Sunday, November 2, 2014

BOMBSHELL: The “Islamic State” is Actively Recruiting in America’s Heartland [DETAILS]

BOMBSHELL: The “Islamic State” is Actively Recruiting in America’s Heartland [DETAILS]

The radical Islamic terror group that call themselves the Islamic State have vowed to conquer America, and they have plotted and planned numerous major mass casualty type attacks within our homeland.
It is estimated that there could be at least 100 ISIS terrorists already in the US, and it is known that they have attempted to set up sleeper cells and recruitment centers around the country.
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Islamic State recruiters are not only using the traditional method of radicalizing young Muslims in Mosques, but have also taken to social media as a way to spread their propaganda to a much wider audience.  It is feared that this is working as an even more effective recruiting tool than the use of radical Imams in Mosques.
Newsmax is reporting on an especially alarming aspect of the Islamic State’s recruiting efforts in America, and that is their targeting of women jihadists.
It is suspected that at least three Somali women from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area have left the country and joined with the Islamic State.  Minnesota has a significant Muslim Somali population, and some 15-20 Somali men have already been discovered fighting for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

In a separate case, a young woman from Colorado met a jihadi online, and was prepared to travel to the Middle East to marry him and assist with the Islamic State’s fighting.  Fortunately, she was caught and arrested at the airport before she was able to leave the country.
Reports are also surfacing of numerous women from European countries who are traveling to the Middle East to join the Islamic State.  Some of these women may be radicalized Muslims, while others may simply be rebelling against their families or Western and European society.
These women likely envision themselves holding a rifle and fighting on the frontlines, or maybe providing medical assistance to the jihadi fighters, but that is rarely the case.  Unfortunately for them, they are viewed as subhuman property, treated as sex slaves, often subjected to repeated rape for the amusement of the fighters, or are deliberately impregnated with the intention to be used as “baby factories” for populating the newly established “Islamic State”.
This is very disconcerting news, and US intelligence agencies need to be working overtime to find and prevent these young women from leaving the country and joining with the Islamic State. They also need to be on the lookout for ISIS members staying here in the US, setting up cells or actively recruiting new members.
Furthermore, any US citizen, man or woman, who voluntarily chooses to join with the radical Islamic terror group, needs to have their passport and visa revoked, with a warrant issued for their immediate arrest, should they attempt to return to the country.  If found on the battlefield, they should be considered an enemy of the state, and treated as such, killed or captured, as circumstances permit.
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