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Barack Obama Is A Jew

Barack Obama Is A Jew

Barack Obama Is A Jew
Stanley Ann Dunham holds her son, Barack Hussein Obama. The Black father, having been used for strategic breeding only, had no role in raising the little half-Black crypto-jew.
Originally Posted on 30 January 2012 by JamesLaffrey on the former UnEqualPartyUSA site and then updated for publication here.
An offspring of a jew is a jew. Jews especially like to emphasize the mother’s line — the matrilineal. So, let’s focus on President Barack Obama’s mother.
When looking at secret jews, we must find and weigh evidence.
  • Names and physical features are big clues.
  • Actions and affiliations are also big clues.
Barack Hussein Obama’s mother’s name was Stanley Ann Dunham. “Stanley” is a common jew name. In this case, we have a female named Stanley. Who but a jew would name a female “Stanley” in the USA? Answer: Nobody. A male, female-insulting jew is what her father must have been. That’s what jew males do, by the way, as modeled in their race’s rule book, the Talmud, where females are for breeding and serving males.
Depending on what we want to believe in this information about Stanley Ann’s parents, we likely agree that they were capable people. At least one of them was a jew. Her mother, for example, named Madelyn, was vice president of a bank. Remember: If either of Stanley Ann’s parents was a jew, then she was a jew. Thus, Barack Obama is a jew. That’s enough jewness for automatic acceptance in Israel, and it’s enough for me.
Stanley Ann Dunham, father and furniture man Stanley, with mother and bank vice president Madeline. Selling furniture, which is infamously overpriced at retail, is another common jew occupation.
It is important to note that the above link is to wikipedia, which is owned and operated by jews. They don’t help uncover secret jews. But a careful reading of that wiki article gives plenty of evidence. And then, read the endnotes and look at all those jew names who are credited as the sources of the info in the article. (Sadly, most Americans don’t recognize the common jew names as jewish. It’s ignorance cultivated by jew media and jew-published textbooks.) The wikipedia story of Stanley Ann Dunham, and what’s left out, is a jew construction.
And yet, there’s more from wikipedia. Here, we have a long article on the “Family of Barack Obama.” They admit that a different wife of Obama’s father was a jewess. Also, look at the names in the family tree of Stanley Ann Dunham. Jacob, Harry, Gabriella, Della, Madelyn (“Madeline” on Stanley Ann’s birth certificate. This link also supplies a treasure chest of other info, sometimes conflicting.), Ruth, Lucille, Rolla, Stanley. That’s a thinly veiled jew family.
Jew mother, jew son.
And just so you know: jews are not Whites.
Physical Features
Mother of Obama, Obama, and grandmother of Obama, in 1965.
When I look at the photo (at top) of Obama’s mother holding little Barry (that’s what they called him), I see a jew woman, a jewess. This profile looks nearly exactly the same as a girlfriend I had in Crossville, Tennessee, though from the front my girlfriend was more attractive. Back then, I was totally ignorant of jews and jewry. But two years ago (2010), when I learned the truth about jews and jewry, I realized I’d had a jew girlfriend. My memory of her and her family’s behavior and businesses confirm that realization. Obama’s mother was a jew. If the mother is a jew, then the son is a jew. It’s as simple as that.
Obama with his two Stanleys.
For readers who don’t have enough experience in looking at jews and recognizing the more obvious jews, then I suggest starting here. In the last two years, I’ve looked and learned. Recently, I saw a man in a restaurant here in VietNam (where I am living temporarily, teaching English). He was alone and talking with the owner of the restaurant. The owner introduced him to me because she (the owner) thought Americans here would automatically want to talk with each other. I knew by looking that he was a jew. He told me his name is Marty, retired from New York, living in Thailand, visiting VietNam. We had another conversation the next day, by chance meeting, in another restaurant. I asked him if jewness was “an ethnicity or a religion.” He answered: “ethnicity.” For all the disinfo writers on the Internet, and the liars (such as fake-named “Timster” of the “How Dare I” blog), and the sadly ignorant who believe jewness is nothing but a “faith” or “religion,” I urge listening to Marty on this issue. He and I talked for a long time, and I enjoyed the conversation. Of course, I wasn’t taken in. If called by jewry, he surely would act against me, as he surely acted against Whites in his life in the USA. But I believe he sincerely answered “ethnicity.” Jews believe themselves to be a race. In fact, by the Talmud, they believe themselves to be the only humans, and the rest of us are “cattle.”
