Monday, April 13, 2015

BOOM: Obama’s Agenda Just Backfired in a Humiliating Way…

BOOM: Obama’s Agenda Just Backfired in a Humiliating Way… This Is Huge

Recent polls concerning the outlook of high-profile Democrats have resulted in a telling story that a majority of Americans are not ready to elect scandal-ridden, treasonous officials who only have their political best interest at heart.
Surprisingly, some of those recent polls have been conducted by CNN/ORC — polls that naturally lean to the left due to CNNs mostly liberal viewership.

It appears that President Obama isn’t immune from being punished by the liberal polls either. A whopping 57% of respondents stated that their perfect presidential candidate would change most of Obama’s policies — many of which are far from constitutionally legal.
Perhaps more telling was that only 41% of respondents wanted a president who would keep Obama’s policies in place, which completely destroys the liberal legacy that Obama is attempting to establish in his last year in the White House.
Further proving that the CNN/ORC polls lean heavily to the left, the polls found that 56% of Americans want a leader who governs without the influence of religion. (H/T TheBlaze)
That number establishes the fact that while liberals will be liberals, there are many more than Obama probably expected who aren’t exactly pleased with his policies over the last seven years.
Obama’s magic pen that’s always warmed up and ready to be used to sign illegal executive orders into law has apparently made some of his left-wing followers weary.
With so many Americans from both sides of the political aisle living in southern border states where illegal immigration, drug cartels and human trafficking is overwhelming local law enforcement, it’s not surprising that so many Americans are waking up and realizing that America has a serious problem on its hands thanks to Obama.
And don’t forget about Obamacare, another thorn in the side of business owners and average Americans who are forced to buy junk health insurance plans or pay a fine. Even some liberals understand that the Founders are rolling in their graves over that mess.
The list goes on and on, but the bottom line is: Obama, you’ve failed the American people too many times and the numbers show it.
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