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Anonymous hack reveals truth about Obama's birthplace

Anonymous hack reveals truth about Obama's birthplace

Today, hacktavist group Anonymous put to rest one of the most important debates about Barack Obama. Is he really a US citizen? Only native-born Americans are legally permitted to be president, and early during his 2008 election campaign Obama fought off accusations that he was born in another country and not the great state of Hawaii. The accusations turn out to be true. But his place of origin is farther out. Barack Obama was born on another planet.
Anonymous published the stunning revelatory material to Pastebin, marking its most courageous hack to date. For anyone questioning the group's motivations, the stolen material puts to rest any doubt about being a force of good. Hacktavists obtained emails and other documents from Obama's BlackBerry, along with foiled plans to invade the earth. The White House immediately issued a denial, calling the disclosure a prank.
Aliens Among Us
The revelation brings new meaning to terms like "resident alien". They're not from another country. The freshly released material also explains how Obama, with little political experience, mesmerized Americans during his presidential bid. People who four years ago called his campaign and its success "out of this world" were right in ways they never imagined. Anonymous revealed that alien agents instigated the financial collapse that preceded the November 2008 presidential vote, while using subliminal messages in campaign TV commercials -- even rival John McCain's -- to convince Americans to vote Obama.
Meanwhile, the US government's $700 billion-plus "TARP" bailout to crippled financial institutions paid off the rich elite cooperating with the aliens, while seeking to breakdown Americans' will to resist when the invasion came. Aliens also instigated similar bailouts across the globe, and even the current Euro crisis. The documents reveal that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake, and predecessor Alan Greenspan, are aliens, too.
Occupy Wall Street organizer Terrance Travis Tonka immediately called for a protest against "the other 1 percent. I'm mortified, and soulfully sorry, to admit that we were wrong. Our woes weren't caused by the 1 percent of rich mother-effers but the other 1 percent -- the aliens among us. They want to break our will, our willingness to fight for ourselves. Yes, we are beaten down. But we won't give up. We call on all Americans, all peoples of the planet earth, to make April 1st a day of protest and start of a global campaign to uncover the identity of every alien invader".
Soon after Anonymous' stunning disclosure, former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin called for a recall of the 2008 election results, Obama's impeachment and Senator John McCain's instatement as president -- with her alongside him. But Anonymous revealed that Palin is an alien, too! Her seemingly irrational behavior four years ago was meant to undermine McCain's candidacy, while providing a back-up plan to the Oval House should Obama lose. Later, Palin and her non-alien collaborators founded the Tea Party Movement, which placed aliens in Congress for the purpose of destabilizing the US government. To date, given the deadlocked Congress, those plans succeeded.
Failed Invasion
However, while Palin and others laid the groundwork for invasion, top alien leaders worked against it. The "change" Obama campaigned for four years ago was more than leadership in Washington but capitol cities around the globe. Anonymous revealed that aliens planned to land their ships during Easter 2011, masquerading as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Aliens hoped to create confusion enough to lay siege to major cities before governments could respond. The reasoning: Who would nuke Jesus?
The invasion failed because the first alien leaders enjoy their lives so much on earth, Anonymous revealed in several email exchanges between Obama and his brethren expressing their desire to keep the planet for themselves. The aliens sent misleading communiqué to their home world indicating that earth's inhabitants had already depleted its valuable resources and that a period of global cooling was underway. The aliens require higher concentrations of carbon dioxide and warmer temperatures -- sustained 40 degrees Celsius and above -- to thrive. There are reasons Obama is known to constantly complain about being cold in hot, humid Washington, DC.
Today's hack comes a day after Anonymous organized a coordinated attack against the Internet's 13 primary DNS servers. Group spokesperson #ductape revealed that its efforts to bring down the Internet were coordinated with a more brazen hack of Obama's BlackBerry.
The White House wasted no time responding to #ductape, issuing a followup statement claiming that the hactavist group's members are the real alien invaders. "What more proof do you need than bringing down the Internet and the recent surge of hackers seeking to destabilize global authority", according to the statement.
The Pastebin post is a wellspring of stunning revelations, some of which no science fiction writer could conceive. Example: For years, many analysts questioned the irrational leadership of Research in Motion's former co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis -- almost like they were trying to destroy the company. They were! Anonymous revealed that they're aliens, too. By crippling RIM, and diminishing BlackBerry's popularity, aliens hoped to quietly implement their own security measures on Obama's smartphone and make the platform less appealing to hackers. Obviously, with today's disclosure, the plan failed.

Operation Stormcell: http://youtu.be/P0NKMyOK2P8 via @youtube
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EASTON, PA -- David C. Gorczynski was arrested and charged with two felonies for holding two signs in front of the Wells Fargo bank in Easton. One sign read, “You’re being robbed,” and another said, “Give a man a gun, he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he can rob a country.” Gorczynski was charged with bank robbery (dropped) and “terroristic threatening,” which prosecutors are pursuing. He was released on $10,000 bail. http://rt.com/usa/news/terroristic-felony-bank-easton-203/ http://www.lehighvalleylive.com/easton/index.ssf/2012/08/district_attorney_john_morgane.html

EASTON, PA -- David C. Gorczynski was arrested and charged with two felonies for holding two signs in front of the Wells Fargo bank in Easton.  One sign read, “You’re being robbed,” and another said, “Give a man a gun, he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he can rob a country.”  

