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Terrorism a domestic industry in America

Terrorism a domestic industry in America

published in News Egypt on 18 - 04-2009

While observers praised all move US president to rescue the ship's captain America from the hands of Somali pirates raised Department of Homeland Security US uproar and outrage in some quarters of America after it has distributed a report indicates that terrorism has become an American cottage industry and it has to be cautious in dealing with some of the categories of the American people.
Consisting of 9 pages and the report warns that was distributed to all security authorities States United and published by the newspaper "News Today" from the spread of right-wing extremist activity groups or conservative. The report finds that the economic recession in addition to election of the first black president of the US United with the return of some of the veterans who have been affected by the Iraq war will create bladders fertile ground for attracting and recruiting in the ranks of the extremist militias from eggs.
The report highlighted the interpretation of right-wing extremism in the US United and explained that it does not include racist groups and groups hostile to class or an element in the community, but also includes rejecting the authority of the central federal and local authorities that support groups ...
The report says that right-wing extremism may include among its ranks, groups or individuals interested in supporting a specific issue, such as opposition to abortion and anti-immigration laws ... and others such as the call for the protection of the environment or animal rights advocate or enforce strict laws to bear arms ... It was the first of the protested This report on the Veterans Association, which includes more than 5.2 million officers and soldiers who participated in the wars of America ...
And sent Assembly President David monks letter to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Npolitano denouncing the report which does not depend on any facts or evidence, and that presents an example of what can make him a warrior infected disorder myself of damage a terrorist and that's where the report pointed to the incident by Timothy McVeigh to blow up the building detective federalism in Oklahoma City in 5991, which led to the death of nearly 571 people to this side of Eric Rudolph, a recognition of another warrior throwing a grenade at a gay club and the abortion clinic ...
Because what this report suspicions to the veterans and because of the fuss raised keen White House caution in dealing with this report, and when asked, White House spokesman Robert Gates about the position of the administration of the contents of the report, said: "The President of the Aarkz Ali policy put it on the steps necessary to protect all Americans from the threat of violence and terrorism regardless of its origins. "
He added that the president believes that those who served in the military forces of the US , representing the best elements in the country and will continue to secure access to the rights and respect they deserve ..
He thinks many of the opponents of the policy of the Obama administration, led by some of the leaders of the Republic shameful that the report and the administration must apologize for this report. Knott Gingrich has been described and that the head of the House of Representatives in the era of President Clinton that the report of his goal treason oppose the administration's policy.
He also criticized Republican Rep Petrkinj who chairs the Homeland Security Committee in the House of Representatives is currently strongly request the report from the Department of Homeland Security to focus primarily on tangible information and not to submit reports about ideologies seek to stifle freedom of expression ..
The most prominent of the report, which is expected before Congress to discuss the following points:
* Impose appointed acquisition firearms restrictions would recruit more supporters groups and right-wing extremism them to planning and training operations on the violence against the government.
* Discuss the growing radical economic situation in the States United and the contradiction of employment opportunities in the fields of industry and construction in addition to bankruptcy and the signal from the side »High enemies« operations to that what is happening is nothing but a plot by a band of Jews dominate the Jewish economic positions .. The report finds that it may increase the radicalization of embrace these ideas.
The warnings addressed in the report give the impression that there is a tendency to impose further restrictions on civil liberties which opposed President Obama during his election campaign.

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