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Homeland Security & Terrorism

Red Cross Weighs in on Customary International Law

August 17, 2010
The ICRC has updated its version of customary international humanitarian law in cases of armed conflicts.

Amnesty International: UK violates rights of terror suspects with 'unfair' control orders

August 13, 2010
AI accuses the UK government of "developing a 'shadow justice system' that imposes severe restrictions on the rights of individuals suspected of terrorism-related activity."

UN Envoy Concerned Over Latest Guantanamo Trial

August 13, 2010
The trial of a "child solider" is coming before the United States Military Commission in Guantanamo Bay this week.

UN Working Towards the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

August 10, 2010
UN officials are optimistic about future global disarmament.

European Court to Review Conditions of U.S. Imprisonment of Terrorists

July 13, 2010
ECHR's decision raises questions regarding the lack of guidelines regarding evidence introduced in extradition appeals.

Support for UN Governance of Space Explains NASA Development Agenda

July 7, 2010
Agency's new directive will shift the focus from national space exploration to international economic and social development.

U.S. National Security Strategy Promotes American Acceptionalism

June 2, 2010
Unfortunately, the NSS presents America as just one of many nations serving under the leadership of the U.N..

The United Nation's Response to Terrorism: Fourteen and Counting

April 25, 2010
Without agreement on the definition of terrorism, the United Nations will remain ineffective in addressing the problem.

Expert Wants UN Human Rights Groups to Govern Counter-Terrorism Efforts

April 14, 2010
National counter-terrorism efforts would be subject to review by the UN Secretariat, NGOs, and other UN member states.

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