Gorczynski was charged with bank robbery (dropped) and “terroristic threatening,” which prosecutors are pursuing.  He was released on $10,000 bail. 


EASTON, PA -- David C. Gorczynski was arrested and charged with two felonies for holding two signs in front of the Wells Fargo bank in Easton. One sign read, “You’re being robbed,” and another said, “Give a man a gun, he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he can rob a country.”

Gorczynski was charged with bank robbery (dropped) and “terroristic threatening,” which prosecutors are pursuing. He was released on $10,000 bail.



BREAKING NEWS: Obama Impeachment Seems Certain

BREAKING NEWS: Obama Impeachment Seems Certain

As Dictator Obama begins his 2nd term in office the noise in Washington everyone is hearing is calls for his Impeachment as Hearings over Benghazi resume this week and the death toll in Africa rises from the latest B.P. incident. Dozens of people were killed including Americans. Here is more on the story from our sources...

The party's over for Obama admin: Benghazi investigation begins. Ambassador Stevens sent cable the DAY he died pressing fears of growing security problems. From Washington Guardian:

"Just hours before he died in a terrorist attack at the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Ambassador Chris Stevens sent a cable to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton painting a chaotic, violent portrait of the eastern Libya city and warning that local militias were threatening to pull the security they afforded U.S. officials.

Militia leaders told U.S. officials just two days before the attack that they were angered by U.S. support of a particular candidate for Libyan prime minister and warned “they would not continue to guarantee security in Benghazi, a critical function they asserted they were currently providing,” Stevens wrote in the cable the morning of Sept. 11, 2012. He also cited several other episodes that raised questions about the reliability of local Libya security.

“Growing problems with security would discourage foreign investment and led to persistent economic stagnation in eastern Libya,” Stevens cautioned.

The Washington Guardian obtained a copy of the memo, a weekly summary of events in Libya dated just hours before a band of terrorists struck the unofficial U.S. consulate in Benghazi and a neaby annex building where the CIA operated, killing the ambassador and three other Americans.

Stevens’ cable is likely to become a central focus of congressional hearings that begin Wednesday -- hearings where Clinton will be pressed to explain why security for diplomats in the region wasn’t increased in the weeks before the attack and why so much reliance was placed on local security forces with dubious loyalties."


Celebrities who sold their souls and channel spirits

Celebrities who sold their souls and channel spirits 

Expose Pt3: Celebrities who sold their souls and channel spirits: http://youtu.be/MJnzqDKxnGg via @youtube

Iran, Russia sign security agreement

Iran, Russia sign security agreement

Iran, Russia sign security agreement
Azerbaijan, Baku, Jan. 22 /Trend S.Isayev, D. Khatinoglu/

Iran and Russia have signed a joint security agreement today in Tehran, Mehr news agency reported.

The agreement was signed by Iran's Intelligence Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Kolokoltsev.

Kolokoltsev arrived in Tehran on Sunday, leading the Russian delegation of official diplomats.

The sides discussed the issues of fighting the terrorism, drug dealing, and other problems of mutual interest.

Najjar highly assessed Russia's stance against the Western sanctions imposed on Iran for its nuclear program.

The United States, Israel and some of their allies suspect Iran of pursuing non-civilian objectives in its nuclear energy program.

Iran rejects the allegations, arguing that as a committed signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), it has the right to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

Numbers don't lie: The real Obamanomics Unemployment, jobs numbers, pay, home ownership raise alarms

Numbers don't lie: The real Obamanomics

Unemployment, jobs numbers, pay, home ownership raise alarms

Twenty years ago, when Democrats tried to oust an incumbent Republican president from office, they questioned his economic stewardship. Vice presidential candidate Al Gore famously bellowed: “Everything that ought to be down is up, and everything that should be up is down!”
The argument seems more relevant today than it was in late 1992.

