Thursday, October 30, 2014



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The Executive Committee of the National Democratic Committee announced today that starting in January 2015, the organization would be known as the Socialist Democratic Committee. Spokesperson and Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Shultz said, “this was a change that has been a long time in the making.” “We have been considering changing the name to better reflect our goals and show solidarity with our brothers in Europe and it seemed like the time was right to implement the change.”
It is felt that the name change will make younger voters and illegals feel more at home and less confused about party affiliation. For many years the term Socialist, had a negative “feel” to it because of the failed Soviet Union, but now polls show that most voters are young enough that they don’t remember what the Soviet Union was.   As for Illegals, many of them will vote and most come from countries where the term is looked on as something good, not evil.
“We want to reeducate young people as to what the name really stands for, Free Food, Health Care, Phones, and Education. Of course free housing and transportation are every ones right.  We don’t want people to think that they have to work to have a good life. The Constitution mandates that we all have a right to be happy and should not have to do anything that infringes on that right.” Ms. Wasserman Shultz said.
When asked where the money to pay for such programs would come from, Ms. Wasserman Shultz replied “that would not be a problem.” “You see, some people work because they like to, as a result they make money. Some make a great deal more money than they need. It is the mandate of Government to take that excess income, and disperse it among those that don’t make as much.”
She went on to say “Under a Socialist Democrat system, the term profit will be changed to “Excess Income” and since it is income in excess of what the person needs to maintain a government defined standard, it will be confiscated and disbursed among the persons that have not been as lucky in life or just don’t like to work.”
The Executive Committee believes after two terms of Barrack Obama, the country is ready to accept socialist values and ideals as a new norm. The future presidential candidate will in all likelihood be noted socialist Hillary Clinton, who tried to give us the first version of Obamacare back in the mid 90’s and is said to have several changes in mind for our economic system. It just seems like the proper time since we already have over 50% of the populating receiving a check of some type from the government, and the lowest percentage of the population employed since the great depression.  Over 92 million of our citizens or 1/3 of the populating is not currently working and such a change would benefit them the most. Because of the prolonged low employment numbers people have gotten used to doing with less so they will not be unhappy when it becomes a permanent part of life.

While this story is written as satire, there are a lot of facts contained in it.  I have attempted to present the issues in such a way that everyone will be able to understand them. Especially illegals that will probably have the right to vote in the 2016 elections thanks to Obama and his cabal. It seems a shame to me that these people should have risked their lives to come here only to end up living under the same type of system that they fled to start with.

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