Saturday, May 9, 2015

They're Coming After Everybody!' Meet The Psychopathic Elite Who Want You In FEMA Camps

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die
If you think that once global government takes full control of international affairs you'll be safe if you haven't directly confronted their evil, The Alex Jones Channel has news for all of us: 'They're coming after everybody!' While still labeled 'conspiracy theory' by government trolls and those lacking in the critical thinking department, Alex shares with us that very honorable men have been warning of the coming 'end of days' for many, many years now and those who the psychopathic elite will be coming after include anyone who is 'upright and beautiful and strong' as these psychopaths HATE normal human life. While Alex shares that the global awakening happening now is 'amazing and invigorating,' he tempers those remarks by telling us that 'the enemy is freaked out right now and they're going to attack like a ton of bricks.'

In the 2nd video below Rob Dew joins David Knight to talk about these psychopathic elitists who are now freaked out by humanity's rapid awakening and think that the way they can get out of the mess that they've created is by incarcerating everybody in FEMA camps. Dew and Knight talk about Jade Helm 15 and the esoteric meaning of 'Mastering the Human Domain' while telling us that painting Texas and Utah red and labeling them as hostile is just the tip of the iceberg.

With the complete militarization of America now happening in front of our noses, those who have been paying attention can clearly see that the elite are preparing for something huge and Jade Helm 15 is another aspect of that mass preparation that is taking place all across America, from coast to coast and from our northern border to the southern border.

Dew sends a message out to the US Army that they need to come clean with the American people and let us know what is really going on and if this preparation is for civil unrest here in America after a devastating financial collapse with the US dollar's end as the world's reserve currency, they need to let the American people know. The list of 'military exercises' taking place across America is clearly endless and the infrastructure to quickly turn America into a 3rd world nation dictatorship once the final order is given is now in place across the nation.

With Jade Helm 15 and all of these other exercises taking place across America tightly integrating the Department of Homeland Security, NSA, Law Enforcement and US Special Forces we're told 'this is it, this is boots on the ground' in America.




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