Republicans are trying to fire an incumbent Democrat president amid the worst economic recovery since the Depression. And the economic news is not getting better for Barack Obama as the race heads into the final lap.
This was not the case on the eve of the 1992 election, when economic reports revealed both GDP and payrolls were in fact growing at a robust clip following a comparably mild recession.
Still, Gore indicted the record of President George H.W. Bush with stat after stat – stale as they were – showing lackluster economic performance.
He zeroed in jobs and incomes to show indicators that were wrongly down, and unemployment and the federal deficit to highlight what was errantly up.
Applying Gore’s test to Obama’s economic record produces far worse results.
Here’s a breakdown:
  • When Obama entered office in January 2009, total nonfarm payroll employment stood at 133.56 million, according to the Labor Department. Last month it totaled 133.30 million – a net decrease of more than 260,000 jobs. Considering the recession ended more than three years ago, any employment shortfall is unusual; but economists call the Obama jobs gap downright shocking.
  • In 2009, real median household income was $52,195, according to the Census Bureau’s annual survey. Last year it dropped to $50,054 – the lowest level since 1989. When it comes to pay raises, those Americans who are working aren’t just running in place, they’re going backwards – by decades.
  • When Obama stepped into the Oval Office in January 2009, consumer confidence was 61.2 percent. In August, the index stood at 60.6 percent. At this point in a recovery, economists say confidence should be soaring. But consumers remain unusually glum about the economic outlook.
  • In January 2009, the jobless rate was 7.8 percent. Last month, unemployment stood at an even higher 8.1 percent, marking the 43rd consecutive month above 8 percent – the longest stretch since the Depression.
  • In Obama’s first year in office, the share of impoverished Americans stood at 14.3 percent, the Census says. In 2011, the poverty rate climbed to 15.0 percent – the highest in almost two decades. The share of African-Americans in poverty was nearly double that level.
  • In January 2009, the federal budget gap was reported to be $485 billion.
    Last month the deficit increased $191 billion to $1.16 trillion – topping
    $1 trillion for the fourth straight year. At 10 percent of the economy, it’s the highest level of red ink since WWII.
As the president was speaking at the Democratic National Committee, the gross national debt hit an all-time high of $16 trillion – an amount roughly equal to the size of the entire Gross Domestic Product.
The debt crisis threatens to further tarnish America’s sterling credit. Under Obama, U.S. Treasury debt already has been downgraded for the first time in American history, meaning the U.S. government no longer ranks among risk-free borrowers.
A recent economic study found that when a nation’s gross debt reaches 90 percent of its economy, it often loses about one percentage point of growth a year. And slower growth can reduce the number of jobs created, which in turn can depress family incomes.
The Obama camps insists Americans are better off than they were four years ago. “Absolutely,” asserted Obama’s deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter when asked the proverbial presidential campaign question earlier this month.
But the so-called misery index says otherwise.
Perhaps the clearest barometer of the economic health of citizens, the misery index adds the inflation rate to the unemployment rate. A combination of higher unemployment and inflation wreaks havoc on consumers – which is precisely what has happened under Obama, as Americans are squeezed by lower wages and higher prices for food and gas.
When the president took over the reins of the country in January 2009, the U.S. Misery Index stood at 7.8 percent. It’s now exactly two full percentage points higher, at 9.8 percent.
Like Obama, former President Reagan took office during a severe recession. But in contrast, Reagan was able to cut the misery index in half during his first term.
By almost every objective measure, Americans are in fact worse off than they were four years ago. In fact, Obama never really pulled the country “out of the ditch,” as the president claims.
“Sadly, we have never really recovered from the recession,” Hoover Institution economist Edward Lazear said. “The economy has not even returned to its long-term growth rate and is certainly not making up lost ground.”
He explains that during the postwar period leading up to the recession, the average annual growth rate for the U.S. was 3.4 percent. Since then, the economy has grown at an anemic clip of slightly north of 2 percent – well below the long-term trend.

That means, at this point, the overall economy is a whopping 12 percent smaller than it would have been had it resumed the growth path since the recession, Lazear says.
As the economy has stagnated, the poor, minorities and the working class – groups Obama champions – have suffered the most. Several indicators illustrate just how bad things have gotten for the lower and middle classes.
Consider the following:
  • There are 12 million more Americans on food stamps since Obama’s recovery started.
  • The total number on food stamps – 46 million – is the highest on record.
  • More than 1 million workers have joined Social Security’s disability rolls over the last three years.
  • Black teen unemployment, now at 37 percent, is near Depression-era highs.
  • The share of Americans who’ve been out of work a long time – now roughly 40 percent of the unemployed – is the highest since the Depression.
  • The proportion of the civilian working-age population that is actually working, now at 58 percent, is the smallest since the Carter era.
  • 3 in 10 young adults can’t find jobs and are living with their parents – the highest level since the 1950s, according to Pew Research Center.
  • 54 percent of bachelor’s degree-holders under the age of 25 – aka Generation O:
    the age cohort who voted for Obama – are jobless or underemployed, the highest share in decades, according to Northeastern University.
  • Total government dependency – defined as the share of Americans receiving one or more federal benefit payments, now at 47 percent – is the highest level in American history.
  • The national homeownership rate, now at 65 percent, is the lowest in 15 years.
  • The 30-point gap between black and white Americans who own their own homes is the widest in two decades and one of the widest chasms on record, Census data show.
Obama blames the Bush administration for the raft of negative superlatives and historically bad indicators. He maintains that he inherited a severe economic crisis that will require more time and more government spending to remedy.
While it’s true he inherited a severe recession, the National Bureau of Economic Research says it actually ended in June 2009 – just five months into Obama’s term.
After the president quickly got his jobs stimulus bill and other legislative pieces of his economic recovery package through a Democrat-controlled Congress, his economists confidently forecast strong GDP and employment numbers for 2010-2012 and beyond. His budget office, moreover, forecast shrinking deficits.
Of course, the actual numbers fell miserably short of the White House’s projections. Since the president failed to measure up to his own yardstick, analysts say, he cannot credibly blame his predecessor.
They say it’s plain from Obama’s rosy economic forecasts that he was convinced his big-government solutions – otherwise known among policy wonks as “Keynesian demand-side” spending programs – would turn around whatever difficulties he inherited from Bush. The reality is, they just made things worse.
August’s weak jobs report, which showed the economy eking out just 96,000 new jobs, is more confirmation the president’s policies are still failing to turn the economy around. And with weekly claims for unemployment benefits on the rise again, economists don’t expect jobs reports for September and October to be much better.
During his Democratic National Committee keynote address, former President Bill Clinton – who 20 years ago made hay of the elder Bush’s economic woes – assured voters that Obama was building the foundation of a new economy, which he called “shared prosperity.”
Trouble is, there’s not much prosperity to share.

