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States pile on against federal detention plan Indiana, South Carolina both bucking idea of arresting, holding Americans

States pile on against federal detention plan

Indiana, South Carolina both bucking idea of arresting, holding Americans

WASHINGTON – Bills opposing the controversial National Defense Authorization Act have popped up in both the Indiana and South Carolina state legislatures.
The NDAA was harshly criticized by some as unconstitutional due to language in Sections 1021 and 1022 that allows for the indefinite detainment of U.S. citizens without due process.

Both bills would nullify the NDAA in its current form by denying law enforcement or any government official the right to carry out any act of detaining a citizen without due process.
In Indiana, the bill passed through the Corrections and Criminal Law Committee unanimously after testimony from sponsor Sen. Jim Banks and Elkhart County Sherriff Bradley Rodgers.
In South Carolina, the NDAA Nullification Act S.92 passed the Judiciary Committee 16-4. The bill was pre-filed last fall by Sen. Tom Davis who called Sections 1021 and 1022, “a direct threat to the liberty, security and well-being of the people of South Carolina.”
The next step for the bills in each state is to reach the floors of their respective Senates for a vote.
Shortly after the NDAA’s signing a bipartisan team including former Al Gore consultant Naomi Wolf and Ronald Reagan Justice Department official Bruce Fein went to work opposing the provision of the NDAA which allows for the detention of U.S. citizens.
“Journalists aren’t safe. Union leaders aren’t safe. Activists aren’t safe. Liberty is not safe,” Wolf, an author of half a dozen books, said during a conference call to supporters.
People Against the NDAA (PANDA) Indiana Team Leader James Kerner praised Bank’s testimony saying, “I suggest the ACLU, Occupy movement, Tea Party movement and Oath Keepers throw their full support behind Sen. Banks. He should be made a household name like Ron Paul.”
Indiana and South Carolina are not the first states to take up issue with the NDAA. In early 2012, shortly after its signing, the Virginia House of Delegates passed legislation to nullify it 96-4. Arizona passed similar legislation. Numerous other states and local governments are considering similar bills.
“Concerns about NDAA detention provisions transcend political party, ideology, and geography, and representatives in these diverse jurisdictions have stood up to resist an ongoing bipartisan assault on constitutional rights by federal officials,” the committee announced.
While a debate about the scope of the NDAA’s potential abuses continues to distract congressional policymakers, who voted without realizing the law’s terrifying implications, their counterparts in state and local governments are proving more conscientious, proactively acting on their oaths of office to defend the Constitution.”
Groups including the Tenth Amendment Center, The Bill of Rights Defense Committee, The American Civil Liberties Union and Demand Progress have all been working since early 2012 to oppose the NDAA.
The detainment portion of Section 1021 of the NDAA is not the only part that has come under scrutiny over its constitutionality. Federal District Judge Katherine B. Forrest ruled last year that Section 1021 was facially unconstitutional because it had the potential to violate the 1st Amendment.
A group of journalists and activists had sued President Obama, Leon Panetta and a host of other government officials stating that they were forced to curtail some of their reporting and activism due to fear of violating the NDAA. Among the individuals were Pulitzer Prize-winning former New York Times foreign correspondent Chris Hedges, MIT linguist Noam Chomsky and “Pentagon Papers” activist Daniel Ellsberg.

Funds run low for health insurance in state ‘high-risk pools’

Funds run low for health insurance in state ‘high-risk pools’

By N.C. Aizenman, Published: February 15 | Updated: Saturday, February 16, 12:50 PM

Tens of thousands of Americans who cannot get health insurance because of preexisting medical problems will be blocked from a program designed to help them because funding is running low.
Obama administration officials said Friday that the state-based “high-risk pools” set up under the 2010 health-care law will be closed to new applicants as soon as Saturday and no later than March 2, depending on the state.
But they stressed that coverage for about 100,000 people who are now enrolled in the high-risk pools will not be affected.
“We’re being very careful stewards of the money that has been appropriated to us and we wanted to balance our desire to maximize the number of people who can gain from this program while making sure people who are in the program have coverage,” said Gary Cohen, director of the Department of Health and Human Services’ Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight. “This was the most prudent step for us to take at this point in time.”
The program, which was launched in summer 2010, was always intended as a temporary bridge for the uninsured. But it was supposed to last until 2014. At that point, the health-care law will bar insurers from rejecting or otherwise discriminating against people who are already sick, enabling such people to buy plans through the private market.
From the start, analysts questioned whether the $5 billion that Congress appropriated for the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan — as the program is called — was sufficient.
Initial fears that as many as 375,000 sick people would swamp the pools and bankrupt them by 2012 did not pan out. This is largely because, even though the pools must charge premiums comparable to those for healthy people, the plans sold through them are often expensive.
But it was also because the pools are open only to people who have gone without insurance for at least six months. The result is that, while only about 135,000 people have gotten coverage at some point, they are proving far more costly to insure than predicted.
Many people who are uninsured go untreated, exacerbating their medical problems. When they finally do get coverage through a high-risk pool, they are in immediate need of expensive care.
“What we’ve learned through the course of this program is that this is really not a sensible way for the health-care system to be run,” Cohen said.
Of the original $5 billion, about $2.36 billion remains available for the last three quarters of 2013 — enough only to continue coverage for those already in the pools, according to administration estimates.
The law gave states the option of either administering their pools directly or allowing federal authorities to operate them. In 27 states that have chosen direct management, applications for new enrollment can be accepted only through March 2. In 23 states and the District, where the pools are operated by the federal government, only applications received through Friday will be considered.
Obama administration officials said they did not have estimates for how many more people would have sought coverage through the pools beyond then. But Cohen said that new enrollment has averaged about 4,000 people per month in the past several months, suggesting that the figure could number in the tens of thousands.
Asked why the administration has not requested additional money from Congress to keep the program open — admittedly a tough sell in the current political and budgetary environment — Cohen said, “My responsibility is to work with the appropriation we have.”
About 129 millionpeople nationwide have a medical condition or prior illness that would make it hard for them to buy their own insurance plan.
Large numbers of them can and still do obtain full coverage through employer-sponsored plans, which generally do not treat sick people differently.
An additional 215,000 people are insured through separate high-risk pools that 35 states fund through their own budgets — although the policies often do not pay for treatment of the person’s preexisting illness, only covering new illnesses the person may develop.
Between 9 million and 25 million people with preexisting conditions are uninsured, depending on the estimate.
Among those stunned by Friday’s news was a 61-year-old Virginia woman who is battling stage-four breast cancer. The woman, who asked to be identified by her middle name, Joyce, because she wants to keep her illness private, is self-employed and had bought her own insurance for years.
Late in 2010, however, the insurer that Joyce was using pulled out of Virginia. She was healthy at the time. But when she applied to other companies, she was told that because she had been diagnosed with— and successfully treated for — an earlier breast cancer, she was ineligible for coverage.
Joyce said she was unaware of the high-risk pools at the time and remained ignorant of the option even as she was diagnosed with her current cancer. As the disease has progressed, the cost of her treatment has skyrocketed. The latest expense, a 10-week course of chemotherapy that she expects to total about $30,000, as well as additional tests that could top $8,000, has forced her to dip into her retirement savings.
It is only in the past several weeks that Joyce learned of the high-risk pool, and she was on track to finalize her application Sunday.
On Friday, she scrambled to get it in by the unexpected new deadline. She said the computer system appeared to accept her entries, but she will be on tenterhooks until she finds out for sure.
“I feel like the rug has been pulled out from under me,” Joyce said. “On every level, this is just beyond discouraging.”

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Emerson, IPT Expose Brennan Letter: FBI Training 'Substandard and Offensive' to Muslims

Steven Emerson and the Investigative Project on Terrorism have revealed that on Oct. 19, 2011, Muslim Advocates President and Executive Director Farhana Khera sent a letter to Chief Counterterrorism Advisor John Brennan, listing numerous Islamic-based grievances against the FBI. On Nov. 3, 2011, Brennan capitulated and began a fundamental change of FBI practices.

Khera charged that the FBI was bigoted, that they kept "antiquated and offensive documents about Muslims and Islam" on their intranet, and that some new recruits to the FBI were taught "that Islam is a religion that 'transforms a country's culture into 7th-century Arabian ways.'"
Regarding the "antiquated and offensive documents," it appears the FBI had kept 19th and early 20th century texts which do not comport with politically correct language on their intranet. Khera was saying that old texts and other FBI counterterrorism training materials had to go.
Brennan responded:
I am aware of the recent unfortunate incidents that have highlighted examples of substandard and offensive training that some United States Government elements have either sponsored or delivered. Any and all such training runs completely counter to our values, [and] our commitment to strong partnerships with communities across the country...
Khera's letter requested the creation of an "interagency task force" to address these issues and bring the FBI and all of DHS into compliance with Islamic sensibilities.
Brennan said such a review was already underway by the administration in order to improve training for "countering violent extremism" (CVE). The process would include combining "cultural awareness" with the CVE "training guidance and best practices" directives. It also meant putting out "a bulletin" to state, local, and tribal entities that "regularly leverage federal grants to fund CVE-related trainings" to provide guidance in their efforts.
FBI training curriculum was changed, and Brennan assured Khera that even more changes were on the way to improve "cultural competency training across the United States Government."
America's greatest strength is its values, and we are committed to pursuing policies and approaches that draw strength from our values and our people irrespective of their race, religion or ethnic background.
Brennan's letter can be found in its entirety below:

Pope received news of his warrant of arrest before resignation

On February 4, a week before Pope Benedict XVI's resignation, Vatican allegedly received a note from an undisclosed European government that stated that there are plans to issue a warrant for the Pope's arrest. Addicting Info reports.
Picture With his resignation announced, the former pope will have a meeting with the Italian President, Giorgio Napolitano on February 23 to beg for immunity against prosecution for allegations of child rape.

