Thursday, October 30, 2014

BREAKING: Congressman Exposes “Secret Deal” Obama Made on Ebola… It’s Horrifying [VIDEO]

BREAKING: Congressman Exposes “Secret Deal” Obama Made on Ebola… It’s Horrifying [VIDEO]

In what seems to be startling lack of common sense inside of the current administration, Obama and the State Department recently concocted a ridiculous plan that Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert is standing up and speaking out against. Thankfully there are members of our government, like Gohmert, who can clearly see that Obama and his cronies do not have an interest in protecting American lives. (H/T Breitbart)
Gohmert was interviewed about a recent State Department memo, which described an absurdly stupid plan that the Obama administration is pushing to allow Ebola-infected patients from other countries into the U.S. for treatment. Take a moment and let that sink in.
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Why on earth would we allow more Ebola patients into this country, when it took an incredible amount of resources to treat just a handful of them earlier this month?
In the interview with Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto, Gohmert pointed out what should be extremely obvious to anyone, government officials included — that in order to stop Ebola from spreading in the the U.S., travel from the three Ebola-ravaged West African countries should be immediately banned. When questioned by Cavuto about how that would affect doctors and other healthcare professionals from traveling to those countries to help, Gohmert again deployed common sense and stated that the answer is a “one way travel ban.”

He then pointed out an example of a country, in Africa, that has successfully brought the Ebola spread under control. “Look at Nigeria…the leaders of Nigeria may not be as well educated as leaders in America, but they’re certainly smarter. They immediately put a ban on travel into Nigeria, and they’re right there in the neighborhood geographically, they put a ban on and as of this week, they’re now Ebola free.”
Gohmert went on to blast the administration for sending four thousand American troops into harm’s way by deploying them to Ebola-infested countries without appropriate training and gear. “These people are trained to kill people, to protect us from those who want to kill us…we ought to be sending medical personnel who volunteer, and he’s sending our military over there?” Gohmert said, clearly frustrated and angry about the decision.
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