Muslim Influence in Pentagon Prevails; Material on Radical Islam "Purged,” Outstanding Army Officer “Disciplined,” —TMLC Enters Case —

Muslim Influence in Pentagon Prevails; Material on Radical Islam "Purged,” Outstanding Army Officer “Disciplined,” —TMLC Enters Case —

ANN ARBOR, MI – The Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, announced today that it is representing U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Dooley, a 1994 Graduate of the U. S. Military Academy at West Point.  In April 2012, LTC Dooley, a highly decorated combat veteran, was publicly condemned by General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and relieved of his teaching assignment because of the negative way Islam was portrayed in an elective course entitled, Perspectives on Islam and Islamic Radicalism.
The actions against LTC Dooley, an instructor involved with this elective, follow a letter to the Department of Defense dated October 19, 2011 and signed by 57 Muslim organizations, demanding that all training materials that they judge to be offensive to Islam be “purged” and instructors “are effectively disciplined.”
   Richard Thompson, President and Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Law Center commented, “We are privileged to represent Lieutenant Colonel Dooley.   He has honorably served his Nation for 18 years and effectively carried out every assigned mission with distinction.  He served as Aide-de-Camp to three different General Officers and deployed to Bosnia, Kuwait, and Iraq for a total of six operational and combat tours.  During that time he received numerous awards and decorations. Now after a lifetime of service to his country, he is being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness and expediency by the Army he so loyally served . . . and loves.”
Thompson observed, “In order to appease Muslims and the White House, General Dempsey and the Department of Defense rushed to punish LTC Dooley.  In the process, they violated not only our Nation’s core principles of free speech and academic freedom guaranteed by our Constitution, but also, a number of the military’s own regulations dealing with academic freedom and non- attribution policies of the National Defense University (NDU)  to which LTC Dooley was assigned.  They violated the right to due process of law and even by-passed the University’s Provost, who under NDU’s own rules has primary responsibility for adjudication of this matter.”

