Thursday, June 25, 2015

Disclose confidential documents about the dispute resolution mechanism in TPP

A dispute resolution clause that the US secretly agreed with the countries participating in negotiations Trans-Pacific Partnership ( TPP ) has been revealed, that many non-profit organization concerned this show biased towards large corporations than governments.

The trade representatives join TPP negotiations during a press conference in Sydney on 27/10 / 2-14. (Sources: AFP / VNA)
WikiLeaks secret documents were revealed on 25/3 refers to a dispute resolution tool between investors and countries receiving the investment, part of the contents of discussions on the TPP-contained, free-trade agreements consists of 12 member countries, including Japan, Australia, Singapore and Vietnam.
According to the document was drafted in the last 20/1 days, the parties to negotiations chaired by the United States wants to establish the courts resolve disputes between investors and countries (ISDS), reached the court system national project under which foreign companies can sue countries and receive compensation from the tax for the profits that companies that can be obtained in the future.
The court ISDS is also part of the Investment Agreement and the trans-Atlantic trade (TTIP) that the US is discussing with the European Union.
Accordingly, the parties must keep confidential document content in the 4 years since the agreement came into force TPP or in case no agreement is reached, it should be kept secret in the 4 years since the termination of talks said.
Public Citizen, a group protecting the rights of consumers, evaluate the leaked document shows that the US will face a more demanding legal obligations.
In a statement, the organization based in Washington, said the adoption of the document content will allow additional 9,000 foreign companies from Japan and the countries involved in TPP are operating in the United States the right to sue government on current policy applies equally to all companies in the country and abroad.
Lori Wallach He, Director of Global Trade Monitoring of Public Citizen, said the TPP agreement will give multinational companies the other special power that undermine the sovereignty of the United States, making this country to pay billions of dollars in taxes in the new legal obligation and privilege for foreign companies operating in the US, while US companies are not entitled under the law of this country.
US Trade Representative, the agency in charge of trade negotiations of this country, not to comment on leaked documents. This information appears just ahead of the discussion in Congress about empowerment "talks fast" for the administration of President Barack Obama in the trade negotiations.
In that case, the White House has the right to unify a trade agreement, then the entire submission to the National Assembly for approval but did not allow the legislator is entitled to modify the content agreement.
Experts said the leak of this information could be a disaster for the efforts of the government President Barack Obama and the lobbyists in Congress persuading empowered to negotiate quickly pressed China Congress soon passed TPP agreement.

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