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Summit G20. Barack Obama has threatened Russia further isolation

Summit G20. Barack Obama has threatened Russia further isolation

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Artem Filipenok

US President Barack Obama said in Brisbane that Russia will continue to remain in isolation, if not change its policy in Ukraine. A similar position was expressed by British Prime Minister David Cameron.

The head of the White House stressed that isolation will continue in the event that "President Vladimir Putin continues to violate international law and agreements aimed at ending the Ukrainian conflict," reports Reuters.

Obama said he personally spoke in Brisbane with the Russian president. He argues that Putin did not say anything new, only insisting on the need for Ukraine's sovereignty. "If Russia will do so, I will be the first to say about the necessity of lifting the sanctions," - Obama said.

Speaking about the possible limitations, the head of the White House said that, in his opinion, the sanctions are good. "We have a team that is studying the mechanisms that could provide more pressure," - said Obama.

A statement made by Russian and British Prime Minister David Cameron. He also said the possible isolation of Russia, if the crisis in Ukraine will not be allowed. "Russia must understand that there is a consensus between the US and the European Union that in Europe should not be frozen conflicts", - said the British prime minister.

"I hope that even at this stage, Putin understands that is at a crossroads, and chooses the other way" - said Cameron.

Earlier, the President of Russia has called the situation on the summit of "Big Twenty" in Brisbane friendly. According to him, the meeting participants understand that sanctions prevent anyone from leaving this mode.

Vladimir Putin has left Brisbane little earlier than the other leaders, citing the long flight to Moscow.

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