While serving as an instructor at the Joint Forces Staff College (JFSC) , a branch of the National Defense University established by Congress, LTC Dooley took on the herculean task of guiding students through one of its most vibrant but controversial elective courses.  In grappling with the most dangerous aspects of radical Islamist ideology, students in the elective were encouraged to debate and affirm or dismiss a number of notions regarding Radical Islam as well as confront what strategic U.S. actions were feasible or infeasible.    Dooley assumed his instructor position within the National Defense University with an understanding that years of prior-approved course content, established guest speakers, and doctrinal teaching methodologies were still safe to discuss.
The Thomas More Law Center played a pivotal role in defending LtCol. Jeffrey Chessani, USMC, another loyal military officer, who was ordered to face a court martial to appease the Iraqi government and anti-war politicians, especially Congressman John Murtha (D-PA).   A military judge dismissed the charges against Chessani on the grounds of undue command influence.
Parroting the FBI’s reason, namely, “political sensitivity” as the reason for not thoroughly investigating Army Major Nidal Hasan, which  ultimately led to the Ft. Hood Massacre, General Dempsey on 24 April 2012 ordered a review of instruction that was “disrespectful of the Islamic religion” to ensure “cultural sensitivity.”
The result is certain.  Officers and instructors see what has happened to LTC Dooley, and will refrain from telling the truth about Islam or confronting the difficult strategic challenges facing our nation for fear of jeopardizing their professional careers.  The Pentagon has still apparently not learned from the politically correct policies that led to the Ft. Hood massacre.
Our military, while conducting the difficult task of threat analysis, does not have the luxury of hiding from potentially offending those who would do us harm.  It is precisely our refusal to consider the often irrational, volatile nature of those who do not think with our western world view that has led us to this crisis of conscience.   Those people who subscribe and enforce the current environment of political correctness are the ones most often surprised by incidents like the terrorism at Ft. Hood and the uncivilized behavior currently roiling North Africa and the Middle East.
Rather than thinking and acting bravely, PC’er’s strike at our cherished First Amendment in a vain hope of buying friendship with a force we still do not understand that neither respects us nor appreciates civility.   Despite the military’s decade long effort to come to a more sophisticated level of cultural awareness, we have missed the most critical and basic lesson of this war: weakness itself is a provocation.      
This is a threat to our National Security.  In effect, our own government is applying Islamic Sharia law to prevent any criticism of Islam.  The chill on instruction is already happening at the Joint Forces Command College of the National Defense University, to which LTC Dooley is assigned.
Claire M. Lopez, a former CIA agent and strategic policy and intelligence expert, recently commented on General Dempsey’s order:
“The final bastion of America's defense against Islamic jihad and sharia, the Pentagon, fell to the enemy in April 2012, with the issuance of a letter from General Martin E. Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, re-issuing his earlier order that all Department of Defense (DoD) course content be scrubbed to ensure no lingering remnant of disrespect to Islam.
All U.S. military Combatant Commands, Services, the National Guard Bureau and Joint Staff are under Dempsey's Muslim Brotherhood-dictated orders to ensure that henceforth, no U.S. military course will ever again teach truth about Islam that the jihadist enemy finds offensive (or just too informative). To all intents and purposes, DoD Secretary Leon E. Panetta likewise has acquiesced to a Muslim Brotherhood takeover of U.S. military education.”
In an astonishing and unprecedented Pentagon News Conference on May 10, 2012 carried nationally on C-SPAN, General Dempsey, with Secretary of Defense Panetta sitting at his side, personally attacked  LTC Dooley, a subordinate Army officer who honorably served our Nation, and was subsequently prohibited from publicly defending himself.
Once LTC Dooley’s name was publicly revealed, immediate threats to him and his family prompted security measures to be taken for their protection.
The administrative disciplinary procedures against LTC Dooley included removal from his teaching assignment and withdrawal of an outstanding Officer Evaluation Report (OER) concerning the elective course he had been teaching at the Joint Forces Staff College (JFSC) entitled, Perspectives on Islam and Islamic Radicalism. However, the course content critical of Islam as an ideology, the guest speakers and their methods of instruction were all pre-approved by the JFSC years ago.
All of that changed when a student outside of his elective complained directly to the Secretary of Defense and touched off a media firestorm full of inaccuracies and political “blame-storming.”
LTC Dooley had received only top marks as an instructor from both students and the faculty chain of command.   He carried the highest student evaluations over the previous 18 months and the highest faculty rating among all active military instructors.  In fact, his senior rater in 2011, Brigadier General Marvin Smoot, went so far as to exclusively point out LTC Dooley as the best of his new instructors, specifically mentioning his positive contribution to the Islam elective now under attack by General Dempsey.
On April 25, 2012, a Defense Department News Release referring to LTC Dooley’s course claimed that General Dempsey felt unprofessional things are being taught to students and that the course material was not "simply objectionable" but "inflammable." The release went on to say that such content would be scrubbed from the curriculum. Moreover, the release claimed that Defense Secretary Panetta shared General Dempsey's concern.
Less than a month later, on May 10, 2012, during a Pentagon press conference with Defense Secretary Panetta seated next to him, General Martin Dempsey expressed negative opinions regarding the Perspectives on Islam and Islamic Radicalism elective course content, characterizing it as "totally objectionable" and "against our values."
In this same press conference, General Dempsey personally committed to removing any similar curriculum from military professional education within the JFSC and elsewhere.  Despite a preliminary inquiry that confirmed the purely notional, conceptual, and theoretical nature of LTC Dooley’s class, General Dempsey’s implication, before the inquiry was complete, that Dooley formally advocated actions outside of U.S. policy was both premature and inaccurate.
By the academic methods trained and practiced at the Joint Forces Staff College, instructors protected by the official and non-attributional environment of the classroom were routinely expected to challenge their students to consider all options both within and outside of U.S. policies and to “think the unthinkable.”  
Dooley’s case also clearly demonstrates the results of prejudicial public statements made by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in prematurely determining the outcome of the preliminary inquiry into the elective that had not yet concluded.   The outcome of the military investigation into the Perspectives on Islam and Islamic Radicalism elective was predetermined by the CJCS and the Secretary of Defense before the review process had even begun.  After their prejudicial comments and press release, how then could LTC Dooley ever be given a fair and impartial inquiry following the command influence from the nation’s highest members of the military chain of command?
LTC Matt Dooley was deployed to Bosnia, Kuwait, and Iraq for a total of six operational and combat tours over the course of his career. He attended the United States Military Academy at West Point, where he graduated and received his commission as a Second Lieutenant of Armor in May 1994.    LTC Dooley has served as a Tank Platoon Leader, Tank Company Executive Officer, Tank Company Commander, Headquarters Company Commander,  Captains Career Course Small Group Instructor, Cavalry Squadron Operations Officer, Cavalry Squadron Executive Office, Regimental Plans Officer, Aide-de-Camp (to three separate General Officers), and Instructor at the Joint Combined Warfare School.  He is a graduate of the Command and General Staff College as well as the Joint Forces Staff College.
Betrayed by his military chain of command, all of whom refused to stand behind their own Academic Freedom and Non-Attribution regulations, LTC Dooley stands alone in his association with what had been previously acceptable methods of educational inquiry.  As a result, LTC Dooley, an 18-year Army Officer and combat veteran, has been stripped of his teaching position and is now the subject of a negative evaluation report that threatens to damage his otherwise sterling career.
LTC Dooley’s awards and decorations include the Bronze Star Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal with two Oak Leaf Clusters, the Joint Service Commendation Medal, the Army Commendation Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters, the Army Achievement Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal with Star, Medal, the Iraq Campaign Medal with Two Stars, both the Global War on Terrorism Service and Expeditionary Medals, the Armed Forces Service Medal, the NATO Medal, the Parachutist Badge, the Air-Assault Badge, and two Army Superior Unit Awards.
The Thomas More Law Center defends and promotes America’s Judeo-Christian heritage and moral values, including the religious freedom of Christians, time-honored family values, and the sanctity of human life.  It supports a strong national defense and an independent and sovereign United States of America.  The Law Center accomplishes its mission through litigation, education, and related activities.  It does not charge for its services.  The Law Center is supported by contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations, and is recognized by the IRS as a section 501(c)(3) organization.  You may reach the Thomas More Law Center at (734) 827-2001 or visit our website at www.thomasmore.org.

