Monday, July 21, 2014

he GOP is killing the Dream Act

he GOP is killing the Dream Act

Ryan Rodrick Beiler /
These children are fleeing the worst conditions in the world. There are more people being killed each day in their home countries than there were in Iraq in 2006, at the height of the civil war. Gangs, drugs, rape, prostitution, and zero opportunity, that is all they have to look forward to. We shouldn't be letting them all in, because there are tons of places in the world like that, but we should have respect and sympathy for the conditions they had to endure before coming here. A solution to this crisis is more than just more security at the border.

These kids coming now would not be eligible for the Dream Act. Perhaps you on the right need to educate yourself on what the criteria is to be considered for the Dream Act is before you start whining and blaming Obama.

Do you know the difference between what people believe and reality? You and I know the Dream EO. But, many of these illegal children interview believed they would qualify. And they are wrong, so how can you blame that on President Obama?

Yeah, he is wasting his time because you all blame the president for everything wrong in the world and expect for everyone to agree. Perhaps if Republicans in Congress stop trying to destroy the president and start working with him to solve the problem, this is a situation that could be managed. Nope, instead you all whine, moan and blame Obama while Republicans in Congress do nothing. Heck, if the president does decide to do something on his own, Republicans will probably add this to their lawsuit, suing the president for doing his job.

The GOP is blocking his initiatives. They blocked over a million jobs in the Jobs Act alone. Financial experts agree tighter budgets are slowing GDP and job growth, yet the GOP refuses to invest anything more into education and infrastructure. He's requested the funds to do it, but the GOP house has refused to sign off on it. Because actually governing would make their heads explode.

Yes, border security funding is in the bill. Hell, it was in the comprehensive reform bill that passed the senate with huge bipartisan majorities, only to die in the Republican House. A solution to this crisis needs more than just increased security at the border.

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