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And Men Wept - Cathrine Palfre
y Balwin -1954-234pgs-GOV-HIS.sml.pdf

It takes knowledge and patriotic moral courage to compile the irrefutable facts found in the pages of "And Men Wept", and to present it to the public. I hope that it may clarify the confusion in political thinking which has overtaken many Americans. A confusion and frustration seemingly among all classes, rich and poor, and among the various religions. I want to quote for you Ralph Waldo Emerson: "One of the best ways to remain ignorant is to close your mind to all new thought". The author of "And Men Wept" has dealt with these facts so that the reader may make his own conclusions. And Men Wept-Cathrine Palfrey Balwin-1954

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Americas Road To Ruin - Iserby

Transcript of Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt speaking on the Secret History of Western Education: the Scientific Destruction of Minds.Americas Road To Ruin-Iserbyt-2011

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All Our Children Learning - Be
njamin Bloom -1982-290pgs-EDU.sml.pdf

These three papers, "Early Learning in the Home," "The Effect of the Home Environment on Children's School Achievement and "Stability and Change in Human Characteristics: Implications for School Reorganization," could be read with profit by most parents who are concerned about the educational progress of their children. Elementary school teachers, principals, and curriculum specialists should also be aware of the ideas developed in these papers.All Our Children Learning Benjamin Bloom 1982

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Adam Weishaupt A Human Devil -
 Gerald Winrod -Date_Unknown-47pgs-POL-S

Disorders, revolutions, economic convulsions and political upheavals do not happen. They result from planning. Under the surface, unknown to good people, there are constant plots, schemes, tricks and intrigues. International conspirators always find it to their advantage to lull the people to sleep until they can get their plots developed so far that nothing can stop them. A man in a stupor is harmless. The despoilers have a way of keeping the popular mind befuddled and drugged, under the influence of their opiates. It is a rare thing for an awakening to take place in time to avert a crisis.Adam Weishaupt A Human Devil Gerald Winrxod Date_Unknown

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UN Sustainable Development research.

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A World Without Jews - Karl_Ma
rx -1959-95pgs-REL-PHI-POL.sml.pdf

Karl Marx was not only born a Jew, he came from a rabbinical family. His father Heschel Marx accepted Christianity in 1816 in order to practice law in Prussian territory. Like many converts, Marx found it necessary all his life to justify the mass conversion of his family by attacks against his blood brothers. Anti-Semitic expressions of his are to be found mainly in the present essay, in his Class Struggles in France, In the Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte, and in his Letters to Engels, censored by Bebel and Bernstein. Some of the editors of his writings attempted to modify the vindictiveness of Marx's aggression. Others, like Mehring, even intensified them.A World Without Jews-Karl Marx-1959

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Brainwashing The Men Who Defied&nbs
p;It - Edward Hunter -1956-289pgs-P

The new word brainwashing entered our minds and dictionaries in a phenomenally short time. This sinister political expression had never been seen in print anywhere until a few years ago. About the only times it was ever heard in conversation was inside a tight, intimate circle of trusted relatives or reliable friends in Red China during the short honeymoon period of communism. The few exceptions were when a Red indoctrinator would lose his temper and shout out, "You need a brainwashing."Brainwashing The Men Who Defied It-Edward Hunter-1956

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Education_ in_China-1974-83pgs-EDU-.sml.pdf

Education is an indispensable ingredient in a programme of economic development. Industry requires a literate labour force and so does the organisation of co-operative agriculture. The introduction of modern technology, the health service and administration at every level, all require a high level of education. To meet this need, the new government in China, after 1949, at first had to make do with what there was. There were two strands in the existing educational system: the ossified tradition of classical learning and Western knowledge disseminated by teachers who tried to make their pupils despise everything Chinese. Neither was appropriate to New China, but any teachers were better than none.

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Fleshing_Out_Skull_And_Bones- Kris_Millegan-2003-7

The most important thing that I would like folks to understand from this work is that the secrecy of these organizations is not good for our Republic. These secret societies are historically foreign-based and do not care about this country. Their ends justifies the means zeitgeist leads to massive corruption and the "institutionalized sociological" excess of "elite deviancy." Where a certain few believe that they are beyond the law and then through corrupted political and economic power -- act above the law, through whatever means at their disposal.

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Where did Hitler get the funds and the backing to achieve power in 1933 Germany? Did these funds come only from prominent German bankers and industrialists or did funds also come from American bankers and industrialists?

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In the 1850s, three members of The Order left Yale and working together, at times with other members along the way, made a revolution that changed the face, direction and purpose of American education. It was a rapid, quiet revolution, and eminently successful. The American people even today, in 1983, are not aware of a coup d'etat.

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Immorality_ and_Our_Employments_Hereafter-JM_Peebl

The earliest literature of any people is sacred literature. The most exhaustive inquiries of the greatest minds of every age and nation have been inquiries pertaining to man's moral relations and the soul's future destiny. The religious literature of the race approaches nearest the character of immortality of all its mental products. When other books are forgotten, the sacred books continue a perennial fountain of thought and inspiration. This is true of Egypt, India, Babylon, and all the countries of the Orient.

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LINES OF CREDIT: ROPES OF BONDAGE is about the financiers, their fellow conspirators and the plot to destroy Western Christian civilization. It was written for the concerned American � not for the skeptic.

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This book seeks, as a major aim, to bridge the interval between the founding of the religions and their present state. It is hoped, incidentally, that the frequent quotations from the original source materials�or from authoritative accounts�will make the highly human quality of each religion evident, and thus excite the reader to further reading in a vast field.