Benedict XVI was the first Pope to resign in 600 years, which shocked almost everyone. And he did so after panicking about an impending arrest in the midst of a hastily arranged meeting begging for protection from the Italian government.

But for him this will not be easy as the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State calls upon the Italian President to deny help to Ratzinger. If the Italian President does cave there may be another venue to make sure he doesn't get away.

In addition to these alleged attempts by this European government to prosecute, a New York based organization, The Centre for Constitutional Rights, has accussed the Pope and his Cardinals of possible crimes against humanity for sheltering pedophile priests. The non-profit legal group has requested an ICC inquiry on behalf of the Survivor’s Network, citing the church’s “long-standing and pervasive system of sexual violence.”

The Catholic Church truly knows no bounds when it comes to protecting their priests, no matter how heinous the crimes. They are the biggest example of religion getting people passes. All we can do is hope that these attempts of legal action will become succesful.

The decision of the Supreme Court Re Obama SS # Fraud will be released on Tuesday!!

The decision of the Supreme Court Re Obama SS # Fraud will be released on Tuesday!!

Who is Harrison J. Bounel? According  to the 2009 tax return submitted by President Barack Obama, he’s the  President of the United States. All nine U.S. Supreme Court Justices are scheduled to discuss this anomaly  today.
The case in  question is Edward Noonan, et al v. Deborah  Bowen, California Secretary of State, and the  Justices are finally looking at it thanks to the dogged determination of Orly  Taitz. The case calls into question many  of the documents Obama (Bounel, Soetoro, Soebarkah, etc.) has used and/or  released as authentic since he came on the national scene. The case contends  that the documents — birth certificate, Social Security number, Selective  Service registration, etc. — are fakes or forgeries. If that’s the case, Obama  should not have been on the California ballot in 2008 and, therefore, should not  have received the State’s electoral votes.
Four of the nine  Justices must vote to move the case forward. We’ll see.
Meantime, on Feb.  4, Kathleen O’Leary, presiding judge of the 4th District Court of  Appeal, reinstated the appeal of Taitz v. Obama et al filed by Taitz when  she ran for Senate. That case involves evidence of 1.5 million invalid voter  registrations in the State of California. The appeal also involves Obama’s lack  of legitimacy to hold the office of President based on his forged IDs, stolen  Connecticut Social Security number, the fact the last name he’s using is not  legally his and his fraudulent claim to be the U.S.  citizen.
Evidence in the  case includes:
  • A certified copy of the passport   records of Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, showing her son’s legal last   name to be Soebarkah, not Obama. 
  • Obama’s school records from   Indonesia, showing his citizenship to be Indonesian. 
  • Sworn   affidavits of top law enforcement experts and investigators, showing Obama’s   birth certificate and Selective Service certificate are forgeries and that the   Social Security number used by Obama on his 2009 tax returns as posted on was fraudulent. (The SSN failed when checked through both   E-Verify and the Social Security Number Verification   Service.)
On another legal  front, Obama defaulted in the case of Grinols et al v. Obama et al on  Jan. 30 when he failed to file a response within 21 days of being served notice  of the suit. This case also involves Obama’s phony SSN.
The suit  states:
[I]nvestigator   Albert Hendershot found in the database of the name of   the individual whose Social Security Obama is using. Acxciom-batch-solutions   showed (Exhibit 1) that Harry J Bounel with the same Social Security number   xxx-xx-4425 at 5046 S Greenwood Ave in Chicago, home address of Barack Obama,   Database shows Bounel with the same address and Social Security number as   Barack Obama himself. According to the databases last changes to the   information on Harrison (Harry) J Bounel were made in and around November 2009   by Michelle Obama, who is listed as Bounel’s relative. Database changes can   involve entering the information or deletion of information. It appears that   changes made by relative Michelle Obama included deletion of information,   which was done at a time when Taitz brought to Federal court in the Central   District of California before Judge David O. Carter a case of election   challenge by her client, former U.S. ambassador Dr. Alan Keyes and 40 state   Representatives and high ranked members of the U.S.   Military.
Recently   obtained results of the 1940 census, Exhibit 2, provided the last missing   link, link (sic) between Harry J. Bounel and the date of birth of 1890.   Exhibit 2 shows the printout of the U.S. census, showing Harry J Bounel,   immigrant from Russia, residing at 915 Daly Ave, Bronx, NY, age 50 during the   1940 census, meaning he was born in 1890, as shown in the affidavit of   Investigators Daniels and Sankey.
There is a   pattern of Obstruction of Justice and tampering with the official records and   falsification/forgery of the official records related to Obama. This happens   in particular when [George W.] Bush employees leave their positions and are   replaced by Obama appointees.
Taitz has asked  for expedited default judgment and post judgment discovery in this case out of  fear that any records on hand at the Social Security office will be destroyed  when George W. Bush-appointed Commissioner Michael Astrue leaves office in February. Records that might have proven  Obama’s Selective Service registration was a forgery were destroyed in 2009  after Bush-appointed Selective Service Director William Chatfield resigned,  Taitz alleges.

Bill Summary & Status 111th Congress (2009 - 2010) H.R.4872

Bill Summary & Status
111th Congress (2009 - 2010)


Latest Title: Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010
Sponsor: Rep Spratt, John M., Jr. [SC-5] (introduced 3/17/2010)      Cosponsors (None)
Related Bills: H.RES.1203H.RES.1225H.R.3590
Latest Major Action: Became Public Law No: 111-152 [GPO: Text, PDF]
House Reports: 111-443
Note: The bill makes a number of health-related financing and revenue changes to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act enacted by H.R.3590 and modifies higher education assistance provisions.

All Information (except text) Text of Legislation CRS Summary Major Congressional Actions

All Congressional Actions

All Congressional Actions with Amendments
With links to Congressional Record pages, votes,reports
Titles Cosponsors (None) Committees
Related Bills Amendments
CBO Cost Estimates Subjects  

Alabama Bans U.N. Agenda 21 Sovereignty Surrender

Property Rights: Few have heard of Agenda 21, the U.N. plan for sustainable development that tosses property rights aside. But Alabama has, and it recently secured a victory as important as that over union power in Wisconsin.
After Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's stunning triumph over the excesses and abuses of public-sector unions, the London Telegraph's James Delingpole, an indefatigable opponent of global warming fraud, opined in a piece titled, "How Wisconsin And Alabama Helped Save The World," that we should take note of "an equally important but perhaps less well-publicized victory won in the Alabama House and Senate over the U.N.'s malign and insidious Agenda 21."
Agenda 21 is one of those compacts, like Law of the Sea, Kyoto and New START, that are supported by an apologetic administration with a fondness for the redistribution of American power and wealth on a local and global scale.
It fits in perfectly with President Obama's pledge to "fundamentally transform" America, its institutions and its heritage of capitalist freedom.
Agenda 21 has not been ratified by the U.S. Senate, but it may not have to be if in a second Obama term the Environmental Protection Agency pursues it by stealth, as it has other environmental agendas that make war on the free enterprise system and rights we hold dear.
One of those is property rights. "Land ... cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market," Agenda 21 says.
"Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice; if unchecked, it may become a major obstacle in the planning and implementation of development schemes."
Not liking the sound of that, Alabama recently passed Senate Bill 477 unanimously in both of its houses. The legislation bars the taking of private property in Alabama without due process and says that "Alabama and all political subdivisions may not adopt or implement policy recommendations that deliberately or inadvertently infringe or restrict private property rights without due process, as may be required by policy recommendations originating in or traceable to Agenda 21."
Agenda 21 is intended to foster what environmentalists call "sustainable development" in the belief that man since the Industrial Revolution has been a plague on the planet, plundering its resources while destroying nature and putting the world at risk of disastrous climate change, poverty and disease.

Air Force confirms Russian jets circled US territory of Guam

Air Force confirms Russian jets circled US territory of Guam

Published February 16, 2013


FILE: August 7, 2008: A Russian officer takes a picture of a Tu-95 bomber at a military airbase in Engels, roughly 559 miles south of Moscow. (REUTERS)

The Air Force confirms that two Russian bombers on Tuesday circled the U.S. island territory of Guam, prompting U.S. jets to scramble and respond.

Two U.S. Air Force F-15 fighter aircraft, operating out of Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, intercepted the Russian Tu-95 bomber aircraft, which left in a northbound direction, said military spokeswoman Capt. Kim Bender.

Bender said no further action was taken but declined to give more details, citing security reasons.

The incident occurred shortly before President Obama delivered his State of the Union address, as reported first by The Washington Free Beacon.

The newspaper also said the Russian bombers were equipped with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles.

The F-15s were participating in an annual exercise, Cope North, on Andersen AFB. They are stationed at the 18th Wing, Kadena Air Base, Japan, the military said.

Pacific Command forces are there to ensure air warning and control over Hawaii, Guam, and the U.S. interests in the area. PACOM maintains fighters on alert to respond quickly to any potential air threats within the Pacific area of operations, Bender said.

Read more:
Air Force confirms Russian jets circled US territory of Guam
Nuclear-armed Russian bombers reportedly circled the U.S. island territory of Guam this week, prompting U.S. jets to scramble and respond.



Filed for FRIDAY - SUNDAY Feb, 15 -17 2013

TELLING THE RIGHT WING MEDIA HOW TO DO ITS JOB in public is done on a regular basis casually online among conservatives, but it's time we stepped up the game and started making the activity a bit more formal and direct. Hannity, O'Reilly and the rest at FOX NEWS have created a pretty cute game: blaming "mainstream media" for faults of which they themselves are also guilty, while they themselves, with the highest ratings on cable, also absolutely qualify by any measure as "mainstream media". Repeat: Fox News is also Mainstream Media. Play-pretending to not be what they are while projecting their own failures on others has got to stop.

