Saturday, May 9, 2015

ISRAELI ZIONIST JEWS AND ZIONISM'S ULTIMATE ENDGAME IS CREATING A GREATER ISRAEL FROM NUCLEAR WORLD WAR 3 BY STRIKING IRAN ---------------- ---------------- Why World War III: Destroy The Global Economy, Create A Greater Israel, And Establish A Global Authoritarian Government.

Damian Lataan says Israel's political elite wants to establish a Greater Israel and destroy the Palestinian nationalist movement. In his article, "The U.S. And Israel's 'Obsession' With Iran -- The Real Reasons," Lataan writes:

"Israel's real obsession is the creation of a Greater Israel and the destruction of those that prevent Israel's expansionist dreams; Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah in Lebanon, both of whom are supported by Iran.

The stated casus belli for any Israeli/US attack on Iran will be that Iran is building a nuclear weapon with which it intends to 'wipe Israel off the map'. The 'Iran has a nuclear weapons program' and the 'wipe Israel off the map' are two memes that have gone hand in hand in the propaganda and rhetoric of Israel's Zionists and their neoconservative allies in the US and, indeed, around the world for years."

The problem with Israel's expansionist plans is that millions of Lebanese and Palestinians are sitting on the land that Israel wants to grab for itself.

What a pity. All that land, and no Israelis on it! Something must be done.

To achieve a "Greater Israel," the maniacs in Israel repeat these lies to the world:

Iran is threatening to wipe us off the map. They are savages and terrorists. They cannot be trusted with a nuclear bomb.
Iran is building a nuclear bomb and it will use it against us. Please, help us. Please, America. Please, Europe. Do not forsake us like you did in 1939. Please, help us. We are alone and scared, and we cannot defend ourselves. We love peace and never started a war. We don't understand these savages who are around us. Please, help us.
9/11 was done by religious fanatics and Muslim extremists who threaten Western Civilization. We in Israel are on the frontlines in this struggle against international terrorism. We are fighting heroically to defend the values of the Western world.
We are innocent. We are victims. We are good. We are not barbarians like them. We do not fight for land, and water, and power, and wealth. Anyone who says otherwise is anti-Semitic! An extremist! A racist! A terrorist! A Nazi sympathizer!
Israeli state deception, the Neocon dogs, and the Zionists' control of a large portion of the Western media has given Israel an advantage that history's greatest barbaric and lawbreaking nations have lacked: good PR.

There is nothing like reputation in this world. It can save or ruin nations, and turn individuals into gods or monsters.

The new world order fascist elite and the war criminals in Israel know their reputation is sinking. Nobody believes their lies anymore.

Both sides want to attack Iran and start World War III for different reasons, none of them justifiable by law or morality.

War without provocation, war for land and power, is barbaric and indefensible.

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