Monday, April 13, 2015

BREAKING: Inspector General Makes Huge Announcement About Hillary’s Muslim Brotherhood Adviser

BREAKING: Inspector General Makes Huge Announcement About Hillary’s Muslim Brotherhood Adviser

Potential 2016 Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton loves to straddle the line between legal and illegal, as is evident in the way in which she used a personal email account on a private server to handle her business while secretary of state.
What makes this truth even more evident is that we now know that she also allowed her longtime Muslim-Brotherhood-affiliated adviser, Huma Abedin, to moonlight with a politically connected consulting firm, Teneo.

While Abedin was advising then-Secretary of State Clinton on how to best manage the country’s affairs, she was also working with Teneo to advance the political agendas of its clients.
As a result, State Department Inspector General Steve Linick has just announced plans to investigate both Abedin and the “Special Government Employee” program that allowed her to get away with this clear-cut conflict of interest.
According to the announcement made by Linick, the goal is to ensure that the program”conforms to applicable legal and policy requirements, including whether or not the program, as implemented, includes safeguards against conflicts of interest.”
The premise, as noted by Sen. Chuck Grassley, who was initially responsible for bringing up this gross conflict of interest, is that Abedin was permitted to use the “Special Government Employee” program “for employee convenience, not public benefit.”
The fact is that the purpose of program is not to let government employees moonlight with other agencies, but to allow people whose “whose principal employment is outside the government” to provide our officials with temporary consulting services (H/T Fox News).
The even larger point here is that once again, Hillary Clinton has straddled the line between legal and illegal. And she has done so not for the benefit of the American people, but for the benefit of her own employee, Muslim Brotherhood affiliate Huma Abedin.
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