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It is said that the Russian army on the verge of a split. They do not want to fight against the Slavs

It is said that the Russian army on the verge of a split. They do not want to fight against the Slavs

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It is said that the Russian army on the verge of a split. They do not want to fight against the Slavs

-55.398 Despite the very successful promotion of ATO, panic and chaos in the ranks of the pro-Russian terrorists, the threat of invasion of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine, is higher than ever. By and large, the exact date is not so important. In recent years, Russia has at least twice tried to enter under the guise of peacekeeping troops in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, with further proryvok tank columns to the Dnieper.
At least twice, regular Russian troops were ready to make the throw. I am not talking about the reconnaissance and sabotage groups and so-called "volunteers" recruited through Russian military conscription, these are trying to break into the territory of Ukraine daily.
Referring to the information received through the group Center, I often wrote that on the plans that are being hatched in the Kremlin office, the reason for a full-scale invasion of Russian troops should be bloody provocation with the death of a large number of civilians. Russian agents and saboteurs, has repeatedly tried to organize similar events. Oh we like, by the way, spoke a few weeks before the Odessa events on 2 May. At the same time, we are in the group of the Centre, confident that on May 9 in Odessa still expected something more bloody. And that it was to serve as a pretext for invasion. But did not. Odessa citizens for the most part did not lead to the Kremlin wiring.
July 17, Russian anti-aircraft gunners, as it turned out, knocked Malaysian "777" by mistake. They are said SBU had shot down a Russian civilian aircraft wreckage which would have fallen to the territory controlled by Ukrainian forces, and for the fact that to figure out what would be next, great imagination is no longer necessary. Version Ukrainian secret service looks quite convincing, for the KGB Putin regime "rub" of its own citizens in order to achieve desired policy goals, it is quite typical. True, that's anti-aircraft gunners pumped up, they in the best traditions Zheleznyaka sailor, went to Odessa and came to Kherson.
And finally it is humanitarian aid, such as from the Red Cross and the accompanying peacekeepers. Yes, the white paint imported into a number of parts of the Russian Federation Armed Forces starting to show. Here like all limited interference dip. But do not rejoice, I do not think that this is a long time.
In the military environment, still whispering, talking about August 15 as the start date of the invasion. What, in general, is quite possible. The situation at the Russian terrorists critical. Front collapses, as if he had already collapsed. Shooters, issued an ultimatum that escapes if "oriental country" will not help him. Particularly odious and recalcitrant warlords shoot, with both Ukrainian and Russian special forces. And it's not that he knew a lot, it is important that in those territories that Putin wants to occupy this Makhnovism not needed. Simply, all these warlords eliminate the eve of the invasion, which they then will be uncomfortable.
But whether they want Russian war? I'm not about bydlosovke, not about the people of the older generation nostalgic about the Soviet past, not about chauvinists-rashistah join the ranks of the Orthodox Taliban, not about these Orthodox wahhabits terrorizing the local population of the Donbass. I'm not crazy about the Eurasians or type Dugin, dopivshegosya in Spain to delirium tremens, and other pop Ohlobystina Zadornov Prokhanov Prosvirnin, Kholmogorova and kurginyanah with Karabanova spewing curses the people of Ukraine. No, not on these Putin gully dwarves speech.
So, from the Russian troops are increasingly coming messages that younger and middle officers did not want to fight against Ukrainians. They say they are ready to fight even with the Chechens, even with dagami, but not against the Ukrainians and Belarusians. For many Russian officers are one people. Despite all of Putin's propaganda, despite the efforts of all sorts of renegades to prove the inferiority of Ukrainians and Belarusians, Russian officers among a growing understanding that this is all one people, and they do not see themselves as outside of it. Though separated by borders and speak different languages. It is understood that orders were orders, and what he did, they would have to enter the territory of Ukraine, and beyond. Then, most likely, will negotiate at the grassroots level, to deduce the boys out of the fire ... and fraternize. Rifle with a bayonet in the ground, and fraternize. Russian and Ukrainians have nothing to share. As Russian troops enough decent people who understand that and what is the policy of Putin and many do not like. Perhaps one of the reasons why Putin steamed with Shoigu still not ordered Russian troops enter the territory of Ukraine - a lack of confidence in the loyalty of the latter. It is the fear that the officers of the Russian army will refuse to kill his brother, who fought, for example, in Afghanistan.
In confirmation of these words, some sources close to the Kremlin in circles reported on the preparation of cleaning large junior and mid-commanders of the Russian army and the replacement thereof, more loyal representatives. Already, there are attempts to replace the combat (the last hot spots) officers in reserve retirees experiencing some difficulties in the civilian world.
Now in Russia, near Rostov, provides training and formation units militants who's original idea had to return Yanukovych as president of Ukraine. Although perhaps such a plan has not yet been cleared to junk and finally we will hear more about it. But what I remembered this base training. Ukrainian authorities should seriously reflect on the formation on its territory symmetrical response, namely the establishment of Russian National Liberation Army. And then, there is a big chance that the officers of the Russian army, which do not burn more willing to kill for the sake of extending the power of Ukrainians KGB regime, will join its ranks. And independently reach the Kremlin and asked the tyrant for the outbreak of the fratricidal war.
Want to whether Russian war? Not all, do not look Russian TV and do not respond to the cries proplachennyh Inta trolls. Very many of those people whose professional duty to defend their land, are not eager to participate in the imperialist war. They do not want to be the aggressor. Remember that Ukraine.
The Russian army was on the verge of a split, of course, missing and those who are willing to kill everyone and everything, just give orders, but still missing and those who remember what an honor. And these people in the future can become the elite of the new Russia. Russia without Putin. Rus.

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