Sunday, May 10, 2015

New Undated Photograph Proves Neil DeGrasse Tyson is Barack Obama’s Father

New Undated Photograph Proves Neil DeGrasse Tyson is Barack Obama’s Father

Haywood Bynum III
Investigative Journalist • TopekasNews
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(L to R) Ann Dunham, young Barack Obama and Neil DeGrasse Tyson pose for an impromptu family photo on a nice Spring day.
A newly revealed undated photograph shows young Barack Obama holding a baseball bat, while his mother Ann Dunham and a young, strapping Neil DeGrasse Tyson stand in the foreground.  This historic photograph is the only picture in existence that shows Barack Obama’s true father:  Neil DeGrasse Tyson. To gain more votes, Democrat strategists fudged the entire story of Obama being the son of Barack Obama, Sr., a Kenyan national who attended Harvard and then disappeared from American academia.
Strategists knew that with a Kenyan background, Obama would be an even more viable candidate to Americans ready to buy into the ‘change’ campaign.  But in this picture, we can see the proud father’s smirk on Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s face.
Ann Dunham was said to be a brilliant woman and so it would make sense that she fell in love with a future award-winning astrophysicist like Neil DeGrasse Tyson.  When you see Obama and Tyson together, the family resemblance is uncanny and instant.  There is no denying that Neil DeGrasse Tyson is Obama’s true birth father.
You can see a father’s pride in Tyson’s eyes taken weeks ago at the White House.  How hard must it be for Tyson to hide the fact that his greatest creation is the POTUS?

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