Here are 2 very recent examples of the media handling Benghazi, a right way and a wrong way, from February 14, 2013 - last night as of this writing.

The first one is HOW YOU DO IT RIGHT. It is the excellent Bret Baier on his nightly cablecast interviewing Benghazi hawk GOP Senator Lindsey Graham - Graham one of the few true heroes exposing the Benghazi outrage.

Baier asks Graham what needs to be asked: What about the survivors? Benghazi-Truth only gives this exchange a 70% approval rating because it discusses only procuring the now-hidden records of the FBI/CIA questioning of the witnesses the night of the killings, and not the more salient issue of demanding that the Obama administration release the names of the witnesses so Congress can call them to testify directly. But compared to other news outlets and Fox personalities, it's badly needed Manna From Heaven.

IMO here now is how it is not done. When some of us tweeted Greta Van Susteren, the 10:00 PM EST host of Fox News' "On The Record", she, in her brief responses, gets clearly snippy and asks us - the people - to basically set up an interview for her worth probably a million bucks. That instead of doing the kind of investigative journalism she has displayed on things such as the Van Der Sloot case. IMO, disgraceful responses (click each image for larger, easy-to-read images).

After this first exchange, Greta took what looks at first blush like a meaningful first step, but without mentioning this most important possible of political stories on her TV show, only the following Twitter post, she appears to be only throwing a bone to look busy so she no longer has to deal with the issue thereafter. In the new global town hall of Twitter, assuming your audience is stupid enough to not see this for what it is, is IMO not the way to do it. 

As always, I remain convinced, now, as do many others, that Obama wanted the people in Benghazi dead. With so many options to save them, it seems that the only way they could be dead today is if he wanted them dead. Here were just a few of Obama's options to save them:

1. Remove them from Benghazi when Britain realized the danger was so severe they pulled their people out.

2. Remove them from Benghazi when Stevens sent his first cable saying they could not survive an attack they felt was coming

3. Remove them from Benghazi when Stevens sent his second cable saying they could not survive an attack they felt was coming

4. Send them military protection when the first or second warning cable from Stevens came or when Britain got out.

5. Send them to the Annex and fortify the Annex with military when the first or second warning from Stevens came.

7. Send military immediately when attack first detected.

And now that we know there are 25-30 survivor witnesses, confirmed by Hillary Clinton in her congressional testimony, who have not been seen or heard from for 5 months after the military flew them out. Not one stepping forward to tell, not one requested by Obama to tell a story, Obama fighting Congress to keep their stories from being heard. For all we know Obama has had them all killed and is waiting for our interest to get distracted and go away from Benghazi. We have nothing to go on but a pop culture assumption that Obama must be too good for that because he's our President, and from Hitler & Stalin onward, we have seen what happens when "enlightened people" look away from the facts.

IMO, if left to people like Greta van Susteren, Obama will get his wish.

On Monday, President's Day, we want to get everyone who comes in once in a while and tweets with the crowd and make a huge crowd activity of it, Tweeting both GOP congress and Media.

Join us.


Here's another outstanding guest memo by BT's resident military expert, "Sergeant Major". Read this carefully: he makes some very important points no one else has made.

Filed for Tuesday Feb 12, 2013
NOTE: Unsurprisingly, this has been a particularly popular Daily Memo, so Benghazi-Truth will keep it as the top memo until Feb 15. THIS IS A MUST-READ.  

By Sergeant Major

Last week the Senate Armed Forces Committee conducted a hearing into the #BENGHAZI Massacre. Five major players emerged: Senators McCain, Ayotte and Graham who "questioned" Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Joint Chief of Staff Chairman General Martin Dempsey. The hearing followed other #BENGHAZI hearings in that alibis were in abundance and true facts rare as a Bible in Baghdad  One such fact did emerge-a big one-so stand by for that.

General Dempsey was an embarrassment. In an ill tailored uniform (sleeves too short revealing 3" of shirt cuff where regs allow for no more than a half inch), the General slouched in his chair, leaned on his elbows and answered questions with a subtle smirk on his face. His testimony began with "Yes", "No", and multiple "Yeahs" (!) instead of "Yes Sir or No Ma'am" as required by military courtesy. More to the point, his sometimes confused responses were a smorgasbord of the "not my fault", "have a lot on my plate", "you'll have to ask someone else" variety. No wonder his command failed at #BENGHAZI. To quote Patton as he reviewed his new troops in Tunisia, "They don't look like soldiers. They don't act like soldiers. How do you expect them to fight like soldiers?"

Secretary of Defense Panetta was a little better. Affecting an avuncular, even lugubrious style, Panetta was rarely shaken or goaded into intemperate ("What does it matter how they died!?") remarks. He has survived around Beltway Power in a variety of positions and knows how it works. He realizes that OBAMA is his boss and must do what he can to protect him but not at the expense of his own career. In other words, Panetta won't stab OBAMA in the back but he won't fall on his sword for him either. As such, it was Panetta that gave up the new factoid.

Of the three senators, McCain was least effective  though he did take General Dempsey to task for his "surreal" testimony. This upbraiding was deserved but not germane to what happened at #BENGHAZI. Senator Ayotte was a touch too wordy, but her questions stayed on target-what was done to defend #BENGHAZI-which elicited a patronizing, disrespectful response from the General. 

It was Senator Lindsey Graham that tore Panetta/Dempsey a new one. His rat-a-tat questions, interruptions of filibustering answers ("I'm Sorry to interrupt you, but I have only so much time") and stern tone kept Panetta/Dempseys' feet to the fire. Graham's questions extracted a scenario of a command in disarray and confusion with no one truly calling the shots. Graham: "Who was in charge that night?" Panetta, shrugging:"I guess we all were in charge that night." 

But the best salvo came at the end.

Graham: "Was there any soldier...of any kind...deployed from any base... anywhere... enroute to support #BENGHAZI?" 

The Secretary of Defense and the General fumbled for an answer until Panetta stammered, "No, because we couldn't get there in time." 

To which Graham barked, "How did you know 'in time'? You didn't know before it was over when it would end."

The Big Fact revealed by Panetta was that OBAMA was AWOL that night. According to the Secretary, he and the General had a 20-30 minute briefing with the President at 5;00 pm Washington time where OBAMA was apprised of the deteriorating situation in #BENGHAZI. The President was distracted, detached and offered little guidance except, "Do what you can." All night long OBAMA did not ONCE talk to them either to ask or answer questions involving the staus of the situation at #BENGHAZI. This is important. Without rehashing a previous blog on Chain of Command, suffice to say before ANY rescue force of ANY kind can militarily enter Libyan airspace or violate Libyan boundaries these forces would first receive Presidential authorization, referred to as "Cross Border Authority". If OBAMA wanted #BENGHAZI to burn and the Ambassador to die all he need to do was make himself incommunicado, thus hamstringing the rescue effort. "Not To Act Is To Act" And that's exactly what a sleeping OBAMA did.

Still, the question remains. According to reports, a "Stand Down" order was given that night of 9/11/12. Since Hillary, Panetta, Demsey deny they gave the order, and OBAMA was sleeping, SOMEONE on the White House staff played President that night and Stood Down the rescue.


EDITOR: Since Sergeant Major's Memo has been up for 2 days, I don't feel too disrespectful to reiterate what my own feeling his here so the reader knows where this blog stands on the issue generally; in the second to last paragraph, Sergeant Major notes that if Obama wanted to kill everyone in Benghazi, he needed do nothing more than turn his back and remain uncommunicative to questions and answers. It has become my own conviction that Obama did, indeed, want everyone in Benghazi dead. After all these months, only one scenario seems to hold together and fit:  For whatever reason, possibly to cover gun-running, an operation Rand Paul believes was likely, IMO Obama, probably in concert with the Libyan Government whose propaganda about the killing being caused by a mob incensed by an anti-Muslim video was clearly the lead for Obama's own lie on the cause of the killings, decided that all in Benghazi must die. This seems extremely likely as Obama had many opportunities before and during Sept 11, 2012 to send reinforcements or get the people out and he very clearly intentionally did neither.  With so many options to help them, it seems clear that the only way those people could be dead today is if Obama wanted them dead. What would have gone wrong, then, is the two ex-SEALS breaking ranks and saving 25-30 unwanted witnesses, and that too holds, since Obama is steadfastly refusing to give up any information to Congress about the identity or location of the witnesses after 5 months, information usually offered to Congress within 48 hours of similar events. None of the witnesses have stepped forward, nor their families, and this is of course fraught with alarming, Nazi-esque implications of unconstitutional holding or worse. As melodramatic and truly unprecedented that may sound for a situation in the United States of America, that is how the facts shake out. The people of this country are not stupid. We need to hear the witnesses and we need to hear them now.

Filed for FRIDAY - SUNDAY Feb 8-10 2013

THERE IS A LITTLE HOPE in this Benghazi murder cover-up scandal, and it's coming from a few Senators and GOP House Reps, whose motivation, I believe, is now coming from a successful growing movement, started here - and on Twitter, particularly,  where Kathy Amidon has volunteered to lead the charge. 

More and more people are dipping their toe into the water of online activism about Benghazi, and wake up the following morning still free and associating with the same friends from the night before. They awaken to the enraging realization that for years they have been terrified into political inaction by smoke and mirrors about black helicopters, activists disappearing into the night and impossible computer tracking technology that threatens to steal them away into the blackness from whence no man returns. But no, the following day the sun shines and after a week, then two, then three, and seeing that activists who have been at it for months are still free, they realize they were literally scared of nothing. Then they get angry. They then jump into the water fully. And therein lies the hope. The Tea Party is being reborn into a much more powerful force, driving our own Reps and Senators with a fear more legitimate than any left-wing paranoid fantasy: the people they need to elect them are getting mad - at them - and telling the world on social media where the lamestream media cannot save those politicians with mockery and silence.

