Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Please Join Daystar in Praying for John Paul Jackson!

Please Join Daystar in Praying for John Paul Jackson!

Pray for John Paul Jackson**UPDATE: John Paul is currently undergoing radiation therapy in the hopes of shrinking the High Grade, cancerous tumor on his leg, which would in turn provide the surgeons with a better opportunity to remove the tumor without doing damage to the sciatic nerve. Thankfully, the cancer has not spread to the bone, nor has it spread to any other part of the body! This is amazing news as it makes treatment and recovery much less difficult. However, John Paul is still in need of your prayers, so please continue to pray for him, and consider donating towards his medical expenses. See below for details on how to give.**

John Paul Jackson, frequent Joni Table Talk guest and Host of the show, Dreams and Mysteries, has recently been diagnosed with an aggressive cancerous growth in his leg that requires immediate treatment.
Jackson is calling this cancer his “great personal test” and writes, “I have said on many occasions that I do not understand God’s ways, especially in the heat of a test, but I do always trust Him, in good times and in difficult times.”
We believe, as does Jackson, that our God is a healer and that the power of prayer in this type of situation is vital. “I have not ruled out any and all forms of treatment paths, but at the top of that list is prayer. I know that God can heal me in one instant or through the hands of doctors over time,” Jackson writes. “We are focusing our faith for a miracle, while following doctor’s advice until my healing is complete.”
Please join us in praying for John Paul Jackson! He is loved by so many in the body of Christ, and his show, Dreams and Mysteries, which airs on Thursdays at 10:00 p.m. Eastern only on Daystar, has helped so many people.
Also, please consider joining Daystar in giving towards John Paul Jackson’s medical expenses. Daystar has already given $10,000, and is asking that if you appreciate John Paul Jackson’s ministry, that you give towards his expenses as well. 100% of what you donate to the “John Paul Jackson Medical Fund” on Daystar’s website will be given directly to John Paul Jackson. See below for details on how to give.

How to Donate to the John Paul Jackson Medical Fund

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