Thursday, May 21, 2015

LEAK: “Operation Scorched America” … will launch in July…WARNING by Dr. Mount, M

LEAK: “Operation Scorched America” … will launch in July…WARNING by Dr. Mount, MD

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 17:30
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Jade Helm – the WHY
By Dr. William Mount, MD
VIDEO:  4.24 minutes

Published on Apr 21, 2015

REPORTER NOTES:  (Rough transcript.  Go to the link for accuracy and the Map.  The transcript is intended for those who cannot open the video, who don’t have time to watch the video, or for the deaf.)

Every summer most countries conduct military training exercises but Jade Helm is a whole lot different than anything we have ever seen before.

We have seen Operation Scorched Earth in the Ukraine, in Syria, in Iraq, and in Afghanistan while they protected the poppy.

The U.S. military is initiating:  Operation Scorched America.

The criminals and immigrants are being brought into the USA.  They are being given $4,000 a month per immigrant, plus free housing, free dental, and free medical.
What we will see during Jade Helm is the takeover of the Walmart in the Northwest region, because it has the same LOGISTICS SYSTEMS that are in the US Army.  You could order a nuclear weapon, helicopter, or an M-16 on that system.

It is starting in Dallas, Texas, and moving toward Oregon.

What the “fudge boys”, the CIA at Langley want to know is:  Will Americans kill other Americans?

(1.20 minutes)

It will eventually spread… goal is to create a Tidal Wave that will destroy all of Western Europe.

They want to destroy everything up through the Appalachians.

They will use the Department of Forestry which will use INCENDIARY GRENADES to burn forests in Washington, Oregon, and all the way up to Canada and down to Reno, Las Vegas, and into Texas.

The Southern population, according to the Plan, will be ZERO in 3 years.

Just like St. Petersburg, Russia has a plan of zero population in 6 years.

From the East coast, down through the South, and up the West coast… all of it will be destroyed.  The immigrants are being given as much FAKE MONEY as they can to destroy the economy, and then the plan is to obliterate the country.

Chicago, Wisconsin, Minneapolis, St. Louis and surrounding areas will be obliterated with sprays, bad water, frequencies that can blow up the brain, … incendiary grenades, etc…poison water, poison air, poison food.

It all begins with Jade Helm which has been tasked with the order that needs a test:  Begin the destruction of America.

Along with this destruction of America will come the fall of the Dollar.

Jade Helm is the beginning of the destruction of America, which will start in July.

It is the ENDGAME, folks.

Parts of Mexico will be destroyed as well.

Per ORDER of the Pope, the following is planned:
1.     If you are in the Navy San Diego and Intelligence community, then you are going to be killed.
2.    If you are in Fort Louis, you will be killed.
3.    If you are in Maine at the Navy-Coast Guard base, then they are planning to kill you.

The order came from the Pope, through the Rothschilds, and then to the Jesuits.  They are the Knights of Malta who run the big organizations.

Ronald Reagan was a Knight of Malta.  Rick Santorum is a Knight of Malta.   They do whatever the Pope tells them to do.

From the Shenandoah Valley all the way over to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; from the Snake River Valley  all the way over to Portland, Oregon; from the borders of New Mexico and Arizona all the way down to central Mexico; and even into Vancouver where they are allowing the Chinese to take over - all will be obliterated.

Contact info in 2013:

 Dr William Mount ( Retired Captain of the Army; Ambassador )
PHONE:  253-686-6290

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