Sunday, March 29, 2015

BREAKING: Bibi Netanyahu Makes His Move Against Obama

BREAKING: Bibi Netanyahu Makes His Move Against Obama

The only country Obama hates more than America seems to be Israel, and now he appears to be trying to oust Benjamin Netanyahu from power there.
An organization called Victory 2015 (V15) has recently hired Jeremy Bird, the national field director of Barack Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign, to launch a smear campaign against Netanyahu and the Likud Party… so Benjamin Netanyahu has responded.

His response is a push to fully ban Obama’s V15 as well as OneVoice from trying to influence Israeli elections in order to protect the integrity of self-determination for Israel.
In the petition, Ludkin accuses V15 of “making criminal use of anonymous foreign funding in extremely large amounts.” Adding, “Hiring services of this sort cost a fortune. We’re talking about foreign funding on an enormous scale, in violation of the Party Funding Law.”
“The clear purpose of the law is to prevent intervention in Knesset election campaigns via foreign money spent on campaign advertising, said Shaul Shimron, Likud’s attorney.
“It’s clear that injecting a lot of money that is neither reported nor supervised is liable to lead to extremist elements having an influence on the campaign,” Shimron added.
Some of those “extremist elements” that V15 is working to install in Israel’s Knesset [Parliament] are from the left wing Zionist Camp (Labor Zionist coalition) and far-left Meretz (Socialist Party). (H/T
The fact that the White House is using taxpayer dollars to influence the election outcome of not only an ally, but also the only democracy in the region, borders on the criminal.
However not all is going as planned for Obama’s operatives as the Likud Party has seen a surge in the polls recently due to Netanyahu’s strong posture on national security.
Perhaps Obama should be taking lessons from Netanyahu rather than trying to topple him.
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