Monday, October 13, 2014

Leak: Dr. Corsi Says New Obama Info May Be Coming; Obama Foreign Student Applications!?

Leak: Dr. Jerome Corsi Says New Obama Info May 
Be Coming; Obama Foreign Student Applications!?

Dr. Jerome Corsi to broadcaster Peter Boyles: I saw a manuscript yesterday that looks to me like it was the Ayers writing of Dreams and edited with Obama handwriting. The original copy of the book looks like it was something about, where my father lies buried. This is I think maybe going to come out... You'll have to talk to Joel Gilbert about it. ...

What I've been predicting is that Obama as his God-like status and protectors drift away, when there's no more Axelrods to prop up this false image, those who have the truth are going to start leaking it out. Those who know that there's no record at Columbia that Obama attended; those who've seen the truth of foreign student applications, and all the rest of it that's going to come out. The years in Indonesia when Obama was Sunni Muslim. All this stuff coming out...

( Audio via Peter Boyles to KNUS )






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