Obama’s mother, by facial features, is of the race, the self-Chosen, the jews. Thus, Obama is a jew.
Actions and Affiliations
  • Obama, before and since his election, has promised to “rein-in” the jew bankers of Wall Street and Washington DC, but then he “bailed” them out.
  • Obama, before his election, said he would enact single-payer health coverage for all Americans. But jews own the insurance companies and the bulk of the medical system. After election, Obama swiped his single-payer promise off the table.
  • Obama appointed jew after jew after jew into the government. A jew is always at or near his ear, from David Axelrod to Rahm Emanuel and now Jacob “Jack” Lew. And Larry Summers (was president of Harvard, was Sec. of U.S. Treasury), Ben Shalom Bernanke (head of Federal Reserve Bank system board), Timothy Geithner (was head of Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the headquarters, and now Secretary of the U.S. Treasury), Jared Bernstein, Gary Gensler, Mary Schapiro, Douglas Shulman (retained as head of the IRS), Julius Genachowski, Eric Lander, Kenneth Feinberg, Ron Bloom, Alan Bersin, Todd Stern, Cass Sunstein, Ezekiel Emanuel, Peter Orszag, and many more.
Obama, loyal to his “kin” of jewry and Israel, performs a jew ritual.
Can it be that nonjews are incapable of government administration and giving the best advice? Of course not. We nonjews are 95% of our country. But Obama prefers jews. If you were president, would you appoint mostly jews? It can’t be done by random, you know. If choices were at random, we would get 95% nonjews. Obama specifically chooses jews, from Chief of Staff in the White House, to heading General Motors’ “rescue,” to the Supreme Court. Throughout the government. More jews than Blacks.
In April 2008, the Los Angeles Times reported that Obama said the following to a closed-door group of jews at a synagogue:
“There is a kinship and a sense of shared community that predates my political career and will extend beyond this particular election,” Obama said. … “Know that I will be there for you, just as I believe that you will be there for me.”
… “My links to the Jewish community are not political. They preceded my entry into politics.”
Yes, his links are “not political” because they are “kinship,” which is family. Obama is a secret jew, a crypto-jew. We could stop here. We are beyond reasonable doubt.
Jews wail at the wall in Jerusalem and wail to the world that they are innocent victims. Jews leave out the part where they subverted the host countries, destroying the host cultures, and that’s why the European countries’ leaders and rulers either limited their freedoms or expelled them. Obama, son of a jewess, is one of them.
Yet, that’s not all. Obama bows to jew rituals, both in our country and in Israel. Some people might think it’s some kind of requirement for an American president to participate in other country’s rituals. It is not. It is especially not a requirement for the president of the United States of America. And please note that Obama doesn’t bow to everybody’s rituals. He bows to the jews’ rituals. Why? Because he is a jew.
Any open-minded, intelligent reader sees the proof already. Others have rejected everything I’ve said already.
So, enough said. Almost. A person could fill a book — that the jew-owned New York publishing world would never publish — lining up the mountain of evidence. I haven’t even touched another entire area, which is Communism. (Communism was created by jews. Karl Marx, son of a rabbi, was of course a jew.) Documented here and here, for starters. (They don’t identify the jews, but the articles are full of jews.) Stanley Ann had deep ties, and so has Obama. Remember: There are only two kinds of Communists: jews and nonjew dupes of jews.
And then there are the nude photos that I think are very likely Stanley Ann and taken by Frank Marshall Davis, who was by skin color a Black man, of Chicago and of Hawaii (parallel to Stanley Ann’s time in those locations) and who wrote a sex novel. (One of a few good links to the evidence. Update, Nov. 2012: This link has more.) Jews were known for their nude photos and are now infamous for the porn industry, also centered in Hollywood.
Oh, I didn’t mention that Stanley Ann Dunham eventually went into international banking (remember, her mother was a bank vice president). Yes, Obama’s mother specialized in the jew-scam against the poor called micro-finance lending.
Stanley Ann Dunham was a jew, thus Obama is a jew, and that’s why he is a loyal, bowing, servant of Israel and international jewry. And that’s why his enactments, as opposed to his sometimes pretty words, are clearly against us nonjews, and especially against us Whites — the most capable race, when aware and energized, against the race of murderous parasites called jewry.

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