SDI says Adam Lanza died a day before Sandy Hook massacre

SDI says Adam Lanza died a day before Sandy Hook massacre

Adam (l); Nancy (r)
Adam (l) and Nancy (r) Lanza
More “make crazy” information on the Sandy Hook massacre.
On December 14, 2012, beginning at around 9:30 a.m., a lone gunman, 20-year-old Adam Lanza, blasted past the security system of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, and killed 20 first-grade students and 6 adults.
Before his killing spree in the school, Lanza had first killed his 52-year-old mother by shooting her four times in the face as she was lying in bed in the family mansion on Yogonanda Street.
When Adam heard police arriving at the school, he turned a gun on himself and committed suicide.
Or so we’re told.
A sharp-eyed citizen journalist, “Space Command” on Prison Planet Forum, discovered something amazing: a Social Security Death Index (SSDI) for an Adam Lanza, born April 22, 1992, who died at age 20 on December 13, 2012! That’s a day BEFORE the Sandy Hook massacre.
Adam P. Lanza: Social Security Death Index (SSDI) Death Record
Name: Adam P. Lanza
State of Issue: New Hampshire
Date of Birth: Wednesday April 22, 1992
Date of Death: Thursday December 13, 2012
Est. Age at Death: 20 years, 7 months, 21 days
Confirmation: Proven
Here’s a screenshot I just took of the SSDI record on the website GenealogyBank.com, as a prophylactic in case the site scrubs the page:
Adam Lanza died 12-13-2012
Note that:
  • I took the screenshot at 2:29 pm, 1/20/2013 (see bottom right of image).
  • SSDI says “Confirmation” is “Proven.”
  • The State of Issue is New Hampshire, not Connecticut.
GenealogyBank.com also has the SSDI record on Nancy Lanza, who died on the day of the massacre, December 14, 2012:
Nancy Lanza: Social Security Death Index (SSDI) Death Record
Name: Nancy Lanza
State of Issue: New Hampshire
Date of Birth: Tuesday September 06, 1960
Date of Death: Friday December 14, 2012
Est. Age at Death: 52 years, 3 months, 8 days
Confirmation: Proven
Here’s a screenshot I took of the GenealogyBank.com page:
Nancy Lanza died 12-14-2012
The “State of Issue” being New Hampshire jogged my memory. I had seen New Hampshire in reference to Nancy Lanza before.
Indeed, I had.
On December 19, 2012, Rachel Quigley reports for the Daily Mail:
Sandy Hook gunman Adam Lanza was left home alone with an arsenal of weapons in the $1.4million mansion he lived in with his mother for three days while she went on vacation, it emerged today. [...] According to Headline News, Nancy Lanza had left Adam alone while she went on a mini-break to Bretton Woods in New Hampshire – something she often did. [...] The 52-year-old checked into the Omni Mount Washington Resort at 12:10pm on Tuesday, December 11, and checked out at 12:27pm on Thursday, [December 13].
H/t FOTM reader Tani
For our other posts on the massacre, see our “Sandy Hook Massacre” page.


I did a search for “Adam Lanza” on emailfinder.com (paid membership), these are the results (name, age, residence):
  1. Adam H. Lanza, age 47, Lake Ariel, PA
  2. Adam Lanza, age 24, Glen Cove, NY
  3. Adam N. Lanza, age 32, Oceanside, CA
  4. Adamo (or Adam) Lanza, age 90, Epping, NH and Seminole, FL
  5. Adam J. Lanza, age 35, Albany, NY
  6. Adam H. Lanza, no age, Waymart, PA
  7. Adam M. Lanza, age 27, Kissimmee, FL
  8. Adam Carmellobergma Lanza, 24, Hartford, CT
  9. Adam J. Lanza, 35, Georgetown, KY
  10. Adam Lanza, Honesdale, PA
A search for “Adam Lanza” on Zaba Free People Search (data from White Pages) obtained these results:
  1. Adam N. Lanza, Las Vegas, NV
  2. Adam Lanza, New Haven, CT
  3. Adam Lanza, Exeter, NH
  4. Adam Lanza, age 32, San Diego, CA (same person as no. 1; see Intelius)
  5. Adam Lanza, age 47, Hicksville, NY
  6. Adam Lanza, age 27, Kissimmee, FL
  7. Adam Lanza, age 47, Lake Ariel, PA (same person as no. 5; see Intelius)
  8. Adam Lanza, age 24, Hartford, CT
  9. Adam Lanza, Seminole, FL
I searched for “Adam Lanza, Exeter, NH” on Spokeo (paid membership), and found:
  • Adam Lanza, age 80s, who lives on North Rd., Exeter, NH (he appears to be the same Adam Lanza, age 80s, who lives on Main St., Epping, NH).
Note that no Adam Lanza in the above lists is age 20. Therefore, in all likelihood, SSDI’s Adam Lanza, age 20, who died on Dec. 13, 2012, is the alleged Sandy Hook killer, Adam Lanza of Newtown, CT.

SSDI Death Index: Sandy Hook ‘Shooter’ Adam Lanza Died One Day Before School Massacre?

SSDI Death Index: Sandy Hook ‘Shooter’ Adam Lanza Died One Day Before School Massacre?

Note: In no way is the author of this article claiming that there were no victims shot at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012, rather the article points out a complex false flag operation with very real victims. It is also important to note that this matter is still currently under open investigation by theintelhub.com, please send any tips or information to: tips@theintelhub.com
This is an ongoing investigation and there are many details still left to unravel.
Adam Lanza
By Shepard Ambellas
January 21, 2013
NEWTOWN — New information has come to light regarding the Sandy Hook School shooting, as the “official story” given to the American public is riddled with inconsistencies.
According to and confirmed by GenealogyBank.com, the alleged lone shooter Adam Lanza that left 26 people dead on December 14, 2012 was documented to be deceased one day prior to the mass shooting that took place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut.
The following data is available at GenealogyBank.com;

