Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Leaks from the CIA and intelligence British and sources close to the Rothschild family confirms the intention of waging war on America Saudi Arabia

Leaks from the CIA and intelligence
British and sources close to the Rothschild family confirms the intention of waging war on America
Saudi Arabia
Western military invasion of the oil fields in Saudi Arabia is scheduled to do
By this summer, according to sources with the CIA and British intelligence.
This invasion will aim to try to control the supply of oil in the world, and at the same
The time will be

Provoke Pakistan and China to start world war, our sources reported.

At the same time, Western intelligence officials say that
"Al-Qaeda" is planning to hit the headquarters of the Branch Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, with a weapon
Nuclear about June 1, citing a senior "al-Qaeda". These and other leak
Of the plans, exciting perhaps take certain positions in preparation for the announcement of the system
The new fiscal.

However, confirmed the plan to "invade Saudi Arabia," a large variety
From sources within the BIS *, and the Rothschild family and the sources of the agency listed above, which
Makes the likelihood of the occurrence of this event is great.
This move is an attempt from the side Alkhozar leading families to retain control of
Financial system of the West and that the confiscation of the main resources of oil in the world.
They know that Pakistan has promised to protect Saudi Arabia as China promised to protect Pakistan.

They are hoping that this move will finally called war
Third World and their battle, which has long Sau entitled to have the "Times
End "wars" Gog "and" Magog ".
That this war is to escape from imminent bankruptcy and the loss of power.
And the threat of bombing BIS launched by a group of opposition to these plans, has been to make sure that
Some members of this group linked to foreign intelligence agencies and the drug mafia
The following is the text of the e-mails received and forwarded them to the various police agencies and intelligence
There are 4 of rogue nuclear devices which were removed from the "Kursk" in
2000, you must understand that everyone that nuclear devices controlled by military forces
Different around the world, the world is not within the reach of our enemies.

Each of these devices is calculated for each one of them last, and all the armies of the world are sitting on
Wall waiting to see how this will play. Where he was a four devices have been
Already blown up, causing "the Japanese earthquake." Bendy three. Our information
Reported that the bombing will be one of them or Oktherfa first of June, and SETTEC blame
On the base in an attempt demonic Mnm Obama administration to start World War

Secondly, an informant told of "USA Marine Air
The carrier Carl Vincent, "which recently docked in Manila Bay in the Philippines, a ship
He claimed that they threw the body of Osama bin Laden at sea, a man informed intelligence
British Peter Stevens that the entire operation in Abbottabad in Pakistan phrase
For fabrication. According to multiple sources, including the National Security Agency and the Office of Security
Federal and family and bin Laden, Ocdo that Osama bin Laden was in fact dead since
2001, and in order to start World War III unless something is done. (30
May / May)
End quote.
Source and the CIA refused to these warnings and labeling
Balmkhadah said should not be taken seriously. However, it is very clear
Japan is attacked with a nuclear weapon in the seabed, which caused an earthquake and disaster
Tsunami and these sources warn us in advance that Japan is the target of an imminent terror
Nuclear. The separation of the warnings in time.
It should also can prevent many of the attacks by issuing warnings beforehand so even if nothing happens, deserves to pass on these messages.
It should be noted, as well as to the sudden change in tone between Obama and "government
United Kingdom "in the wake of his visit last week. President, who returned the statue
Winston Churchill provided by the United Kingdom, and from the list of those who met the call
Royal Wedding suddenly kissing ass British dramatically and talking about solidarity
There was also a sudden change in the general attitude towards Israel with Obama and practically
Anyone else (except for Canada in shame, the Zionist slave and arch-traitor Harper)
Israeli twisting arms to finally reach a peace agreement with its neighbors.
This is an indication of the obvious loss of power by the radical right-wing
Zionist lobby.
On the other hand, the failure of the Group of Eight meeting in the last week to discuss, as
It was originally scheduled, to replace the dollar with a new currency controlled by the Fund
IMF. This plan has been endorsed by Treasury Secretary Geithner and other members of the "Council
Federal Reserve crime syndicate "but has now apparently been quietly trashed
Along with a career in DSK. Instead, expect the dollar
Now remove the fraudulent book entries before it becomes a mixture in the financial system
The new commodity support

* The Bureau of Industry and Security


America declares that it will attack Iran, and I am completely ruled out, and this may be an attack on Egypt and Saudi Arabia

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