Monday, November 17, 2014

The United States Of Islam?

The United States Of Islam?

George Walker – Greenwood Indiana

Up until now the United States has successfully defended herself against some of the largest threats the world has ever seen. The Nazi’s and Japan both unsuccessfully attempted to bring our great nation to its knees. They had mighty militaries that struck terror in the hearts of millions. Yet they were no match for the might of the United States. 

Now here we stand a few years later, cracking at the foundation from the attack of a single Man. Barrack Hussain Obama is accomplishing single handedly what some of the mightiest militaries in history could not. He is purposely dismantling our military while at the same time opening our borders to invasion.  He is offending our allies while at the time, allowing our enemies to grow in might and land mass.

He is crippling our people with the Affordable Health Care Act & uncontrolled spending, and plunging our country further into debt then it has ever been.  He has taken control of our news media, which effectively stops people from seeing where he is leading us.  Like a lamb to slaughter we are being let down the path of destruction whilst whistling a happy song. These are not the haphazard actions of an incompetent leader. They are the deliberate actions of a genius that has the America’s destruction in his grasp.  A Muslim Jihadist deliberately tearing our country down in ways that we will never be able to recover from. 

Still think this is not deliberate? How many of our top Military commanders have been forced to leave the Military? How many other combat commanders have publically stated that the steps he is taking to combat ISIS are never going to work? Why is he downsizing our Military, while opening it up to be infiltrated by illegal aliens? Why is he not closing our borders to people from Ebola infected countries?  Why is he deliberately opening our borders up at a time when the world is seeing more terrorist attacks then in the history of the world? The list just goes on and on.
 Are all these things the blunders of President? No they are NOT. They are the deliberate actions of a mad man that is more dangerous than Hitler ever dreamed of being.  Not only is he an enemy of the Jewish people, but he is an enemy of the non-Muslim world. Am I just a raciest as the mainstream media depicts all anti-Obama citizens to be? Or am I simply an American that loves his country and is scared to death that his children’s future is not worth ten cents because of one mad man?

Many people think that now that the Republicans have control of the house and senate this will all be fixed. I am sorry to tell you that they will not fix this. No political party can fix this until We The People are back in control. We must adopt measures to put the power back to where it should have always been. When a President with a 39% approval rating remains in power, we have a major flaw in our system. When a President starts writing law, we have a huge problem. When a President can put a health care system through that the American people clearly cannot afford and do not want, we are in serious trouble.

WE MUST TAKE BACK CONTROL!!! We MUST tell our Politian’s that if they will not bend to the will of the people, they are FIRED!!!! We MUST strip this bastardized form of executive power away from the President. We MUST figure out a way to put the power of impeachment into the people’s hands.  We MUST go back to what the Founding Fathers intended our country to be.  When the Constitution was written, there was no way for the American people to come together and vote as a nation. That was the sole reason for the Electoral College. Furthermore, this was the whole reason for the House and Senate.  At that time it was impossible for the entire Country to come together and vote on things like passing laws. Things are different now. Every American has the right to cast a vote to implement things like affordable healthcare, impeachment and amending the Constitution.

We must take this power back and get OUR country back to being the great country it used to be.  Back to the greatest nation in the world!

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