The SSDI database shows Adam Lanza to be expired on December 13, 2012, one day prior to the school shooting. Confirmation Status is listed as “Proven”. However the state of issue is New Hampshire.
The implications of this are unfathomable if accurate.
Could this be why John Blawie, a Connecticut State Superior Court Judge has put a halt on search warrant affidavits?
An excerpt from the local CT Post reads;
DANBURY — A state Superior Court judge said Thursday that search warrant affidavits for the cars and home of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter Adam Lanza and his mother would stay sealed for another 90 days.
Judge John Blawie granted motions filed Wednesday by Danbury State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky to extend the statutory sealing period for the five warrants, including three for the Yogonanda Street home where the 20-year-old Lanza fatally shot his mother, Nancy, four times in the face on the morning of Dec. 14, before embarking on the rampage that left 20 first-graders and six educators dead.
We are still conducting a full scale investigation into this matter. Please send any tips or information to tips@theintelhub.com
Source Links:

Pentagon’s Hand Behind French Intervention in Mali

Engdahl: Pentagon's Hand Behind French Intervention in Mali: http://youtu.be/7qDjKdZKRiI via @youtube


Pentagon’s Hand Behind French Intervention in Mali
by grtv
As French soldiers pour into Mali in the fight to push back the advancing Islamist militants, questions have been raised as to the motives behind the intervention. Author F. William Engdahl told RT the US was using France as a scapegoat to save face.
RT: At a time when France and the rest of the Eurozone are trying to weather the economic crisis, what's Paris seeking to gain by getting involved in another conflict overseas?
F. William Engdahl: Well, I think the intervention in Mali is another follow-up to the French role in other destabilizations that we’ve seen, especially in Libya last year with the toppling of the Gadhafi regime. In a sense this is French neocolonialism in action.
But, interestingly enough, I think behind the French intervention is the very strong hand of the US Pentagon which has been preparing this partitioning of Mali, which it is now looming to be, between northern Mali, where al-Qaeda and other terrorists are supposedly the cause for French military intervention, andsouthern Mali, which is a more agricultural region. Because in northern Mali recently there have been huge finds of oil discovered, so that leads one to think that it’s very convenient that these armed rebels spill over the border from Libya last year and just at the same time a US-trained military captain creates a coup d’état in the Southern capital of Mali and installs a dictatorial regime against one of Africa’s few democratically elected presidents.
So this whole thing bears the imprint of US AFRICOM [US Africa Command] and an attempt to militarize the whole region and its resources. Mali is a strategic lynchpin in that. It borders Algeria which is one of the top goals of these various NATO interventions from France, the US and other sides. Mauritania, the Ivory Coast, Guinea, Burkina Faso. All of this area is just swimming in untapped resources, whether it be gold, manganese, copper.
RT: Why was France the first Western country to get involved to such an extent? And what sort of message is this military initiative sending to its allies?
FWE: Well I think that’s the Obama Administration’s strategy – let France take the hit on this as they did in Libya and other places in the past year and-a-half and the US will try and play a more discrete role in the background rather than being upfront as they were in Iraq and Afghanistan which cost the US huge amounts of credibility around the world. They’re playing a little bit more of a sly game here, but the rush for the US to announce its support the French military intervention and the actions of AFRICOM over the past year and-a-half, two years, in Mali make clear that this is a US operation with the French as a junior partner.
RT: How far could this conflict potentially escalate? Could the French get bogged down, and who else is likely to get involved?
FWE: The other European countries are loath to get involved in an Afghan-type ground situation with their troops. The Germans are providing humanitarian aid and some special forces training so far, but, frankly, I think al-Qaeda in northern Maghreb is a very suspicious operation and the timing of its activities coming over the border suggests that perhaps some NATO countries might be helping the al-Qaeda group to get military weapons and create the casus belli that justifies NATO intervention. I think we’re seeing a very cynical game being played out here in Mali and it’s a very dangerous one when Africa is suddenly becoming a continent that’s been discovered by China, by the US and Europe and the rest of the world as the next place where untold wealth and resources can be captured.

Conspiracy Theory”: Foundations of a Weaponized Term Subtle and Deceptive Tactics to Discredit Truth in Media and Research

