Thursday, November 20, 2014

ALERT: New Video Shows Ferguson Protesters Training to “Shut Down” a Community [VIDEO]

ALERT: New Video Shows Ferguson Protesters Training to “Shut Down” a Community [VIDEO]

Ferguson, Mo., protesters expecting an announcement from a grand jury soon have been planning and training to shut down the nearby community of Clayton using civil disobedience and nonviolent tactics, according to a report released on Thursday.
The demonstrators held a training session Thursday evening in St. Louis as part of their preparation to punish Clayton economically on the first workday after the grand jury decision is announced, according to KTVI (H/T Three Percenter).

Click here to get a FREE subscription to the Conservative Tribune. Video from the training session, available below, shows protesters scrambling around in seemingly random order — it’s hard to know exactly what that is supposed to do for them, but organizers said they hoped to see hundreds or even thousands of people show up for the protests.
Thousands of people protesting on the first workday after the announcement gives a pretty good sense of who is attending these protests. Hint: they’re not employed.
KTVI said several similar training sessions have been held recently, so by now we expect the protesters to be unparalleled in their ability to scramble around in random order.

Which helps explain why they’re unemployed.
Protests have been ongoing since the Aug. 9 shooting of Michael Brown by Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson. A grand jury has been investigating the shooting and leaked testimony points to it exonerating the officer of any wrongdoing. Some have promised violence, even civil war, if Wilson is not indicted for Brown’s murder despite there being seemingly no evidence for such a charge.
The plan is to meet in “public green spaces” like parks and spread out in small groups from there, using civil disobedience to block traffic and keep tensions high.
“We want the people to know these meetings are about non-violent direct action,” Don’t Shoot Coalition Co-Chair Michael McPhearson told the station. “Some of it will just be people talking, people expressing themselves. There’s nothing we’re doing to try to create violence. But we don’t want to diminish tensions without there being change.”
Watch the KTVI report here:
While we fully support the right of all citizens to assemble freely, express themselves, and petition their government for redress of their grievances, such actions should not interfere with the rights of other citizens. When the freedom, safety, or economic prosperity of American citizens is threatened by a group of demonstrators, authorities must step in to restore those liberties.
It would be wise of the protesters to keep in mind that in preparation for the announcement of the grand jury verdict, local police forces have been training too.
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