Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bin Saqr: Riyadh want from the Emir of Qatar to determine the position of leaks sound .. and continuous support for Egypt

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Bin Saqr: Riyadh want from the Emir of Qatar to determine the position of leaks sound .. and continuous support for Egypt

Wednesday 16 April-April 2014 time 23:00 / ES-Presse:

Dubai, (CNN) - said political analyst and researcher Saudi Arabia, Abdul Aziz bin Saqr, said that the United States did not offer to Saudi Arabia during the visit of President Barack Obama what it pleases in terms of the position of Syria, Egypt and Iran, and revealed that one of the things that you want Saudi Arabia from Qatar clarify the issue affecting the security of Saudi recordings, and saw that Riyadh and the Gulf States will continue to support Egypt economically.
- Obama's visit to Riyadh:
Word bin Saqr, who is president and founder of the Gulf Research Center, to a question by CNN Arabic about whether Riyadh had sensed a shift in American attitudes after Obama's visit to Riyadh by saying: "Unfortunately, I was supposed to be some kind of understanding on the agenda basic looking forward to it Kingdom, which is based on determining the American attitude toward Iran under any circumstances the failure of negotiations with the Group 5 +1 and the failure of convergence caution currently between America and Iran. "
He continued Bin Saqr, who was speaking on the sidelines of the Foundation "Beirut Institute," which was held in Dubai Tuesday: "We had hoped to hear about the American attitude towards Syria and developments on the ground - Abdulaziz bin Saqr and three strategies to be followed in Syria by dealing with Russia and the armed groups and the role of the Iranian axis - Iraq - the party of God, Syria. "
He bin Saqr that Riyadh was also want to hear the American position toward Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood in no gain, Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi the presidential race, as well as Riyadh was looking forward to see the American vision of the situation of Yemen and the Arab-Israeli conflict, but that did not happen because "it is only the American assurances address commitment to the security of Saudi Arabia and the region, and the distinguished bilateral relations without going into all the details of this mission, "he said.
But bin Saqr went on to say: "I am convinced that the relationship US-Saudi deep and long, has been undergoing a period of chill, but is overcome with surrounding positions. We appreciate President Obama's visit and his visit, King Abdullah at the head of a senior delegation, all this is appreciated, but there is a need for the Commission effective joint between the two countries contribute to clarify these issues and find common ground for mutual cooperation, as happened in the field of counter-terrorism cooperation since winning at this level of what could be the coolest. "
- Relations between Qatar and the Gulf states:
When asked about the required diameter to return to grade the Gulf replies bin Saqr, saying: "What is needed is three basic things: First, it must be made clear, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad, Emir of Qatar, his public statements issued by his father - Abdul Aziz bin Saqr Al Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa and former Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim, and (disclosed in leaks with the Libyan leadership, the previous era of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi), he has to distance himself and say it earlier era and has nothing to do with and to clarify that it does not adopt this proposal, which does not hurt the interests of Saudi Arabia. "
He added: "Secondly, the Kingdom feel that if he continued Brotherhood in power in Egypt, including owned Cairo of the capabilities and role, how will the use of the Egyptian force in other Arab countries, has adopted Qatar's policy is based on good relations with the Muslim Brotherhood and this is not a problem for Saudi Arabia, but taking violence and means to achieve the political goal is unacceptable. Thirdly: may not be supported by Qatar groups or parties challenging the Gulf governments, threat in the Gulf is a common security threat, and it is required that there be no concentration of media in the country to support certain groups. "
He said bin Saqr: "If that Qatar has created understandings directly with the three countries that withdraw their ambassadors, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE, I'm sure they will revert back to the incubator Gulf because it is an integral part of them and can not live without it, Alliances regional which may embrace them Qatar currently may be temporary , such as the alliance with Qatar and Turkey, while the main alliance is with the Gulf countries that face common threats from terrorist groups and Iran and the explosive situation in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. "
- Support for the future of Egypt and Saudi throne:
And about the opportunities for continued support of the Gulf to Egypt in the light of what he said Sisi need the Egyptian economy to between 450 and 570 billion dollars, said bin Saqr: "Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States is fully committed to support Egypt - Abdulaziz bin Saqr, has been pushed so far more than 16 billion dollars , but the provision of security and stability will encourage foreign investment market is Egyptian significant and promising opportunities where too many issue is the economic need for reform, but without stability, security and stability can not address these issues .. Gulf States is committed to a large extent supported by Egypt, but not an obligation Without Borders. "
And objectives behind the choice of Muqrin bin Abdul Aziz and Crown to Crown said bin Saqr: "I think that King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz wanted to deliver a clear message that there is a clear transfer of power in the next stage, therefore, we have seen widespread support pledge allegiance to Prince Horny to facilitate the transition of power, this has the advantage and will help to move to the second generation after the arrival of Prince Horny to top of the pyramid, which constitutes a fundamental pillar of stability.

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