Saturday, September 13, 2014

this is proof why obama let the muslims out of Guantanamo Bay

search for common ground
uslims, non-Muslims and the UK media
seldom permit alternative views of Muslims and their situation in Europe
to be presented.
Foreign policy
Much of UK foreign policy works to the disadvantage of Muslims
overseas. Examples include the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, support
for the government of Israel in its dealings with Palestinians and Lebanon,
insufficient criticism of the US creation of Guantanamo Bay, and
exploitation of natural resources, particularly oil, in Muslim countries.
Since 9/11, and even more so since 7/7, many Muslims encountered,
experience, either personally or indirectly through friends and family,
heavy-handed and insensitive policing, often in public places or the media
glare. Many Muslims acknowledge that action against extremism needs to
be taken, but it need not be at the expense of casually humiliating and
alienating large numbers of people, particularly young people.
Establishing a presence
Despite the substantial barriers to integration mentioned in points 2 to 5
above, Muslims have established a str
ong pr
throughout western
Europe. Mainly through self-help, but also with support from sympathetic
non-Muslims and finance from overseas, there is a flourishing Muslim civil
society, built around mosques, cultural centres and local welfare projects,
and involving the cr
eation of a r
ange of r
epresentative bodies at national,
egional and local levels.
There are increasing numbers of Muslim
professionals in business, medicine, politics and government

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