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The Chicago Plan" - 1948 LIFE Magazine article "World Government", explains present situation

"The Chicago Plan" - 1948 LIFE Magazine article "World Government", explains present situation

"...They would prefer to see the UN Charter altered so that the UN could become a world government rather than undergo the monumental effort of trying to set up one outside of the UN. To this end they have persuaded 17 legislatures in the US to pass resolutions instructing congress to consider revising the UN charter. Their attitude on Russia, once visionary, has gradually firmed. It now seems to be; make every possible effort to get Russian cooperation..."
"...An immediate goal would be to give the UN; as the legally constituted world government, a strong police force and control of atomic weapons."
"...The draft also contains American concessions to the European standpoint. A 'syndical or functional Senate', representing unions, corporations, etc., is set up with vague mediative powers in case future generations should want to emulate Mussolini's corporative state...
Other socialistic articles are perhaps not vague enough for the American taste; for example, land ownership is 'subordinated in all cases to the interest of the common good' and monopolies are to be government owned. But in general neither capitalism nor socialism is prescribed for the world economy; it could turn out to be either or both"
"... 'The age of nations must end, and the era of humanity begin.'
Nevertheless the constitution bows to the federative principle and contains an electoral gimmick which might in fact permit a true federation to develop. This gimmick is a division of the world into nine 'societies of kindred nations and cultures, or regions' (see map), by name Europa, Atlantis, Eurasia*, Afrasia, Africa, India, Asia Major, Austrasia and Columbia. Each region chooses an equal number of candidates for the world Council. ..."
"... but the Chicago world President has powers at which even F.D.R. might have whistled. Not only is he head of all the armed forces in the world (as chairman of the Chamber of Guardians) but he is also chief justice and chairman of the Grand Tribunal, a 60-judge World Court. ..."
Please click on the link to the site below, then click on the link that says "preview this magazine>>"...
Then scroll down to page 49 - 55... You will see the title of the article "World Government"...
It is a must read, & explains everything happening today, to a tee...
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Seriously, a MUST read, you will not regret!!!

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