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A Woman Did WHAT?! With the Secret Service

A Woman Did WHAT?! With the Secret Service

By Debbie Schlussel
Should a vagina be running the U.S. Secret Service? The performance of the first chick in charge of the agency indicates, um, no.
Last year, Hollywood put out two movies with the same plot involving terrorists getting into the White House–“Olympus Has Fallen” (read my review) and “White House Down” (read my review). In both of my reviews, I said, “that would never happen in real life.” Well, now, it has with two serious breaches of White House security, last week, one of which involved a man with a serrated knife who made it all the way to the White House doors without a sniper taking him down. What if he had been a homicide bomber and pressed the button or pulled the cord? It would all be over.



Remember, in 2012, when the U.S. Secret Service was caught in a prostitution scandal in Colombia? Remember how feminists and female political hacks said, “this would never happen if a woman was running the Secret Service”? Democrats AND Republicans blamed it on what they said was the Secret Service’s “male culture” (yeah, cuz we need more incompetent women doing the job like Obama is doing with the Marine infantry and Army Rangers!). Well, Barack Obama answered their gynecological-based prayers and put a woman in charge. He ushered out George W. Bush’s Secret Service Director, Mark J. Sullivan, and put someone with a vaginal canal in charge, Julia Pierson.
And look what happened with a chick in charge of the Secret Service. Serious breaches of security and very lackluster performance. The White House doesn’t just have the suited Secret Service agents you traditionally see in the movies wearing sunglasses and earpieces. It also has hundreds of uniformed Secret Service Police (who also guard foreign embassies). None of them reacted quickly to the breach either. The agency is also supposed to do threat assessment. With this guy, Omar Gonzalez, possessing a serrated knife, a machete, and 800 rounds of ammo, they didn’t really do a good job of threat assessing, did they?
Clearly, breasts and the past-tense ability to ovulate (and in this case, a past Billie Jean King coiffure, circa 1982) shouldn’t have been the key considerations when Obama picked his Secret Service chieftess. But, clearly, it was. How else do you account for the incompetence that’s been visited on the Secret Service’s most important and prominent mission, protecting the President (and the White House)? If feminists can practice sexism and blame the Secret Service prostitution scandal on a man in charge, then turnabout is not only fair play, but highly appropriate here.
Which, after all, is a bigger threat to America: some Secret Service agents finagling over the price of a foreign hooker . . . or a guy with a dangerous weapon (who could have been wearing explosives) making it to the White House doors for something other than to declare, “Trick or Treat!”?
Julia Pierson should be fired, and a man should be hired in her place. After all, would this have happened with a male in charge? It’s a fair question . . . as fair as it was when the Secret Service hooker scandal was overblown for headlines back in 2012.
By the way, I note that in both of last year’s movies involving terrorist breaches at the White House, rogue Secret Service agents on the PPD–Presidential Personal Detail–were involved. That wasn’t the case here.
So what was Julia Pierson’s excuse? She doesn’t have one.
You know who’s not in charge of ISIS security? A woman.
One other thing: when I worked for Congressman Philip M. Crane during the summer, back when I was in college in 1989, I accompanied the Congressman and his family to a U.S. Army show at the Capitol Center. We were on a base in the Presidential motorcade and sat in front of then-President George H.W. Bush and his cabinet. I sat in front of a very good-looking Secret Service agent, and we were flirting the entire time. I said to him, “You’re talking to me. Who’s watching and protecting the President?”
Congressman Crane, who ran for President in 1979 and 1980 against Ronald Reagan (and had the Secret Service camping out in his basement at the time), overheard the conversation, and he said to me: “Well, they work for the government. So if the guy they’re protecting dies under their watch, they don’t get fired. They just get reassigned to a new protection detail.”
Or to investigating credit card fraud and counterfeiting in Northern Alaska.
In any event, when Blackwater protected our dignitaries and military officers in Iraq, they never lost one. The Blackwater guys worked for the private sector.
I guarantee you that if Blackwater (later called Xe and now Akademi) were protecting the White House, that guy, Omar Gonzalez, would never have made it past the fence.
Not even close.
During the Jimmy Carter years, the agents who served on Jimmuh’s PPD took a poll, and they were all voting for Ronald Reagan. Their softball team wore controversial yellow t-shirts that bore the Presidential seal with bullet holes in it. The T-shirts said, “You elect them, we protect them.” I’d love to get my hands on one of those shirts (if you have or can get one, please e-mail me).
In any event, the emblem with the bullet holes in it is so apropos today, given what’s happened to the laxity of the agency. As we see from the rotten head at the top of the fish, affirmative action–NOT adequate protection of the Prez–is the order of the day.
In Confessions of an Ex-Secret Service Agent, the late Marty Venker, who served on the PPD (and was one of the few liberal U.S. Secret Service agents), wrote that even though he partied with the then-unknown Madonna at discos at night, he was hyper-vigilant on the job. Doesn’t seem like it’s that way so much anymore.
At least, that’s Omar Gonzalez’s experience.
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