So far this activity is just now picking up steam and the numbers are still very small: about a core of a dozen and a half regulars and maybe half that many poking their noses in once in a while to be sure the paranoid fantasies really were just lies after all. This memo is for you: It's safe - and America needs you to jump in fully. 

The activity is really ridiculously simple: just follow whoever is leading, usually @Kathy_Amidon on twitter in the early evenings, and simply voice your desire for the politicians being "spoken to" at the moment to get off their lazy asses, quite bluntly, and earn the tax money that pays them

and get to work on finding the missing Benghazi witness/survivors Obama has hidden somehow and made to "go away". The message is, do it or find new jobs in 2014. 

By posting in the reply areas of their own bragadocious posts where your displeasure cannot be erased or silenced, you humiliate them in front of their constituents and sow the seeds of discontent for the upcoming election.  In other words, we are back to the good old days when Americans in the town square could decide - themselves, without being at the mercy of a censoring media - whether a politician would survive the next election, motivating him to actually work hard enough that on occasional mornings he might even forget to stop at the shoeshine boy, lest he miss an opportunity and find himself back with the peasants earning an honest living like the rest of us.

So for your education and inspiration to get involved, here are a few illustrations of this activity. If a small proportion of my followers alone of 1,150 (I follow 20)when others have so many more, added just one comment to a few threads Kathy and others lead every day, it would absolutely and totally freeze their continued political ambitions cold in a heartbeat until they had convinced the world - to their own suddenly cold-sweat satisfaction - that Benghazi had been addressed to it's proportionate necessity compared to Watergate:  by a factor of 100.

It's so easy. It's incredibly easy. And yet we are already seeing a big uptick by the GOP in their attention to Benghazi. As our "Pal" GOP Representative Rohrabacher has volunteered, the GOP has started reading this blog - and they certainly read their own twitter threads. They know we're here, they know we're mad, they know we have figured out the secret to beating the media and they know we intend to lay their political futures to absolute waste in the next few months if they do not do their jobs on Benghazi to our satisfaction  That's not weird, arrogant, presumptive,  irrational or any other similar demeaning negative - this is nothing more or less than the way our Forefathers meant our country to be Governed. And we are doing it. With loud, angry and impatient determination. The shoeshine boy, bless his heart, can wait - there is work they need to do first. Here are a few examples (click on each image for the more-easily-readable full size):

This incredibly quick, simple, easy, harmless (to you) and absolutely, 100% necessary activity is not for squares, crazies, hyperventilating conspiracy theorists or people ridiculously dressed as Uncle Sam on the 4th of July. It is for any citizen who just maybe happens to give a damn about what is happening to America. 

Try it. You'll like it. After being marginalized by the media into believing your voice is a hopelessly mocked collection of noises and liberals have scared you into being sure that terror awaits any mere expression of political defiance, you will be astonished at how fresh and free you'll feel when you see your voice really is smart outside of your immediate group of friends, makes a difference, and has real power to change the world. You have waited a long time for this moment. 

Go for it.

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EDIT: Moderate my palpable anger  a bit given the above more recent Memo, but I am told by some of the more recently involved activists that this post, below, is what motivated them to take the action illustrated above, so it will remain.

ARE YOU BETRAYING AMERICA? It's a serious question because there is no neutral political inaction in America when the President is an obvious Marxist communist whose health care will determine if you live or die, wants to take your guns away, raise your taxes through the roof, limit your free speech, find any way possible to ensure liberal democrats outnumber everyone else and at the very least chose to allow our Ambassador and others in Benghazi to die and has somehow made the 30 witnesses to the atrocity vanish while a frightened and timid GOP congress dithers about and looks for easier subjects to make it appear that they are on the job today.  

Most of you, the 700 - 1,000 readers on an average day are here from Twitter. Others and myself have outlined how you can help. We've given you the GOP contact information. Suggested what you can say and the many ways to say it. Supplied you with talking points and warned you of the very real dangers associated with the implications of what happened in Benghazi. I've shown you how history is repeating itself toward Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany (the possible extent of that transformation depends on the media, and as someone who works in it let me tell you that most of the decision makers hate you so much that they will happily go down in flames just for the sick satisfaction of knowing they took you with them).

And where have you been? Sometimes we have to beg you to so much as retweet a Benghazi message. Is your thumb so weak that you have to stagger your clicks on the mouse? While you posture like heroes and call those more moderate "sheeple", what have you been doing? have you contacted your congressman? Yes? really? That one letter, four telephone calls and 5 e-mails? You really think that is fractionally enough to make a dent? 

You need to contact as many GOP House members as you can - in public, on Facebook and twitter where you can effect public opinion and the politicians can see that and act accordingly to save their careers. What happened today that set me off on this? I ask for people to gather together tonight and help. Out of the 1,050 followers I have (most came to the message, I only follow 22 myself) I see Kathy, Stan, Janson and Deb taking the time to do anything. I may have missed a few, but So what?

Is this entertainment for you, to watch, be intrigued,  watch others play the show out while you comment and play critic and let everyone else do the damn simplest things in the world so basic a moron could do them, and yet illustrate by your inaction that such minuscule efforts are simply too much trouble for you to bother, while expending volumes of energy complaining at your friends?

I have heard "Frank/Proe, we need you to lead!" I've done it plenty professionally over the years, so I know how, certainly. Unfortunately, I also recognize a company full of people who should be fired. But I cannot fire you and cannot replace you. All I can do is watch you watching me and a few others while doing nothing yourself. Therefore, I say this: " I need you to do something."

I'm not Rush Limbaugh who pontificates like a pompous ass while never rallying the energy of his millions of listeners,  probably because if they do not need saving, he is no longer relevant.  Know this: IMO Rush is the white conservative Jesse Jackson: he's out of business without a collective people to save, so the balance remains tight to keep the people baited while making sure they remain in a perpetual state of needing to be saved. 

I am not Sean Hannity, a kid from Long island New York who, IMO, acts like he grew up on country music and pickup trucks while he sucks the conservative stereotype dry for millions a year, complaining about gossip but never calling attention to the few things that could actually damage Obama, like Arpiao's citizenship/records investigation or the missing banghazi survivors. 

If you want to make a good resolution, stop patronizing them: You are in the habit of passively listening to them and offering your own watered-down versions of the act on the internet but not doing what the left is doing and beating the living shit out of us by doing it: engaging themselves politically actively.

Remember, Obama has apparently secreted away 30 witnesses to an atrocity and even Congressional members have acknowledged it while at the same time treating it as no more than a political curiosity. You could be next, and as long as no pressure is put on the GOP House, they will walk through their halls of marble, smelling like expensive cologne and too much starch, concentrating on one thing: to keep the game going at election time, for God forbid, having been spoiled on a life like that, they should ever return to a world requiring them to get a real job.

To show I mean what I say, I am going to start to sit back and watch you for awhile, and that's fair, because I started this effort to win by helping us all to expose the Benghazi cover-up to America, not so you would have a little extra casual entertainment revolving around a subject that happens to interest you. If that's all it is I'll spend my evenings on the town and join the millions in this city who won't awaken until the next 9/11. Maybe next time it will be your city. Maybe you'll be the one killed when they strike again. Maybe in that last second you'll think that you could have done more to expose a cancer in which the DNA was made clear in Benghazi, and you were too busy waiting for Rush to save you to bother.

So no more memos, no more Benghazi Day Counts - nothing from me. If you are offended by this and want to unfollow me, be my guest, because in this town fair weather friends are a dime a dozen and I have more than I can use as it is.

Will Benghazi be exposed and see Obama prosecuted and end this nightmare, or will Obama simply toss his head back and laugh in private, knowing you could have stopped an agenda as outrageous as his, and failed because you sent one e-mail, made three calls, chatted to your friends and listened to Rush and thought that was enough.

They say you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink. Well, drink heavily from the internet while you can, because if you think that if Obama regains the House in 2014 and won't restrict your internet for the good of the state and imprison everyone against the state like he imprisoned the film maker on whose video he blamed Benghazi, knowingly putting that man's life in mortal danger for the rest of his life, then, quite frankly, it might just be that with there being no such thing as a neutral inaction, you have worked hard to earn his same fate.

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Please share so we're all on the same page strategically.

Ancient bamboo copy of "The Art of War" at the University of California, Riverside
"KNOW THY ENEMY" is a famous quote attributed to an ancient Chinese military treatise by General Sun Tzu called "The Art of War". It states, fully, "Know thy self, know they enemies. A thousand battles, a thousand victories." In The Art of War, there are several chapters which even today are regarded as a pretty good template for winning a war. While those who physically murdered our people in Benghazi reside in other countries, those who are keeping us from knowing the truth live and operate right here in the United States. Obama once referred to Republicans to an Hispanic audience as "the enemy", while feigning, Satan-like, the accent of those to whom he was speaking to gain their trust. By Obama's own political precedent  then, we can refer to Obama as "the enemy" who is keeping us from knowing the truth, and keeping us without the facts he is, clearly deliberately. Therefore, it might be of some value to apply the tactics outlined in "The Art of War": to the legal and political strategies to find out what happened in Benghazi. 

First, we need to understand that we have two enemies: Obama, and the GOP House which seems determined to do nothing. This is not an assumption wrongly concluded: Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator John McCain, Senator Kelly Ayotte and other very high-ranking Senators are furious about the Administration's handling of Benghazi. Graham has vowed not to confirm any Obama appointment until the person presently in that point, if in anyone way knowledgeable about Benghazi, has testified before the Senate, and this includes Leon Panetta.

