Sunday, April 26, 2015

BREAKING: Another Top General Risks His Career to Expose Obama’s Destruction of the Military

BREAKING: Another Top General Risks His Career to Expose Obama’s Destruction of the Military

There’s some serious push-back developing at the Pentagon. A number of top military officials have begun openly criticizing the Obama Administration.
Earlier this week, Marine Corps Gen. John F. Kelly issued a warning about the possibility of Ebola at the U.S. Mexico border via West African illegals sneaking across it and entering the U.S. Kelly stressed that pitiful border security and the Obama Administration’s inexplicable refusal to enforce immigration laws could lead to catastrophe.

Now, it’s the Army that has some harsh words for the White House, reports Western JournalismGen. Raymond Odierno, Army Chief of Staff, says that Pres. Obama’s plan to shrink America’s ground-combat forces is an outlandish move in the face of Putin’s aggressive maneuvers in Eastern Europe and the rise of ISIS.
The Army currently has 510,000 active duty members, but Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is working with Army leaders to shrink that number to somewhere between 420,000-450,000 by deactivating brigades and firing mid-level officers. Budget cuts and spending battles between Congress and the White House are largely to blame. So is having a Commander in Chief who’s totally unequipped to command the military.
Stars and Strips reported that over 500 Army majors will be forced out of the military by next spring; almost 1,200 captains have also been cut as part of the Obama Administration’s downsizing plan. Army leaders received heavy criticism for notifying 48 of the captains while they were serving overseas in Afghanistan. Wait, what? The Army leaders caught flack for following the Obama Administration’s orders – orders that ultimately put our national security at risk, no less. You really can’t make this stuff up.
Now, two top generals have risked their careers to expose the Obama Administration’s total incompetence and protect us. The American people stand behind these two brave men 110%.

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