts? This is where IDEA is designed to be most effective.
If you remember, r_0 is technically defined as the average number of secondary infections that can be expected to result from one primary infection. In other words, this is how many people that each infected person can expect to transmit the disease to before they, the primary case, become not-infectious.
Ebola sits at around r_0 = 1.5 in the United States and closer to 2 in West Africa, where the disease has a higher chance of spreading. Keep in mind the 1.5 is an initial value and as more control measures are taken, it should decline.
Measuring the decline is where things get murky, according to Greer. Her model uses a new term d to modify r_0 like this:
The main thing here is the d, which is a factor representing some discount function that changes through time, so named because it resembles discounting in financial models. Here it's meant to represent the efforts taken to control the epidemic, vaccinations and quarantines etc. The larger d gets, the smaller the I result, which is the number of total infected individuals.
Using this first I, we can find out how I changes through time, given by this equation, where the Ret at time 0 is just r_0:
So, multiplying the R value at a given time, which is the Ret, by the first equation we got using d will tell us how many infected individuals we can expect at the next time interval (days, probably).
All that is to say that the IDEA model is a much more dynamic way to look at transmissibility as it's continuously being modified by the various control mechanisms we might put into place to limit the epidemic or, rather, the observed effects of them.
Algebraically twisting around the equations above, along with other equations in the model that predict changes in an epidemic's immune and susceptible populations, gives us some other useful predictions: The expected time an epidemic is likely to stop growing, an estimated maximum number of total infected individuals, and so on. The model can also give epidemiologists a way of determining how effective their control measures are.
Greer and her team tested the model out on data from an H1N1 outbreak in Nunavet, Canada (a reasonably isolated population). You can see the results below. Not bad: the models tracked the observed data pretty well. (Note that SI refers to how many different time intervals, the ts above, are calculated.)
Image: Greer et al
In simulated epidemics, the researchers found that their model did very well with low or moderately low starting r_0 values, which SIR can have a difficult time with. According to Greer and her team, the IDEA prediction was a near-perfect fit.
"We found that best-fit projections for the IDEA model for disease dynamic systems with low or intermediate r_0 were exceedingly good, with parameters derived within 3–4 generations able to project the full extent of simulated epidemics with remarkable accuracy," the team concluded in their PLOS One paper.

Connecticut woman gunned down in DC believed Obama was her father Miriam Carey, 34, of Stamford, Conn.

Connecticut woman gunned down in DC believed Obama was her father Miriam Carey, 34, of Stamford, Conn.

The CDC, NIH & Bill Gates Own the Patents On Existing Ebola & Related Vaccines: Mandatory Vaccinations Are Near

The CDC, NIH & Bill Gates Own the Patents On Existing Ebola & Related Vaccines: Mandatory Vaccinations Are Near

Bill Gates, the king of vaccines.
Bill Gates, the king of vaccines.
I have previously reported that Monsanto, or Monsatan as many call them, has partnered with the Department of Defense to use a proxy third party company to develop a vaccine against Ebola. The seed money began at $1.5 million. The value of the deal could grow to an estimated $86 million dollars. The company’s name is Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation (TKMR) (TKM.TO), a leading developer of RNA interference (RNAi) therapeutics. “TKM-Ebola, an anti-Ebola virus RNAi therapeutic, is being developed under a $140 million contract with the U.S. Department of Defense’s Medical Countermeasure Systems BioDefense Therapeutics (MCS-BDTX) Joint Product Management Office”.  As breaking and shocking of a news story as this has the potential to be, the real story is that this is not the most important part of the Ebola threat which has invaded the United States. The truth of the matter is that these unholy and untrustworthy associations, when it comes to “fighting” the Ebola virus, represent the mere tip of the iceberg.
The more on digs into who is behind the creation and the development of vaccines for treating Ebola, the more the conspiracy networks widen. The most amazing fact is how incredibly easy it was to locate this information. I want to be clear on this point, Ebola was invented, a vaccine for Ebola has existed for 8-10 years, some government sponsored institutions as well as some of the global elite have positioned themselves to profit enormously from the spread of the virus and the development of and dissemination of mandatory Ebola vaccines and the imposition of total martial law in the process. Here is the proof.

Human ebola virus species and compositions and methods thereof
CA 2741523 A1

Amazingly, the CDC owns “the” patent on Ebola and all future strains.
The “SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION” section of the patent document also clearly claims that the U.S. government is claiming “ownership” over all Ebola viruses that share as little as 70% similarity with the Ebola it “invented”:
Why would a government organization claim to have “invented” this infectious disease and then claim a monopoly over its exploitation for commercial use? It is clear that the CDC plans to claim royalties on Ebola vaccines. This certainly increases the likelihood that the vaccines will become mandatory, thus increasing the profit potential for the patent holders.