However, the House is a different matter. The degree to which they are not fulfilling their exclusive congressional oversight obligations is becoming a nightmare. Nowhere is this better illustrated than the following exchange from three nights ago between patriots, led by Kathy Amidon, and so-called ranking Republican House member Dana Rohrabacher, whose insensible defenses for not issuing subpoenas, rude and sarcastic demeanor and absolutely not credible claim - illustrated in these screenshots - that was not even aware of the Benghazi survivors until the time of this conversation - three days ago - is infuriating, clearly punctuated by untruth and makes him a clear example of someone who is an "enemy" (your first instinct may be to assume that this is not the real Representative Rohrabacher, but if you check that account, you will see it is followed by his daughter and at least one other rep, Jason Chaffetz, so this is the real deal):

Click on any of the images for a larger, easy-to-read version.

What we have here, absolutely incredibly, is this: a confirmed ranking Republican member of the US House of Representatives, the job of which is oversight and investigation, claiming - literally - to be unaware of the fact that Benghazi survivors even existed - not until Hillary testified months after everyone else was talking about the survivors, but - until after  when a video of Hillary confirming the fact, was made available to him by - pardon my french, but I must -  shoving it under his big fat face on Twitter at Two O'Clock in the frigging morning - a time of day, IMO, which  demonstrates that the Rep does not take his job seriously. That is what we're up against, and it's pathetic, infuriating, and screams "replace me in 2014", whether because of seeming unbelievably lazy oversight incompetence or apparent lies because for whatever he may not want Benghazi investigated while Senators of far greater prestige than he has are demanding it. For anyone anxious for  justice for the Benghazi slain and the release by Obama of the Benghazi witnesses who remain - where, nobody knows, not even congress - Rohrabacher is an 'enemy".

What would Sun Tzu say about this? Let's apply the themes of the chapters of his masterwork to the quest for attaining Benghazi-Truth:

Laying Plans/The Calculations explores the five fundamental factors (the Way, seasons, terrain, leadership and management) and seven elements that determine the outcomes of military engagements. By thinking, assessing and comparing these points, a commander can calculate his chances of victory. 

Way: motivate GOP House; Season: Now; Terrain: varied depending on Rep's political constituency leanings; Leadership: Find the Benghazi hawks and support them; management: motivate yourself into taking action on twitter to talk to the Reps as soon as you are finished reading this article.

Waging War/The Challenge explains how to understand the economy of warfare and how success requires winning decisive engagements quickly. This section advises that successful military campaigns require limiting the cost of competition and conflict.

Way: Convince the GOP House to act quickly and stress that our money is being wasted by their delays as surely as it will be spend investigating and prosecuting. More money, still, will be wasted by repeating these mistakes if we do not find out not just how they were caused, but who caused them, because those mistakes will continue until that Person is legally removed from his authority to make such murderous blunder - if it all wasn't intentional anyway - and that includes Obama.

Attack by Stratagem/The Plan of Attack defines the source of strength as unity, not size, and discusses the five factors that are needed to succeed in any war. In order of importance, these critical factors are: Attack, Strategy, Alliances, Army and Cities.

Way: Attack: convince the GOP House to prosecute Benghazi; Strategy: Tell them Tea Party candidates will be found NOW to challenge them in 2014 primaries if action is not taken immediately. There is no longer any reasonable excuse to delay.

Tactical Dispositions/Positioning explains the importance of defending existing positions until a commander is capable of advancing from those positions in safety. It teaches commanders the importance of recognizing strategic opportunities, and teaches not to create opportunities for the enemy.

Way: Never give an inch of ground in an argument, as Kathy demonstrated above. It's easier to get-long, harder to fight, easier to destroy, harder to create. They work for us. You are the boss. Give it to them straight: work or be fired, not give excuses and be re-hired. It's as simple as that.

Energy/Directing explains the use of creativity and timing in building an army's momentum.

Way: Get all your friends involved on Twitter, Direct message them and Group tweet to set up times to gather on the reply area of a GOP House member and have a discussion between yourselves. Talk of how the GOP needs to get to work on Benghazi, and name any great replacements from the tea Party that could be offered in in 2014 to replace them. Do it in public on twitter. In other words, scare the living shit out of them so they get off their asses and get to work.

Weak Points & Strong/Illusion and Reality explains how an army's opportunities come from the openings in the environment caused by the relative weakness of the enemy in a given area.

Way: This was demonstrated by Kathy who boxed in Rohrabacher by fairly exploring his own claim to not know that survivors existed by making him appear ignorant in front of his constituents, either by pointing out the true ignorance or by causing to backfire the lie of ignorance. Either way, it put the Rep into an untenable position which can now be fairly exploited forever.

Maneuvering/Engaging The Force explains the dangers of direct conflict and how to win those confrontations when they are forced upon the commander.

Way: There are few direct disadvantages in confrontation in this war, but if you are uneasy about it, get a friend or two to join you in  conversation in the response area of the Rep's latest post; talk about how poorly they are performing on Benghazi and agree with each other that a tea party alternative must be found quickly to replace that Rep. Doing so in public like that is good motivation for the rep to do his or her job of oversight and investigation.

Variation in Tactics/The Nine Variations focuses on the need for flexibility in an army's responses. It explains how to respond to shifting circumstances successfully.

Way; once again, Kathy showed how by throwing a video up when the Rep made the astonishing remark of being unaware of the survivors. Ask twitter friends for a video that makes your point if you feel stuck - we'll be at your side in moments.(I DM'd a video link to Kathy, for example)

Start talking to your twitter friends now, choosing a Rep or group of Reps, and start calling them out now. Re-election to their easy jobs on the backs of the people is all politicians have ever cared about. Threaten that and they will work. This is nothing new. Doing it on twitter may be.

See you on the battlefield.



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(I am leaving this Daily Memo up for two consecutive work week days because the issue of the Benghazi survivors is really becoming extremely important. Media and related topics and the like are my business and IMO this country is in very big trouble, now. Don't doubt it until you read this)
EDIT: First things first - for the doubters, there are Benghazi survivors. In this video at 1:40 Johnson and Clinton discuss them - Clinton says 25 - 30 people evacuated - before Hillary explodes

DESPITE THE TEPID CONCERN DEMONSTRATED BY MOST GOP CONGRESSIONAL MEMBERS and the deafening silence of the mainstream media on the issue, it is Benghazi-Truth's opinion that the 25-30 missing Benghazi survivors' missing status - missing because Obama has taken them out of society -  poses the potential for the greatest crisis of freedom the United States has ever known. 

"Over-the-top"? Unfortunately, no. 

The missing Benghazi survivors exist and that fact has been confirmed by congress and even Hillary Clinton herself  who in her Congressional testimony claimed to know they existed and are in the possession of the U.S. Government (but not know anything else despite the fact that the survivors, employed at the Benghazi Consulate, worked directly for her.) So right away we know something true and manifest and now undeniable: for over four months, 20 - 30 U.S. citizen Government employees - not military - are being hidden from society, not allowed to walk free among their fellow citizens, in almost certain alarming violation of their fundamental constitutional rights. This is not a conspiracy theory; they are citizens of the United States and the Obama administration will not tell even Congress who or where they are after over four months, even when Congressional members press them for an answer, as some have claimed to do. Our response, shouted loudly and anxiously, must be "NO".  That cannot be allowed to continue in the U.S. after Obama and Clinton lied patently about the cause of the murders in the first place, a fact that even mainstream media has been forced to acknowledge. This situation constitutes a crisis because people in this country cannot be spirited off on the whim of a President, lest such casual, dictatorial activity be extended to you and me.

This kind of thing is not new in the rest of the world, however, and as always, it's time to learn some lessons from the past. At no time in world history have citizens been whisked out of their society to good moral and legal effect by the state - the reasons have always been bad and usually horrendous. Let's look at some. But first, let's put the narrative in perspective. Let's call the survivors by their significant function  relative to the Benghazi investigation; let's stop calling them "survivors" now and call them what we need to begin calling them: "The Witnesses".

When witnesses are made to vanish by a Government, history teaches us without exception that what happened to them was very bad. And let's remind ourselves at every point that what happened to the Benghazi witnesses can happen to you or me. 

Also, we need to correct assumptions that have led to a form of suicide by the millions: people have always assumed "the past" is always some distant and primitive epoch on the timeline, measured today as though the citizens of Nazi Germany and Communist countries like Russia and Cuba lived in some barbaric state like cave men. No. They  too, believed they were in an enlightened age in which mass communication like radio, telephones and widespread published media made it absolutely impossible - they would assure themselves with a confident and bemused chuckle - for another Caesar to emerge, and their hubris about the sophistication of their society cost them the lives of tens of millions, slaughtered mercilessly in mass bloodbaths by their own governments.  Cable TV, the internet and Skype will not save us from the next Hitler or Stalin. Current and future murderous tyrants will not be stopped by those technological advances, they will utilize them, and propagandists,  anxious for the approval of cold-blooded dictators, will carry their water today and into the future just as they have for thousands of years past; human nature will not change, nor has it been  or will be changed by our "enlightened society", as defined by better technology and mocking sarcasm about those on whose accomplishments we today live a better life. 

Hitler's minister of "Public Enlightenment", Joseph Goebbels, said, "We .. intend a principled transformation in the worldview of our entire society, a revolution of the greatest possible extent that will leave nothing out, changing the life of our nation in every regard ... It would not have been possible for us to take power or to use it in the ways we have without the radio and the airplane. It is no exaggeration to say that the German revolution, at least in the form it took, would have been impossible without the airplane and the radio." 

Sound familiar?

It is generally assumed that the concentration camps in Nazi Germany were reserved for Jews and their torture and extermination. Untrue. Some were used to condition, brainwash and re-create the minds of the opposition in their society so they would become, in turn, those who then, too, torture, murder - and brainwash - others. The first step is that these people would vanish from society, as the Benghazi witnesses have vanished from our society. In their day, too,  politicians did what they are doing now: timid of the unknown repercussions of difficult decisions, did nothing while people vanished and leaders with uncertain pasts and the worst possible political associations rose to absolute power.

This is Theodor Eicke, who developed, ran and oversaw the Nazi concentration camp system.

