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Syrian bomb» in Obama's strategy «Aldaashah»

Syrian bomb» in Obama's strategy «Aldaashah»

13 سبتمبر 2014 at 6: 01 م
Published in «The National Interest» Plan «five phases for the destruction of the Islamic State»
Press reports yesterday quoted US official
The US raids against what is known as the organization «Islamic state» or »Daash» will begin within thirty days, in what is expected to vote on the American Congress next Tuesday to aid worth five hundred million dollars to the so called «Syrian opposition moderate» to help fill the void left by strike organization, in light of leaks indicating that Saudi Arabia agreed to open camps on its territory to train its members.

It seemed Obama's decision to strike Daash in Syria, who declared in his speech on Wednesday evening, Washington time, and if he came under pressure or improvised to a large extent, after that the whole military experts on the palace raids on Iraq will prevent the «weaken Daash and destroy», which is the stated goal of the war, the new American . Indeed, Russia was quick to warn that any raids in Syria requires approval by Damascus in order to be legitimate, while the Syrian government said it viewed by «attack» If not conducted in coordination with them, while in fact questioned Tehran US goals of the new war.

There are legitimate questions posed by Obama's decision to launch raids in Syria, including:

- What is the definition of what he referred to Obama as «the moderate Syrian opposition», which plans to arm and reliable partner on the ground, he was made a special statement before several Shahurvqt, in which he said that talking about the existence of such opposition is a kind of «fantasy»? Is it intended to free army, or what remains of it, and the weakness of his presence known on the ground compared to other organizations is? Um Front victory, which is defined as «the Syrian branch of al-Qaida» or «Islamic Front» M dozens of other militias of which are difficult to classify or knowledge of belonging, and what ensures only located American weapons in the hands of Daash in the end, a «argument» used by Obama himself in the past to justify the lack of arming the opposition?

Do suffice thirty days to train troops «moderate Syrian opposition» and armed, to be eligible to fill the vast tracts of land (about a third of Soeriahsp some estimates)? Or is it that the Syrian army forces and Hezbollah, backed by Iran and widespread and better equipped to be a former «grabbed the American gift»?

Does Obama have a legitimate cover of the UN Security Council to intervene in Syria, especially since the 1270 decision does not include strikes? Or is it that the slaughter of American soldiers is an accepted legal pretext of self-defense? Or is it that so US attack will look like a single act, where none of the allies, Obama did not announce yet participating in it, but that Turkey, which is a key ally of Washington, and a member of NATO, refused to just sign on «statement of the foreign ministers of the twelve in Jeddah Thursday» , and announced that their participation will be mainly on the human side?

Why would mean Saudi Arabia to host the training camps of the Syrian opposition in terms of the impact on the composition of their positions and internal security, and in particular the possible reactions of the «Daash»? Will it be devoted to turning Syria Square regional conflict, especially with the expectation that Iran considered such a decision escalation in the war stretching from Lebanon to Yemen?

Is Obama would be willing to enter into a military confrontation with the Syrian regime that is determined to address the raids, and thus get involved in the fight against Iran and Hezbollah in practice? Or he would arrive with him to a secret understanding through which Damascus to provide Washington with intelligence about the sites versus Daash to get «spoils of war» or a large portion of them?

Do strategically correct to ask Obama of «moderate Syrian opposition» to fight «Daash» in its stronghold, and its main base where there are «capital of succession», and then expect them to come out of the war and is thus able to retain Bmkaspha in the face of the Syrian army, who will be able to pick up breath, while the father watched his enemies weaken one another?

The fact is that this space can barely accommodate the size of the confusion and contradictions in the «Syrian part» of Obama's strategy «Aldaashah», which is enough to turn it into a «time bomb» no one knows at this critical juncture when explode believe will be the victims?

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