Publication number CA2741523 A1
Publication type Application
Application number CA 2741523
PCT number PCT/US2009/062079
Publication date Apr 29, 2010
Filing date Oct 26, 2009
Priority date Oct 24, 2008
Also published as EP2350270A2, 4 More »
Inventors Jonathan S. TownerStuart T. NicholJames A. ComerThomas G. KsiazekPierre E. Rollin
Applicant Jonathan S. Towner, 5 More »
Export Citation BiBTeXEndNoteRefMan
Classifications (21), Legal Events (1)
External Links: CIPOEspacenet

Clearly, Ebola is manmade and this patent proves this contention. Why does the CDC need to own the patent on Ebola? Perhaps, we should ask Bill Gates why he is donating $50 million to the UN and the CDC in the name of fighting Ebola (see video below). The CDC has partners in the fight against Ebola, namely, Crucell, the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) and, of course, Bill and Melinda Gates.

Since when would Gates not expect a return on his investment? Gates and Michael Bloomberg have already contributed large sums of money to numerous vaccination causes such as the Global Polio Eradication Initiative originally launched in 1988 by the World Health Organization (WHO), Rotary International, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). The return on investment has been impressive.
Gates has announced that he plans to vaccinate every child in the third world with multiple vaccines, which could result in a dramatic population reduction of 10-15%. Do you realize the enormous profits that can be realized by vaccinating every child in the third world? If we apply Gates’ penchant for investing in causes which produce a hefty “return on investment” (ROI) then one could reasonably suspect that Gates is positioning himself to profit on the $50 million he has invested in the Ebola cause which conveniently includes the CDC, the holder of the patent for Ebola.
The NIH presently holds all patents on Ebola vaccines. Crucell is much like Tekimara is to Monsanto in that they are fronting the science for the Ebola vaccine treatment patents.

What You Are Not Being Told: Fast facts From Crucell’s Website
  • Crucell is developing an Ebola vaccine in collaboration with the Vaccine Research Center (VRC) of the NIH National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). It has been shown to completely protect monkeys against the virus with a single dose of the vaccine.
  • Under the terms of the agreement with VRC, Crucell has an option for exclusive worldwide commercialization rights to the Ebola vaccine.
  • Crucell’s Ebola vaccine entered Phase I clinical trials in Q3 2006.  Two groups of 16 volunteers were enrolled and vaccinated. The study showed safety and immunogenicity at the doses evaluated.
  • In October 2008, Crucell secured a NIAID/NIH award to advance the development of Ebola and Marburg vaccines, with the ultimate aim of developing a multivalent filovirus vaccine.
  • The award provides funding of up to $30 million, with additional options, worth a further $40 million.

Do you understand how much we are being lied to by the media on this topic? The work on an Ebola virus, sanctioned by the holder of the patent for the vaccine, the NIH), has been ongoing since 2004 with clinical trials in 2006. This explains why the CDC and the NIH are bringing Ebola patients into the country to treat. The moment that an Ebola patient crosses the U.S. border, they become the intellectual property of the CDC, NIH and Bill and Melinda Gates! How can we not believe that this is the Hegelian Dialectic run amok in a case of problem creation, solution to the problem and reaction to the problem?
The involvement of the USAMRIID is noteworthy because the Army has long been rumored to have created Ebola and, for purposes of experimentation, implanted the artificial virus in Zaire in 1977.

When an unsuspecting public is finally told of the existence of an Ebola vaccine, the Global Fund will be in charge of the distribution of the vaccine. Interestingly, Bill Gates has donated a total of $560 million dollars to the Global Fund. The Global Fund has also positioned themselves to be in charge of the distribution of the “newly developed”, and not yet announced vaccines for TB and HIV.  Since the goal is the vaccination of every man, woman and child on the planet with multiple vaccines, Gates’ $560 million contribution to the Global Fund is chump change compared to the expected ROI. However, on deck is the Ebola virus.

The Political Direction of This Crisis

I mentioned in Part One of this series that my best military insider source has told me that the Department of Homeland Security has taken over the plans for mandatory Ebola vaccinations and the imposition of martial law. I also mentioned in Part One how very few soldiers and police officers will actually realize that they are actually enforcing martial law since they are merely reacting to a “health crisis”, albeit contrived, which will involve severe travel restrictions and the quarantining of segments of the population of the country. If one really wants to appreciate the depth of this conspiracy and the players involved, I would recommend that visiting the Crucell website which is linked above.
The operational details of the mandatory vaccination program will be forthcoming in a future article.

Ebola Vaccine Weaponized…Don’t Take It Under Any Circumstance!