Prisoners stand at attention in the Nazi concentration camp Dachau. It was famous for killing Jews. It was also one of the places used to indoctrinate political dissidents into becoming "useful servants of the Fatherland". These dissidents - and witnesses - did not enroll to be there. They were taken out of society, seemingly as Obama has taken out of society the 30 Benghazi witnesses.

Here is an example of the result of being "trained" at Dachau: SS guards assigned to the notorious concentration camp Mauthausen. After four months we have no idea where the Benghazi witnesses are. Are they being likewise 'trained"? The longer we wait and be timid about shouting for the answers the American people deserve and to which they have every right, the more difficult it will be to stop whatever is happening to the witnesses, for certainly, something must be happening; people do not exist in a literal state of limbo, their friends and families silenced as surely as they have been.

For more about Dachau, though the information is everywhere, you might be interested in this BRIEF HISTORY.

When Goebbels fell out of favor with Hitler for a while,  this was the result: removed from photographs - removed by people working for Hitler, and a comparison could be drawn to whoever did the airbrushing to people like Chris Matthews  who in my opinion is a perfect example of what Goebbels himself advocated: self-censorship on the part of the media for the good of the Fatherland. Photos courtesy Dartmouth Edu & used via the Fair Use Act.

"It's impossible" is the refrain when witnesses vanish because people refuse to suffer the emotional pain of disappointment today to save themselves and their country from annihilation tomorrow.

Stalin was a truly dashing and smoulderingly handsome, charming revolutionary hero in Russia 1902.

He grew into the epitome of the kind and benign leader whose only concern was to help the people whom he loved and who loved him back, reading and listening to him in their media, convinced that only lunatics would accuse him of....

... murdering 40 million of his own people for purely political purposes, two of whom lie dead here in the frozen snow - a mother and her young son. I will spare the reader the displeasure of photographs of Communist Stalin's atrocities so vast they make Hitler's murders of the Jews look like a mere admonishment for wrongdoing.

History sees the same pattern in the beginning of Stalin's rein of terror as Hitler and now Obama: Lies about the causes of deaths of politicians - and ambassador's - are discovered,  media controlled by willing accomplices censor themselves to gain favor with the tyrant and information re-created to suit the desires of the Government.

And witnesses to Stalin's crimes vanished, just as surely as the Benghazi victims cannot be identified or found, though all agree they do - or did - exist. The people under Stalin were just as aware and awake as you are reading this now. They were not uneducated. They were talented, well-versed, often highly sophisticated who were well-read in the classics, could quote without effort the great philosophers and excelled in all the arts. They worshiped God publicly before Christian references were outlawed in public. They listened to media commentators praise Stalin for his leadership and mock the "crazy people" who made claims so awful that they could not possibly be true to a reasonable mind. They were not barbarians. They lived in an enlightened, technological age in which no well-meaning citizen needed a gun because Caesars were impossible. They loved and wrote, played and performed, engaged in style and fashion, worked and thrived and laughed at the town criers without checking the facts of their presumed political absurdities. And the streets eventually ran deep in their own blood. 

You can read an interesting little thing along these lines at the New York Times, HERE

Communist China's Chairman Mao: the same pattern. Witnesses to atrocities vanish, guns taken from people who collectively believe their world is too sophisticated for Caesars and trust the media which voluntarily censors itself to gain favor with the tyrant and the image the media painted of the benign, handsome, loving and well-meaning leader. The photographs of the many thousands of human heads of Mao's victims - the political opposition -  stacked in giant piles are too horrifying and nauseating to even begin to contemplate publishing here. 

Cuba's murderous Castro in 1968; guns taken from people, media complicit - fawning over the handsome, loving leader of all good people - and censoring itself before being taken over by the tyrant they tried to please, murders millions of the political opposition, and as seen here, witnesses are made to disappear, and as always, their families also said nothing when they vanished.

This could go on forever. The pattern of Obama's political activity is clear. But the fact that there are Benghazi witnesses who have vanished means we can stop this madness legally right now; we can, though the GOP House, demand all information on the witnesses who must then be medically/psychologically evaluated and made sure to be who it is claimed they are. This is not fun and games anymore. If Obama's pattern - now including the hiding of witnesses to an atrocity - are half of what it seems, then we must demand action - and make sure we get it - to simply save ourselves. That means we have to do what most other citizens in times past failed to do: we must motivate frightened and feckless politicians to show courage they do not possess by instinct. Warn them in the most severe possible terms of political loss in 2014 - and put meat into the threat by openly, loudly and immediately calling for tea party recruits to challenge them in the 2014 primaries.  This is all we have left. If we fail, we risk living - or worse - under another Hitler, Stalin, Mao or Castro.

Look at this simple video collection of bizarre public statements by Obama and ask yourself if he should be trusted with the Benghazi witnesses merely on faith of his good intentions and the picture of him painted by the media.

"Over the top"? Ask all those who also mocked the "crazy person" who warned of horrific dangers because in their enlightened age, Caesars were impossible; history books are full of pictures of their stiff, naked corpses piled high by the millions.

FIND THE BENGHAZI WITNESSES and be sure they have not been 'conditioned" and are who they say they are. The time for good manners is over. The pattern is clear and absolutely irrefutable with the advent of the missing/hidden Benghazi witnesses: From any historical perspective whatsoever, this is past a series of coincidences being a reasonable explanation; this country appears to be on the verge of the worst crisis in its history. But it can still be stopped.

I never ask you to share and tweet these Daily Memos. I am asking you to share this one. IMO  this entire country is in much worse trouble than all but a few may fully realize and appreciate. FIND THE BENGHAZI WITNESSES and at least set this country back into some small sense of balance before it's too late. Do it now.

Originally posted on Dec 22, 2012
If you don't think this is important, you need your head examined.
The video of news sources from the Middle East, above, proves it (check the upload date: Sept 12, 2012). Our media and leaders continue to ask and wonder,"Where did the talking points come from - the ones about the video that supposedly outraged the Muslim world?" 

It came from Libyan Government Propaganda - released mere hours after the Benghazi attack - which Obama, Clinton and Rice repeated to everyone including the United Nations by Obama himself.

Incredibly, this evidence was found easily by doing a Youtube search of publicly available international news sources. This is something our media and politicians should have checked first. 

It is clear that the Obama Administration  appears to have been acting knowingly as the US distribution office of Libyan propaganda which blamed the US for instigating the killings of our own people. Interesting, it should be noted that worded differently, the part about blaming the victims for their own deaths is the same conclusion reached by the State Dept's own internal investigation which, in so doing, cleared itself. It's all coming from the same source: corrupt Libya propaganda sources.

Watch the video linked at the top of this article. Should this video, linked above, vanish from the internet, it will be replaced by our own copy which we will upload via the Fair Use Act. This is important.


The Libyan talking points in the eastern television news reports are extremely precise and well-informed for the reporting on a "mob event" that occurred less than 12 hours before the Government made its explanation. They had supposedly in less than 12 hours pin-pointed a video which caused an outrage. But that video caused no mob protest and outrage, which suggests it had already been chosen to be the scapegoat "cause" of premeditated murders by the - presumed - Libyan government through terrorist operatives, otherwise the chances of all this hand-in-glove timing would be extremely unlikely.

This probably explains why Obama and Clinton sent Rice out to repeat the bogus Libyan talking points. They did not want to be found to be officially repeating the Libyan propaganda - which in-part accuses the west of starting the violence via an imaginary scenario which never occurred.

We continue to know that seven (7) hours went by in which Obama did not issue orders to help, but did apparently issue orders to stand down. There has been much speculation that Stevens was either involved in or became aware of gun-running sanctioned by the United States. 

Therefore, for Bengahzi-Truth, for whatever it may mean, there appears to be only one likely scenario now, as mind-bending as it may sound: This was a premeditated set-up to kill Stevens by the Libyan Government and the United States was either complicit in the plan/murder itself or a cover-up after the fact. The Libyan government has too many of the usual unknowns accounted for less than a day after the murders for an outfit claiming to be unaware of who committed the actual crimes. Obama and Clinton were much too quick to jump onto a false explanation clearly already developed by the Libyan government in advance of the killings for which they wanted someone else to be the official face. And Clinton's and Obama's absolute avoidance at speaking about this in a way in which they cannot exclusively control the narrative - such as House hearings - simply reeks of suspicion which now everyone except the most fringe-element Obama water-carriers openly recognize. EDIT: as of Jan 23, 2013, Hillary Clinton has offered her explanation: she simply never got the memos - plural - from Stevens anxiously requesting military assistance - an excuse so absurd that it insults the intelligence, but she clearly doesn't care as long as what she says keeps the law from grabbing her.

It appears certain that Obama and Clinton were very intimately involved in either the killing or cover-up on some level, as evidenced incontrovertibly by the fact that they parroted the monumentally untrue recounting of the events by Libya and initially sold it hard on a very large scale; sending Rice out to five (5!) different TV shows on the same day to repeat the lie essentially proves it. They clearly attempted to overwhelm any truth to the contrary by saturating the media with this one story fast to make the truth otherwise invisible.

Bear in mind, also, that all the surviving witnesses remain hidden by the Obama Administration - the most alarming fact after the murder - since it reeks of a Soviet style silencing of the witnessing. Even Congress does not know who they are, where they are or why, though Congress has started to make it clear they're getting impatient on this matter, particularly, though even that seems Johnny-come-lately. Congress is usually apprised of the info of such info, according to House Rep Jason Chaffetz (R- Colorado), within 48 hours. It's going on 4 months. Edit: More than 4 months. Unfortunately, this, too, plays into the idea that Libya and/or Obama wanted Stevens dead, as in the presumed original plan all would die. Then ex-seals Woods and Doherty screwed up the plan by disobeying stand-down orders and rescued 20 - 30 unwanted witnesses with whom the administration has no plan to deal with - witnesses Obama clearly does not want to speak, since witnesses from Algeria, for example, were made available immediately. So, while the House dithers, what happens to these survivors? Will they turn up with "tragic brain damage sustained in the attacks" or will the world be told that the original records were wrong, there was only one survivor, in Walter Reed, and that all doctors agree that his brain damage was caused by the attack? ("How dare you think otherwise? this Administration finds such speculations offensive") 

The GOP House needs to issue subpoenas for Clinton (to return), a Grand Jury for Obama,  immediately subpoena the records that will identify the remaining witnesses and subpoena them to testify and should not stand on ceremony. The GOP House needs to find its inner rage and they need to issue subpoenas for all of the above and they need to issue them now.



