Saturday, November 15, 2014

John Kerry Just Claimed The Bible Commands USA To Join Muslim Nations

John Kerry Just Claimed The Bible Commands USA To Join Muslim Nations

We want to make sure that before you watch this video, you are sitting down. Please make sure you aren’t driving. You might laugh so hard you will cause a pile up on the high way. That or you could get extremely angry, you might break your phone/computer. Either way… this won’t end well. We also used to think that things this stupid, were only possibly said by Michelle Bachman. The mantle of stupidity has been passed down to yet another liberal. We give you… John Kerry… Quoting the bible.

As pointed out by Norvell Rose, a writer for Western Journalism, given what John Kerry said in the video above, one could reasonably ask a question thats consistently repeated by liberals: “What about the separation of Church and State?”.
This whole debacle took place on a special ceremony in Washington. He yet again, took that time on wednesday to promote global warming and it’s apparent ‘man-made causes’. As you just saw above, Kerry took it a step further this time.
The Secretary of State pointed out some scripture that we weren’t aware of. He claimed that the United States has a ‘biblical responsibility’ to confront climate change to help protect ‘vulnerable Muslim-majority countries’.
Kerry’s sermon is obviously not sitting well within the conservative circle. Everyone with two eyes and a bible knows for a fact, that’s absolutely not what God was saying. EVEN IF Kerry was right about the bible, is he implying that America is a Christian country? Does that mean we also follow the other commandments and instructions from God?
If so, i would love to be in THAT nation. I would adore living in a nation where we followed GOD’s plan for the U.S. and not some liberal talking piece in Washington.
What do you think God ACTUALLY wants

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