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Indonesian Headline on January 25, 2007

Indonesian Headline on January 25, 2007

“U. S. Presidential Candidate Barry Soetoro”

“Barry Soetoro calon Presiden AS”

This is a screen shot of the article in an Indonesian newspaper.  It was originally written in Indonesian, and was translated into English.    It was an interesting headline, so I had a desire to read and share it with our readers.  I finished entering the translated  information as a comment  on our blog, and was checking the link to the article.   Upon clicking the link, Surprise, surprise  the article was gone!   This happened within perhaps 10 minutes!    Why would Google bots be watching Indonesian websites?  Or did the author scrub it?     Following is the translation;  it isn’t a real exciting read.

The important part of this is that Indonesians acknowledge that Obama’s name was Barry Soetoro and his name was changed to Barack Obama!

U.S. Presidential candidate Barry Soetoro
By: Nirina Oraw | 25-Jan-2007, 09:00:08 AM
Who is not familiar with Barack Obama?   He was born in Honolulu on 4 August 1961, the son of Barack Hussein Obama marriage blacks descent Kenya with mother Stanley Dunham Aan white female full-blooded American descent.  His father and mother first met at one of the University in Honolulu and got married.    The marriage ended when Barack Obama was one year old.
After parting with Aan Dunham Barack Hussein Obama, Aan Dunham married a second time with a student named Lolo Soetoro from Indonesia Mangundikardjo who is finishing studies to take a Doctorate in the field of geology.  After completing study, Lolo Soetoro bringing his family to Indonesia.
In Indonesia, Barack Obama is a small elementary school in Assisi Franciscus registered in the name of Barry Soetoro.  Barry lived with his father’s small second Aan Lolo Soetoro and Dunham’s mother in the Menteng area.  As with other small children Barry happy to play and occasionally fight with friends.  Barry known to be quite clever in Indonesian language, the daily school unless he speak Indonesian at home in English.  He had difficulty communicating in just six months.
Barry has a half brother [sister] from his mother’s marriage with the father of   L. Dunham Aan Soetoro yaitu  Maya Kassandra Soetoro.   Now Maya teaching in one of the state of American Universities.. Maya was married Asian descent and married to a man already in karuniai a princess.
Barry Soetoro small now bears the name of the descendants of his father – Barack Obama. Before becoming a senator, Barack Obama became a lecturer at a university in the state of Illinois.  He has been married to American women and had children.   Barack Obama and then appointed by a Democratic stronghold.
Now the United States brought two charismatic senator to go to the White House. .. in addition to Obama, another candidate is Hillary Clinton (59 years).  It would be interesting to see, how the American people will give their support.
Because Barack Obama is not the type of person who easily forget history, as evidenced when he was sworn in as senator, he invited the family of his father from Kenya.  During a disaster stricken Indonesia hit by bird flu again warm warm-discussed, Barack Obama came to Indonesia with all his old memories.
This  adds to the “theory”  that Obama was adopted by Lolo Soetoro, and upon reentry to the U. S.  never was naturalized or changed his name legally to Barack Hussein Obama.   It also lends credence to Obama being a card-carrying , passport carrying, Indonesian citizen who was able to enter Pakistan in 1981 at a time that Americans were not allowed because they were  under military rule.    That trip to Pakistan was one of Obama’s slips that he accidentally divulged during a speech in California.    Additionally, if  he was an Indonesian citizen he didn’t have to register for the U.S. military draft as Americans did.   That requirement  explains the fake selective service registration document that was discovered.  Did his foreign status also allow him to apply and receive grants and funds to attend college?
Like an elephant, Obama never forgets his history, but he forgot he had an adopted sister, Lia Soetoro Sobah.  He also forgot to change his name legally.  Did anyone vote for Barry Soetoro to be the U. S.  President?  Obama, who is your daddy?

UPDATE:   About 6 hours after this post was written, another researcher found a different way to  locate the  Indonesian version of the article.  So the mystery of this appearing, disappearing,  and reappearing is just that..  a strange mystery.   My thanks to her for her help.

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