12/30/2012 - 1/4/2013

Edit: The Representative has since responded back to me on twitter again citing that such matters take a long time to handle the legalities properly. My response: At least talk on TV like you mean business to keep America tuned-in to issue. EDIT 1/4/2013: the Rep & I are having an interesting back-and-forth on Twitter now. He says in effect, "be patient and learn your history" and I say "Watergate took 1 year from start to finish and House Benghazi 'investigation' has used up 1/3 of that much time in tech-savvy 2013 and so far we have not seen so much as a single subpoena & house is manifestly falling down horribly on the job for which they were elected." Which point of view do you agree with? Comment at bottom of page if you want.

Rep Rohrabacher, you have been one of the more outspoken voices regarding Benghazi, and as a media man, I personally like your onscreen television persona, which is all-at-once straightforward and approachable. No one I know wants to find himself or herself at odds with you in a confrontational discussion online. However, you posted something in response to someone I know pretty well online, Janson Smithers, which, considering you are one of the most outspoken voices regarding Benghazi, I found unsettling-to-alarming: 

"Watergate not quick event. perjury only crime. Benghazi maybe same but this coverup includes killing & perhaps blackmail."

I certainly agree with the second part, but the first sentence is in response to Janson demanding quicker action. The fact is that things are not so austere in the Halls of Power that they work fundamentally differently  from the rest of the world in regard to things that can be done now. Here is a short list of same regarding Benghazi. If I am in error on any point, I look forward to being corrected in a way that makes sense. 

1. Subpoenas can be issued now. They can be issued to Hillary Clinton; Joe Biden - who as expert on international affairs in the 2008 election for Obama - can be subpoenaed on his probable consultation during Benghazi; White House aides who were on duty at the time;for White House security videos of the halls leading to the situation room so we know if Obama, Clinton and whoever else was there and when. If this sounds like fantasy to anyone reading,  Nixon and Clinton, both,  found that they had to abide by subpoenas - you can read about it here (and elsewhere). Read the last paragraph particularly. We are not talking about the President, here, only those under him. This can be done now, so what are you waiting for?

Do subpoenas somehow seem extreme to the GOP House? Remember the fuss the Democrat-led Senate made over Bush simply eaves dropping? Click Here. We have a dead Ambassador, others with him and twenty witnesses whose names have not even been released to your House of Representatives by the White House after four months.

2. You can find out the identity of the rumored survivor from Benghazi currently supposedly at Walter reed Hospital according to Greta Van Susteren, on whose show you have appeared repeatedly. What have you done to find out who he is? He has information about Benghazi and America would like to know. Since no one in the House has said a thing about this, I must assume the House has no idea what to do. Therefore, here is Walter Reed Hospital's published telephone number and address if your fellow GOP reps need help in establishing a starting point. Call the hospital as a US rep and ask if there is a survivor there from Benghazi. Then take the next step, whatever it may be. Tell your GOP fellows to do their legwork or you can show them how it's done!  
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
8901 Wisconsin Avenue | Bethesda, MD 20889-5600
1-800-526-7101 | (301) 295-4611

CLICK HERE for their website. Yes, I am being a little bit sarcastic for effect here, but only barely, as four months is too damn long to hear nothing but, ultimately at this stage,"Hillary will testify".

GRAND JURY FOR OBAMA. Obama's now very widely recognized lie about the cause of the Benghazi murders (we have discovered where he got the story he used to cover the truth, as you can see in the "Breaking News", below) is, it seems to us, in itself probable cause enough of obstruction of justice to warrant getting the gears rolling for an eventual Grand Jury appearance and testimony by Obama. If you recall, on August 17, 1998, a Grand Jury was called in which Bill Clinton testified about obstruction of justice in the comparatively insignificant civil case, Jones V Clinton. You can read it at the left-leaning Washington Post HERE or watch it, edited, below.

Rep Rohrabacher,that is plenty regarding intentions and potential scenarios that can at least be openly discussed in the media as an indication of the GOP House Rep's seriousness about pursuing the Benghazi murders to justice within the boarders of this nation.

This blog, started a mere three weeks ago with no more advertising than a few people initially tweeting the address to their followers, has now grown to a rough average of 1,000 views a day. We expect that to increase dramatically rapidly as that now appears to be the trajectory. I say this so you and your esteemed colleagues in the House will understand that with each day that goes by, people grow more impatient  because none of the above appears to have been mentioned to the media by the House, and we, the people, need to know that you are as serious about the murders of an Ambassador and three others in Benghazi - as well as the twenty missing American witnesses still unaccounted for- as the Democrats were about a second-rate break-in and as much as your GOP predecessors were about a president perjuring himself in a deposition about a civil suit stemming from no more than an extramarital affair.

People are dead, the American people were lied to and the press is covering for Obama with a veil of silence on this issue. Please inform your esteemed fellow House Representatives that we expect them to begin to at least look as though they are serious about doing their jobs.

You may wish to also read the memo, below, dated Dec 29, 2012. If Boehner is the stumbling block, use the upcoming vote to get that stumbling block out of your way. We pay Congress to work, not enjoy the Country Club.

We all look forward to strong and determined statements from the House supplanting the complaining and grandstanding which has thus far been the pattern. Thus far the House seems to have one mantra: "Hillary will testify". The obvious truth is that relying on a single - in my opinion - cold-bloodedly politically ambitious rattlesnake - who has certainly been less than gracious in the past to the House - to tell the world exclusively the truth of what happened on the night our people were murdered by terrorists in Benghazi is infuriatingly naive and below-par for what needs to be done in the bigger picture. People died in Benghazi; Watergate and the Clinton affair were given hundreds of times more diligent attention than the House is outwardly giving to Benghazi.

I remain, myself, still supportive of your efforts. But as you can see online - as you do something your GOP fellows might try - keep your finger on the pulse, four months is too long to stumble around focusing on a single, big-name witness, and people are getting angry and impatient and for very good reason. Annoyance is turning into fury, and fury will be remembered at the polls in 2014.

As do many, I look forward to your strong and determined leadership on the issue of the Benghazi terrorist murders.

EDIT: Rep Rohrabacher responded on Twitter saying in effect that this is a slow process to ensure all is done properly, legally. What he does not address is why they are being so silent about it in the media. The smartest thing he could do is telegraph their intentions to subpoena to the world, rattle Obama into making a political mistake and/or someone else into coming forward to get ahead of the oncoming tsunami to cover themselves and raise public awareness so people get angry and demand answers loudly. The quiet the House is exhibiting may be good in the country club-style cocktail dinner parties in Georgetown (been there) which are marked by low volume, placid conversations, but if these guys don't want to mishandle this into a complete failure which results in Obama turning into the next Hitler because he feels he is invincible to everything, they better get some surface energy going. Media is my business, GOP House members, and you are doing a terrible job so far and your sense of superior esteem will not change that.



Benghazi-Truth original editorial graphic about 
Clinton. Please spread it everywhere 
and don't worry about giving credit, 
just so Obama and his pals & all people 
everywhere know the American people 
aren't buying it for a second.



Here are a few of the more outspoken GOP House Reps. CONTACT THEM! THE HAWKS ARE THE KEY TO THE GOP SELECT COMMITTEE, and the select committee is the key to the open hearings and investigations and the hearings.


All videos and media material used via Fair Use Act


This video was upload by Jason Chaffetz himself
on his own YouTube channel on Dec 6, so you 
know he means business! Call and support him!


Washington office

Washington, DC 20515  
Phone: (202) 225-7751
Fax: (202) 225-5629 

Provo Office

51 S University Ave., Suite 318 Provo, UT 84601
Phone: (801) 851-2500
Fax: (801) 851-2509

Twitter: @jasoninthehouse

Rep Heck took the time to make a special video 
FOR YOU on YouTube pledging determination 
to get to the bottom of the Benghazi cover-up!
Return the favor and call and tell him you 
appreciate his efforts!


132 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-3252
Fax: (202) 225-2185

8485 W. Sunset Road, Suite 300
Las Vegas, NV 89113
Phone: (702) 387-4941
Fax: (702) 837-0728
 Twitter: @RepJoeHeck

A no-nonsense leader who says it in a no-nonsense 
way, direct to YOU right after a meeting Benghazi.
Call and tell him you love his video and to keep
pressing on Benghazi

who is NOT PLEASED with Benghazi.

509 Cannon House Office Building Washington, D.C. 20515 

Phone: (202) 225-2132 
Fax: (202) 26-1463

Oklahoma City1015 N. Broadway Avenue, 

Suite 310 Oklahoma City, OK 73102 
Phone: (405) 234-9900
Fax: (405) 234-9909


Rep King does not mince words.

REP PETER KING has been VERY strong on 
calling for a select committee and other 
investigations on Benghazi. CONTACT HIM! 
E-mail included! Tell him you support his
efforts on Benghazi 100%!

