Called the Islamic Resistance Movement ( Hamas ) on Wednesday, the Palestinian National Liberation Movement ( Fatah ) to stop what he described as "organized campaign of defamation against the completion of the resistance in the Gaza Strip . "
He said Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri, in a press statement that "the opening movement of the smear campaign organized by some political sources and media institutions led to the distortion of the achievements of the resistance in Gaza during the recent Israeli war."
He added, "Sadly this campaign opening movement leads through some of the statements of its leaders and Natekayaa media and its institutions, and the latest example of this is an attempt to drag falsely Hamas spokesman in illegal immigration for some groups of young Palestinians process."
A spokesman for Fatah in the West Bank, Ahmed Assaf accused Hamas of "involvement in facilitating displacement of Palestinians from Gaza to the outside process", as quoted by the official Palestinian News Agency (WAFA) from private sources unidentified involvement of a number of Hamas members to oversee the migration Palestinians from the Gaza Strip to Europe via Egypt.
The agency Anatolia quoted private sources -vdilt anonymity Isthmus that dozens of Palestinians left the Gaza Strip recently through border tunnels to Egypt after he received promises of immigration to European countries via the sea.
The Palestinian embassy in Greece in a press statement on Tuesday that the ship was carrying more than four hundred Palestinian -ogelbhm residents of Gaza strip were dumping intentionally on Wednesday evening as part of what they described as "competing gangs death and smugglers", and trying to formal and legal Palestinian views of knowledge the fate of the missing.
Since the end of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip in August 26 / August last prevailing state of tension in the relationship between Hamas and Fatah, where the charge each other about a range of issues.
Among the most prominent difference between the two movements, which were considered the largest factions in the Palestinian arena, non-payment of previous Hamas government officials in Gaza, the salaries of the issues, which is justified by consensus government to "warnings received from all countries of the world not to pay any money for these employees, as well as the imposition of stays algebraic cadres Fatah in Gaza, "a charge denied by Hamas.
Source: Anatolia Agency