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PDF Book Of Enoch with YAHWEH's Name Restored

PDF Book Of Enoch with YAHWEH's Name Restored

It was used as Scripture in the Dead Sea Community and in the early Assemblies.

1st Book of Enoch Chapter 1-36 - Introductory Visions And Parables Of Enoch

Ch 1 - The Righteous And The Wicked In The Day Of Tribulation

Ch 2, 3, 4 Enoch Examines All The Activities And The Luminaries Of Heavens

Ch 5 - The Elect Shall Be Light, Joy, And Shalom, And Inherit The Earth

Ch 6 & 7 The fall of angels

Ch 8 & 9 Fallen Angels Taught The Art Of War

S1 Ch 10 - YAHWEH's Judgment to Destroy the Wicked Everything on the Earth

Ch 11, 12 & 13 - Dream vision of Enoch: his intercession for the fallen angels

Ch 14 Enoch Reprimands the Watchers of Heaven

Ch 15 Enoch intercedes to YAHWEH For The Watchers of heaven and their Judgment

Ch 16 Destruction and Death of the Giants, and there Will be no Shalom

Ch 17 Enoch's Tour of the Earth and Sheol - The first journey

Ch 18 The Cornerstone of the Earth and the Storerooms of all the Winds

Ch 19 The Appearances the Spirits of the Angels who Lead the People into Error

Ch 20 Names of archangels

Ch 21 Enoch's second journey: preliminary and final place of Punishment of fallen stars

Ch 22 The Gathering Of Souls Till The Day Of Judgment

Ch 23 The fire of the luminaries of heaven

Ch 24 The seven mountains of the northwest and the tree of life

Ch 25 The Kingdom Of YAHWEH and The reward of The Righteous And Chaciyd

Ch 26 Jerusalem and its surroundings

Ch 27 The accursed valley

Ch 28 Journey to the east

Ch 29 The Tree of Judgment

Ch 30 A Beautiful Tree and a Fragrant Cinnamon Tree

Ch 31 Enoch Vision of Mountains With Trees

Ch 32 The Garden of Righteousness and The Tree of Wisdom

Ch 33 The Gates of Heaven

Ch 34 Journey to the north

Ch 35 Journey to the west

Ch 36 Journey to the south

 2nd Book of ENOCH Ch 37-71 The Book of the Similitude’s

Ch 37 Introduction Book Two: Vision Which Enoch Saw The Second Time

Ch 38 Coming judgment of the wicked
Ch 39 The home of the Elect Righteous and Kodesh Ones
Ch 40 The Four Wings Of YAHWEH And The Four Malakim
Ch 41 YAHWEH of Hosts, and the four voices which I heard in those days
Ch 42 The Abode Of Wisdom And Iniquity
Ch 43 More secrets of the cosmos
Ch 44 Stars arise and become lightning
Ch 45 Lot of unbelievers: new heaven and new earth
Ch 46 The Son of Man, to whom belongs righteousness, and with whom righteousness dwells
Ch 47 Prayer of the Righteous
Ch 48 The Son of Man: The Antecedent of Time: HIS judgment
Ch 49 Wisdom, and power of the Elect One
Ch 50 YAHWEH's Mercy And His Judgment
Ch 51 Resurrection of the dead
Ch 52 The Vision Of Mountains of iron, copper, silver, gold, colored metal, and lead
Ch 53 The Scene of Judgment - Sinners destroyed from before YAHWEH
Ch 54 The Great Day Of Judgment of king, potentates and the armies of Azaz'el
Ch 55 YAHWEH puts a sign in the heavens, and it shall become a symbol of faith
Ch 56 Malakim Of Punishment Marching, Holding Nets Of Iron And Bronze
Ch 57 A Vision of a Whole Array of Chariots Loaded With People Advancing Upon the Air
Ch 58 The Eternal Light of the Righteous and Elect Ones
Ch 59 The lightnings and the thunder!
Ch 60 Heavenly quake, the great monsters, and mysteries of nature!
Ch 61 The Measurement of the Garden of Eden and the Judgment and Praise of the Elect One
Ch 62 Condemnation of the Rulers and Blessedness of the Righteous Ones
Ch 63 The hopeless end of the kings, rulers, and landlords
Ch 64 The fallen angels
Ch 65 Enoch's predictions concerning the Deluge and himself
Ch 66 Malakim in Charge of the Flood
Ch 67 YAHWEH's Promise to Noah: Punishment of the Angels and Kings
Ch 68 The Malak Michael Discusses the Judgment with Raphael
Ch 69 Names and Misdeeds of the Fallen angels
Ch 70 Translation of Enoch and Vision of Earliest Human Ancestors
Ch71 Vision of the Fiery House and the Antecedent of Days

 3rd Book of Enoch Chapter 72 -82 The Book of Heavenly Luminaries

Ch 72 The Sun

Ch 73 The moon and the varying amounts of its illuminations!
Ch 74 The Sun Moon Relationship in Days, Months and Years
Ch 75 The Three Hundred and Sixty Four Fixed Stations of the Cosmos
Ch 76 The twelve winds and their gates
Ch 77 The four directions, the seven mountains, and the seven rivers
Ch 78 Names of the sun and the moon; waxing and waning of the moon
Ch 79 Conclusion of the vision of astronomical laws
Ch 80 The Vegetable And Fruit Shall Not Grow In Its Season
Ch 81 The heavenly book and Enoch's mission
Ch 82 Additional astronomical and the four epagomenal days - calendrical visions

4th Book of Enoch Chapter 83 -90 The Dream Visions

Ch 83
Ch 84
Ch 85
Ch 86
Ch 87
Ch 88
Ch 89
Ch 90

5th Book of Enoch Chapter 91 -107 The Two Ways of the Righteous and the Sinner Including the Apocalypse of Weeks

Ch 91
Ch 92
Ch 93
Ch 94
Ch 95
Ch 96
Ch 97
Ch 98 - Self -Indulgence Of The Rich, Origin Of Sins, More Woes To Sinners
S5 Ch 99 - More Woes Unto The Sinners Who Boast And Honor False Words
S5 Ch 100 - Final Judgment of the Sinners, the Righteous, and the Fallen Angels. More woes.
S5 Ch 101 - The Fear of YAHWEH that Nature Teaches
S5 Ch 102 - Terror of the Day of Judgment: Comfort to the Suffering Righteous Ones
S5 Ch 103 - The Two Destinies of the Righteous and the Sinners: More Woes Unto the Sinners
S5 Ch 104 - Names Written Before YAHWEH, Be Hopeful, And Cry For Judgment
S5 Ch 105 - YAHWEH Will Be Patient And The Cause The Children Of The Earth To Hear
S5 Ch 106 - The Flood And Birth Of Noah, The Earth Washed Clean From All Corruption
S5 Ch 107 - Generation Of Righteous Shall Arise And Wicked Shall Perish
S6 Ch 108 - Who Have Observed The Torah Shall Wait Patiently

PDF Book of Enoch download with YAHWEH Name Restored
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