Thursday, June 25, 2015

MEPs try to fix the disaster of the vote at an extraordinary meeting TTIP

MEPs try to fix the disaster of the vote at an extraordinary meeting TTIP

On June 29 the report on agreement between the EU and the US will return to the Trade Commission. Although Martin Schulz claimed the high number of amendments to postpone the vote can not force MEPs to reduce them.

Madrid.-Si aimed at reducing the impact of TTIP media, to suspend the voting last Wednesday achieved exactly the opposite. The Committee on International Trade (INTA) will get their hands on the report on the controversial free trade agreement between Brussels and Washington, and nearly 200 amendments s the matter, after the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, canceling surprise vote last June 9 on the report of Parliament's position on the agreement.

The critics claim that the decision TTIP obeyed actually an attempt by the socialist Schulz to gain time to reach an agreement between the parties that make up the Grand Coalition (Social Democrats, Conservatives and Liberals), and several Socialist MEPs have recognized the existence of opposing positions in the group.
Recognizing the lack of consensus in the chamber, from the European parliament justified the decision on the large number of amendments tabled, and laid hold of Rule 175 of camera operation to postpone it. The next June 29 return to text Commission came out, but the camera can not force the deputies to reduce the number of amendments, and nothing indicates that those who raised these amendments intending to remove his his own foot.
If all goes as planned, after INTA meeting will report by the Conference of Presidents of the various committees scheduled for July 2, and there will decide whether to go through the city of Strasbourg between six and nine July, or if instead the vote on the report is postponed until September.

The report is not even binding, and only marks the position of Parliament for the negotiations in the hands of the European Commission. They will be the red lines of the camera, who has to approve or reject the agreement the conclusion of negotiations.
Last week was also postponed the debate on the TTIP in the European Parliament, which is expected to be held at the same time as the vote on the report, especially criticized by opponents TTIP because not explicitly close the door mechanism shield companies ISDS .
The Group of Socialists and Democrats that owns the PSOE these days welcomes a debate on what position to take in relation to this clause, which some lawmakers want to reject explicitly supporting an amendment so collected and not others. His position is key to an unsuccessful or report, and a new misstep could provoke a new cascade of criticism.

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