Ebola Vaccine Weaponized…Don’t Take It Under Any Circumstance!

Sunday, October 12, 2014 7:29
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This “Ebola Outbreak” is a hoax designed to scare us into accepting the

 MANDATORY Ebola Vaccine

Once they have us good and scared with their FAKE videos, photos and news reports, they will line us up, inject us with Ebola “Trigger” Vaccine and achieve their long sought after goal of 90% depopulation!


From Ghana: Ebola is not real and the only people

who have gotten sick are those who

have received treatments and injections from the Red Cross

The truth from a witness in Africa:

Nana Kwame wrote:

“People in the Western World need to know what’s happening here in West Africa. THEY ARE LYING!!! “Ebola” as a virus does NOT Exist and is NOT “Spread”. The Red Cross has brought a disease to 4 specific countries for 4 specific reasons and it is only contracted by those who receive treatments and injections from the Red Cross. That is why Liberians and Nigerians have begun kicking the Red Cross out of their countries and reporting in the news the truth.


Reason 1: This vaccine implemented sickness being “called” Ebola was introduced into West Africa for the end goal of getting troops on the ground in Nigeria, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. If you remember America was just trying to get into Nigeria for “Boko Haram” #BULLSHIT but that fell apart when Nigerians started telling the truth. There ARE NO GIRLS MISSING. Global support fell through the floor, and a new reason was needed to get troops into Nigeria and steal the new oil reserves they have discovered.

Reason 2: Sierra Leone is the World’s Largest Supplier of Diamonds. For the past 4 months they have been on strike, refusing to provide diamonds due to horrible working conditions and slave pay. The West will not pay a fair wage for the resources because the idea is to keep these people surviving on rice bags and foreign aid so that they remain a source of cheap slave labor forever. A reason was also needed to get troops on the ground in Sierra Leone to force an end to the diamond miners strikes. This is not the first time this has been done. When miners refuse to work troops are sent in and even if they have to kill and replace them all, the only desire is to get diamonds back flowing out of the country.

Of course to launch multiple campaigns to invade these countries separately would be way too fishy. But something like “Ebola” allows access to an entire area simultaneously…

Reason 3: In addition to stealing Nigerian oil, and forcing Sierra Leone back to mining, troops have also been sent in to FORCE vaccinations (Deadly “Ebola” Poison) onto those Africans who are not foolish enough to take them willingly.

3000 troops are being sent in to make sure that this “poison” continues to spread, because again it is only spread through vaccination. As more and more news articles are released as they have been in Liberia, informing the populous of the US lies and manipulation, more and more Africans are refusing to visit the Red Cross. Troops will force these vaccinations upon the people to ensure the visible appearance of an Ebola pandemic. In addition to this they will protect the Red Cross from the Liberians and Nigerians who have been rightfully ejecting them from their countries.

Reason 4: Last but not least, the APPEARANCE of this Ebola “pandemic” (should Americans not catch on) will be used to scare the countless millions into taking an “Ebola vaccine” which in reality is the pandemic. Already they have started with stories of how it has been brought to the U.S. and has appeared in Dallas, how white doctors were cured but black infected are not being allowed to be treated, etc.

“Ask yourself: If Ebola really was spread from person to person, instead of controlled spread through vaccination – then WHY would the CDC and the US Government continue to allow flights in and out of these countries with absolutely no regulation, Or At All? We have got to start thinking and sharing information globally because they do not give the true perspective of the people who live here in West Africa. They are lying for their own benefit and there aren’t enough voices out there with a platform to help share our reality. Hundreds of thousands have been killed, paralyzed and disabled by these and other “new” vaccines all over the world and we are finally becoming aware of it. Now what will we do with all this information?

by Jim Stone,

An Ex-Military Whistleblower Speaks Out…

The Ebola Vaccine is the real “trigger” for the coming plague!

“I received the following information from an ex-military guy whom I have known for about eight years. He served in special operations. I’m recalling some of the many things he said.

“He suspects that the 1,600 US Army troops who were recently sent to Africa to contend with the Ebola threat are to be exposed to this Ebola virus (which is not the true Zaire Ebola, but a man-made variant; you’ll find out why in a moment), and that these troops will be injected with the new Ebola vaccine

“My ex-military friend told me that the trigger element planted in the U.S. soldiers’ ebola vaccinations in Africa will then “recombine” in their bodies with the pathogen that is to be released throughout the United States. The product of this recombination of the pathogen, to be released, and the trigger element that was earlier injected into these 1,600 vector soldiers  . . . the product will be a deadly biological weapon of mass extermination, calculated and designed to go airborne and thus, to be highly contagious.

