Thursday, March 12, 2015

Miami: Muslim yells “Allah Akbar” and “We will cut your heads off” at synagogue members

Miami: Muslim yells “Allah Akbar” and “We will cut your heads off” at synagogue members

via Rabbi Reacts To Threats At His Synagogue « CBS Miami.
MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Members of a Miami Beach synagogue are on edge after a man was allegedly arrested for yelling threatening comments.
Diego Chaar was arrested and faces charges of assault and stalking.
According to a police report, two members of the Ohev Shalom Congregation on Bonita Drive were standing outside the Miami Beach synagogue Saturday night when Chaar and another man walked by.
The report says the man shouted “Allah Akbar” at least twice, and once said “We will cut your heads off.”
“That’s called assault. Threatening to kill,” said Rabbi Phineas Webberman. “His attitude was that this is his religious responsibility of carrying out killing infidels.”
Cops were able to track down Charr a few blocks away.
The report says “the subject denied having said anything to the victim.”
He’s out of jail on bond.
“It’s terrible,” said Joe McCormack, a retired officer and longtime friend of Rabbi Webberman.  “How would you feel if I said ‘I’ll cut your head off you Jew.’ It shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t be allowed.”
Rabbi Webberman has a message for Charr.
“Change your religion to a religion of life, not one of death,” he said.

Webberman is a bit early, April Fool’s Day is still three weeks away. But it’s an approach the State Dept. should consider – it would save a of taxpayer money.
Just days ago, Muslims were casing a New York mosque.

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