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The actual process of work developed along the following lines On arrival each member was given a set of volumes containing the carefully edited work of the Preparatory Commissions in the various participating countries, and time was set aside for the study of these documents. After members had given each other some information about their respective backgrounds, it was found necessary to "clear the ground" by answering several fundamental questions.

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The story you are about to read is true. The names have not been changed to protect the guilty. This book may have the effect of changing your life. After reading this book, you will never look at national and world events in the same way again.

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Though there has been revolution after revolution(symbolized by spirals or whirlwinds) around the world for centuries, the New Age Revolution is the all-encompassing, largest one ever. All borders must come down ; all religious barriers must be broken. One world; one government; one religion; one humanity, made up of humans with a collective consciousness and serving as "points of light" networking around the globe.

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Dr Joseph Douglass is a national security analyst and author with expertise in defense policy, threat assessment, deception, intelligence and political warfare, nuclear strategy, terrorism, advanced chemical and biological warfare agents and applications, and international narcotics trafficking. Since the mid-1980s, his primary focus has been research into various dimensions of cultural warfare and notably into the illegal drugs plague, with emphasis on its origins, support structures, marketing � and the question: 'What can be done?'

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The Myth of Mental Illness-Thomas&n

The problems to which I address myself in this book are easy to state but, because of the powerful cultural and economic pressures that define the "correct" answers to them, are difficult to clarify. They have to do with such questions as: What is disease? What are the ostensible and actual tasks of the physician? What is mental illness? Who defines what constitutes illness, diagnosis, treatment? Who controls the vocabulary of medicine and psychiatry, and the powers of the physician-psychiatrist and citizen-patient? Has a person the right to call himself sick? Has a physician the right to call a person mentally sick? What is the difference between a person complaining of pain and calling himself sick? Or between a physician complaining of a person's misbehavior and calling him a mentally sick patient?

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Witchcraft in the second half of the twentieth century, and in the seventies specifically, is enjoying a renaissance the like of which it has never experienced before. Where previously it was hounded and persecuted, and more particularly misunderstood, it now enjoys a certain freedom, a certain respect and a certain understanding. But, one must still ask, what does it all amount to?

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The method by which this original proposition is applied is as new as the proposition itself. No longer relying upon academic preconceptions, the authors have based their architectural and urban proposals on the analysis of life in the existing Soviet society and the directions of change within it. While the models and formal solutions are only sketched and presented hypothetically, they build upon the rich heritage left by Soviet architecture and urbanism in the twenties. Unlike Western architectural "revivals," which consistently turn toward the past and are pseudo-innovative, the Soviet heritage suggests the idea of a "revolutionary tradition" to serve as an example for future-oriented planning.

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This report was authorized and compiled under a contract dated July 1, 1972, between the Office of Inter-government Management, State of California, and the Institute for Local Self Government, Berkeley, California. In general, the Project Director, Mr. Ronald B. Frankum, and the Assistant Project Director, Mr. Vigo G. Nielsen, Jr.,conducted this study in coordination with the staff of the Council of Inter-government Relations and with the Governor's office (Reagan), which was initiating a program for the study of restructuring of local government.

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Trend Report Restructuring-Naisbitt_Group-198

Over the past ten years, the Trend Report has developed an analysis of the basic restructuring of America. The following list identifies basic shifts which are part of this restructuring. The "FROM" column identifies where we have been and the "TO" column identifies where we are going.

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Trust_Me_Express-Cecile Caldemeyer-1989-46pgs-EDU-

During the 1987-88 school year the small community of the East Gibson School District in south-western Indiana was embroiled in a dispute over a "thinking skills" program which had been implemented that fall. Supporters viewed the new "knowledge transfer" methods as innovative blessings to help equip our students with the scientific and technological knowledge necessary for the twenty-first century. Another group which became a much larger group--recognized elements of hypnosis--an altered state of consciousness, at best an affective thinking which reduced children to "sponges" being programmed with information.

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World Thought Police-Thomas_Schuman-1986-68pg

I worked for the Devil and he was a bore and mediocrity. Although the methods and goals of Novosti are devilishly evil, its daily routine is so boring that it does not produce outrage. It simply debilitates. For those in the West (and East), whose knowledge of our system is based on spy thrillers, the reality is much less exciting. If the free world wants to survive, it has to mobilize itself to take dominion over this deadly dangerous disease called in APN's newspeak "ideological subversion."

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Parents Who Care Montgomery County&
nbsp;MD-Malcolm Lawrence 1975 221pgs&nbs

PARENTS WHO CARE Concluding Statement before James P. Garland Maryland State Board of Education Hearing Examiner in the matter of PARENTS WHO CARE v. MONTGOMERY COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS

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Parents Who Care Montgomery County&
nbsp;MD Malcolm Lawrence-1973-159pgs-EDU-sml.

Parents Who Care concluding statement before James P. Garland. Maryland State Board of Education Hearing in the matter of Parents Who Care VS The Montgomery County Public Schools.

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Practical Advice to Teachers -
;Rudolph Steiner-232 pgs-2000-EDU.pdf

Information on the Steiner Schooling System by the Waldorf System.

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Iserbyt True Goal of School Ch
oice NWV 3.10.12.pdf

School Choice Truth

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Education for International Understandin
g - Terence Lawson -92pgs-1969-EDU-

UN agenda for education restructuring.

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AD Donor Full Site Files Part&

This is the second folder containing the second half of all site files for AD Donors.

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AD Donor Full Site Files Part&

This is the second folder containing the first half of all site files for AD Donors.

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