Conspiracy Theory”: Foundations of a Weaponized Term

Subtle and Deceptive Tactics to Discredit Truth in Media and Research

“Conspiracy theory” is a term that at once strikes fear and anxiety in the hearts of most every public figure, particularly journalists and academics. Since the 1960s the label has become a disciplinary device that has been overwhelmingly effective in defining certain events off limits to inquiry or debate. Especially in the United States raising legitimate questions about dubious official narratives destined to inform public opinion (and thereby public policy) is a major thought crime that must be cauterized from the public psyche at all costs.
Conspiracy theory’s acutely negative connotations may be traced to liberal historian Richard Hofstadter’s well-known fusillades against the “New Right.” Yet it was the Central Intelligence Agency that likely played the greatest role in effectively “weaponizing” the term. In the groundswell of public skepticism toward the Warren Commission’s findings on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the CIA sent a detailed directive to all of its bureaus. Titled “Countering Criticism of the Warren Commission Report,” the dispatch played a definitive role in making the “conspiracy theory” term a weapon to be wielded against almost any individual or group calling the government’s increasingly clandestine programs and activities into question.
This important memorandum and its broad implications for American politics and public discourse are detailed in a forthcoming book by Florida State University political scientist Lance de-Haven-Smith, Conspiracy Theory in America. Dr. de-Haven-Smith devised the  state crimes against democracy concept to interpret and explain potential government complicity in events such as the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the major political assassinations of the 1960s, and 9/11.
“CIA Document 1035-960” was released in response to a 1976 FOIA request by the New York Times. The directive is especially significant because it outlines the CIA’s concern regarding “the whole reputation of the American government” vis-à-vis the Warren Commission Report. The agency was especially interested in maintaining its own image and role as it “contributed information to the [Warren] investigation.”
The memorandum lays out a detailed series of actions and techniques for “countering and discrediting the claims of the conspiracy theorists, so as to inhibit the circulation of such claims in other countries.” For example, approaching “friendly elite contacts (especially politicians and editors)” to remind them of the Warren Commission’s integrity and soundness should be prioritized. “[T]he charges of the critics are without serious foundation,” the document reads, and “further speculative discussion only plays in to the hands of the [Communist] opposition.”
The agency also directed its members “[t]o employ propaganda assets to [negate] and refute the attacks of the critics. Book reviews and feature articles are particularly appropriate for this purpose.”
1035-960 further delineates specific techniques for countering “conspiratorial” arguments centering on the Warren Commission’s findings. Such responses and their coupling with the pejorative label have been routinely wheeled out in various guises by corporate media outlets, commentators and political leaders to this day against those demanding truth and accountability about momentous public events.
  • No significant new evidence has emerged which the [Warren] Commission did not consider.
  • Critics usually overvalue particular items and ignore others.
  • Conspiracy on the large scale often suggested would be impossible to conceal in the United States.
  • Critics have often been enticed by a form of intellectual pride: they light on some theory and fall in love with it.
  • Oswald would not have been any sensible person’s choice for a co-conspirator.
  • Such vague accusations as that “more than ten people have died mysteriously” [during the Warren Commission’s inquiry] can always be explained in some natural way e.g.: the individuals concerned have for the most part died of natural causes.
Today more so than ever news media personalities and commentators occupy powerful positions for initiating propaganda activities closely resembling those set out in 1035-960 against anyone who might question state-sanctioned narratives of controversial and poorly understood occurrences. Indeed, as the motives and methods encompassed in the document have become fully internalized by intellectual workers and operationalized through such media, the almost uniform public acceptance of official accounts concerning unresolved events such as the Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building bombing, 9/11, and most recently the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, is largely guaranteed.
The effect on academic and journalistic inquiry into ambiguous and unexplained events that may in turn mobilize public inquiry, debate and action has been dramatic and far-reaching. One need only look to the rising police state and evisceration of civil liberties and constitutional protections as evidence of how this set of subtle and deceptive intimidation tactics has profoundly encumbered the potential for future independent self-determination and civic empowerment.

NATO Complicity? Terrorist Attacks directed against Serbian Population in Kosovo

NATO Complicity? Terrorist Attacks directed against Serbian Population in Kosovo

In Kosovska Mitrovica, two firebombs were thrown at the municipal building, causing no injuries or material damages. The perpetrators “quickly escaped the scene”, while members of the Kosovo police, KPS, “arrived there shortly after the attack”, according to reports.
Kosovska Mitorovica Mayor Krstimir Pantić criticized NATO troops, KFOR, who are deployed nearby, saying that the building was attacked on several other occasions and that, despite the fact the soldiers were standing several dozen meters away, the perpetrators have never been found and punished.
Pantić also announced that “as of tomorrow, the Civil Defense will take over the responsibility of securing personal and property safety of the citizens and the municipality”.
According to reports, ethnic Albanians in the town of Đakovica held a protest there and then headed for a nearby Serb Orthodox monastery, but KFOR soldier and members of the KPS prevented them from reaching the structure.
The monastery was once before targeted by Albanians, when it was burned down in March 2004. The holy place has in the meantime been reconstructed.
Meanwhile, 27 tombstones were destroyed in a Serb cemetery in Klokot. The Serbian Government Office for Kosovo and Metohija urged the international community representatives in Kosovo to find the “vandals” behind the incident as soon as possible.
Three more Serb Orthodox cemeteries were desecrated in Kosovo overnight, in the villages of Prilužje, Miloševo and Plemetina.
Beta news agency is reporting that explosives were used late on Sunday to blow up a tombstone on a cemetery plot belonging to a local Serb family in Prilužje.
A memorial in the Serb enclave in Goraždevac, raised to honor the victims of NATO’s 1999 bombing, and the Serb children gunned down while swimming in the Bistrica River in 2003, was also targeted.
In Vitina, a memorial for the members of the WW2 anti-fascist resistance (NOV), was also attacked. A video has surfaced on YouTube showing a crowd destroying the memorial, with several members of the KPS standing by without attempting to prevent them.
Radio Goraždevac editor Darko Dimitrijević said that shots had been fired at the memorial, and that this disturbed some 1,000 Serbs who live in this village in Metohija.
These incidents took place after a memorial built without a permit to honor members of the UCMPB (OVPMB) was removed from downtown Preševo, in southern Serbia.
The now disbanded ethnic Albanian group was considered terrorist by the authorities for launching attacks against police, military and civilian targets in the area in 2000 and 2001.
In Priština, Kosovo President Atifete Jahjaga was quoted as saying that the incidents targeting cemeteries and memorials were “unacceptable” and “contrary to the values of Kosovo’s society”, calling at the same time on the authorities to apprehend the perpetrators.
The government in Priština called on “the citizens of Kosovo and Albanians in the Preševo valley” to express their dissatisfcation in a civilized manner, “without falling for the provocations of the Serbian government”.