“Where are the CDC’s disease agents taking all of these illegal, apparently diseased Mexicans? My ex-military, special operations, vaccine-victimized contact told me that he has learned that those thousands of Central American children are being housed at Lackland Air Force base in San Antonio, near the Texas border.

“He believes that these children are likewise being infected and injected with the trigger element, as part of this diabolical plot to exterminate the American population. The sick Mexicans, who today are being rounded up and sequestered by the CDC, are probably also being brought to Lackland Air Force Base.”

“And Lackland or some similar place is where all the ill Mexicans are probably being sequestered for vaccination with the trigger element that will later make their disease go lethally airborne.”

by Live Free or Die,

Can you say “Conflict of Interest“?

“Has the endgame been revealed on the Ebola outbreak?

“Two days ago, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told The Canadian Press that it’s “quite conceivable, if not likely” that fast-tracked Ebola vaccines may have to given to entire countries to get the viral outbreak under control:

“It is conceivable that this epidemic will not turn around even if we pour resources into it. It may just keep going and going and it might require a vaccine. As the epidemic gets more and more formidable and in some cases out of control it is quite conceivable, if not likely, that we may need to deploy the vaccine to the entire country to be able to shut the epidemic down. That is clearly a possibility. [emphasis added)”
By Melissa Melton,

Another example of a Vaccine Bio-Weapon Causing Havoc

Enterovirus D68 has sprung up all over the US and Canada and has left many children paralysed and fighting to breath. It is ANOTHER example of weaponized vaccines causing havoc and destroying lives!

“Although there is no known vaccine for the virus, and the scope which it will reach is also unknown, those that have become infected are following a common theme. They have all been vaccinated with the MMR vaccines, influenza vaccines, and polio vaccines. Of course, many children in the United States have been vaccinated, and most are required to be vaccinated in order to enter school. However, it is interesting to note that the illness is not occurring, yet, in children that have not been vaccinated.

“So far all of the reports we are seeing are coming in from children who have been partially or fully immunized,” said infectious disease specialist Dr. Heather Ashton. “Reports are managed through the National Enterovirus Surveillance System and the summaries thus far are all coming in from vaccinated pediatric populations in the U.S. and Canada.”  

“But the lingering question remains: Why has the enterovirus only infected vaccinated children? The Waking Times says that this because besides environmental toxins, chemically-treated food and fluoridised water; vaccines are also one of the biggest threats to the health of children.”

“Studies have shown that the regular flu vaccine actually worsens a key aspect of children’s immune systems used for fighting the virus. And other experiments have showed that unvaccinated children are far less likely to be affected by common diseases.”

Mysterious Virus Spreading Across U.S. and Canada And Primarily Affecting Vaccinated Children

“It’s worse in terms of scope of critically ill children who require intensive care. I would call it unprecedented. I’ve practiced for 30 years in pediatrics, and I’ve never seen anything quite like this.”

“The Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) has infected more than 150 children in the U.S., and has recently spread to Canada with 18 confirmed cases in three provinces.

“Although there is no known vaccine for the virus, ironically a common theme has been discovered in those who have been infected…they have all been vaccinated.”

Look what he achieved in Africa with his Polio vaccine immunizations:

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation says:

“Worldwide efforts in the last two decades have reduced the number of polio cases by 99 percent. Until we reach eradication*, however, we are working with governments and all partners in the polio effort to ensure no child is at risk of either contracting or transmitting this crippling disease.”

*yeah, eradication of US!

And in India

Bill Gates Faces Trial in India for Illegal Vaccine Testing on Tribal Children

“Have Bill Gates and his eugenicist foundation’s crimes against humanity finally caught up with him?

If the Supreme Court of India has anything to say about it, he will face the ramifications of poisoning millions of Indian children with vaccines.

“While fraud and corruption are revealed on almost a daily basis now in the vaccine industry, the U.S. mainstream media continues to largely ignore such storiesOutside the U.S., however, the vaccine empires are beginning to crumble, and English versions of the news in mainstream media outlets are available via the Internet.

One such country is India, where the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and their vaccine empire are under fire, including a pending lawsuit currently being investigated by the India Supreme Court.”

“The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation declared their little vaccine project a total success. I guess the Supreme Court of India will decide that now.

by Look up…wake up!,

President Obama, Ebola and the Total Collapse of Credibility

President Obama, Ebola and the Total Collapse of Credibility

By Monica Crowley, The Washington Times
Less than two weeks ago, the government told us that the Ebola virus couldn’t spread here.
Also, the Internal Revenue Service isn’t targeting, the Islamic State is JV, Iraq is secure, the National Security Agency isn’t eavesdropping, Benghazi was about a video, the economy is getting better and you can keep your health plan.
The crisis of confidence in government has now reached epidemic levels, just in time for the government to bungle a possible actual epidemic.