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America: Obama Isn’t A Strong Leader

America: Obama Isn’t A Strong Leader

September 9, 2014 by  

America: Obama Isn’t A Strong Leader
In light of widespread American perception that President Barack Obama has failed to adequately respond to national problems such as illegal immigration and the threat of Islamic State terrorists, the commander in chief’s rating for “strong leadership” has reached a new low.
According to an ABC News/Washington Post poll released Tuesday, a majority (56 percent) of Americans disprove of the president’s handling of international affairs. Fifty-two percent reported that Obama has been too cautious in responding to ISIS and 65 percent want more airstrikes on positions held by the terror group in the Middle East.
Obama’s approval has also suffered a slide with regard to immigration, as just 31 percent are satisfied with his efforts to deal with the flood of illegal aliens coming to the U.S. compared to 59 percent who disapprove.
The polling data also vindicates Americans who have held steadfast to the belief that Obama’s White House exacerbates division in the country, noting: “Americans by a 17-point margin say Obama has done more to divide than to unite the country, a rating worse than George W. Bush’s early in his poorly rated second term — and one that’s deteriorated among Obama’s supporters as well as among his critics.”
Failures to respond adequately to pressing national concerns combined with a penchant for the politics of division, public opinion contends in the poll, does not a strong leader make: “Just 43 percent call Obama a strong leader, down 11 points in the past year to the fewest of his presidency. And his overall job approval rating, at 42 percent, is a point from its all-time low this spring.”

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