Washington Office 

339 Cannon House Office Building Washington, D.C. 20515 
Phone: 202-225-7896 
Fax: 202-226-2279

Massapequa Park 

1003 Park Boulevard Massapequa Park, NY 11762 
Phone: 516-541-4225 
Fax: 516-541-6602 

Twitter: @RepPeteKing 

Makes the point clear as day: ESTABLISH 

The demand is under consideration. Contact Rep Wolf 

Washington Office 
241 Cannon Building Washington, DC 20515
(202) 225-5136
(202) 225-0437 fax

Herndon Office

13873 Park Center Rd Ste.130 Herndon, VA 20171
(703) 709-5800 or (800) 945-9653 in state

 Twitter @RepWOLFPress

GOP HOUSE investigation chairman DARRELL ISSA
 Issa: "100% of our answers are coming from 
whistle-blowers who can't take the lies coming out 
of the State Department and out of the White House." 
Call his office and tell them you want answers!

investigation chairman DARRELL ISSA!

Washington DC 

2347 Rayburn House Office Building • Washington, DC 20515  
Phone: 202-225-3906 
Fax: 202-225-3303

California District Office 

1800 Thibodo Road, #310 • Vista, CA 92081 
Phone: 760-599-5000 
Fax: 760-599-1178

Twitter: @DarrellIssa


Another Hawk who is NOT PLEASED with Benghazi, said that 
if Obama didn't want Susan Rice to testify, he would gladly 
subpoena him in her place! (hat tip to Saska Mare) Call his
offices and tell them you admire his dedication to Benghazi 
and that you expect congressional hearings!

Washington, DC
1237 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-6030
Fax: (202) 226-1177
Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM Eastern time

South Carolina 4th District
104 South Main St.
Greenville, SC 29601
Phone: (864) 241-0175
Fax: (864) 241-0982
Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM

Contact via internet:

Twitter: @TGowdySC

Special Operation Speaks (SOS) leadership presented 
Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) with a petition containing the 
names of more than 100,000 Americans which he will 
deliver to the U.S. House of Representatives.The petition 
demands that a special prosecutor be appointed to fully 
investigate the events in Washington and abroad surrounding 
the murder of the US ambassador to Libya, the ambassador's 
aide, and the two Navy Seals attempting to defend US 
property in Libya.

Call him and express your admiration for him and

that you expect him to get to the bottom of the Benghazi

2440 Rayburn HOB Washington, DC 20515 
T (202) 225-3035 
F (202) 226-1230 
TX Toll Free (866) 535-6302

Twitter: @replouiegohmert 


 Polite, but Not Happy.

Call him and tell him you admire his courage and
expect him to see Senate Committees are formed!
Washington Office 

290 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
(202) 224-5972

Upstate Regional Office
130 South Main Street, 7th Floor
Greenville, SC 29601
Main: (864) 250-1417

Twitter  @GrahamBlog

McCain tells it like it is.

Call the office of this great war hero and tell him you
expect him to be a war hero in the senate and speak
out on the Benghazi nightmare and cover-up every day!

Washington Office
241 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 
Main: (202) 224-2235 
Fax: (202) 228-2862

Phoenix Office:
2201 East Camelback Road Suite 115 Phoenix, AZ 85016 
Main: (602) 952-2410
Fax: (602) 952-8702

Twitter @SenJohnMcCain

Not happy, has sent letters which are still 
unanswered by the White House. 


Let this lovely, no-nonsense lady know you

support her as she speaks the truth about

the Benghazi cover-up! 

D.C. Office
144 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Phone: 202-224-3324
Fax: 202-224-4952

Manchester Office
1200 Elm Street, Suite 2

Manchester, NH 03101-2503
Phone: 603-622-7979
Fax: 603-622-0422

Twitter: @KellyAyotte

SENATOR RICHARD BURR (Senate intelligence committee)

Washington, DC  
217 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 
Phone: (202) 224-3154  
Fax:  (202) 228-2981

Twitter:  @SenatorBurr


Washington Office
United States Senate 
493 Russell Office Bldg Washington, DC, 20510
P: (202) 224-5623
F: (202) 228-1820

Twitter:  @DanCoats 

SENATOR ROY BLUNT, a true friend of conservatives! He's all over all of it!

260 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 

Phone: (202) 224-5721 
Fax: (202) 224-8149

Twitter: @RoyBlunt



2. OPEN HEARINGS WITH CLINTON AND EVEN, YES, OBAMA. SUBPOENA IF NECESSARY, IMPEACH IF REFUSES (House of Representatives, controlled by the Republicans, has full impeachment authority and does not need the Senate).

3. WHITE HOUSE SURVEILLANCE VIDEO of the halls in the White House, PARTICULARLY OUTSIDE OF THE STRATEGY ROOM, SO WE KNOW WHO WAS WHERE AND WHEN DURING THE 7 HOURS WHEN OUR PEOPLE CALLED FOR HELP and were ultimately murdered by terrorists in BENGHAZI while Obama failed/refused to give them assistance to save their lives.



6. ALL SOLDIERS  WHO WERE WITH OUR SOLDIERS who were later killed trying to save the people in Benghazi must testify in open hearings as to what they saw and heard that night regarding Obama Administration denials for assistance. 



LadyRaven's Twitter List 
(hat tip to Proud American)
HOUSE Twitter (copy/paste)

This list is intended to allow you to copy, then paste, multiple Representatives into a single tweet.  They are NOT linked and do not need to be, twitter does it automatically. Republicans ONLY.
The beauty of twitter is that unlike when contacting a Rep by phone or e-mail, they do not know what area of the country you hail from and therefore cannot just write off your concerns because you are not in their state!  With a short message like BOEHNER MUST GO!you can probably tweet four or five at a time.

@RepJoBonner @RepMarthaRoby @RepMikeRogersAL @Robert_Aderholt @RepMoBrooks @BachusAL06 @repdonyoung @RepGosar @RepTrentFranks @benquayle @RepDavid @JeffFlake @RepRickCrawford @RepTimGriffin @rep_stevewomack @RepDanLungren @RepMcClintock @RepJeffDenham @eltongallegly24 @BuckMcKeon @DevinNunes @GOPWhip @RepEdRoyce @RepJerryLewis @RepGaryMiller @KenCalvert @MaryBonoMack @DanaRohrabacher @RepJohnCampbell @DarrellIssa @BilbrayCA50 @RepTipton @repcorygardner @RepDLamborn @RepDLamborn @Rep_Southerland @AnderCrenshaw @RepRichNugent @RepCliffStearns @micaforcongress @RepWebster @Bilirakis @RepDennisRoss @VernBuchanan @RepConnieMack @congbillposey @TomRooney @RosLehtinen @MarioDB @AllenWest @RepSandyAdams @RepRivera @JackKingston @RepWestmoreland @RepTomPrice @AustinScottGA08 @RepTomGraves @RepPaulBrounMD @RepPhilGingrey @Raul_Labrador @CongMikeSimpson @PeterRoskam @RepJoeWalsh @RepDold @RepKinzinger @JudyBiggert @RepHultgren @RepTimJohnson @donmanzullo @RepSchilling @repaaronschock @RepShimkus @RepStutzman @ToddRokita @RepDanBurton @RepMikePence @RepLarryBucshon @RepToddYoung @TomLatham @CongHuelskamp @RepLynnJenkins @RepKevinYoder @RepMikePompeo @RepEdWhitfield @RepGuthrie @RepHalRogers @repjefflandry @RepFleming @USRepAlexander @BillCassidy @RepBoustany @Harris4Congress @Roscoe_Bartlett @CongressmanDan @RepHuizenga @repjustinamash @RepDaveCamp @RepFredUpton @RepWalberg @RepMikeRogers @CandiceMiller @repjohnkline @RepErikPaulsen @MicheleBachmann @RepChipCravaack @RepAlanNunnelee @GreggHarper @CongPalazzo @RepToddAkin @VickyHartzler @SmallBizGOP @auctnr1 @JoAnnEmerson @DennyRehberg @JeffFortenberry @LeeTerry2012 @RepAdrianSmith @AmodeiNevada @RepJoeHeck @RepFrankGuinta @RepCharlesBass @RepLoBiondo @RepJonRunyan @RepLanceNJ7 @RodneyforNJ @RepStevePearce @RepPeteKing @RepNanHayworth @RepChrisGibson @RepRichardHanna @RepBuerkle @RepTomReed @RepReneeEllmers @RepWalterJones @RepVirginiaFoxx @SueMyrick @PatrickMcHenry @RepRickBerg @RepSteveChabot @RepMikeTurner @Jim_Jordan @boblatta @RepBillJohnson @SteveAustria @TiberiPress @SteveLaTourette @RepSteveStivers @RepJimRenacci @RepBobGibbs @USRepSullivan @tomcoleok04 @RepLankford @repgregwalden @MikeKellyforPA3 @CongressmanGT @JimGerlach @RepMeehan @RepFitzpatrick @RepBillShuster @RepTomMarino @RepLouBarletta @RepTimScott @CongJoeWilson @RepJeffDuncan @TGowdySC @RepMickMulvaney @RepKristiNoem @DrPhilRoe @RepChuck @DesJarlaisTN04 @RepDianeBlack @MarshaBlackburn @RepFincherTN08 @replouiegohmert @JudgeTedPoe ‏ @SamsPressShop @RepHensarling @RepJoeBarton @CongCulberson @RepKevinBrady @McCaulPressShop @ConawayTX11 @RepKayGranger @MacTXPress @RepRonPaul @RepBillFlores @RandyNeugebauer @TX20CharlieG @LamarSmithTX21 @PeteOlson @RepCanseco @RepKenMarchant @michaelcburgess @farenthold @RepJohnCarter @PeteSessions @jasoninthehouse @RobWittman @RepScottRigell @Randy_Forbes @RepRobertHurt @RepGoodlatte @EricCantor @RepMGriffith @RepWOLFPress @HerreraBeutler @DocHastings @cathymcmorris @davereichert @RepMcKinley @RepShelley @RepPaulRyan @JimPressOffice @RepSeanDuffy @RepRibble @CynthiaLummis
- oh, and of course @SpeakerBoehner